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Laura Bow 2: The Dagger of Amon Ra walkthrough

Laura Bow 2: Dagger Of Amon Ra


So, you didn't have enough with finding heaps of bodies and almost getting
killed in the Colonel's Bequest. Now you want to find even more bodies (in
even more grisly condition) and almost get killed again. Some people just
never learn, huh? (grin)

The first thing you should do is sit through one playing of the game's
introduction. This sets up the mystery to follow, and also provides a valuable
clue or two for the end game.

Throughout this walkthru, I will be making the assumption that whenever you
examine something, you are doing it with both the naked eye and the magnifying
glass (so I won't have to keep repeating myself ;). This is very important, as
often you will not see a critical piece of evidence if you don't use the
glass...and you do have to see pretty much everything (as well as taking
anything that isn't nailed down, in the usual tradition of adventure games).

I will also be assuming that you're saving the game as you go along, just as a
precaution. Even with a walkthru in hand, it's easy to make a little mistake
and find yourself dead, or head into a new Act without some vital item.
Certain places are more dangerous than others, and I will warn you
specifically to save at those points...but be sure to do it regularly
throughout the game nonetheless.

Act I is fairly standard stuff, and it's hard to go wrong there. After that,
the next four acts take place in the museum, and the clock advances and acts
changed based on both time and actions. So, especially in Act III, time may
drag a little. If you've done everything, just be patient. Eventually the
action will pick up (and when you get to Act V, you may wish things were a bit

In Act VI, where you make your accusations, you have to be very careful. One
mistake here could bring Laura to an untimely end, and we don't want that.
This is particularly true since you can't save in this segment, so you have to
get it all right the first time.

Finally, two maps come with the game. One is a layout of the main level, and
is on the "museum card" that comes in the game box. The other is a rough
drawing of the lower level in the Leyendecker guide book. Since these are
available, most of the time I'll just be telling you which rooms to visit
without giving the directions. With the maps at hand, you should be able to
find your way to various locations without any trouble.

                              Act I

Okay, so here you are, Laura Bow, hotshot reporter for a great metropolitan
newspaper with an unusually long name (heh). After you pass Rube's simple
Egyptology question (the game's copy protection of sorts; if you happen to be
up on your Egyptology, you probably don't even need the stuff in the manual),
have a seat at your desk.

This will bring up a view of the blotter. Lift the lower right corner to get
the drawer key. Open the drawer and take the press pass inside. That's all in
the desk, so investigate the trash can next. Hmmm...a baseball, eh? Who knows,
maybe you can break a window with it or something.

These are the only things to find in the office. Now have a chat with Rube and
ask him about everything that's in your notebook. When you've exhausted his
fund of knowledge, it's time to hit the streets and do some investigative
legwork of your own.

Much of what follows can be done in almost any order, at least to a point. So
if you're already playing the game and did things a little differently, don't
worry about it. By the way, the museum is closed and will stay closed until
you're ready for the big party, so there's no reason to go there until the end
of Act I.

Let's try the police station first. Touch the taxi sign with the hand icon,
and wave your press pass at Rocco (who must have a very poor memory, since you
have to show him your pass every time you ride in the cab).

When you arrive at the precinct, you'll find a drunk snoring away on the
sidewalk. Amazing that the cops let him sleep here. Anyway, go over there and
try to wake him up (use the hand icon; talking doesn't work too well). He
isn't interested, and turns over. That's enough for now; step inside and have
a brief talk with the desk sergeant.

Not very cooperative, is he? However, his outburst holds a clue to what can
soften him up a little, namely some food. Keep that in mind as you head for
the office door in back and a visit with Detective O'Riley.

This portion is all automatic, and O'Riley isn't any more helpful than the
sergeant; in fact, he may even be worse. At least you got a look at the skimpy
police report before he kicked you out. Don't bother trying to get back in
again; this is the one and only time you'll see O'Riley until the museum fund
raiser this evening.

When you leave the station, you'll note that the drunk has gone, but his
newspaper is there on the sidewalk. Picking it up and examining it shows you a
coupon for a free corned beef sandwich. Just the thing for Flaherty! Now all
you have to do is find Luigi.

Which isn't all that difficult, since he just appeared outside the paper. Take
the taxi back to the Trib, and exchange the coupon for a sandwich. Poor Luigi;
for some businesses, modern advertising methods don't work too well. But you
have what you need, so taxi on over to the precinct house again.

Give the sandwich to the sergeant, who will now be happy to answer any of your
questions. As it turns out, he knows very little about most things, but he has
one piece of important info, namely the password to the speakeasy (which
conveniently appears in the back of your notebook).

Time to visit the laundry. Outside, you'll see three kids burning up ants (an
old New York pastime, no doubt ;) with a magnifying glass. Stinky isn't a very
pleasant kid, but Biff is a bit more mellow. Offer your baseball to him, and
you'll get the magnifying glass. Step inside and have a talk with Lo Fat if
you like; he doesn't have any real information for you, but it's interesting.

After this, take a ride to the docks and meet Steve Dorian. He'll give you the
information that Carrington was picked up by the Countess Waldorf-Carlton, and
her name is now in your little black book. That's about all you'll get from
Steve, and I know you really want to have a peek at the speakeasy, so make
that your next stop.

After saying the secret word, talk to Ziggy who is sitting at the first table
on your right. This will add another name or two to your book, and acquaint
you with the Amon Ra riddle, which is of critical importance later on (of
course, since you have this walkthru, you don't really have to puzzle out the
answers, but you might want to try figuring it out before you get down to Act
V of the game).

In the rear right is the door to the Women's Lounge, currently inhabited by a
not very savory flapper. You can interrogate her, although you won't learn
very much. That takes care of your first visit to the speak.

When you call for a taxi, you'll notice that you finally get a different
driver, namely Bob The Slob. Filthy would be an understatement for the
condition of his vehicle. However, all that trash is about to provide you
with a very necessary item.

Don't be in a hurry to give a destination. Instead, start moving around the
trash that is just to the right of Laura. Do this by putting the hand icon on
a piece of garbage, holding down the mouse button, and dragging the trash
away. At the very bottom, you will uncover an old laundry ticket. Now you can
have Bob drive you to Lo Fat's.

As probably guessed, you exchange the ticket for an evening gown. Still in
pretty good shape after two years on the rack (good thing it didn't go to rack
and ruin, eh? ;). Now all you have to do is speed back to the speakeasy, and
change clothes in the women's room (under the beady eyes of the flapper;
definitely NOT a nice person). Once you're in the fancy get-up, the program
takes over and whisks you automatically to the museum entrance....and a whole
lot of trouble! (grin)

                              ACT II

All right, you sashay up the steps, and meet Wolf Heimlich, museum security
chief and stormtrooper-in-training. Wolf is about the only person in the game
you can't ask anything, because you never have the opportunity. Besides, he's
the type that likes to be on the other side of the chair during
interrogations. Hand him your press pass and step into the museum.

Fancy layout, huh? They sure could build some nice things in the old days,
when money went much further than it does today. A lot of snobbery went along
with those bucks, though, so don't bother trying to talk to anyone but the
main characters, because you won't get a response.

What you have to do here is waltz back and forth and eavesdrop on a total of
fourteen different conversations. You may want to write the numbers 1-14 on a
piece of paper and cross them off as they occur to help you keep track of
them. Remember to talk to the suspects and future victims as well (there will
be time for this inbetween the conversations). They have some interesting and
important things to say.

Also during your peregrinations, be sure to pick up an empty glass. This will
come in handy later on, for listening in on people behind closed doors. Sorry
to say, however, you won't be able to try any of the fine food and drink being
offered (considering the strenuous evening ahead of her, you'd think Laura
would be allowed at least a little something; she hasn't eaten all day!).

When you've finished with the conversations (Steve Dorian is here, too, and is
likely to be the last one you listen in on), stroll over to the museum Gift
Shoppe, which has been left conveniently unlocked for you. Most of the stuff
in here is just the usual junk reproductions, but those daggers in the case
look interesting.

Scope 'em out with your magnifying glass. Made in Pittsburgh, eh? They do
pretty good work there. Well well, what's this near the end? Funny, this
dagger doesn't have "made in Pittsburgh" on it. Do you suppose....naahhh, it
just couldn't be THE dagger, could it?

Well, of course it is, but you have no way of getting it right now. The locked
case is locked and there's nothing you can do about it. Besides, good old
Wolfie just goose-stepped into the room and kicked you out.

At least this gives you the opportunity to have a romantic interlude with
Steve the wannabe artist and sometime stevedore (he also walks a lot like
Robbie the Robot for some reason). When the moonlight walk is over and you're
back in the museum, it's time to do a little exploring.

You'll note that all the main characters have, by this time, more or less
disappeared from view. They'll be turning up again throughout the game, in one
condition or another (usually dead ;). For now, head into the Mastodon Room,
then north to the T. Rex exhibit, and pick up the bone. You never know when a
heavy old bone might come in handy.

Continue on through the Armor Room and into the Egyptian exhibit, far left.
Since this is a murder mystery, you just *know* there's a body in one of those
mummy cases. In case you had any doubts, there is also a small pool of blood
and an ankh in front of one of them.

Before you go discovering any corpses, though, pick up the ankh and take some
time to view the half Rosetta stone on display. This will put the hieroglyphs
in your notebook.

Now you can open that mummy case, and get a wonderful view of Dr. Pippin
Carter, complete with fake dagger through his chest. Marvelous sight, eh?
Maybe not eating earlier wasn't such a bad idea, after all. After examining
the body, grab the notebook from his jacket and exit the close-up. This will
bring O'Riley to the scene and conclude Act II.

                      Laura Bow 2: Dagger Of Amon Ra

                              Act III

This is the longest act of the game, with much to see and do, so remember to
save often. Once the automatic part at the beginning of the act ends, it's
time to do some major snooping around the museum.

Let's visit the Old Masters Gallery first. Just because there's been a murder
doesn't mean you can't take out a little time for art appreciation (heh).
Actually, there is a lot more here than is first apparent. For instance, there
is a gleam from one of the pictures. What could this be?

Click the eye on the lower right (for some reason, it has to be the lower
right corner) of the painting. A close-up with the magnifying glass shows a
skeleton key! However, it's stuck pretty tight on the canvas, and you have no
way of getting it right now. Just remember this later on.

Now check out the other paintings. Hmmm...some of them seem a bit recent, eh?
If you touch them, you'll discover that most are still wet, and you actually
smear the paint! Get the feeling that some of these "old masters" may not be
so old, and may even be forgeries? There sure are a lot of strange things
going on in this museum.

While you ponder that, continue on to the hallway with the statue of Rodin's
The Thinker. Ah, voices coming from behind Yvette's door. Quickly you whip out
your trusty drinking glass and listen in. Unfortunately, just as she and
Olympia are getting to the good part, they lower their voices. Darn!

That's all you're going to get from spying right now, so go over and examine
the statue. Good stuff, except there appears to be something a trifle odd
about the neck. Give it a push. The head slides up, and The Thinker looks
really odd now. And in the distance, you hear something heavy move. Let's go
find out what that was.

Well well, you uncovered the museum's stairway down to the lower level...and
what timing, you managed it just as the light bulb burned out. Not everyone
has talent like that!

Fortunately, a replacement is not far away. Return to Yvette's office and go
inside (no one is there now). Turn off the desk lamp. Since the bulb is still
hot, you'll have to wait awhile before you can take it.

Pass the time by going into Carrington's office. Do we hear some voices from
the previous room? Out comes the glass for another round of I Spy, this time
on Yvette and Najeer. Busy lady, that Yvette.

When they're done, check out Carrington's desk, especially the phone book and
the intercom. Bet you could listen in on some other neat conversations with
that thing! And besides, it's part of your job (grin).

The phone book has some cute names in it, particularly B.Sayff. That's so
obvious, you might be tempted to overlook it. Don't, because that "phone
number" is actually the combination to the safe behind the painting over the
fireplace. Inside is Carlton's diary, which does not shed any good light on
his widow. My my.

Before leaving, check out the fireplace and grab the piece of coal. Bet you
were wondering how to read the marks on Carter's notepad, weren't you? Well,
now you have the right item, so use the coal on the pad. Aww shucks, it just
has a list of his appointments for that evening.

Anyway, that bulb is cool now, so go back to Yvette's and pick it up. While
there, also pick up the carbon paper in the trash basket. You'll be able to
read it soon enough. In fact, just as soon as you've replaced the dead bulb at
the stairway; hold the carbon paper up to the light.

Gosh, it seems just about everyone around here has some dirty little secret,
doesn't it? Even Ernie has something to hide. You may notice that the carbon
paper vanishes from your inventory after you read it. I don't know why that
happens, but it won't affect the outcome of the game, so you needn't worry
over its disappearance.

So you traipse down the stairs to the lower level, and duck into the Alcohol
Preservation Lab. Smelly place, isn't it? And yes, another conversation behind
a door for you to listen to. Hmmmm...sounds like Ernie may be heading for some
big time trouble.

But that's his problem, and you have other things to do down here. Check out
those vats (later you can read Ernie's book and see what's in all of them).
Say, doesn't number thirteen (lucky number) seem to have been used rather
recently? Let's look into this.

Swish....swish....swish....what fun....let's hope you don't faint from all the
fumes (something that could happen if you look into more than two vats at a
time, so don't ever do that! ;).

Hey, ya got something. It's shiny...it's real gold...it has a sharp point..and
it *doesn't* have "made in Pittsburgh" on it. Yessiree, you just found the one
and only, original, genuine, real McCoy, honest-to-gosh Dagger Of Amon Ra!
(rah rah for you! ;).

However, that doesn't mean you're near the end of the game. There are still
corpses to be found, people to spy on, places to find, and things to do. This
is barely the start!

You can visit the storage room in back, but you won't be able to do anything
there as yet, since Dr. Myklos is looking for one of her pets. Good thing it's
just her ferret, and not Barney (you'll meet him later, hehehe).

Okay, you've got the dagger, so now you can pry that key off the painting
(sometimes these ancient artifacts do come in handy). Uh-huh...as you pass
Yvette's room...more voices. This is especially interesting, so listen good.

While you digest this revelation, pay a visit to Dr. Myklos' office. There in
the cage, upper left, is Barney the pet cobra. I wouldn't get too close to
him; those fangs look nasty, and the venom they hold is nastier yet.

Instead, check out what's under the cloth on the right-hand side. Aha, it's
the other half of the Rosetta stone. Look this over to get the second half of
the alphabet into your little black book.

There is an inscription on the blackboard, but sorry to say, it has nothing to
do with the game. For those who insist on knowing (and don't want to take the
time to do the translation), it says: "I pay homage to thee, ye lords of
eternity. Ra, strong is thy sail in the wind as thou sailest over the lake of
fire in the underworld. Behold Shu the mother creating the gods".

Now take a peek at the snake oil on the desk. As you try to pick it up, Dr.
Myklos arrives and grabs it herself. She'll mention what snake oil does, and
also tell you about a bunch of cobras on the loose somewhere in the museum.

Wonderful place, this museum. Burglaries, murders, forged paintings, deadly
snakes roaming around...you were probably a lot safer in the Colonel's house.
However, there's nothing much you can do but carry on, so you better start
carrying on.

By now it should be safe enough to nip downstairs, break the glass with the
dinosaur bone, and grab the lantern. If you do this too soon, Wolfie shows up,
and we don't want that to happen.

It's about time to find another body. You'll love this one. Trek upstairs to
the dinosaur exhibit. Ick! A corpse impaled by the pterodactyl...and it has no
head! Boy, were you smart not to eat anything at the shindig, cause you'd
probably have lost it by now ;).

Still, we have to figure out who this latest victim is (or was). Now, if you
had done this atrocious murder, where would you put the head? Of course, you'd
stick it in the Life Mask exhibit. So naturally you run right there and look
over the heads. Sure enough, there in the upper right, is poor Ziggy's head.
While he wasn't exactly the nicest of people, he certainly didn't deserve to
go out this way.

Your screams bring O'Riley and Wolfie to the scene. Fortunately, O'Riley
restrains Wolfie from having his own way, and lets you go. What a gentleman!
(Or is he?).

Say, did we get that key from the painting yet? Probably not, with everything
else that's been happening lately. Do that now, then go on to Yvette's office.
Hmmm...that paper cutter wasn't red the last time you were here. I wouldn't be
surprised if that was blood on the blade, and this is how Ziggy lost his head.

Which reminds us....it's been quite awhile since we saw Carrington roaming
around, hasn't it? I wonder what could have become of him? Where could he be?
You don't suppose.....

With some trepidation, you open the office door. Whoops! Looks like Carrington
just got the point from the killer (quite a line in impalings tonight; perhaps
the murderer is a descendant of Vlad). Anyway, check out the murder site for
clues (nothing to take this time, though).

Now we need to pass a little time, so hop downstairs to Wolfie's office. All
the weapons on the right-hand wall are electrified, except the broadsword, so
it's best not to touch them. You could try taking the sword, only that will
fall on you and bring you to a quick end. Best to leave all that alone.

What you do on this visit is check out all the books on the shelves on the
left-hand side. A careful search will show one book is in backwards. Now why
would that be? Well, well, well....beneath that Prussian exterior, Wolfie has
a little romance in his soul....and Yvette's garter as a bookmark. The lady
sure likes to (ahem) spread herself around (grin).

Okay, that should be enough, and you can return to Carrington's office to
catch a little chat between Smith and Yvette. Bet you never thought you'd be
spying on people while standing next to a corpse, huh? Bet they never taught
you that in journalism school, either ;).

When they've left, go back downstairs again. Ernie's office should be empty,
and you can pick up the snake catcher under his desk. Also open the toolbox
and grab the wirecutters (hmmm...beige material...have we seen anyone wearing
beige tonight?).

Step next door to Wolfie's. You might think that the wirecutters should be
used on the wire, but that would only lead to a shocking experience. Instead,
use the snake catcher on the mouse trap. Wow, that Wolfie doesn't kid around,
does he? At least now it's safe to take the cheese out of the trap.

With this done, you have to walk around a little until the hour strikes. At
that time, the storage room in the lab will be open. Now you can get in there
to investigate that mysterious trunk. First though, pick up the snake oil on
the table (Dr. Myklos must be the absentminded type), then get the disgusting
meat out of the cold storage locker.

All right, unlock the trunk and immediately drop the meat into it. The beetles
inside will troop off with their prize instead of devouring you on the spot.
Look into the trunk and....yes, another body. If you sat through the intro,
you're probably not surprised to see it here.

And you're probably not surprised by the watch inscribed to Dr. Carrington,
either, are you? It's been pretty obvious for awhile that Carrington was a
fake, which explains why so many weird things have been going on around the

When you're done with the trunk, head upstairs so you'll be in time to
overhear a VERY interesting and important conversation between O'Riley and
Yvette (you don't want to miss this one).

Sheesh, even O'Riley's crooked! At least that explains why the robbery report
was so skimpy, and why he didn't seem so interested in really following up on
the burglary. Boy, it looks like you can't trust ANYONE in this place. Good
thing you're picking up evidence as you find it!

Now you again have to walk around to pass some time until the next hour
strikes (2 AM). While you're doing that, stop off in the pterodactyl room and
cut a piece of wire. Get a close-up of the corpse, then use the cutters on the
wire in the upper left. Keep moving around, stopping in the armor room now and
then. Sooner or later, Wolfie and Myklos will march in, then march right out
again, and it will be time.

Time to find another corpse. Poor Ernie. Looks like someone tossed him into
one of the vats downstairs (no, you won't find any clues in any of the vats),
then draped him tastefully across the mastodon tusks. When you're done
examining him, the clock will advance again. Walk into the Old Masters room,
where you'll find Wolfie and O'Riley. Reporting the murder to them will end
Act III (and take careful note of what Wolfie is saying as you enter the

The Dagger Of Amon Ra is copyrighted 1992 by Sierra On-Line Inc.
This walkthru is copyrighted 1992 by Scorpia, all rights reserved.

                    Laura Bow 2: The Dagger Of Amon Ra

                             ACT IV

The pace will start to pick up in this act, and become really fast in the next
one (maybe faster than you'd like!). After everything you had to do in Act
III, you may be surprised how quickly IV will be finished. Time just flies
when you're having fun, I suppose ;).

Anyway, step downstairs to Ernie's office. No clues to his murder here, but
now you can push that button on the wall near the door. This opens a secret
passage in the storage room. I was really excited the first time I found this,
but as it turns out, this tunnel only takes you up to the Egyptian Room,
exiting via the middle mummy case. This is also a one-way trip, as there is no
way to open the case from the outside.

Oh well. As long as you're up here, pay a visit to Yvette's office. For once,
she's alone (of course, she's also running out of men, so perhaps that's not
surprising ;). She mourns Ernie's passing and tells you about Icepick. When
you leave (which is automatic), who should you run into but Steve Dorian (just
where has this lout been for most of the night?) chatting with Dr. Myklos.

You don't have much chance to talk to him, as Yvette appears and practically
carries him off into her office. Good old kindhearted Steve. Ever the gallant
gentleman to ladies in distress. You might as well listen at the door (why not
feel more miserable? It'll put you in the mood for what's to come).

After that little scene, walk around a bit until the clock advances (I was
down in the preservation lab when that happened). Go back to Yvette's office.
Uh oh, looks like some sort of fight went on in here. When you're done
checking out the desk, head for the Old Masters room.

There seems to be a new addition here....a statue of someone who looks rather
familiar. I think we just found Yvette. Give the statue a good whack with the
dino bone. Crack! Yep, it's Yvette all right. After giving her the usual
examination, head along to the armor room.

What's that by the dog? Why, it's a boot, and since Steve is the only one
wearing boots tonight, it must be his. The fact that it's sitting in a small
pool of blood is rather unsettling; does this mean that we'll be stumbling
over his corpse soon? Only time will tell.

Now move on to Dr. Myklos' office. You'll get a "Meanwhile" scene, showing
Myklos discovering the Countess in a very unpleasant condition. She isn't
quite dead yet (will be soon, tho!), and Myklos isn't very bright (how'd she
ever get through college?), but it doesn't really matter.

After your meeting with Myklos outside the office, check your bottle of snake
oil. It should be a FULL bottle. If it isn't, go right downstairs to the
Preservation lab and fill the bottle with snake oil from the small vat on the
table. Without a full bottle, you won't be able to finish the game.

Save the game before going into Myklos' office. Barney is on the loose in
there, and you don't want to make any mistakes in capturing him. After he
appears, use the snake oil on him three times, driving him back into the
corner. Now you can safely use the snake catcher on him, and deposit him back
in his cage (use the hand icon to get him back into the cage).

With the cobra safely out of the way, you can examine what's left of the
Countess. That was pretty nasty, tying her up like that and loosing the snake
on her. The killer certainly is one vicious person.

After you're done looking over the body (and taking everything), and the clock
has finished striking, save the game immediately. One or two moves will bring
you automatically into Act V, and you're going to be on the run for most of

                               Act V

Act V opens with you in the Mastodon Room, and an ominous cloaked figure,
armed with nasty-looking mace, headed your way. This is Mr. X, and he wants
you dead. If he gets close enough, or you make a mistake anywhere along the
way, you WILL be dead. So move fast and look sharp.

Head right into the pterodactyl room. Shut the doors and use the wire on them
to keep them closed. This is only a delaying tactic, but it will buy you some
time to get further away.

Run into the armor room and north to the locked door. This time, you see a
chair. Your first thought may be to climb through the transom. Nice idea, but
that's not quite the thing (I spent a lot of time trying to get through that
transom!). Push the chair to the door. Open the transom, then get down and
continue on to the Egyptian Room. Hide in the leftmost mummy case.

This fakes out Mr. X, all right, and he batters down the locked door. As soon
as you're out of the case again, run to that door and go through into the old
storage room. There might be a way to get that heavy crate in front of the
door, but I never found out how to do it (and you don't really need to,

Just move the crate on the right wall to reveal a secret elevator. Take this
down to the mummy storage room. The elevator goes up again as soon as you
leave it (no way to prevent that). Shut the door to the room. Get the mummy
from the case on the floor, and prop it against the door.

There doesn't appear to be any way out of this room, but looks can be
deceiving (where have we heard that before? ;). Use your snake catcher on the
mummy case on the left wall, the one with the snake emblem near the top. This
opens a passage into the secret room of the Amon Ra cult.

Najeer and a friend come over to you. Hmmmm....even though you promise not to
say a word, they plan on sacrificing you to Amon Ra. Unless, that is, you can
answer that two-part riddle you first heard from Ziggy way back in the
speakeasy (seems like ages ago, doesn't it?).

So Najeer asks you the first one: what is the room you leave without entering?
The answer is Womb.

Then he asks you the second: what is the room you enter without leaving? The
answer is Tomb.

Having satisfied Najeer, you are free to go. However, your troubles aren't
over yet. Even a room full of determined cultists isn't going to keep Mr. X
off your tail for long.

So now you're in the furnace room, and there's Steve in the coal bin, pretty
much buried under the anthracite. Fortunately, he isn't dead yet. Move the
coal away from his face, then use the smelling salts to bring him around. As
soon as the "wait" hand disappears, quickly get the boot from your inventory
and hand it to Steve. If you take too long, he will step on something with his
bare foot, and you can't allow that to happen.

Mr. X is getting closer, and you have no time to spare. Move the Egyptian
design on the back wall to reveal a tunnel. Turn on your lantern, get your
snake oil ready, and head off into the darkness.

Partway along, you run into those missing cobras. But you have just enough oil
left to take care of them, so use the oil on the snakes. After they're gone,
continue along the tunnel.

Almost at the top, you come across a pack of starving rats. Do NOT throw the
cheese to them directly. I made that mistake, thinking they would kill each
other in a fight over the cheese. They just gobbled the cheese, then gobbled
us. Not fun!

Throw the cheese through the first doorway at the top of the tunnel. The rats
will jump through after it. As soon as they're all gone, save the game before
taking another step. That first doorway leads to the furnace, and you could
fall in there if you aren't careful. It's the second doorway you want to walk

This brings you to - surprise! - the T. Rex room. As soon as you both have
exited the dinosaur, save the game again. This is a precaution, as after the
next move, you will go into Act VI, where there's no chance to save. If you
blow the Coroner's inquest, you won't have to repeat too much.

Okay, after the save, go over and push the button to activate T. Rex. Just in
time! Mr. X comes through, and is captured in the jaws! So who is the man
behind the mask? Good question, because you don't see his face when Laura
pulls off the hood (boo! hiss! unfair! ;).

                           Act VI

So, whodunnit? Well, who do you think? There aren't too many people left
alive, are there? Let's see, we know Steve is okay, because he was with you at
least part of the time while you were being chased. Najeer was busy running
sun ceremonies, so it certainly isn't him. That pretty much leaves only Dr.
Smith and Detective O'Riley, doesn't it?

Actually, you probably already figured that O'Riley is the guilty party, and
you're right. Our boy the crooked cop did all the murders tonight. His motive
for most of them was to cover up another crime, except for Yvette; his motive
there was jealousy (she just wouldn't leave other men alone).

The murder of Carrington (the real Carrington) was done during the game's
introduction by the mysterious Watney Little. Little then impersonated
Carrington, and stole the dagger. Ergo, his motive for murder was financial

It was O'Riley who maneuvered Little into killing Carrington and stealing the
dagger. This is a sort of guess on your part, since no one else fits as the

Clearing up the other stuff, Little and The Countess were replacing the real
paintings in the Old Masters room with forgeries provided by Ziggy the
middleman. Ernie Leach was the fence, and Najeer the high priest of the Ra

That finishes up your direct participation in the Amon Ra case. Now you can
sit back, relax, and watch the ending sequence unfold. Hey, not bad for your
first newspaper assignment, huh? You may get a Pulitzer yet!