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Champions of Krynn manual

Champions of Krynn Adventure Journal


 Letter to the Circle of Knights                                    1
 Important Geographic Features of Northeast Ansalon                 3
 The Player Races in Champions of Krynn                             4
   Ability Scores                                                   5
   Character Classes                                                8
   Alignment                                                       10
   Building a Successful Party                                     10
   Why these guys?                                                 10
   Combat                                                          12
   Magic                                                           15
 Deities                                                           17
   Good Aligned Gods                                               17
   Neutral Aligned Gods                                            17
 Creatures of Krynn                                                18
 Magical Treasures                                                 24
 Journal Entries                                                   26
 Tavern Tales                                                      44
 Spells                                                            49
   First Level Clerical Spells                                     49
   Second Level Clerical Spells                                    49
   Third Level Clerical Spells                                     49
   Fourth Level Clerical Spells                                    49
   First Level Mage Spells                                         50
   Second Level Mage Spells                                        50
   Third Level Mage Spells                                         51
   Fourth Level Mage Spells                                        52
 Charts                                                            53
   Spell Parameters List                                           53
   Armor List                                                      55
   Armor and Weapons Permitted by Character Class                  55
   Cleric's Wisdom Bonus Table                                     55
   Constitution Table                                              55
   Dexterity Table                                                 55
   Strength Table: Ability Adjustments                             56
   Range of Ability Scores by Race                                 56
   Maximum Level Limits by Race, Class and Prime Requisite         56
   Level Advancement Tables                                        57
   Weapon List                                                     58
 Glossary of AD&D Game Terms and Computer Terms                    59

To the Circle of Knights:

I, your humble servant, send you greetings.  This missive is sent
without the knowledge of my commandant in violation of his orders.  I
take this action in full knowledge of the consequences it may bring
upon me and through the conviction that in doing so, I fulfill my oath.

The commandant has been acting strange of late as if afflicted by some
dark spell.  I know that information of evil portends has not been
forwarded to your august body as required by our charter.  Many of our
most faithful followers have died suddenly and mysteriously within
this last fortnight.  The commandant has been too ready with
replacements for them, replacements which have an unclear feel.

I ask that you send a knight of pure character and high stature to
investigate my conduct and this report.  As further evidence, I
provide, in its entirety, a letter found on the body of one Hal Horbin,
a ranger of the highest character.

"Dear Istan:

Far from annoying me, I find the greatest pleasure in responding to
your inquiry, dear brother.  It has been some time since I have turned
my mind to the scholarly histories in which I formerly delighted. 
Your questions regarding the relationship between the War of the Lance
and these outpost provides a welcome diversion from my normal duties. 
But first, a bit of background...

Ansalon is a small continent stretching from the arctic to the
equatorial climates in the southern hemisphere of the World of Krynn. 
It was across the face of this troubled land that the War of the Lance
raged in years past and brought our company to its present unhappy

In the 348th year after the Cataclysm, the evil forces of Takhisis,
the Queen of Darkness, launched the treacherous war she had long
prepared in secret.  Striking first north, east, and then south, the
armies of evil dragons, fell draconians, and all manner of other evil
beings quickly overran the unprepared and the unsuspecting.

The good dragons, historical enemies of the evil dragons, could not
ally themselves with the forces of good.  As part of the Dark Queen's
plan, their eggs were taken as hostage while the great beasts slept. 
The good dragons' "neutrality" was the price they paid to keep their
eggs from harm. While the good forces' attempts to ally against the
common threat were hampered by treachery and old feuds, the evil
armies made good use of their time.  Quickly consolidating their hold
on the newly conquered lands, they struck west and even further south
in the winter of 351 A.C.

It was in this year that a group of companions met at the Inn of the
Last Home in Solace.  The exploits of the companions are now well
known--How they gained the disks of Mishakal and returned them with
the first true cleric to walk the lands since the Cataclysm.  How
their discovery that the draconians were the result of the corruption
of the good dragon eggs freed the good dragons from the pledge and
brought them into the war on the side of good.  How they helped Berem
to return to the temple outside of Neraka and with his death close the
portal that gave Takhisis an entry in Krynn.

It was at this time that many counted the war over.  With their queen
locked out of this world, the Dragon Armies lost their sense of
direction. Many urged the good armies to return home and disband, some
were foolish enough to do so.

But evil retained a strong grip on much of the land.  The corruption
process was stopped, but the good eggs were not returned and the
exploits of the companions had given evil yet a new form.

-- Page 1 --

Raistlin Majere, a companion with his brother Caramon, was caught up
in the web of power that blazed through the land.  While working
against the Dark Queen's plans, his own grew ever more ambitious.  By
the time She was driven out of the land, his own robes, once a neutral
red, became as black as his heart.

Through long and macabre studies, he became convinced that he himself
could become a god.  Not just a god, the most powerful of all gods. 
Through his plots and machinations, another foul time swept over
Ansalon, this one threatening even more defilement than that caused by
the Dragon Armies.  It was only when Raistlin realized that if he
persisted, he would be left to rule a dead world, that he relented.

Caught up in this power struggle, evil forces struck again.  Kitiara,
half-sister to Raislin and the hero Caramon, organized an attack. 
Dragons, draconians, men, and other evil creatures bypassed the High
Clerist's Tower and fell on Palanthas.  The city would have stood
against even these forces had it not been for the aid given by Lord
Soth and his Death Knights.

None could stand before them as they swept through the city streets. 
In the very tower where Raistlin did battle with the Dark Queen,
Kitiara fell.  It is said that Lord Soth took her unwilling and undead
body off to a fate far worse than a clean death.  Whatever the reason,
the Death Knights withdrew and good overthrew the invaders.

With this clear lesson before them, all realized the evil threat could
return at any time.  With new resolve, the alliance stood to arms
again.  Led by the Solamnic Knights, the good forces smashed through
the remaining Dragon Armies.  In a long and bitter campaign, the
eastern lands were freed.  The City of Sanction fell to a bloody siege.
Evil was routed and its followers driven deep into hiding.

So as not to be caught unprepared again, the knights established
outposts, like this one, throughout the Eastern Lands.  With that, the
armies withdrew and, save for the knights, were largely disbanded. 
All depend on our outposts. We are to be vigilant, to stamp out evil
where we find it and, if dark plots threaten, to give advance warning
to good folk everywhere.

For all of the confidence many felt when Sanction fell, things are not
as they could be.  Many of the good dragon eggs remain lost.  Lord
Soth stays secure and apparently untouchable in his fortress (although
he provided no aid to the Dragon Armies in this last conflict).  The
knights, on whom so much depends, are stretched too thin.  Indeed, it
is all the knights can do to provide the outposts with leadership. 
The work of patrolling, and the like, falls almost entirely on
ordinary folk, such as ourselves.

And if the other outposts are like this one, things may be much worse
than they appear.  Strange events have occurred.  We hear rumors. 
Rumors of settler caravans killed or enslaved.  Of a strange force
that opens graves and robs the dead.  Of evil dragons seen flying to
the east.  Of entire cities captured and secretly enslaved.

Our commandant sends out patrols and they report nothing.  At least
those who return have nothing to report.  But of late, not all sent
out have been coming back.  I know the commandant has been urged to
report all this, but has refused to do so.

The fact is that our commandant has not been himself lately.  He looks
the same and talks the same, but his actions--his feel--are quite
different.  I fear some dreadful fate awaits us all.  A fate we should
be able to see but which a dark veil is hiding.

Ah, I babble.  We are in the western-most outpost below the deserted
City of Throtl.  Of all the outposts, we have the least to fear.  My
regards to our mother.  Tell her I am safe and likely to remain that

Your brother,


Respectfully submitted for your consideration:

Mothus Strongsword Knight of Tears

-- Page 2 --

[ Graphic: mountain ranges running roughly north-south omitted. ]

 | Throtl                                  Kernen |
 |                                                |
 |                   Gargath                      |
 |                                                |
 |               Jelek                            |
 |                                                |
 |                         Neraka                 |
 |                                                |
 |                                                |
 |                                                |
 |            Sanction                            |


The territories in the game are those that were overrun by the evil
armies during the War of the Lance or were occupied by evil beings
before that war.

Throtl was the capitol city of the Hobgoblins.  Neraka was the special
city of Takhisis and her temple was located near it.  Sanction was a
pre-cataclysmic city that was the base of operations for the Dragon
Armies.  Kernen was the capitol city of the Ogres.

The mountains near Jelek hold Godshome.  While these are now empty
ruins, it is rumored that an area sacred to the True Gods exists
somewhere in these mountains.

The lands are largely empty, save for a few settlers.  The City of
Sanction is the only area that has come close to its pre-war level of

-- Page 3 --


There are seven races (described below) from which you may construct
your player characters.  Each race has different talents and

The Range of Ability Scores by Race chart on page 56 lists each player
race's limits on ability scores.  There are charts and tables in the
appendix at the back of the Journal that summarize the abilities and
class limitations for the different races.  Non-human characters can
combine character classes and may also have additional special

[ Graphic omitted: "Hill Dwarf", bearded male, holding battle axe. ]

Hill Dwarves are a stubborn and rough race of sturdy workers and
craftsmen. They are especially resistant to magic and poison.  During
combat, dwarves receive bonuses when attacking goblins and hobgoblins
and are adept at dodging the attacks of ogres and giants.  Dwarves can
be fighters, thieves, rangers, clerics of Reorx, or mixed classes.

Mountain Dwarves are somewhat clannish and more refined than their
Hill Dwarf cousins.  Otherwise they are nearly identical.  Mountain
dwarves may be fighters, thieves, clerics of Reorx, or mixed classes.

Silvanesti Elves (High Elves) are a tall, arrogant and long-lived race.
 They are nearly immune to sleep and charm spells and are adept at
finding hidden doors.  During combat, elves receive bonuses when
attacking with long or short swords and bows.  They cannot be raised
from the dead.  Silvanesti elves can be fighters, mages, clerics,
rangers, thieves and mixed classes.

Qualinesti Elves are slightly smaller and friendlier than their
Silvanesti brethren.  They have identical abilities and bonuses. 
Qualinesti elves can be fighters, rangers, mages, thieves, clerics and
mixed classes.

Half-Elves are hybrids with many of the virtues of both humans and
elves.  They are resistant to sleep and charm spells, and are adept at
finding hidden doors. Half-elves can be fighters, mages, clerics,
thieves, rangers, knights and mixed classes.

Kender are a small people characterized by an absolute lack of fear
and insatiable curiosity.  They are especially resistant to magic and
poison, and have the special ability to taunt intelligent opponents. 
When kender successfully taunt, an opponent will attack in a mindless
rage, suffering a loss of

-- Page 4 --

[ Graphic omitted: Three elves having long hair, two male, foremost
is female with long, flowing robes. ]

combat effectiveness.  The preferred weapon of the kender is the
hoopak, part staff sling part metal shod staff, which only they can
use.  When armed with a hoopak, a kender will receive bonuses to hit
and is a deadly accurate shot.  Kender can be thieves, fighters,
rangers, clerics or mixed classes.

Humans are the most common player-race in the world of Krynn.  They
can be fighters, mages, clerics, thieves, rangers, and knights but not
mixed classes.

Ability Scores

Every character has six randomly generated ability scores as explained
below. These scores fall within a range determined by the race and
class of the character (see the Range of Ability Scores by Race table
on page 56).  For humans, that range is from 3 (low) to 18 (high).

Depending on the character class, one or more of these abilities will
be a prime requisite.  A prime requisite is an ability especially
valuable to a given class (strength for a fighter, wisdom for a cleric,
etc.).  Characters receive bonus experience points when their prime
requisite scores are at or above a certain number (16 in most

When the sources are generated, non-human characters may receive
modifiers to the basic ability scores to reflect differences between
the races.  Dwarves, for instance, get a +1 constitution bonus and may
have a maximum constitution of 19 instead of 18.  When a character is
generated with the CREATE NEW CHARACTER command, all racial modifiers
are calculated automatically.

-- Page 5 --

Strength (STR) is the measure of a character's physical power. 
Fighters, rangers, and knights with an 18 strength also have a
percentage value from I to 100.  The maximum percentage values vary
from race to race.  Strength is most important for fighter type
characters (fighters, rangers, knights).  If 16 or higher, fighters
receive a bonus of 10% additional experience points. Non-human
fighters may have a lower maximum level if their strength is less than
18.  The higher a character's strength, the more he can carry, the
more likely he is to hit in melee combat, and the more damage he will
do when he does hit.  There is a Strength table on page 56.

Intelligence (INT) is the measure of how well a character can learn. 
Mages with an intelligence of 16 or higher receive a 10 percent
experience point bonus. Non-human mages may have a lower maximum level
if their intelligence is less than 18.  Rangers must have both
intelligence and wisdom of 16 or higher to receive a 10 percent
experience point bonus.

Wisdom (WIS) is the measure of a character's ability to understand the
ways of the world and to interact with the world.  Clerics get the 10
percent experience bonus if their wisdom is 16 or higher.  Clerics
with a wisdom of 14 or higher receive additional low level spells. 
Rangers must have both intelligence and wisdom of 16 or higher to
receive a 10 percent experience point bonus.  There is a Wisdom Bonus
table for clerics on page 55.

Dexterity (DEX) is the measure of the manual dexterity and agility of
the character.  Thieves especially benefit from high dexterity. 
Thieves receive a 10 percent experience benefit if their dexterity is
16 or higher.  For every dexterity point from 15 to 18, a character
receives a corresponding one point improvement in his armor class. 
For every dexterity point from 16 to 18, a character receives a one
point improvement on his ability to hit with missile weapons.  It is
highly recommended that all characters have a high dexterity. This is
considered essential for mages and thieves.  There is a Dexterity
effects table on page 55.

-- Page 6 --

Constitution (CON) is the measure of the overall health of a character.
Fighters receive one extra hitpoint per hit die for each point of
constitution above 14. Non-fighters receive similar benefits except
they receive a maximum of two extra hitpoints (HP) per leveEach alignment has its
own order, strengths, abilities and moon.  The mage's power fluctuates
with the cycles of the moon that influences his order.  For more
information on the orders and moons see the Magic section (page 15). 
The prime requisite for mages is intelligence.

Thieves can fight with swords and slings and wear leather armor.  In
combat they do additional damage 'back stabbing'.  Back stabbing is
described in the Combat section.  Thieves also have special skills for
picking pockets, opening locks, removing traps, moving silently,
hiding in shadows, and climbing walls. The prime requisite for thieves
is dexterity.

Multi-class are non-human characters who belong to two or more classes
at the same time.  The character's experience points are divided among
each of the classes, even after the character can no longer advance in
one or more of those classes.  The characters HP per level are
averaged among the classes.  The multi-class character gains all the
benefits of all classes with regard to weapons and equipment.

-- Page 9 --


Alignment is the philosophy a character lives by.  A character's
alignment can affect how NPCs and some magic items in the game react
to the character.  The following alignments are available to Player

Lawful Good characters believe in the rule of law for the good of all.

Lawful Neutral characters believe the rule of law is more important
than any objective good or evil outcome.

Neutral Good characters believe that the triumph of good is more
important than the rule of either law or chaos.

True Neutral characters believe that there must be a balance between
good and evil, and law and chaos.

Chaotic Good characters believe in creating good outcomes unfettered
by the rule of law.

Chaotic Neutral characters believe that the freedom to act is more
important than any objective good or evil outcome.

NOTE: Due to the nature of this adventure, no evil Player Characters
are permitted.

Building a Successful Party

Forming a strong and adaptable party is a key to success in CHAMPIONS
OF KRYNN. You may place up to six Player Characters in your party.  It
is recommended that you use all six characters.  A smaller party is
less powerful and more likely to be eliminated by your enemies.

In choosing which characters to include in the party, it is wise to
include a variety of classes: clerics, mages, thieves, and fighters. 
At least one party member should be a kender so you may taunt (yell)
in combat and some adventures may only be completed if the party
includes a knight.

One suggested sample party includes:

 One Human Knight
 One Human White Mage
 One Dwarf Ranger
 One Kender Cleric of Mishakal/Thief
 One Qualinesti Elf Cleric of Shinare/Fighter/Red Mage
 One Human Cleric of Majere

Another suggested sample party includes:

 One Human Knight
 One Silvanesti Elf Cleric of Mishakal/Fighter/White Mage
 One Half-Elf Ranger/Cleric of Majere
 One Qualinesti Elf Cleric of Shinare/Fighter/Red Mage
 One Kender Cleric of Kiri-Jolith/Thief
 One Qualinesti Elf Fighter/Red Mage

Why these guys?


The cleric/fighter/mage is the ultimate multi-purpose character.  A
cleric/fighter/mage can cast both mage and cleric spells while
wielding the armor and weapons of a fighter.  The main disadvantage of
the cleric/fighter/mage is that, as a triple-class character, they
advance in levels quite slowly.


The fighter/mage may cast spells while wearing armor.  This split
class can fight as well as a fighter and receives more HP than a pure

-- Page 10 --


A cleric/thief has more HP and a better armor class than a pure thief.
As a cleric, the cleric/thief can cast healing and support spells,
allowing the character to perform double duty as both the party thief
and additional healer. The thief status permits the powerful back stab
attack which is described in the Combat section.


A cleric is essential for healing the party after an engagement.  The
most efficient way to heal is to Encamp and select FIX (you can issue
this command several times while encamping).  Fix works as follows:

If a cleric is in the party, all available cure spells are cast until
characters are healed.  If the party has taken more damage than
clerics have cure spells, the fix option may be used again.  When fix
is used, characters at the top of the list will be healed before the
characters below them.

If a cleric is not in the party, HP may be recovered through rest (1
HP per 24 hour period), potions or Temple services.


Rangers normally start the game with more HP than other fighter types.
They do extra damage versus giant type monsters.


Knights are powerful fighters and are necessary to complete some
quests.  There are some magic items that may only be used by knight


Mixed class characters in general are very valuable for their many
skills and are worth the slower rate at which they will advance in


The makeup of your party affects your combat strategy throughout the
game. Loading your party with clerics and mages increases the
importance of spell casting both before and during a battle.  An
emphasis on knights and rangers makes your hand-to-hand combat skills
that much more important.

At the beginning of the game, go to the Armory.  Pool your money and
purchase the following equipment:

For fighters, rangers, and split class
 Ring Mail Short Bow
 Shield 80 Arrows
 2 Long Swords Sling

For thieves:
 Leather Armor 80 Arrows
 2 Long Swords Sling
 Short Bow

For clerics:
 Ring Mail 2 Maces
 Shield Staff Sling

For mages:
 2 Quarter Staffs 100 Darts

For any Kender character:
 2 Hoopaks

The reason for purchasing 2 of each of the melee weapons is to combat
Baaz Draconians.  When a Baaz dies, it will sometimes pull a weapon
from a character's hand. The weapon is not retrieved until after

-- Page 11--

[ Graphic omitted: "Group of Draconians", four reptilian erect-walking
creatures, two with wings, two without but having capes, one holding a
sword talking with a hooded humanoid figure. ]

After purchasing the equipment, share the money from the pool and
ready the new equipment.  To start, ready the melee weapons (swords,
maces, quarter staffs) instead of the missile weapons (bows, slings,
darts).  Be sure to ready the arrows too.


Combat occurs often.  Combat takes place on a tactical map.  This map
is a more detailed view of the map terrain (3D or wilderness) that the
party was on when the combat was triggered.  This map is overlaid with
a square grid that is not visible on your screen.

As you move characters, you will notice that everything moves on the
grid from square to square.  Moving diagonally often costs more
movement points than moving horizontally or vertically.


Each round of combat is divided into 10 segments.  Which segment a
character or monster acts in depends on his initiative number.  This
is a randomly generated number for each character and monster.  This
random number is generated at the beginning of each combat round and
is modified by dexterity bonuses or penalties and random factors (such
as surprise) to arrive at the initiative number.

Sometimes a character will act in segment 10 of one round and segment
1 in the next, appearing to act twice in a row.  This is especially
common if you use the DELAY command.  When the DELAY command is given,
that character's action will be delayed until segment 10.

In combat, the player controls the actions of PCs.  The computer
controls the actions of monsters, NPCs, and PCs set to computer
control with the AUTO command.

-- Page 12 --

Each character's ability in combat is defined by his THAC0, damage
and AC.


A character or monster's difficulty to be hit is represented by his
armor class or AC.  The lower the AC the harder it is to hit the
target.  AC is based on the armor a character is wearing plus a
dexterity bonus.  Some magic items will help a character's AC.


The character's THAC0 represents his ability to hit enemies in melee
or with missile fire.  THAC0 stands for To Hit Armor Class 0/.  This
is the number a character must 'roll' equal to or greater than to do
damage on a target with an AC of 0.  The lower the THAC0 the better
the chance to hit the target.

NOTE: The generation of a random number is often referred to as a
'roll'.  In determining if an attack hit, the number generated is from
1 through 20.

An attack is successful if the random number is greater than or equal
to the attacker's THAC0 minus the target's AC.  THAC0 may be
modified by range, attacking from the rear, magic weapons, and magic
spells among other things.


A fighter with a THAC0 of 15 attacking a monster with an AC of 3
would need to roll:

(THAC015) - (AC3)=12+

But to hit a monster with an AC of -2 he would need to roll:



When a hit is scored, the attacker does damage.  Damage is the range
of HP loss the attacker inflicts when he hits an opponent in combat. 
Damage depends on the attacker's strength and weapon type.  The damage
each weapon can do is summarized in the Weapons List on page 58.

Some monsters take only partial or no damage from certain weapon types.
Skeletons, for example, take only half damage from sharp or edged
weapons, while some other monsters only take damage from magical


A thief will back stab if he attacks a target from exactly opposite
the first character to attack the target.  The thief may not back stab
if he has readied armor heavier than leather (exception: elfin chain
mail).  A back stab has a better chance of hitting the defender and
does additional damage.


A character may not attack an adjacent target with a missile weapon
(bow, sling, etc.).  A character may attack an adjacent target with a
thrown weapon (ax, club, etc.) or a hoopak (Kender only).

Bows can attack twice per turn.  Thrown darts can attack three times
per turn.


Fighters and knights of 7th level or greater can attack twice every
other turn. Rangers of 8th level or greater can attack twice every
other turn.

-- Page 13 --

All of a character's attacks are taken against his first target.  If
the first target goes down with the first attack, aim the remaining
attack at another target.  Fighters, knights, and rangers may sweep
through several weak opponents in one combat round.  When a character
sweeps, he will automatically attack multiple opponents.


The number of squares a character can move is affected by the weight
he's carrying, his strength, and the kind of armor he has readied.  A
character's movement range is displayed on the view screen and when
moving during combat.


A character may flee from the battlefield if he can move faster than
all enemies.  A character may not move off the battlefield if he moves
slower than any enemies.  A character has a 50% chance to move off the
battlefield if he can move as fast as the fastest enemy monster. 
Exception: if a monster or character can reach the edge of the combat
map without any of his opponents being able to see him, he may then
flee successfully even though he may be slower than his opponents.

A character that moves off the battlefield returns to the party after
the fight is over.  If all active characters flee combat, any dead or
unconscious characters are lost.  If a party flees it will not receive
any XP for monsters killed before retreating.


If one or more characters survive on the battlefield at the end of
combat, the bodies of unconscious or dead party members stay with the
party.  If the entire party flees from combat, all unconscious and
dead party members are permanently lost.  If ALL the party members are
slain, go back to your last Saved Game and try again from that point.


Throughout CHAMPIONS OF KRYNN, your party engages a colorful
collection of foes.  At times, you may elect to avoid a confrontation,
choosing conversation or flight instead.  More often, however, your
characters must stand and fight.

To succeed in combat, a skilled player deploys his party well, casts
effective spells before and during combat, maneuvers his characters
into advantageous position, and attacks using his most powerful
characters and weapons.


When a battle begins, your party is automatically positioned based on
the existing order of the characters.  Characters near the top of the
order will be in the front lines and vulnerable to attack.  To change
the starting deployment, change the order from the Alter menu while
encamped.  Shift the heavily-armored fighters up the list and the
vulnerable mages and thieves towards the bottom of the list.  Party
order cannot be changed while in combat.

When battle begins, your party may be placed in a bad position.  If
you wish to be defensive, move your characters to anchor your flanks
on an obstacle such as a wall or tree.  Keep your mages behind the
front line.  Setting up behind a doorway that your enemies have to
move through makes for a very strong defensive position.

-- Page 14 --

Characters who are seriously injured should be moved out of the front
lines if possible.  Be warned, if you move away from an adjacent enemy,
he will get a free attack at your back.  Back attacks have an improved
chance to hit.

Missile weapons cannot be fired if there is an adjacent opponent.  If
you want to fire missiles, make sure you keep away from the enemy. 
Hoopak and thrown weapons are exceptions as they may be used either as
a missile weapon or a melee weapon.  If you want to stop enemy missile
fire, move someone next to the opponent.

Exploit your opponents' weaknesses by directing attacks against
helpless enemy characters.  Gang up on isolated foes.  Concentrate
your attacks to eliminate one opponent rather than injure many
(Exception: enemy spell casters).  A foe with one hitpoint remaining
attacks as powerfully as an uninjured one.

A spell caster who takes damage cannot cast a spell that round.  If
the spell caster had started to cast and was hit, he will lose that
spell from memory. Therefore, try to injure all enemy spell casters
every round even if it is only for one point of damage.  Conversely,
if you want to cast spells, make sure your spell casters are protected.


Magic is integral to CHAMPIONS OF KRYNN.  Mages, clerics and high-
level knights can cast spells.

A spell can exist in one of four forms: in a character's memory, in a
character's grimoire (spell book), in a scroll or in a wand.

A spell-caster with a memorized spell can cast it using the CAST

Spells are memorized during rest while encamped.

Memorizing a spell takes 15 minutes of game time per spell level, plus
a minimum period of preparation.  First and second level spells take a
minimum preparation of four hours.  Third and fourth level spells take
a minimum preparation of six hours.


To memorize (2) 1st level spells, (1) 2nd level spell and (1) 3rd
level spell would take:

(6 hours preparation)+(2*15 min)+(1*30 min)+(1*45 min)=7 hours 45 min

Spells do not automatically have their full effect on their target. 
Each target of a spell may get a saving throw to avoid some or all of
the effect of the spell.  As a character gains levels, his saving
throws improve.  Note: some monsters have magic resistance which gives
them a chance to be unaffected by the spell.


There are two types of PC mages--White Robes and Red Robes.  All good
alignment mages are White Robes and all neutral alignment mages are
Red Robes.  For more information, see the advancement tables (page 57).
 Mages scribe spells into their personal grimoire and may only
memorize spells that are recorded there.

When a mage trains for a new level in a Hall, he is allowed to select
a new spell to scribe into his grimoire.  A mage can also scribe
spells from identified scrolls if he is of high enough level to cast

Mages may only use scrolls of the correct type.  Red Robe mages may
only use Red Robe scrolls and White Robe mages may only use White Robe
scrolls.  A mage must cast the Read Magic spell in order to identify
the spells on the scroll. A spell disappears after it has been scribed
or cast.  Only mages can cast mage spells from scrolls.

-- Page 15 --

Before they formally enter an order, mages may learn spells that they
could not learn because of order restrictions.  Once a mage has
learned these spells they remain available to him forever.


Spell casting: Both clerics and mages may cast spells which assist the
party in combat.  Preparatory spells just before a battle can protect
and strengthen characters.  During battle, your spells will damage
your opponents and help your party.

Memorizing Spells: Spells should be memorized as soon as possible
after they are used.  This is most likely to happen after combat. 
Encamp, have your spell-casters memorize spells and select REST to
allow them to imprint the spells for later use.

Note: After resting, it is a good idea to save your game.  We advise
you to save your game after every tough combat.  We recommend that you
keep at least two separate saved games at all times and alternate
between them.  This will allow you to go back to a save before that
fatal battle.


Mages do not join a specific order as students.  The young mages study
until they have been deemed ready, whereupon they must pass the Test
of High Sorcery before being admitted into an order.  The test is
different for each mage and failure means death.  All mage characters
have taken the test before beginning this adventure.

Many of the NPC mages you encounter are those who refused to take the
Test of High Sorcery and have become Rogue mages.  Rogues are despised
by all of the mage orders and are killed on sight.  Rogue mages are
not bound by the limitations of the other orders, but their life
expectancy is short and they do not gain benefits from the moons as do
other mages.


Since the creation of the world, three moons have governed the powers
of magic in Krynn.  As the moons wax and wane, so do the powers of
magic aligned to them.  Each moon has a different cycle and affects a
different group of mages. Mages of the White Robes gain their power
from Solinari the white moon, Mages of the Red Robes are governed by
Lunitari the red moon.  The evil Mages of the Black Robes are
empowered by the dark moon Nuitari.  The current position of the moons
is displayed at the top of your computer screen and their effects are
as follows:

[ Graphics for moon chart omitted. ]

                  (NEW MOON)                       (FULL MOON)

 Saving Throws        -1        Normal   Normal        +1
 Additional Spells*    0          0        0 [?]       +2
 Effective Level      -1         Even     Even         +1**
 *The additional spells can be of any level the mage can cast.

 **Only a mage of 6th level or higher who has an intelligence
 of 15 or greater gains this benefit.

-- Page 16 --


The magic of Krynn operates in spheres with the different schools of
mages only able to manipulate certain of them; spells castable by one
order may not necessarily be cast by another.  The spheres and the
orders that may work with each order are as follows:

 Conjuration Conjuration
 Summoning Summoning
 Divination Divination Divination
 Enchantment/ Enchantment/
 Charm Charm
 Evocation Evocation
 Illusion Illusion

*Only NPC characters may be evil Black Robe Mages.

Each spell operates in one or more of the magical spheres, and so
mages are limited in their selection of spells by their school of
magic.  The mage Spell Parameters charts on page 53 indicate which
spells are usable by each of the PC mage groups.


Clerical magic requires no spell books.  All clerical spells of the
appropriate level are always available to a cleric or high-level
knight, the character need only memorize them.

When a cleric finds a clerical scroll, he can use the spells directly
from the scroll; he does not need to scribe the spells into a spell
book.  Knights can never use clerical scrolls, even if they may cast
the spells.


Since the earliest days of Krynn, the wisdom of the gods has been
brought to all the races through the efforts of the clerics, the
mortal messengers of the will of the heavens.  As a sign of favor,
gods bestow upon their clerics special bonuses or additional spells. 
The following is a list of the gods of Krynn that are available to
characters, their alignment, and clerical bonuses:

Good Aligned Gods

 Powers: None
 Extra spells: Protection from evil 10' radius

 Powers: Turn undead as if cleric is two levels higher
 Extra spells: Silence 15' radius

 Powers: +1 THAC0
 Extra spells: Detect Magic

 Powers: +1 die on all healing spells
 Extra spells: Charm Person, Remove Curse, Bless

Neutral Aligned Gods

 Powers: None
 Extra spells: Burning Hands

 Powers: +1 THAC0 (dwarves only)
 Extra spells: None

 Powers: None
 Extra spells: Charm Person

*All dwarven clerics must select Reorx and therefore be neutral.

-- Page 17 --

Creatures of Krynn

The denizens of Krynn are many and varied.  This is a list of some
monsters you may encounter in your adventures.  Some of these
creatures are extremely rare, and you may never cross paths with them
at all.

CARRION CRAWLER Giant, segmented creatures whose eight tentacles
attack once a round each.  A successful attack can paralyze.

CROCODILE, GIANT Large carnivorous reptiles with tough hides who bite
for massive damage.

DEATH KNIGHT A type of liche that cannot be turned, Death Knights are
dangerous and frightening opponents who are immune to most magical
attacks.  They can reflect some magic attacks back on the caster, gate
in monsters to help them in combat, cause fear in those around them
and cast a massive fireball attack once a day.

DRACONIANS Draconians were the special troops of the Dragon Highlords.
They are created by corrupting the eggs of good dragons with vile
sorceries. Because of their magical origins all draconians are
somewhat magic resistant. There are five types of draconians:

AURAK Created from the eggs of gold dragons, they attack with energy
bolts, poisonous gas or their claws and fangs.  When an Aurak is slain 
it turns into a blazing ball of attacking energy for several rounds
and then explodes.  Auraks have the ability to mind control characters
of 7th level and below.

-- Page 18 --

BAAZ Made from brass dragon eggs, they are the most common of the
draconians. When killed, Baaz will turn to stone and then crumble into
a pile of rubble. The weapon used to slay a Baaz will sometimes be
trapped in its crumbling stone corpse and pulled from a character's
hand.  If a weapon is lost it is automatically retrieved after the
combat is completed unless the party fled.

BOZAK They are created from bronze dragon eggs and can cast spells in
addition to attacking with either their claws and fangs or other
weapons.  Bozaks will explode when killed.

KAPAK They can be distinguished from other draconians by their
poisonous venom. Frequently Kapaks will lick their weapons and coat
them with venom.  When a Kapak is killed, he will dissolve into a pool
of dangerous acid.  A character hit by a Kapak must make his saving
throw or be paralyzed.

SIVAK They are created from silver dragon eggs and are the only
draconians that can truly fly.  Sivaks are shapeshifters.  They are
powerful fighters who get three attacks per combat round.

DRAGONS These are the most powerful and dangerous of the monsters a
party can encounter.  The older and larger the dragon, the more damage
it can do and the harder it is to kill.

In addition to their awesome strength, dragons inspire an insidious
terror called Dragon Fear or Awe.  Many times the mere sight of a
dragon will cause opponents to panic and flee.

BLACK DRAGON They are noted for spitting a stream of deadly acid as
well as attacking with claws and fangs.  Since they are extremely
independent and only obey commands if it suits their purpose,

-- Page 19 --

Black Dragons were rarely used in direct assaults by the evil Dragon
Highlords. They were more highly valued as guards.

BLUE DRAGON highly intelligent and greatly feared, they exhale
lightning bolts in addition to attacking with claws and fangs.  Blue
dragons are more gregarious than many of their cousins.  They obey
orders and can act and fight together as a cohesive unit.  They proved
to be loyal allies of the evil Dragon Highlords.

BRASS Dragon Boisterous and loud with a tendency to selfishness, Brass
dragons are very fond of small talk.  These good dragons can attack
with claws and teeth as well as two different types of breath weapons:
sleep gas and fear gas.

BRONZE DRAGON Fond of war and fighting, Bronze dragons attack with
teeth and claws or their two kinds of breath weapons: a bolt of
lightning or a repulsion gas cloud.  These good dragons are extremely
interested in the affairs of men.

COPPER DRAGON Although basically good in nature, they are extremely
fond of wealth and almost always ask "what's in it for me?" when asked
to aid others. They attack with teeth and claws and their two kinds of
breath weapons: acid and a slow gas.

GREEN DRAGON These dragons are notorious even among other dragons for
their cruel natures.  Green dragons exhale poisonous clouds plus
attack with claws and fangs.  They will obey orders, but only from
leaders whom they respect. Clever and subtle, green dragons prefer to
use trickery and magic on an enemy rather than all- out assault.  For
this reason, they were rarely used in any major evil offenses, but
were often called in for more sinister purposes.

-- Page 20 --

OLD DRAGON The most majestic of the dragons, gold dragons are over 50
feet long.  Gold dragons attack with teeth and claws or with their
breath weapons. They can breathe fire or chlorine gas.  These good
dragons have the ability to polymorph themselves and can appear in the
guise of human or animals.  They are extremely skilled in magic.

RED DRAGON Perhaps the most feared of all the evil dragons, these
beasts were the favored assault force of the Dragon Highlord armies
during the War of the Lance.  Not usually inclined to obey orders, red
dragons enjoy nothing more than setting cities ablaze, destroying and
looting.  Red dragons can exhale great spouts of flame, cast magic
spells, or attack with their claws and fangs.

SILVER DRAGON The dragons most beloved by mankind, they can polymorph
into human or elven form.  Silver dragons attack with claws and teeth
or use either of two breath weapons a cone of frost or a cone of
paralyzation.  Many are also proficient in the use of magic.

WHITE DRAGON Unique among dragons in their preference for cold
climates, these evil beasts can attack with their freezing cold breath
in addition to razor sharp claws and fangs.  Small in size and not as
intelligent as their cousins, these dragons were used primarily as
scouts during the War of the Lance.

FROGHEMOTH huge, swamp dwellers who are immune to normal fire attacks,
these beasts are capable of swallowing their victims whole.

GELATINOUS CUBE These large scavengers are totally or partially immune
to most forms of attack.  Their touch causes paralysis.

-- Page 21 --

GHAST A variety of undead monster so disgusting in their stench that
oftentimes opponents are nearly overcome by revulsion.  Ghasts are
identical to ghouls in appearance.  Characters hit by ghasts (elves
included) must save or be paralyzed.

GHOUL These are evil undead creatures whose touch alone is known to
paralyze a man.  They feed on corpses and attack all living things on
sight.  Characters hit by ghouls (elves excluded) must save or be

GIANT CENTIPEDE Like their smaller kin, they attack with a poisonous

GIANT RAT These ferocious giant rodents are the size of large dogs.

GIANT SPIDER These giant insects have a poisonous bite.

GOBLIN These small humanoid creatures are common to the lands of

GROANING SPIRIT Also called Banshee, these are the undead spirits of
evil female elves.  They are immune to many magical attacks and attack
with a chilling touch.

HILL GIANT One of the smaller of the giant races, they are brutish
hulks possessing low intelligence and tremendous strength.

HOBGOBLIN Man-sized cousins of the goblins, hobgoblins are usually led
by leaders who are the fiercest warriors of their tribe.

MINOTAUR These creatures are part-man and partbull warriors from the
Blood Sea Islands of Krynn.  They are highly intelligent and dangerous 

MOBAT These are huge omnivorous bats who like nothing better than
warm-blooded humanoids for dinner!

OGRE Large, ugly foul-tempered humanoids, ogres generally attack with
a wicked spiked club.

PENANGGALAN Female vampires who appear as attractive women during the
day, but at night they feed on the living blood of their sleeping

POISON SNAKE These large reptiles slay their prey with deadly venom. 
Use Neutralize Poison to counter snake bite.

SHADOW PEOPLE A mysterious race that is rumored to have inhabited the
city of Sanction since its founding, the shadow people are believed to
dislike light, but little else is known about them.

SKELETON These are the least powerful of the undead.  They are usually
controlled by some powerful evil force.

SKELETAL DRAGON Skeletal forms of slain dragons, these horrific
creatures are very difficult to turn, and while they have no known
breath attack, their claws and fangs are still powerful.

-- Page 22 --

SKELETAL KNIGHT These are corpses of brave Solamnic Knights who have
in death been enslaved and animated by perverse evil magic.  Skeletal
Knights are significantly more dangerous foes than regular skeletons.

SPECTRAL MINION These undead are the spirits of humans and demi-humans
who died before they could fulfill powerful vows or quests.  They can
only be hit with magic weapons.

TROLL Large carnivorous monsters who attack 3 times a round.  They can
regenerate their lost HP unless they are burned.

VAMPIRE Life draining undead who can only be hit by magical weapons,
vampires can regenerate lost HP, charm their opponents, and summon
monsters to help them in combat.

WlGHT These life draining undead can only be hit by silver or magic

WRAITH These are similar to wights, but silver weapons only do half

ZOMBIE Magically animated corpses under the control of an evil force,
they will fight with mindless rage until turned or destroyed.

-- Page 23 --

Magical Treasures

As you travel about and encounter the monsters and puzzles that stand
between you and finishing your various quests, you will also find
magical items to help you on your way.  Here are some descriptions of
items that you may find.  Not all of these items may be found in your
adventure.  You can find out if there is a magic item in a treasure by
doing a Detect Magic spell using the DETECT command.  To find out
specifically what an item is, you must take it to an armoury or find a
shop and have it identified.

Some magic items are, in reality, cursed and can do great harm.  When
a character readies a cursed item, a Remove Curse spell must be cast
before the item can be dropped.  Some magic items may only be used by
certain classes. Others may not work at all if certain other magic
items are also in use.

WANDS are the traditional objects of enchantment.  Wands generally
will cast a set number of a given spell (fire ball or magic missile
for instance).  Only experimentation or paying to have them identified
will tell what a wand does. The USE command will allow a character to
cast spells with a readied wand.

POTIONS are the most common sort of magical treasure.  Potions may
heal wounded characters, cause them to become hastened or invisible,
or cause any number of other effects.  The USE command will allow a
character to drink a readied potion.

SCROLLS Either clerical or for mages, these items may give you spells
that you couldn't otherwise cast, or be scribed into a mage's grimoire.
A mage may use SCRIBE to transfer a scroll into his grimoire.  Mages
and clerics can cast spells directly from scrolls with the USE command.

ENCHANTED ARMOR AND SHIELDS Sometimes you may run across armor or
shields that have been crafted by skilled craftsmen and then enchanted
by mages to imbue them with protective spells.  The power of the magic
on these items may vary a great deal.  Enchanted armor has the great
advantage of offering improved protection with less encumbrance than
the same type of mundane armor.  To use these items merely ready them
from the Items Menu.

-- Page 24 --

SOLAMNIC PLATE These suits of plate mail were originally crafted for
some of the Knights of Solamnia.  The armor is of exceptionally high
quality, and is very ornate.  To use Solamnic Plate, ready it from the
Items Menu.  Only knights may use Solamnic Plate.

ENCHANTED WEAPONS Enchanted weapons come in many sizes and shapes and
potencies.  Sometimes a weapon will add between I and 5 or so to your
THAC0 and damage.  Other weapons may have other fantastic magical
properties including extra bonuses against specific types of creatures.
Once a magic weapon has been readied from the Items Menu, the
character will have it for all combats.

ENCHANTED ADORNMENTS Bracers, necklaces, periapts and especially rings
are favorite objects for magical enchantment.  These items may have
any number of magical properties.  Some items will help your AC,
others may fire Mae 27 --

You never should have trusted him...

Journal Entry 12

"Welcome to the Southern Outpost.  I am Grilliard, the Commandant here.
I hear you have important news for me."

You tell him about all of the adventures that you have been on and all
of the information that you have gathered.  After you finish you ask
him about the missing messenger.

He looks a little nervous for a moment, and then says, "He has been
ill. I'm afraid no one can see him right now.  Thank you for
delivering the information and good luck on your journey back.  I'm
afraid I have to get back to work."

With that, he waves you out of his office.

Journal Entry 13

 |     # |                                           | # Tow |
 |   | # D      .------+------+------+------.        D # |   |
 +---+---'      |Houses|      |      |      |        `---+---+
 |              |      |      |      |      |                |
 |              `----D-+----D-+----D-+----D-'                |
 |                                                           |
 |                        .---+---.  .------.                |
 |                        |   |   |  |      |                |
 |   .-------------.      +---+-D-+  |      |        .-------+
 |   |  Barracks   |      |   D   |  | Tav  |        | Guard |
 |   |             |      +---+Inn|  | ern  |        D House |
 |   +------+-D----+      |   D   |  |      |        `-------+
 |   |Armory| Comm |      `---+-D-'  `------'                D Front
 |   |      D Off  D                                         D Gate
 |   +------+-D----+                                 .-------+
 |   S    Prison   |                                 D       |
 |   +-D-+-D+-D-+D-+      .-----D-.  .----D-.        |       |
 |   |   |  |   |  |      |General|  |Armor |        `-------+
 |   `---+--+---+--+      | Store |  | Shop |                |
 |                        `-------'  `------'                |
 |                                                           |
 |             .-----D----.   .-------------.                |
 |             |          |   |   Stables   D                |
 +---+---.     | Storage  |   |             D        .---+---+
 |   | # D     `----------'   `-------------'        D # |   |
 |     # |                                           | #     |

 | - Wall
 D   Door
 S   Secret Door
 ##  Stairs
 Comm Off = Commandant's Office

-- Page 28 --

Journal Entry 14

"Okey, dokey.  Listen up people.  Here's how you play.  Now I've got
three cards here.  Two of them are Gargoyles and the third is the
Princess.  I'm gonna place the cards face down on the table, with the
Princess in the middle. Now, all you have to do is guess where the
Princess is after I move the cards around.  Easiest thing in the world,
right? It's only three cards and I'm sure you won't have any problem
keeping track of the Princess.  Simplest thing in the world.  Now,
who'll place a small wager of saaay, 3 steel pieces?"

Journal Entry 15

"Listen," the woman says, "we...that is, Sir Karl and I have
determined that it is imperative that the entire area be evacuated. 
The number of undead sightings has increased to an alarming degree. 
We want you to head into Gargath and force the population to evacuate
immediately.  Thank goodness there are no more Draconians.  I don't
know how we would be able to get out if we had them to contend with as

Journal Entry 16

The plan has to be carried out in stages.  Stage One, which is already
complete, was to threaten various small areas to the north and get the
good armies to begin a consolidation of their forces.  We were
fortunate to find a rather hapless party that we were able to use to
pass the false information to their leaders.  It was pure chance that
they were sent after Caramon when was captured in Throtl.  We couldn't
have planned better for our purposes.  We left clues behind to lead
the group to Gargath, Jelek and Neraka.  This gave us time to complete
our plans for the ambush at Sanction.

Journal Entry 17

...the book of conversion that I found is useless.  It doesn't give us
the actual ceremony to perform.  It is merely a description of the
ceremony.  I will have to come...

Journal Entry 18

Tale of Sir Dargaard:

In the past, a faithful Knight of the Rose named Sir Dargaard gained
an item which gave him great fighting prowess.  He was a scourge of
the evil armies until his entire company was poisoned at a feast.  The
company was buried along with Sir Dargaard's great device in lands
later overrun by evil. The evil ones sought to wrest the artifact from
the tomb, but were slain by the spirits of Sir Dargaard and his
company.  Our scouts now say that Draconians have attempted to
penetrate the tomb again, perhaps with sufficient strength to succeed.
It is time for a truly noble knight to go and ask that the artifact be
passed on to guard the forces of good today.

On a side note, you will be happy to know that Caramon has contacted
our elite units is Solamnia.  The Council of Knights themselves will
lead them into the coming battles.  I will be certain to mention your
impressive record to them when they arrive.

 |                                |
 |                    * Gargath   |
 |   X Tomb                       |
 |            * Outpost           |
 |                                |
 |        * Jelek                 |
 |                                |
 |                                |

-- Page 29 --

Journal Entry 19

The Dragonlance was a stroke of genius.  With one small theft we
distracted them from the main threat and forced their attention on the
recovery of the weapon.  This became Stage Two, since it fit so neatly
with our plans.  It allowed us to delay the original kidnapping of Sir
Karl just long enough to gather many more bodies for Sir Lebaum to
work with.

Journal Entry 20

The 'Plan' is to be carried out in three stages.  Stage one is nearly
done. We have managed to kill Caramon and Tanis and have captured or
put to flight most of the other 'Heroes' from the Dragonlance Wars. 
The good armies are reduced to sending out hapless adventurers who
have little or no experience. We have managed to feed information to
one of those bands with notable success. The information is true, but
it always comes too late to be of any interest.

Journal Entry 21

"Hey, come here.  Look at this.  This is a piece of the dragon orb
that Tasselhoff broke! Just this little piece of the orb will allow
you to control the largest dragon! I'll sell it to you for only 2,000
steel pieces...and it's a bargain at twice the price! NO, don't touch
it with your bare fingers.  The last person who did that woke up with
a withered hand! Gruesome.  So, what offer have I?"

Journal Entry 22

"Welcome, I am Jadefang.  I have been asssigned to capture thisss hole
and convinssse you 'Humansss' that you ssstill own it..  We did this
ssso we could gather information and keep the sssouthern road open. 
Sssince you have given usss a lot of ussseful information, I thank

He bows gracefully and continues to speak.

"However, you also have dissscovered our sssecret and therefore you
mussst die."

You notice that he is not alone in the barracks.  He rises into the

Journal Entry 23

              To Keep
 |   |       |       |           |       |           |       |   |
 |   +-------+---+---+-------+   |       |           +-------+   |
 |   |           |           |   S       |           D       |   |
 |   |           |           +-------+-S-+-------+---+-----D-+   |
 |   |           D           D       |           |           |   |
 |   |           +-----------+       |           |           |   |
 |   |           D           |       |           D           |   |
 |   |           |           |       +---------D-+           |   |
 |   |           |           D       |           |           |   |
 |   `-----------+           +-------+           +-----------'   |
 |               |           D       S           |               |
 |               `-----------+       +-----------'               |
 |                           |       |                           |
 |                           `-S---S-'                           |
 |                                                               |

 | - Wall
 D   Door
 S   Secret Door

-- Page 30 --

Journal Entry 24

Old Ogre's story:

"I was once the councillor to the Ogre princes, but I have become too
weak and crippled to keep my place.  Now I hear of plots against our
lord Gravnak, by one of his lieutenants.  Draconians have slipped into
the manor house and will strike when the current meeting ends.  I
watched them enter and saw the secret sign they gave the guards.

I have no love of these assassins or their traitorous ally.  Use the
sign to enter the manor, seek out the assassins and find evidence
implicating Morog. He is the traitor.  His rooms lie in the southeast
of the manor."

Journal Entry 25

"When you get to Gargath, beware of anyone who appears to be bending
over backwards to help you.  Be especially aware of anyone who
mentions Sir Karl. We don't think that they know that we are now aware
of their deception.

"Be especially careful about any clothing they may want you to wear. 
There is an evil mage in the town who delights in putting curses on
harmless-looking objects.  Good luck."

Journal Entry 26

"Gargath was overrun about a week ago.  There were only a few of us
here at that time trying to rebuild after the War of the Lance. 
Draconians and evil forces snuck in at night and captured the Keep. 
Since then they have been bringing in prisoners and putting them to
work.  They make us wear these hoods to keep track of us."

Journal Entry 27

"We have had to exhume all of the bodies in the graveyard and burn
them. We found out that someone was entering the burial glen, digging
up the bodies, and then re-animating them into zombies and ghouls. 
It's been hard, especially for those that recently buried their loved
ones, but it was necessary."

Journal Entry 28

"I've been kept out of the burial grounds now for a week; I can't even
get in there to get my tools.  There are strange things going on in
there...open graves, broken tombstones, strange noises...even the
animals are gone! That Sir Lebaum is ruining the town.  He even made
his office in the burial glen! It's in the building just to the south
and west of here but the door is through the graveyard.

"That's another strange thing...nobody's even seen our new leader, at
least, nobody that I know of.  He gives his orders and the 'guards'
carry them out.

"Things just ain't right."

Journal Entry 29

Stage Four runs almost in step with Stage Three.  As soon as Sir
Lebaum has launched his attack, the mass conversion of dragon eggs
into Draconians will be performed.  The good armies will be caught in
our mailed fist! They have no idea that they are about to be attacked
by two huge armies! The first of the good armies will be filled with
their leaders and the elite of those accursed Knights.  When our
armies rise so quickly, we shall cut the very heart of their ability
to resist us.  With the leaders dead the rest of the rabble will
wander like sheep.

-- Page 31 --

Journal Entry 30

Stage Two is currently coming to fruition.  Sir Lebaum, our Sivak who
has taken over the leadership of the Knights of the Rose, has sown
enough discord in the ranks of the Knights to render them ineffective
against us.  In a few days he will issue the order that will send most
of the Knights over the mountains and out of this area altogether.

Journal Entry 31

"Watch out for the minister.  They say that he has taken over the
castle of Sir Era and now runs the old knight, as well as the kingdom.
The people are being...hush! he's here."

Journal Entry 32

Gravnak's alliance plans:

"We are both hunting for Myrtani while he seeks our deaths.  I have no
love for sanctimonious knights and their ilk, but I do love my life. 
To keep that, I would suggest a temporary alliance.  Myrtani has a
base in Kernen which he visits quite often.  If you can slip into town,
I have allies who will help you penetrate the base and kill Myrtani."

He then shows you the secret sign to give his allies.

Journal Entry 33

"The Dragonlance has been moved to Jelek.  After the Keep was overrun
I managed to smuggle it out of town and hide it in the burial glen. 
It is hidden in an unused tomb in the north-west corner of the grave
yard.  You will recognize the entrance because there is a silver rose
bush growing just before it."

Journal Entry 34

Gravnak and the Draconians turn on you. "Fools!" he hisses, "Did you
really think a member of my proud race would ever ally with the likes
of you?" You are attacked from all sides.

Journal Entry 35

"I was with a party of knights and others under Caramon that came in
here to explore.  We haven't really found anything.  Caramon's already
left to report.  I guess you must have missed him.

"Oh, one thing we did find out was that there is a treasure left over
from the previous occupants of Throtl.  We got word of it from a
hobgoblin who was sneaking in to claim it.  Before he died, he told us
that it was located in the south-central area of the city.  Tell you
what, if you help me find this treasure, I'll split it with you.  All

Journal Entry 36

"Thank Paladine you're here.  They've taken everything! My poor family,
my friends and retainers.  Gone." He breaks down.  After a while he
looks up in anguish and says,

"There's an Aurak who seems to be in charge.  He's had his minions
scouring the Keep.  He's looking for my Dragonlance! He'll never find
it.  It's hidden. Hidden very well.  Nobody can find it.  But I'll
tell you.  Yes.  Yes, I'll tell you.  You're from Caramon? Of course,
of course.  Look on the sixth story. As you come up the stairs you
will see a door directly ahead of you.  The wall to the left of that
door has a secret door in it.  The Dragonlance is in there."

He looks around in fear. "Where are they? Where? They were here.  I
saw them.  My little ones.  Where are they? I must go, I must.  I will
slip out down the stairs.  Goodbye, goodbye.  Get the lance!"

-- Page 32 --

Journal Entry 37

Stage Three is about to begin.  The good armies are marching on
Sanction, and our friendly 'adventurers' are still trying to figure
out how to get the Dragonlance.  Sir Lebaum has been working in the
arena of Duerghast.  He will begin to raise his army of undead as soon
as the good armies are in position. We anticipate that this will take
another day or two.  I have Blue Dragons stationed at Duerghast to
guard the eggs and Red Dragons are waiting to give me word when he has
finished his preparations.  When I hear from him the final stage will

Journal Entry 38

"They're back...back there...who, look out! No, no, no.  I stabbed one
but it took my sword.  I couldn't get it out of its body! Caramon!"
His eyes clear for a moment and he becomes more lucid. "Listen to me,"
he says, "they've captured Caramon.  Most of our party has been wiped
out." He suddenly jerks about. "What's that! Get them! They've got
Caramon.  Find him.  I'll find him.  North, north and west and south. 
Traps! Back up...go back now.  Quiet, quiet, quiet...look out! above
you! oh no, oh no, oh no..."

He gets a sly, slightly mad conspiratorial look on his face. "I saw a
money chest in a room to the east.  I'm gonna get it and I'm set." He
looks around and leans towards you, "You wanna help? Huh, what d'ya
say?" The terrorized look comes back.  He screams and gasps in terror.

Journal Entry 39

The great ship lists to port and seems to pause in silent anticipation.
The sailors jump off like rats.  In the distance, a hump of moving
water marks the place where the gigantic whale swims away.  Your boat
starts rocking as the waves from his blow to the ship finally reach

The ship finally slips quietly under the waves.  The orb fragment--and
the Vampire-- slide down to their final resting place.

Journal Entry 40

The road back to Solace is filled with the refugees of Krynn. 
Wretched individuals and families carry what possessions they can on
their backs or on small pushcarts and wheelbarrows.  They all scan the
sky with fear; waiting for the horrific sight of dragons flying out of
the sun to breath death onto the miserable line of humanity.

The Second Flight of the Dragons has devastated Krynn.  Sanction is a
smoldering lake of lava.  Gargath a pile of melted stone, and Neraka
has been blasted into oblivion.  Only Jelek and Kernan survive in this
part of the continent; and they have become enclaves of evil.  Jelek
has become Sir Lebaum's base of operations, where he continues his
experiments with the undead.  Kernan has been taken over by Myrtani
and his horde of newly created Draconians.

-- Page 33 --

Journal Entry 41

The prisoner looks at you with agony as another shudder wracks his
body. Suddenly, his flesh seems to split and a foul odor permeates the
room! You start to gag and cough in the middle of the stinking cloud. 
The door behind you closes and you hear the bolt being driven home. 
You are trapped!

Journal Entry 42

The prisoner is extremely weak.  He barely croaks out some broken
phrases: "...the Castellan is alive.  He's being held here on this
floor..." "...an Aurak...silver eggs...black dragons...book..." He
grabs your arms and dies.

Journal Entry 43

"They have built up a large, wooden structure in front of the main
gates of the Keep.  I don't know what it looks like inside.  I can
tell you that the main gates are in the upper-northwest corner of the
city.  In the middle of the city you will find a secret door into the
wooden structure.  It is currently being guarded by Draconians because
it's location has been discovered recently." He licks his lips in
consternation and suddenly speaks in hushed intensity, "Listen,
there's a Dragonlance in the Keep.  I know, all of them were supposed
to be sent South but the Castellan was injured during the War and his
lance was brought with him when he returned.  You must find it!".

Journal Entry 44

"Ah, come on Grag! You know that we're supposed to guard the grave of
this guy.  The captain's gonna be mad if he sees us in here.  Uh, by
the way, can you buy me a drink? I'm a bit short this week."

Journal Entry 45

 |                                               |   |
 |                  Burial Glen                  |   |
 |                                               |   |
 |                                               |   |
 |                       .-----------------------'   |
 |                       |                           |
 +---+---+-------+-------+       .-------.           |
 |   |   |       | Magic |       |       |           |
 |   |   |Tavern | Shop  |       |       |   +-------+
 |   |   |       |       |       |       |   |       |
 |   |   `-D-----+-----D-'       `---+---+   |       |
 |   D                               |   | X |       |
 |   |   .-D-----+-------+  +----.   |   +-D-'       |
 |   |   |       |       |  |    |   |   |           |
 |   |   |Weapon |       `--'    |   +---+-----------+
 |   |   | Shop  |               |                   |

 | - Wall
 D   Door

-- Page 34 --

Journal Entry 46

The tree suddenly explodes! The locket is thrown away from the
enchanted circle.  From the swirling ashes of the explosion an ominous
shape slowly rises.  Vaguely manlike, it's features are
indistinguishable in the thick smoke.  Giant Rats and Mobats charge
out of the impenetrable dust!

Journal Entry 47

"We've had a lot of unsavory characters passing through town lately. 
The good armies have left us in the lurch and we are forced to take
the law into our own hands in order to protect the citizens of this
town.  Here's the official proclamation."

'All persons entering Jelek that are unknown to the guards shall be
assigned an escort for the duration of their stay in the city.  They
will be restricted to the public parts of the town.  The burial
grounds are strictly forbidden to all strangers.'

"It's signed by our leader, Sir Lebaum.

"So, here's a nice young man who'll show you around the town.

"Skyla! Come over here!"

He introduces you to a man who looks you over and breaks into a goofy
grin. His entire aspect seems dignified enough, until he smiles or
begins to talk, then his ancestry is extremely questionable and you
wonder if maybe he hadn't suffered a fall on his head as a child.

Journal Entry 48

"Finally, you're here.  I got word that Sir Karl was going to send
someone to check this place out.  I've been waiting for you for days. 
Come with me."

Journal Entry 49

Sir Karl's dying monologue:

"They tortured me to get information, but I gave them nothing.  Killed
my guards when they came for me again.  Afraid I didn't quite make it
all the way out.  Things getting dark...Hard to concentrate.  There
are slaves down there. They must be freed from this evil
place...Remember me to Maya..." His breathing stops.

Journal Entry 50


I have good news.  I have managed to attain the volume that we have
been searching for all of these years.  The power to create more of
our kind is now in my hands.  Send me all of your eggs along with any
mages and clerics that you may have with you.  I'll be at the Citadel
of Gargath very soon.  Have the eggs packed and taken to me within the
week. By order of Myrtani.

Journal Entry 51

"The worst monsters our scouts have reported anywhere in the area are
hobgoblins.  Draconians and evil dragons have long since abandoned
this area to our forces.  Still, be a little wary on your way to

"Also, be sure to report back here immediately, if anything unusual or
dangerous occurs.  This outpost depends on information brought back by
patrols such as yours.  Good luck and may Paladine watch over you."

Journal Entry 52

The weapons and armor of Solamnic Knights and their allies is strewn
about the corridor.  All of them are bent or broken and quite useless.
There is a hole in the ceiling above.  It is evident that the party
was ambushed.  There are no bodies.

-- Page 35 --

Journal Entry 53

Men discussing a rebellion:

"I can't believe that we are letting an Aurak dictate what we have to
do. Its not right.  We created them to serve us, not the other way
around.  At the meeting I'm going to speak in favor of restructuring
this alliance.  Only their slimy blood will flow."

Journal Entry 54

A large number of human warriors are gathered here.  One leaps upon a
table and calls out, "Who among you wishes to overthrow Myrtani?" As
hands raise throughout the room, archers slip out from behind curtains
and fire.  The man on the table laughs, "Myrtani will be grateful for
your identifying yourselves."

Journal Entry 55

They say that there is a Vampire that has been enchanted in that old
tree. A very powerful mage trapped him in there before the world was
changed.  The only thing that will release him is a piece of the soul
of the mage who trapped him.  The mage is long dead, however.  The
only known artifact that had any relationship with him is the Locket
of Light.  But that disappeared into the west long ago.

Journal Entry 56

Sir Karl's last message to Maya: "I realize now that I shouldn't allow
our differences to interfere with our feelings.  I suppose at my age
it takes a while to adjust to new things. Remembering your beauty and
bravery has helped me withstand the tortures they have subjected me to.
I now go out to gain my freedom.  If I fail, then know I held you in
my thoughts to the end.

Journal Entry 57

Red Dragon's story:

"Once when I was young and my scales were sleek and smooth, I was
appointed protector of the Crown Jewels.  Beautiful they were,
glistening in the torchlight.  Many a tasty thief came by to admire
them, but I always kept them safe.  Then the city fell and the jewels
were lost.  Since then I have sought them everywhere.  I am sure they
will turn up, so that I can watch their glittering beauty again.  The
crown was the prettiest piece, golden and encrusted with gems.  Ah,
such a wondrous time."

Journal Entry 58

"Hello, and welcome to Jelek! We have recovered so well from the
recent war that we are able to provide you with a guide that will bow
to your every need. He will direct you to our Inn, where you can rest
in luxurious peace, and point out the exciting new businesses that
have helped to make Jelek the most dynamic town in all of Krynn."

He waves over a tall, handsome young man. "This is Skyla." he says,
"He will be your escort for the duration of your stay in Jelek."

Journal Entry 59

"Listen, I've been following you for some time now.  That Skyla
character is the leader of a faction of guards that has taken over the
city.  He looks stupid, but don't let that fool you.  He knows exactly
what he looks like, and he knows how to use it to his advantage.

-- Page 36 --

"He takes his orders from Sir Lebaum.  Lebaum took over about a week
ago. It was slow and insidious how he did it.  No word got out at all
and, initially, there was lots of business for our shops.  Everyone
was happy. Except that now he's cut off all contact with the outside. 
Anyone that comes in here either joins the guards or is killed, as you
almost were.

"There's another disturbing thing.  I've done some digging around and
nobody has even seen this Sir Lebaum character.  Most people have
never even heard of him.  There was a Knight of Solamnia of that name
that was corrupted by Takhisis many, many years ago but legend has it
that he died--horribly, they say. I'd like to get into the graveyard
and examine his office.  Are you willing to go with me?"

Journal Entry 60

Message on body of Prison Lord:

It has come to my attention that the bodies we receive here in
Sanction from your prisons are in a highly deteriorated condition.  We
realize that information must be gained by torture and that it is a
useful way to relax, but I would prefer it if a majority of the bones
remained uncrushed.  I will not repeat this request.

Sir Lebaum

Journal Entry 61

I want you to find the adventurers and put them out of our misery. 
They have served their purpose, now I'm afraid they may find some way
to get word to the good armies.  Eliminate that threat.

Journal Entry 62

Message from assassins.  The paper reads:

We have contacted a traitor at the renegade ogres' base.  We can slip
in unobserved and slay the renegade leaders.  If we are not successful,
beware. Our spy tells us that the renegades might try to ally with the
forces of good. Their knowledge of Kernen makes them dangerous.

A rough map is drawn on the back.

Sir Karl then speaks, "The Solamnic Cavalry is already on the march. 
It will not be too long until these first units have arrived in the
area.  We must have information on the enemy strengths and weaknesses
soon.  The Solamnic force will be small and an ambush could cause them

 |                           |
 |    Gargath *       Ogre   |
 |                    Base   |
 |                     *     |
 |       * Outpost           |
 |                           |
 |                           |
 |    * Jalek                |
 |                           |
 |                           |

-- Page 37 --

Journal Entry 63

                 J   J   D       |       D
                 |   +---+       |       |
                 J   J   |       `-----D-+
                 J   J   |               |
                 +-J-+   `---------------'
                 J   J
                 J   J
             |       D
             |   +---'
             |   D
             |   |
             |   |
             |   |
             |   |
             |   |
             |   D
 |   D   |   D       D
 |   +-D-+   |       |
 |   | * |   |       |
 |   +---+   +-D---D-'
 |   D       |
 | - Wall
 D   Door
 J   Jail Door
 *   Dragon Lance

Journal Entry 64

WANTED: Soldiers to wage the battle against the Solamnic usurpers of
KRYNN. 5 steel pieces when you sign up and a guaranteed 2 steel pieces
a week until the end of the engagement.  See the recruiting officer at
the Southern Sanction Inn for details.

Journal Entry 65


I'm afraid that the book that we spent so much effort in obtaining has
turned out to be even more important than we thought! Not only are we
going to be able to create more Draconians without using eggs, but it
has taught us how to use the dragon orb to make our existing
Draconians even more powerful! The Plan proceeds! Death to Solamnia!

Journal Entry 66

The ogres lead you along a twisting corridor.  They assure you that
the passage is completely unknown.  Gravnak whispers for you to be
ready.  He pulls a lever, but instead of the wall opening, the floor
drops out from beneath you. Myrtani appears next to Gravnak and both
begin to laugh.

Journal Entry 67

"I was with the patrol that followed Caramon in here.  We ran into
trouble almost immediately.  We were not really expecting much
opposition but...We were ambushed by a large force of hobgoblins and
Draconians.  I was knocked out by a blow to the head early in the
battle.  I awoke in a dark corner, alone.  It took me a while to get
my bearings but I finally went out in search of my companions.  I
overheard from passing patrols that everybody except Caramon was
killed. You must help me find Caramon.  He must not be allowed to fall
into the hands of the leaders of this band."

Journal Entry 68

As the Vampire grasps the piece of orb a deep trembling shakes his
being! Blood begins to run from his eyes and ears as a high keening
sound forces your party to hold their heads in anguish.  The Vampire
is desperately trying to rid himself of the glass object.  It will not
leave his hand! Old Rimshanks' spell of permanent binding is working!

-- Page 38 --

Journal Entry 69

WEARY TRAVELERS! Come to the best accommodations on KRYNN! The
SOUTHERN SANCTION INN is open for your business.  We are located in
the southeast corner of the city.

THE DRAGON'S CURSE is open for business in the middle of Sanction.  We
have the best selection of drinks since Istar sank beneath the sea. 
Non-humans welcome!

IF YOU GOT THE MONEY, WE'VE GOT WHAT YOU WANT! While our inventory had
been decimated by the recent war, we are again open and offering the
finest in magical items available.  As always, if we don't have it, we
will find it, or make it.  All we need is time and money.  GUSMARKEN'S
MAGIC SHOP.  Located in the eastern-central area of the city.  We are
the first door to the right, heading north from the inn.

located just north of the Southern Sanction Inn, and peruse our fine
selection of blades, armor, arrows, darts and anything else you could
possibly need to equip your party.  REASONABLE RATES!

Horgathindorn's Training Hall has worked with the best! Come see us in
the Northeast Corner and see if you've got what it takes!

Journal Entry 70

"Listen, I've been following you for some time.  You need to get to
Jelek as quickly as possible.  There are rumors that Sir Karl is about
to attack the town in order to get at the last Dragonlance that
remains in our hands.  Once you arrive, a resistance worker will join
your group as an escort.  Jelek has become prosperous lately and they
are requiring all visitors to be escorted through the town.  The
stated reason is to show new visitors around the town, the real reason
is to keep an eye on all newcomers and prevent anyone from getting
into the graveyard.  Our man's name is Skyla, as soon as you arrive he
will be able to join your group and help you find the Dragonlance that
the castellan hid."

Journal Entry 71

Myrtani is gathering his forces in secret areas around Sanction.  We
won't be ready for a few weeks yet.  My minions have started gathering
materials for my use.  Several graveyards have been looted already. 
Many of them have left the open grave sites unfilled.  I suppose it
can't be helped.  Stupidity has always been our most dangerous enemy.

Myrtani has found a Dragonlance! I urged him to give it to his
strongest warrior but I'm afraid that the Draconian doesn't trust
anyone who could hold that much power.  Foolish.  He's going to hide
it away somewhere in Sanction.

-- Page 39 --

Journal Entry 72

  1st Floor                        2nd Floor
 .-------+-------+---+-------.    .-------------------------------.
 |       |       D   |       |    |                               |
 |       |       |   +-------+    |   .---+---+---+---+---+---.   |
 |       +-D-----+   |       |    |   |   |   |jc |   |   |   |   |
 |       |       |   |       |    |   +---+---+---+---+---+---+   |
 +-----D-+       +-D-+-----D-+    |   |                       |   |
 | ## up |       D           |    |   `-------.               |   |
 +---+   |       |   +-------+    +-------.   D  stairs up ## |   |
 |   |   `-------'   D       |    |## dwn D   `---------------'   |
 |   D               |       |    +-------'   .-------+-D-----.   |
 +---+---+-D---D-+---+-------+    |           |       |       |   |
 |       D       D           |    |   .-------+       |       |   |
 |       |       |           |    |   | *     |       |       |   |
 `-------+-D---D-+-----------'    |   `-------+-------+-------+   |
         Entrance                 `-------------------------------'

  3rd Floor                    4th Floor
 .-------+-------+-------.    .-------+-------+---+---.
 |       D       |       |    |       D       D   D   |
 |       |       D       |    +-D-----+       +---'   |
 |       |   .-D-+---+---+    |       |       |       |
 |       |   |       | # |    |       |       +---.   |
 |       |   |   *   | # |    |       |       | * D   |
 |       |up +-------+ dn|    +-----D-+       +---'   |
 |       | # |       |   |    |       |       |       |
 |       D # D       D   |    |       |up down+-----D-+
 `-------+---+-------+---'    |       | #   # |       |
                              |       | #   # |       |

  5th Floor            6th Floor
 .---+---+---+---.    .---+-----------.
 |   | * |   |   |    |   |           |
 |   `---+-D-'   |    | * |           |
 |               |    +---+-D-.       |
 +---.down up.---+    |       | @     |
 |   D #   # D   |    |     # `-------+
 |   | #   # |   |    |  up #         |
 `---+-------+---'    `---------------'

  Lower Tower             Lower Tower
 .---.                       .---.
 | @ |       7th Floor       | @ |
     | @     | @     |     @ |
     |       D       D       |

  8th Floor    9th Floor    10th Floor    11th Floor
 .-------.    .-------.    .---.         .---.
 | @     |    | @     |    |   |         |   |
 |       |    |       |    `---'         `---'
 `-------'    `-------'

 | - Wall
 D   Door
 S   Secret Door
 ##  Stairs
 @   Circular Stairs
 *   Possible Treasure
 jc  Jail Cells

Journal Entry 73

"After the battle I was taken to see a powerful cleric.  He laughed at
my defeat.  They led me to some doors that glowed in the darkness,
opened them with a key that he pulled from his robes, and took me to a
dark temple.  I saw a bronze dragon egg on the alter! He told me that
they were going to start the corruptions again! Then he had his
minions beat me.

"I woke up here.  If it hadn't of been for the treachery of a dark elf,
and a sneak attack from behind, they never would have captured me." He
pauses. "I'm sorry for my men." he says, "They had no idea what we
were getting into. Krynn's blood, I didn't know either.  We were
unprepared for the extent of the evil forces.

"The ambush was a complete surprise."

Journal Entry 74

Tanis's tale:

"I had heard of slaves being taken in the area, so I disguised myself
and arranged to be captured.  I have just managed to free the slaves
here, but more are held to the south.  I will organize the slaves here
while you free the others.  Then we will arrange a diversion to allow
the slaves a chance to escape.

-- Page 28 --

Journal Entry 75

"I am the only one left from the ambush.  I was knocked out early in
the combat.  By the time I came to, the enemy was gone.  Caramon is
dead.  I figure that they must have ganged up on him first.  His was
the only body left behind. You don't want to know what condition they
left him in.  Evidently they wanted to leave a warning to anyone who
comes after him.  It was awful.  I laid him out as best I could and
have been working my way out of Throtl.  We must get back and warn the

"I don't understand how they could have known that we were coming. 
The ambush was obviously well planned.  They knew exactly who was with
us and exactly how to counter any attack we could muster."

Journal Entry 76

...friend has many objects of value for sale...
...great frog collection!!!...
...sword that seems to be magical, at least undead creatures are
afraid of it...
...many potions for sale...
...information about the incidents of undead and Draconian incursions
in the area...
...a beautiful daughter...

Journal Entry 77

Base Commander's papers.  You find:

A list of orders authorizing an attack on the knight's outpost.

A supply list, consisting mostly of implements of torture, signed by
someone known as the Prison Lord.

The final page is an order to turn all slain prisoners over to a Sir

Journal Entry 78

"Now, what do you know about that? They say that a real Dragonlance
has been found in the hills to the east.  It also carries an
enchantment that will force any dragon to your will if you but wound
the beast."

Journal Entry 79

Gravnak's story about the Guardian:

"The oldest rulers of Kernen ordered the city's mages to create a
deadly guardian for their castle.  How they did it no one knows, but
the magicians gave this thing to the king.  Over the years it became
unruly and was locked in the vaults below this building.  We know of
no way to harm it or chase it back to the vaults where it was kept. 
All we know is that an ancient tome in the library contains a recipe
for a salve that will protect the wearer from the guardian's deadly
bolts.  You must construct this salve in the alchemist's study before
you can succeed in passing the guardian."

Journal Entry 80

A few days after that, Stage Three will begin.  We have taken the
pieces of the dragon orb that the kender shattered and have placed
them in strategic spots all around Sanction.  Raistlin's research has
determined that, under the right conditions, even a piece of the
dragon orb can act as a powerful lure for dragons.  Further more, each
piece can be tuned to a particular type of dragon. He has been lost to
us since the War, but his dark elf assistant has managed to create the
spell out of Raistlin's notes.  With our captured Drangonlances, we
will destroy all the good dragons that remain in Krynn, and our final
victory will then be all but assured.

-- Page 41 --

Journal Entry 81

 |               |       |       |
 |               |       |       |
 |               |       D X     |
 |               |       `-------+
 |               |               |
 |               |       .-------+
 |               |       |       |
 |               |       D       |
 |               |       |       |
 |               |       D       |
 +---------------'       `-------+
 |                               |
 |                       .-------+
 |                       D       |
 |                       |       |
 +-D-----------D-.       |       |
 |               |       `-------+
 |               |               |
 +---------------'       .-------+
 |                       D       |
 +---------D-.   .-----D-+       |
 |           |   |               |
 |           |   |               |

 | - Wall
 D   Door
 X   Meeting

Journal Entry 82

"So! At last, you've come to rescue me.  You know these things are
quite clever.  Not clever enough for me of course.  I've just been
improving them somewhat.  Oh dear.  I do hope you didn't come through
from the North...oh, sorry.

"I suppose you'll be wanting to get me out of here now.  Oh, there are
more people back there.  Strangbourn is around here somewhere.  He's
looking for Caramon.  Oh, you want to find him, well that's an
interesting story, you see when we first got together about two weeks

"Uh, I can help, you know.  Caramon was taken somewhere south of here.
I've been trying to reset traps in case more Draconians and hobgoblins
get here.

"Why don't we team up, OK?"

Journal Entry 83

"...the minotaurs have refused to come to our aid.  They are touchy
beasts and I'm afraid that our emissary was less than diplomatic.  We
will attempt to contact them again but don't count on having their..."

The fragment ends.

Journal Entry 84

"...we have contacted the minotaurs.  They will help us.  I must go to
Gargath.  It is rumored that there is a Dragonlance stored there.  We
must secure the Keep and find the treasure room that is hidden there. 
The map of the Keep shows those places where we believe the secret
door may be located. Give this map to your officers and..."

The fragment ends.

Journal Entry 85

"The cavernous maw of the great beast is used as the entrance to the
temple.  The dragon's head is being artificially preserved through
magic.  We need the dragon's fangs in order to complete our spell.  If
they can be brought to us we can prevent Draconians from ever...

-- Page 42 --

Journal Entry 86

 |                                   |
 |               * Gargath           |
 |                                   |
 |           * Outpost 2             |
 |                                   |
 |       * Jeleck                    |
 |                                   |
 |                        Neraka *   |
 |                                   |
 |                                   |
 |                      X Outpost 3  |
 |                                   |
 |                                   |
 |   * Sanction                      |
 |                                   |

Journal Entry 87

"I am Angar, one of the real guards of the outpost.  We were overrun
about a week ago by a Draconian army.  I was coming in from a patrol
when I saw them taking over.  They were everywhere..." He slumps down
on the bed.  You notice that he desperately needs food and rest, but
he waves off your help and continues his story.

"I hid and they missed me, but they captured most of the other guards.
They are being held in the outpost jail.  Also, they're guarding the
north side of town heavily.  I think they night have hostages there

Journal Entry 88

"Just before the Temple of Duerghast was closed, dead bodies were seen
being carried into the arena in the Temple's northwest corner.  There
were hundreds of them.  It has been discovered that the Death Knight,
Sir Lebaum, has taken over the Temple and has gathered together the
exhumed dead for miles around.

"There is no way that you can get into the Temple through the front
gates. You must get the Shadowpeople's support.  They have tunnels
that cross from the Temple of Huerzyd to the Temple of Duerghast." She
pulls out an amulet. "This amulet will let you through a secret door. 
The Shadowpeople will find you once you enter Huerzyd."

-- Page 43 --


Tavern Tale 1
"Hey, Jorclack! You wanta' play tonight? I think we can get at least
two other guys.  I'm gonna win those steel pieces from you."

Tavern Tale 2
"Even giants are being seen nearer the outpost.  Glad we have some
rangers and dwarves in the company."

Tavern Tale 3
"Kernen can no longer be approached at all.  Too many dragons in the

Tavern Tale 4
"Hey, Jorclack! What in blazes were you doing up in the slum area? You
rubbin shoulders with the local scum?"

Tavern Tale 5
"There are secret doors that lead into the old entrance to the Keep. 
The Draconians have built up around the entrance in order to prevent
people from getting into it."

Tavern Tale 6
"The Castellan of Gargath was rumored to be holding a Dragonlance in
one of his treasure rooms.  With it we can prevail against the evil

Tavern Tale 7
"Here's a drink to all the knights buried in Jelek's graveyard; may
they rest in peace forever."

Tavern Tale 8
"I hear that they're gonna be hiring mercenaries down in Sanction.  I
say we get out of this hick town and go down to where the real action

Tavern Tale 9
"Strange how those folks in Jelek fooled us so well.  Evil has always
been skilled at duplicity."

Tavern Tale 10
"I hear that Sanction is slowly being infested with Ogres, Minotaurs
and Draconians.  The Temple of Duerghast is even showing signs of life.
It would be a dark day indeed if that place comes back."

Tavern Tale 11
"It's good to see that Jelek is holding against the tide of evil."

-- Page 44 --

Tavern Tale 12
"We've been finding lots of emptied graves.  Someone is collecting

Tavern Tale 13
"With Sir Dargaard's treasure rescued, we are sure to push the
Draconians back."

Tavern Tale 14
"Those blasted Minotaurs have taken over the entire western section of
town! The docks are almost completely under their control.  Those that
aren't are the pleasure boat docks that don't have any warehouses. 
How am I supposed to get my lumber into the city if I can't use the
port? Things are going from bad to worse down here.  I should have
stayed in Jelek."

Tavern Tale 15
"Enemy scouts have been patrolling closer to the outposts.  They'll be
on the run when the good armies get there."

Tavern Tale 16
"Now listen here, yer Red Dragon is by far the best at nose-to-nose,
claw-to-claw fightin', but for breathin', gimme a green any day."

Tavern Tale 17
"A young woman has her eye on Sir Karl.  Its making him

Tavern Tale 18
"Maya's on the warpath, she's always been sweet on Sir Karl."

Tavern Tale 19
"Draconians have been seen near Throtl.  Things are heating up."

Tavern Tale 20
"...There's something weird going on here.  My son was saying that he
saw a zombie.  I told him he was crazy...but I don't know, he's not
usually given to making up stories..."

Tavern Tale 21
"...so I was sayin', why we gotta do all this stuff? Why don't we just
go down there and take the thing? And you know what, that's exactly
what we did.  That Lance is ours! Of course, my officer took all the
credit for himself.  Cretin. He couldn't hold the dull end of a sword
if he didn't have us to teach him..."

Tavern Tale 22
"Throtl is starting to crawl with monsters.  Some of our scouts have
been harassed."

Tavern Tale 23
"Its been too quiet for too long.  Something's got to happen soon."

Tavern Tale 24
"Scouts are starting to report evil forces on the march everywhere."

Tavern Tale 25
"Enemy patrols hold most of the cities in the area.  Hope the army
gets here soon.  It's galling to let them operate so openly."

Tavern Tale 26
"It's a shame that people on our side could just abandon the slaves
that way."

-- Page 45 --

Tavern Tale 27
"The slaughtered wagon train was carrying a magic tome.  Perhaps it
held the secret of the corruption process."

Tavern Tale 28
"The evil forces have dragon eggs.  We can look forward to more
Draconians if they can rediscover the corruption process."

Tavern Tale 29
"Once the armies are here, we will sweep the area clean of evil for
the final time."

Tavern Tale 30
"I thought that the good armies had destroyed the Draconians! Well it
just goes to show you can't trust anyone anymore.  Where are the
Solamnic Knights now? Why weren't they here when those foul reptiles
took over our town?"

Tavern Tale 31
"...I tell you that grave was breathin'! The dirt was risin' up and
down, just like it was takin' in air.  I lit outa there as fast as
these stumpy legs could carry me..."

Tavern Tale 32
"...a silver dragon! They say they loved each other but how do you
figure? What can a man and a dragon do? I don't know.  I got sick and
tired of all the moping about."

It's a shame about Sir Karl though.  They say he was killed up north
somewhere. He was an OK guy.  Treated you right."

-- Page 46 --

Tavern Tale 33
"We got the fires out, but the enemy escaped with Sir Karl.  Those
Auraks can control the minds of our toughest people."

Tavern Tale 34

"Nothing's been seen in Throtl for months.  The place is boring."

Tavern Tale 35
"Annoying guides they give you in Jelek, but I suppose they can't be
too careful."

Tavern Tale 36
"A moment of silence for Sir Karl, a brave Knight of the Rose.  He
truly followed the Oath and the Measure."

Tavern Tale 37
"The Draconians were led by an Aurak.  They're very deadly."

Tavern Tale 38
"I wonder if they could have saved Sir Karl's life if they tried

Tavern Tale 39
"I tell you I saw dragons! They were flying around the top of the
Keep! Black ones they were.  Except for one real big one.  I think it
was a red."

Tavern Tale 40
"Don't drink the beer.  The bartender washes his feet in it."

Tavern Tale 41
"No, he never came back.  He was on a boat that went out onto the
Blood Sea of Istar and never came back.  Somebody said they actually
went down the Maelstrom...but that's crazy, nobody would sail close to
that thing...anyway I haven't been able..."

Tavern Tale 42
"What ever happened to that Dragonlance that the Castellan had during
the last war? I know for a fact that it was never returned to the good
armies.  Blast it man, I was with the Castellan's armorer, all of the
weapons went through us and that Dragonlance was never returned!"

Tavern Tale 43
"The enemy's rear guard was seen heading south.  Too bad most of us
are stuck guarding this outpost, we could chase them down in a few

Tavern Tale 44
"Gargath is crawling with evil forces.  Hopefully Caramon can raise
the armies quickly."

Tavern Tale 45
"I've heard they ignored Sir Karl's last wish and let the slaves fend
for themselves."

Tavern Tale 46
"It was the strangest thing.  I was walking past the old building by
the graveyard, you know, the one with no door on this side, and I was
hit by an incredibly cold wind.  You know how warm it was yesterday. 
It only hit me for a second, but it was scary."

-- Page 47 --

Tavern Tale 47
"The armies will be here soon.  This time it will be a quick war.  The
evil forces can't compete."

Tavern Tale 48
"...yeah, I went to see the guy.  He said he didn't need tired old
scum! The bleepard said nobody who lives in Sanction is good enough
for his army.  He's spread the word that professional soldiers are
needed.  Humph.  Didn't I fight with Tanis and Caramon in the last
war?...Scum, he said!"

Tavern Tale 49
"I've heard that Caramon has gotten the first elements of the army on
the march.  They'll soon be here."

Tavern Tale 50
"...every graveyard within a hundred miles of this place has been
looted. Graves left open, tombs cracked and broken.  It's eerie. 
Funny thing though, a lot of the valuable stuff has been left behind. 
Weapons and armor was gone, but any jewelry or other items of value
that was buried along with them is still there.

Another thing, some of these tombs look as if they were opened from
the inside..."

Tavern Tale 51
"Yeah, Sanction is gonna start up trade again.  Me and Lancrent are
gonna go down there and start up our lumber import business again. 
The docks are rebuilt and open for business."

Tavern Tale 52
"Too bad about all those slaves in Neraka, slaughtered and hauled off
and enslaved again as undead."

Tavern Tale 53
"...The Shadowpeople are still around.  They say they've got tunnels
that run all around underneath the city.  That captain that's trying
to hire mercenaries is pumping people for information about the
Shadowpeople and their tunnels. He's stupid though.  Nobody finds
those tunnels if the Shadowpeople don't want 'em found--at least, if
they're found, nobody returns to tell about it."

Tavern Tale 54
"It was a good thing they found the good dragon eggs in the prison. 
I've heard that the good dragons are heading down because of that."

Tavern Tale 55
"That was the Draconian leader that led the attack.  He's an Aurak
named Myrtani."

Tavern Tale 56
"Who are these guys that have taken over? I see soldiers with the
number 101 tattooed on their arms.  What gives?"

Tavern Tale 57
"Those rescued slaves had horrible stories to tell.  We're sure glad
they were helped to escape."

-- Page 48 --


First Level Clerical Spells

Bless improves the THAC0 of friendly characters by 1.  The bless
spell does not affect characters who are adjacent to monsters when the
spell is cast. This is a good spell to cast before going into combat.

Cure Light Wounds heals 1-8 HP (up to the target's normal maximum HP).

Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure is magical.  View a
character's items or Take treasure items.  Equipment or treasure
preceded by an '*' or a '+' is magical.

Protection from Evil improves the AC and saving throws of the target
by 2 against evil attackers.

Resist Cold halves the damage and improves saving throws vs. cold
attacks by 3.

Second Level Clerical Spells

Find Traps indicates the presence of traps in the character's path.

Hold Person may paralyze targets of character type (human, etc.),
goblin or hobgoblin.  You may aim a hold person spell at up to 3
targets (hold person target less).

Resist Fire halves the damage and improves the saving throws vs. fire
attacks by 3.

Silence 15' Radius must be cast on a character or a monster.  That
character or monster, and all adjacent to him, cannot cast spells for
the duration of the spell.

Slow Poison revives a poisoned person for the duration of the spell.

Snake Charm paralyzes as many HP of snakes as the cleric has HP.

Spiritual Hammer creates a temporary magic hammer that is
automatically Readied.  It can strike at range and does normal hammer

Third Level Clerical Spells

Cure Blindness removes the effect of the Cause Blindness spell.

Cure Disease removes the effects of disease caused by some monsters or
caused by a Cause Disease spell.

Dispel Magic removes the effects of spells that do not have specific
counter spells.  This is a recuperation spell for any of the party
that has been held, slowed or made nauseous.

Prayer improves the THAC0 and saving throws of friendly characters by
1 and reduces the THAC0 and saving throw of monsters by 1.  This is a
good spell to cast before going into combat.

Remove Curse removes the effects of a Bestow Curse spell and allows
the target to unready cursed magic items.

Fourth Level Clerical Spells

Cure Serious Wounds heals 3-17 HP (up to the target's normal maximum

Neutralize Poison revives a poisoned person.

Protection from Evil 10' Radius must be cast on a character or a
monster.  It improves the AC and saving throws of the target and all
adjacent friendly characters by 2 against evil attackers.

-- Page 49 --

Sticks to Snakes causes snakes to harass the target.  The target is
unable to attack or cast spells for the duration of the spell.

First Level Mage Spells

Burning Hands causes 1 HP of fire damage per level of the caster. 
There is no saving throw.

Charm Person changes the target's allegiance in a combat.  It only
affects character types (human, etc.), goblins or hobgoblins.

Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure is magical.  View a
character's items or Take treasure items.  Equipment or treasure
preceded by an '*' or a '+' are magical.

Enlarge makes the target larger and stronger.  The higher the caster's
level, the larger and stronger the target gets.  If the caster is 6th
level the target becomes as strong as an Ogre.  If the caster is 10th
level the target becomes as strong as a Fire Giant.  A target can only
be under the effect of 1 Enlarge spell at a time.  Unwilling targets
get a saving throw against this effect. The spell will stay in effect
for more than 1 combat, and should be cast before combat.

Friends raises the caster's charisma 2-8 points.  It is often cast
just before an encounter.

Magic Missile does 2-5 HP per missile with no saving throw.  A mage
throws 1 missile at 1st-2nd level, 2 missiles at 3rd-4th level, 3
missiles at 5th-6th level, and 4 missiles at 7th-8th level.  This
spell will damage any target within its range unless the target is
magic resistant or has certain magical protection.  Casts

Protection from Evil improves the AC and saving throws of the target
by 2 against evil attackers.

Read Magic allows a mage to ready a scroll and read it.  For scrolls,
this works as if they have been identified.  A mage may scribe the
spells from a scroll (if appropriate for his class and level) after it
has been read.

Shield negates the magic missile spell, improves the mage's saving
throw, and may increase his AC.

Shocking Grasp does electrical damage of 1-8 HP, +1 HP per level of

Sleep puts 1-16 targets to sleep with no saving throw.  Up to sixteen
1 hit-die targets are affected.  One 4 hit-die target is affected. 
Targets of 5 or more hit-dice are unaffected.

Second Level Mage Spells

Detect Invisibility allows the target to spot invisible targets.

Invisibility makes the target invisible.  The THAC0 of melee attacks
against invisible targets is reduced by 4.  It is impossible to aim
ranged attacks invisible targets.  Invisibility is dispelled when the
target attacks or casts a spell.

Knock is used to open locks.  It can be cast from the door-opening
menu if the active character has a memorized knock spell.

Mirror Image creates 1-4 illusionary duplicates of the mage.  A
duplicate disappears when it is attacked.

Ray of Enfeeblement reduces the target's strength by 25%+2% per level
of the caster.

-- Page 50 --

Stinking Cloud paralyzes those in its areas for 2-5 rounds.  If the
target saves, it is not paralyzed, but is nauseous and has its AC
reduced for 2 rounds.  This spell has a very short range and care
should be taken to avoid including party members in the cloud.

Strength raises the target's strength by 1-8 points, depending on the
class of the target.

Third Level Mage Spells

Blink protects the mage.  The mage 'blinks out' after he acts each
round.  The mage may be physically attacked before he acts each round,
but he may not be physically attacked after he

Dispel Magic removes the effects of spells that do not have specific
counter spells.

Fireball does 1d6 HP per level of the caster to all targets within its
area. If the target makes its saving throw, the damage is halved.  A
fireball has a 2 square radius outdoors and a 3 square radius indoors.
Fireball is a slow-casting spell and the spell's power demands that
you target carefully. Otherwise, you may inadvertently destroy party
characters.  When indoors, the only safe area on the screen at the
time you target the spells are the squares in each corner of the
screen and the squares directly above and below these corner squares. 
Be sure to center to determine who will be in the area of effect.

Haste doubles the target's movement and number of melee attacks per
round. Haste has a short duration and you should wait until a fight is
imminent to cast it.  Warning: each time a haste spell is cast on a
character, that character ages one year.

Hold Person may paralyze targets of character type (human, etc.),
goblin or hobgoblin.  You may aim a hold person spell at up to 4
targets (Exit to target less).

Invisibility, 10' Radius makes all targets adjacent to the caster
invisible. The THAC0 of melee attacks against invisible targets is
reduced by 4.  It is impossible to aim ranged attacks at invisible
targets.  Use this spell to set up a battle line while the bad guys
seek you out.  Characters lose invisibility if they do anything but
move.  Some monsters can see invisible creatures.

Lightning Bolt does 1d6 HP per level of the caster to targets along
its path. If the target makes its saving throw, the damage is halved. 
A lightning bolt is 4 or 8 squares long in a line away from the caster.
For best results, move the spell caster to send the bolt down a row
of opponents.  It will attack all opponents along the line within its
range.  Target the first creature in the row (closest to caster). 
Lightning bolts will reflect off walls back toward the spell caster. 
This permits targets adjacent or close to a wall to be hit twice by
the same bolt.  Be careful the caster isn't hit by the reflected bolt.

Protection from Evil, 10' Radius protects the target and all
characters adjacent to the target.  The spell improves the AC and
saving throws of those it protects by 2 against evil attackers.

-- Page 51 --

Protection from Normal Missiles makes the target immune to non-magical

Slow affects 1 target per level of caster.  The spell halves the
target's movement and number of melee attacks per round.  Slow can be
used to negate a haste spell.  This spell is useful against any high-
damage creature.  Only affects the side opposing the spell caster.

Fourth Level Mage Spells

Charm Monster changes the target's allegiance in combat.  It will work
on any living creature.  The spell affects 2-8 1st-level targets, 1-4
2nd-level targets, 1-2 3rd-level targets, or 1 target of 4th-level or

Confusion affects 2-16 targets.  Each target must make a saving throw
each round or stand confused, become enraged, flee in terror or go
berserk. Confusion is most effective when used against a large number
of enemies.

Dimension Door allows the mage to teleport himself to another point on
the battlefield within his line of sight and the range of the spell. 
Mages can use it for quick escapes.  Fighter/mages use the "Door" to
reach the opposition's rear area.

Fear causes all within its area to flee.

Fire Shield protects the mage so that any creature who hits the mage
in melee does normal damage, but takes twice that damage in return. 
The shield may be attuned to heat attacks or cold attacks.  The mage
takes half damage (no damage if he makes his saving throw) and has his
saving throw against the opposite form of attack improved by 2.  He
takes double damage from the form of attack the shield is attuned to.

Fumble causes the target to be unable to move or attack.  If the
target makes his saving throw, he is affected by a slow spell.

Ice Storm does 3-30 HP to all targets within its area.  There is no
saving throw.  This spell will inflict damage on opponents protected
by Minor Globes of Invulnerability.

Minor Globe of Invulnerability protects the caster from incoming first,
second, or third-level spells.  The Globe is very effective when used
in combination with Fire Shield.

Remove Curse removes the effects of a Bestow Curse spell and allows
the target to unready cursed magic items.

-- Page 52 --

Spell Parameters List This is a listing of spells available to player
characters as they gain in level. The following are abbreviations used
in the list:

 Cmbt=Combat only spell          r=combat rounds
 Camp=Camp only spell            t=turns
 Both=Camp or Combat spell       /lvl=per level of caster
 T=Touch Range                   targets=aim at each target
 dia=diameter                    R=Red Mage Spell
 rad=radius                      W=White Mage Spell
 All=All characters in combat

 1st-Level Clerical Spells
 SPELL NAME              WHEN    RANGE   AREA            DURATION
 Bless                   Both    6       5dia            6r
 Cure Light Wounds       Both    T       1               -
 Detect Magic            Both    3       1               1t
 Protection from Evil    Both    T       1               3r/lvl
 Resist Cold             Both    T       1               1t/lvl

 2nd-Level Clerical Spells
 SPELL NAME              WHEN    RANGE   AREA            DURATION
 Find Trap               Camp    3       1               3t
 Hold Person             Cmbt    6       1-3 targets     4r+lvl
 Resist Fire             Both    T       1               1t/lvl
 Silence 15'Radius       Cmbt    12      3dia            2r/lvl
 Slow Poison             Camp    T       1               1 hour/lvl
 Snake Charm             Cmbt    3       All             5-8r
 Spiritual Hammer        Cmbt    3       1               1r/lvl

 3rd-Level Clerical Spells
 SPELL NAME              WHEN    RANGE   AREA            DURATION
 Cure Blindness          Both    T       1
 Cure Disease            Camp    T       1
 Dispel Magic            Cmbt    6       3x3
 Prayer                  Both    0       3dia            1r/lvl
 Remove Curse            Both    T       1

 4th-Level Clerical Spells
 SPELL NAME              WHEN    RANGE   AREA            DURATION
 Cure Serious Wounds     Both    T       1
 Neutralize Poison       Camp    T       1
 Protection from
  Evil 10' Radius        Both    T       2dia            1t/lvl
 Sticks to Snakes        Cmbt    3       1               1r/lvl

-- Page 53 --

 1st-Level Mage Spells
 TYPE         SPELL NAME           WHEN      RANGE    AREA    DURATION
 R            Burning Hands        Cmbt      T        1
 W            Charm Person         Cmbt      12       1
 RW           Detect Magic         Both      0        1       2r/lvl
 R            Enlarge              Both      .5/lvl   1       1t/lvl
 W            Friends              Camp      0        1       1t/lvl
 RW           Magic Missile        Cmbt      6+lvl    1
 W            Protection from Evil Both      T        1       2r/lvl
 RW           Read Magic           Camp      0        1       2r/lvl
 RW           Shield               Both      0        1       5r/lvl
 R            Shocking Grasp       Cmbt      T        1
 W            Sleep                Cmbt      3+lvl    1-16    5r/lvl

 2nd-Level Mage Spells
 TYPE         SPELL NAME           WHEN      RANGE     AREA   DURATION
 RW           Detect Invisibility  Both      lvl       All     5r/lvl
 R            Invisibility         Both      T         1
 R            Knock                Camp      6         lvl
 R            Mirror Image         Both      0         1       2r/lvl
 W            Ray of Enfeeblement  Cmbt      1+.25/lvl 1       1r/lvl
 RW           Stinking Cloud       Cmbt      3         2x2     1r/lvl
 R            Strength             Camp      T         1       6t/lvl

 3rd-Level Mage Spells
 TYPE         SPELL NAME             WHEN      RANGE     AREA   DURATION
 R            Blink                  Both      0         1      1r/lvl
 W            Dispel Magic           Cmbt      12        3x3
 RW           Fireball               Cmbt      10+lvl    2rad
 R            Haste                  Both      6         5dia   3r/lvl
 W            Hold Person            Cmbt      12        1-4    2r/lvl
 R            Invisibility 10'Radius Both      T         2dia
 RW           Lighting Bolt          Cmbt      4+1/vl
 W            Protection from
              Evil 10'Rad            Both      T         2dia   2r/lvl
 W            Protection from
              Normal Missile         Both      T         1      1t/lvl
 R            Slow                   Cmbt      9+lvl     5dia   3r+lvl

 4th-Level Mage Spells
 TYPE         SPELL NAME             WHEN     RANGE      AREA   DURATION
 W            Charm Monster          Cmbt     6          1+
 W            Confustion             Cmbt     12         2-16   2r+lvl
 R            Dimension Door         Cmbt     0          1
 R            Fear                   Cmbt     0          6x3cone 1r/lvl
 RW           Fire Shield            Both     0          1      2r+lvl
 W            Fumble                 Cmbt     lvl        1      1r/lvl
 RW           Ice Storm              Cmbt     lvl        5 dia
 W            Min Globe of
              Invulnerability        Both     0          1      1r/lvl
 W            Remove Curse           Both     T          1

-- Page 54 --

 Armor List
                     WEIGHT              MAXIMUM
 ARMOR TYPE          IN SP      AC       MOVEMENT*
 None                0          10
 Shield,Small#       50         9
 Leather             50         8        12 squares
 Ring                250        7        9 squares
 Scale               400        6        6 squares
 Chain               300        5        9 squares
 Banded              350        4        9 squares
 Plate               450        3        6 squares

*A character carrying many objects, including a large number of coins,
can be limited in movement to a maximum of 3 squares per turn.

#A Shield subtracts 1 AC from any armor it's used with.

 Armor and Weapons Permitted by Character Class
 Cleric     any          any         club,flail,hammer,mace,staff
 Fighter    any          any         any
 Ranger     any          any         any
 Knight     any          any         any
 Mage       none         none        dagger, dart, staff,
 Thief      leather      none        club,dagger,dart,sling,short bow,
                                      one-handed swords

 Cleric's Wisdom Bonus Table
                                    BONUS SPELLS PER LEVEL
                                    1   2   3   4
 9-12                               -   -   -   -
 13                                 +1  -   -   -
 14                                 +2  -   -   -
 15                                 +2  +1  -   -
 16                                 +2  +2  -   -
 17                                 +2  +2  +1  -
 18                                 +2  +2  +1  +1

Note that these bonus spells are only available when the cleric is
entitled to spells of the applicable level. Thus a 6th-level cleric
with a Wisdom of 18 can memorize the following spells:

                              NUMBER OF SPELLS PER LEVEL
                              1    2    3    4     5
 6th-Level Cleric of
 Good with 18 Wisdom          5    5    3    -     -

 Constitution Table
 SCORE               ADJUSTMENT       SURVIVAL
 3                   -2               40%
 4                   -1               45%
 5                   -1               50%
 6                   -1               55%
 7                   0                60%
 8                   0                65%
 9                   0                70%
 10                  0                75%
 11                  0                80%
 12                  0                85%
 13                  0                90%
 14                  0                92%
 15                  +1               94%
 16                  +2               96%
 17                  +2(+3)*          98%
 18                  +2(+4)*          100%

*Bonus applies only to fighters; all other classes may be given a
maximum hit point bonus adjustment for constitution of +2.


 ABILITY            MISSILE      AC
 SCORE              BONUS        BONUS
 3                  -3            +4
 4                  -2            +3
 5                  -1            +2
 6                   0            +1
 7                   0            0
 8                   0            0
 9                   0            0
 10                  0            0
 11                  0            0
 12                  0            0
 13                  0            0
 14                  0            0
 15                  0            -1
 16                 +1            -2
 17                 +2            -3
 18                 +3            -4

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 ABILITY            THAC0        DAMAGE       ALLOWANCE
 3                  -3           -1           -350
 4-5                -2           -1           -250
 6-7                -1           none         -150
 8-9                normal       none         normal
 10-11              normal       none         normal
 12-13              normal       none         +100
 14-15              normal       none         +200
 16                 normal       +1           +350
 17                 +1           +1           +500
 18                 +1           +2           +750
 *18/01-50          +1           +3           +1,000
 *18/51-75          +2           +3           +1,250
 *18/76-90          +2           +4           +1,500
 *18/91-99          +2           +5           +2,000
 *18/00             +3           +6           +3,000


 SCORE               STR*      INT     WIS     DEX    CON    CHA
 Human               3-18(00)  3-8     3-8     3-8    3-18   3-18
 (Females)           3-18(50)  3-18    3-18    3-18   3-18   3-18
 Silvanesti Elves    3-18(75)  10-18   6-18    7-19   6-18   12-18
 (Females)           3-16      10-18   6-18    7-19   6-18   12-18
 Qualinesti Elves    7-18(75)  8-18    6-18    7-19   7-18   8-18
 (Females)           3-16      8-18    6-18    7-19   7-18   8-18
 Hill Dwarves        9-18(99)  3-18    3-18    3-17   14-19  3-12
 (Females)           3-17      3-18    3-18    3-17   14-19  3-12
 Mountain Dwarves    8-18(99)  3-18    3-18    3-17   12-19  3-16
 (Females)           3-17      3-18    3-18    3-17   12-19  3-16
 Half-Elves          3-18(90)  4-18    3-18    6-18   6-18   3-18
 (Females)           3-17      4-18    3-18    6-18   6-18   3-18
 Kender (Both)       6-16      6-18    3-16    8-19   10-18  6-18

*Maximum percentage for 18 strength for fighter type classes only
(fighter knight, ranger)


                       SILV. QUAL. HALF  HILL    MOUNTAIN
 Cleric  Any     8     8     8     8     8       8         8
 Fighter Str 16- 8     8     8     8     8       8         5
         Str 17  8     8     8     8     8       8         6
         Str 18+ 8     8     8     8     8       8         7
 Ranger  Str 16- 7     7     7     7     7       No        5
         Str 17  7     7     7     7     7       No        6
         Str 18+ 7     7     7     7     7       No        7
 Knight  Any     7     No    No    7     7       No        No
 Mage    Int 16- 8     8     8     8     No      No        No
         Int 17  8     8     8     8     No      No        No
         Int 18  8     8     8     8     No      No        No
 Thief   Any     9     No    9     9     9       8         9

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(Lvl+Level, XP=Experience Points, HP=Hit Ponts, Spl Per Lvl=Spells Per

 Fighter Advancement Table
 LVL    XP                HP
 1      0-2,000           1d10
 2      2,001-4,000       2d10
 3      4,001-8,000       3d10
 4      8,001-18,000      4d10
 5      18,001-35,000     5d10
 6      35,001-70,000     6d10
 7      70,001-125,000    7d10
 8      125,001+          8d10

 Ranger Advancement Table
 LVL    XP                HP
 1      0-2,250           2d8
 2      2,251-4,400       3d8
 3      4,501-10,000      4d8
 4      10,001-20,000     5d8
 5      20,001-40,000     6d8
 6      40,001-90,000     7d8
 7      90,001+           8d8

 Knights of the Crown Advancement Table
 LVL    XP                HP
 1      2,500-4,999       2d10
 2      5,000-9,999       3d10
 3      10,000-18,499     4d10
 4      18,500-36,999     5d10
 5      37,000-85,999     6d10
 6      85,000-139,999    7d10
 7      140,000-219,999   8d10
 8      220,000+          9d10

 Knights of the Sword Advancement Table
                                 SPL  PER  LVL
 LVL    XP                HP      1    2    3    4
 3      12,000-23,999     4d10
 4      24,000-44,999     5d10
 5      45,000-94,999     6d10
 6      95,000-174,999    7d10    1
 7      175,000-349,999   8d10    2
 8      350,000+          9d10    2    1

 Knights of the Rose Advancement Table
                                 SPL  PER  LVL
 LVL    XP                HP      1    2    3    4
 4      27,000-59,999     5d10
 5      66,000-124,999    6d10
 6      125,000-199,000   7d10    1
 7      200,000-424,000   8d10    2
 8      425,000+          9d10    2    1

 Thief Advancement Table
 LVL    XP                HP
 1      0-1,250           1d6
 2      1,251-2,500       2d6
 3      2,501-5,000       3d6
 4      5,501-10,000      4d6
 5      10,001-20,000     5d6
 6      20,001-42,500     6d6
 7      42,501-70,000     7d6
 8      70,001-110,000    8d6
 9      110,001+          9d6

 White Robe Advancement Table
                                 SPL  PER  LVL
 LVL    XP                HP      1    2    3    4
 1      2,500-4,999       1d4     1
 2      5,000-9,999       2d4     2
 3      10,000-19,999     3d4     2    1
 4      20,000-37,999     4d4     3    2
 5      38,000-54,999     5d4     4    2    1
 6      55,000-99,999     6d4     4    2    2
 7      100,000-199,999   7d4     4    3    2    1
 8      200,000+          8d4     4    3    3    2

 Red Robe Advancement Table
                                 SPL  PER  LVL
 LVL    XP                HP      1    2    3    4
 1      2,500-4,999       1d4     1
 2      5,000-9,999       2d4     2
 3      10,000-17,999     3d4     2    1
 4      18,000-35,999     4d4     3    2    1
 5      36,000-49,999     5d4     4    3    1
 6      50,000-89,999     6d4     4    3    2
 7      90,000-179,999    7d4     4    3    2    1
 8      180,000+          8d4     4    3    3    2

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 Clerics of Good Advancement Table
                                 SPL  PER  LVL
 LVL    XP                HP      1    2    3    4
 1      2,000-3,999       2d8     1
 2      4,000-7,499       3d8     2
 3      7,500-15,249      4d8     2    1
 4      15,250-24,999     5d8     2    2
 5      25,000-39,999     6d8     3    3    1
 6      40,000-89,999     7d8     3    3    2
 7      90,000-159,999    8d8     3    3    2    1
 8      160,000+          9d8     3    3    3    2

 Clerics of Neutrality Advancement Table
                                 SPL  PER  LVL
 LVL    XP                HP      1    2    3    4
 1      1,500-2,999       1d8     2
 2      3,000-5,999       2d8     2    1
 3      6,000-12,999      3d8     3    2    1
 4      13,000-27,499     4d8     4    2    2
 5      27,500-54,999     5d8     4    3    2
 6      55,000-109,999    6d8     4    3    2    1
 7      110,000-224,999   7d8     4    4    3    1
 8      225,000+          8d8     4    4    3    2

 Weapon List
                                  DMAGE VS.
                    Damage VS.    LARGERTHAN    NUMBER
 NAME               MAN SIZED     MAN SIZED     OF HANDS     CLASS
 Axe, Hand          1-6           1-4           1            f
 Bastard Sword      2-8           2-16          2            f
 Battleaxe          1-8           1-8           1            f
 Broad Sword        2-8           2-7           1            f,th
 Club               1-6           1-3           1            f,cl,th
 Dagger             1-4           1-3           1            f,mu,th
 Dart               1-3           1-2           1            f,mu,th
 Flail              2-7           2-8           1            f,cl
 Halberd+           1-10          2-12          2            f
 Hoopak (Melee)     3-8           3-6           2            *special
 Hoopak (Missile)   2-5           2-7           2
 Hammer             2-5           1-4           1            f,cl
 Javelin            1-6           1-6           1            f
 Long Sword         1-8           1-12          1            f,th
 Mace               2-7           1-6           1            f,cl
 Morning Star       2-8           2-7           1            f
 Pick, Military     2-5           1-4           1            f
 Pike, Awl+         1-6           1-12          1            f
 Quarterstaff       1-6           1-6           2            f,cl,mu
 Scimitar           1-8           1-8           1            f,th
 Short Sword        1-6           1-8           1            f,th
 Spear              1-6           1-8           1            f
 Two-Handed Sword   1-10          3-18          2            f
 Long Bow**         1-6           1-6           2            f
 Short Bow**        1-6           1-6           2            f,th
 Sling              2-5           2-7           1            f,th
 Staff Sling        2-8           3-9           2            f,cl

 *Only usable by kender (of any class).
 **Must have ready arrows to fire.  Two attacks per round.
 f=fighter, cl=cleric, mu=mage

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Ability Scores.  These are numbers that describe the attributes of the
characters.  There are six ability scores: Strength, Intelligence,
Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma.

Adventurer.  This is a term for one of the characters you play in this
game. Alignment.  This is the basic philosophy of a character.  See
Alignment in the Character Classes section.

Armor Class (AC).  This is a rating of how difficult a target is to
damage. The lower the AC number the more difficult it is to hit.

Character.  This is another name for one of the persons you play in
the game. A party consists of several characters.

Class.  This is a character's occupation.  For example mage, fighter
or cleric are classes.

Command.  A one or two-word option in a menu.  Activating that command
allows you either to view another menu or have your characters perform
an action.

Encounter.  This is what happens when a party meets a monster.  You
are given a menu of choices of how you want to handle the situation.
Enter.  The act of giving a command to the computer.  How this is done
varies depending on the computer.

Expedience points (XP).  Every encounter the characters have yields
experience points for every character depending on how successful the
encounter was for the party.  A character who gains enough XP can
advance a level.

Facing.  In combat, a character faces a certain direction.  An attack
from the direction he is not facing has a greater chance of doing
damage.  A character will always face an opponent if he has only one

Grimoire (Spell Book).  The book a magic-user carries his spells in. 
If he doesn't have a magic book, he has no spells to memorize.

Hit Points (HP).  This is a measure of how healthy a character is. 
Damage from weapons subtracts hit points from the character's total. 
When he has lost all of his hit points, he is unconscious and dying. 
If his wounds are bound by another party member, he is simply

Icon.  This is the small picture of a monster or a character seen in
the initial stages of an encounter and during combat.  Character icons
can be altered using the Alter command in the Camp Menu.

Initiative.  This is a semi-random determination of which character in
a combat acts first.  The characters with higher dexterities have a
better chance for a higher initiative.

Level.  This describes the power of a number of different items.  The
power of characters, dungeons, monsters, and spells are all described
with levels.

: Character Level.  This is a determination of how much experience a
character has.  The higher the level, the more experienced and
important the character is.  High-level spellcasters can cast high-
level spells.

: Dungeon Level.  This is a measure of how far down in the earth a
dungeon is. For the most part, the further down one is, the more
ferocious the monsters. Thus, a high-level dungeon refers either to
how deep it goes or the relative toughness of the monsters.

: Monster Level.  This is a measure of how powerful monsters are.  The
higher the level, the more powerful the monster.

: Spell Level.  Spells come in degrees of difficulty.  The higher the
level of the spell, the greater the difficulty.  Only very experienced
magic-users and clerics can learn high-level spells.

Magic.  This term covers spellcasting, enchanted items, and any other
application of the supernatural.

Melee Combat.  This is hand-to-hand combat with weapons such as swords,
spears, and fists.

Missile Combat.  This is ranged combat with weapons such as bows and
arrows, crossbows and quarrels, and slings and slingstones.

Monster.  This term actually includes human and other player races as
well as ogres and dragons.  In general, if it isn't part of your party,
it's a monster. Monsters are not necessarily hostile, some may be
helpful.  That's what the Parlay command in the Encounter Menu is for.

Multi-Class Characters.  Non-human characters may belong to two or
three classes at the same time.  Such multiclass characters split
their experience among all their classes, even if they have reached
their racial maximum class.

NON-Player Character (NPC).  This is a member of a player race who is
not controlled by the player.  Some NPCs can be brought into a party.

Party.  The group of adventurers you form to perform the missions you
are given.  A party can be reformed for each adventure, and even
altered during the course of an adventure.

Player Character (PC).  This is a member of a player race who is
controlled by the player.  The characters in your adventuring party
are PCs.

Race.  The species characters may be in the game.  For example human,
elf or dwarf are races.

Spell.  This is a magic incantation that can alter the nature of
reality. Magic-users, clerics and high-level knights can cast spells
after memorizing them.  If the spell is cast, it is gone from the
user's mind and must be re-memorized.

THAC0 (To Hit Armor Class 0).  This is the number that a character
must make or exceed to hit an opponent with AC0. 
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