Abandonware DOS title

Legend of the Silver Talisman manual

 Legend of the Silver Talisman       Copyright 1996 Inter-Active Arts 

 System Requirements 
To play Legend of the Silver Talisman (LST), you'll need at least:

    o A 16-Mhz or faster 80386 processor
    o 555K free conventional RAM (base memory)
    o VGA monitor
   * WARNING!!!: This game may lock up the computer under QEMM!  If   
                 your system has QEMM, be sure to disable it before   
                 running the game.                                    

LST also supports:

    o Two joysticks or joypads (preferred method of control)

    o Sound Blaster & compatible sound cards

 The Legend 
   In days of old, the people of Yoneda lived in peace and prospered
under the protection of the Silver Talisman.
   Created by the Council of the Grand Wizards, the talisman offers
its protection to any kingdom which possesses it.
   But one day, war broke out among the Council of the Grand Wizards.
Chaos ensued.  In the struggle for supremacy, the wizards united into
two groups:  The Council of Light and the League of Darkness.
   The Council of Light sought to preserve law and order, while the
League of Darkness followed the ways of Chaos.
   The Battle of the Wizards lasted for eons, and the magical relics
of the realm became scattered as each side attempted to gain power
through the use of magic.
   Most of the wizards perished in the war, and much of what was known
of the arcane arts was lost along with them.
   Although neither side decisively won the war, the League of Darkness
managed to bring chaos to the land by stealing the one thing that has
the power to bring peace and prosperity to the realm...

The Silver Talisman

 Game Goals 

The objective of Legend of the Silver Talisman is relatively simple --
Get the Silver Talisman back from the wizards who have stolen it, and
return it to the Council of Light.  Accomplishing this task, however,
is another matter...

In order to safely retrieve the Silver Talisman, the player must first
accomplish several goals.  These goals will take the player on quests
to several different places:  The Crypt of Drakar, The Castle of Mordak
and the Mystic Realms of Alexandria.

In THE CRYPT, the player must track down and banish the evil undead
wizard, Drakar.  Drakar possesses the first item the player will need
to recover the Silver Talisman...the Staff of Power, a very potent
weapon that the character will need to enter MORDAK'S CASTLE.

After Drakar has been banished, the player must journey to MORDAK'S
CASTLE to search for the famed Orb of Protection.  This Orb of
Protection, once properly mounted on top of the Staff of Power,
transforms the entire unit into a magical Scepter of Power...a key
to the MYSTIC REALMS, and a weapon capable of harnessing the power
of lightning.

No one, other than the wizards in the League of Darkness has ever
entered and returned from the MYSTIC REALMS, but this is where the
Council of Light believes the League of Darkness has hidden the
Silver Talisman. It is your job to retrieve the Silver Talisman and
return it to the hands of the Council of Light.  If you succeed, the
rewards will be great... but if you fail, you will have sentenced
the world to an eternity of Chaos.

 Getting Started 

To play Legend of the Silver Talisman, simply go into the game
directory from DOS and type, "GO" and then press ENTER.

If this is your first time playing Legend of the Silver Talisman, a
configuration screen will appear.  From the configuration screen,
you'll be able to set the following options by pressing the gray
'+' and 'ENTER' keys on the numeric keypad:


This setting defaults to OFF.  If you have a Sound Blaster or compatible
sound card and wish to hear music and digital sound effects, be sure to
set this option to ON.

You will then need to set the SOUND PORT and IRQ numbers for your
particular sound card.  The default settings for a Sound Blaster are
usually:  220, 7

Sound Blaster Pro cards usually have the following default: 220, 5

If you are unsure of the settings for your particular sound card, you
may want to consult your user manual or contact the manufacturer of
the sound card.

If you can hear music but no digital sound effects when the SOUND CARD
option is set to ON, you probably have the IRQ number set to the wrong

If you can hear both the music and the digital sound effects but the
volume of the digital sounds are low, then you probably have a Sound
Blaster Pro or compatible card.  To turn up the volume of the digital
sound effects, you will have to run the "mixer" program that came
with your particular sound card to adjust the FM Music and the Digital
Sound options to optimal levels.

If you have the sound card turned ON and the game mysteriously locks
up during gameplay, your sound card may not be compatible with our
music/sound effect driver.  Unfortunately, the only known solution
to resolving this problem is to delete the SYSTEM.CFG file and keep
the sound card option OFF.


This setting defaults to OFF, but if you'd like to hear sound effects
through the PC's internal speaker, you may turn this feature ON.  Note
that the sound effects available through the PC speaker will be limited
to beeps and buzzes.

 PLAYER 1/2 

This setting allows you to select the mode of each player.  Player 1 is
the player on the left and Player 2 is the player on the right.  HUMAN
mode means that player will be controlled by a player either via
keyboard or joystick/joypad.  ROBOT mode means that player will be
controlled by the computer.

Although the ROBOT mode computer isn't very intelligent, it still makes
for a formidable opponent.  ROBOT mode can also be toggled for each
player during gameplay by pressing the '1' or '2' key for Player 1 or
Player 2, respectively.  This can be quite useful if a player must leave
a game in progress for whatever reason, and the other player does not
wish to end the game.


This setting determines the difficulty of the game.  Setting a higher
skill level causes the game timer to decrease at a faster rate.  In
addition, less items will be available to be found, making the game
somewhat harder.


This option allows you to set the speed at which the game will run on
your computer.  If you find that the default game setting is too fast
for your computer, try decreasing the GAME SPEED value.  If it is too
slow, increase the value.  You can also adjust this value within the
game by pressing the '<' key to decrease the value, or the '>' key to
increase the value.


This option allows you to custom configure each player's keyboard
controls.  Use this option if you find the default keyboard
configuration awkward to use.


This option allows you to turn joystick support ON or OFF.  We have
found that if you are playing this game on a NETWORK you will need
to turn JOYSTICK mode OFF.

Some users may experience problems when trying to play the game using
two joysticks/joypads.  This is a known hardware problem, and
unfortunately could not be fixed through our software joystick
support.  If this is the case on your machine, Player 2 will have to
resort to using the keyboard, when JOYSTICK mode is turned on.  You
may have to unplug Joystick 2 from the game port to ensure proper
keyboard controls.

An alternative solution may be to purchase two QuickShot Joypads.
This is the setup we have on our machine and the joystick option
seems to work flawlessly.

 Re-configuring the Game 

If you need to reconfigure the game, you may do so from within the MAIN
MENU by selecting the CONFIGURE option.  If, for some reason, the game
locks up due to improper setting of configuration information (usually
sound card settings), you may wish to delete the bad configuration
information and start all over.  From the DOS prompt, delete the file
called: SYSTEM.CFG and type 'GO' to begin the process all over again.

 Playing the Game 

Once you have the game properly configured, typing 'GO' will put you
into the MAIN MENU of the game.  From there, you may do one of the

o Read various files
o Play the game
o Register the game
o Adjust configuration settings
o Quit the game

To make a selection, move the pulsating gray cursor to the item you wish
to select and press ENTER (or the 'B' button on your joystick).  The
cursor can be moved by pressing the ARROW (cursor) keys or the joystick.

Select "Play Game" and you'll be taken to the Main Game Screen.  From
there, you will have the option to select the game you would like to
play.  If you are playing the SHAREWARE version of the game, the only
option available to you will be Episode 1 - The Crypt.  If you are
playing the registered version, you will also be able to select Episode
2 - Mordak's Castle or Episode 3 - Mystic Realms.


Registration of this game costs $9.95.  Registration allows you to
activate Episodes 2 and 3 of Legend of the Silver Talisman, as well as
enter our Eye of Kaborie RPG game contest (see end of manual).

To register, print out the registration form ("register.txt") and send
it, along with a check for $9.95 to:

Inter-Active Arts
P.O. Box 373172
Satellite Beach, FL  32937

   If you are reading this manual from the EASY-VU program 
   (which is activated by typing README at the DOS command 
   prompt), you can easily print out the registration form 
   by pressing the "R" or "F3" key now.                    

Be sure to include the Lock Serial Number for your copy of the program,
as well as a phone number or email address where we may reach you.  The
Lock Serial Number for your copy of the program can be found by going
into the ENTER PASSWORD option at the MAIN MENU.

Once we receive your registration request, we will contact you via
email or snail mail (depending on how you prefer to be contacted),
with your Registration Key.  Note that each Registration Key is good
only for that Lock Serial Number and that the Lock Serial Number is
RANDOMLY created each time you install the game.  What this means is
that once you have registered the game, DO NOT delete the directory
containing the registered game or you will delete your registration.

 Game Controls 

The Main Game Screen consists of several parts.  The upper portion of
the display is the Player Viewport.  Below the Player Viewport is the
Player Control Panel.

                    <陳陳陳 Player Viewport
  SWA      [      ]
  ##       [][][][] <陳陳陳 Player Control Panel
  ###      [][][][]

The Player Viewport shows the current player location in the world map
and will scroll in four directions (north, south, east and west)
depending on whether or not the player is pressing any of the movement

To move the player character, press the following keys or use the
joystick/pad (Note: Two player joystick mode may require a "Y" adapter
cable for the joystick port):

        LEFT PLAYER                          RIGHT  PLAYER
      (Regular Keys)                         (Cursor Keys)

       5     1     6                               1            敖陳
     敖陳 敖陳 敖陳                           敖陳             
     Ins Hme PUp                            ^            +  5
     青陳 青陳 青陳                           青陳             
       2     3     4                         2     3     4      青陳
     敖陳 敖陳 敖陳                     敖陳 敖陳 敖陳    敖陳
     Del End PDn                      <   v   >      E 
     青陳 青陳 青陳                     青陳 青陳 青陳     N 
                                                                 T  6
         GRAY KEYS                            CURSOR KEYS        E 

           Key 1 = North             Key 5 = Toggle Menu Mode        
           Key 2 = West              Key 6 = Select Menu Option      
           Key 3 = South                                             
           Key 4 = East                                              
      *Note: This layout assumes that you are using the default      
             keyboard settings.                                      

Pressing Key 5 ("Insert" Key for Left Player and "Gray +" Key for Right
Player, or Button 'A' on the joystick) causes the player to enter the
Menu Selection mode.  In this mode, a gray pulsating cursor will appear
in the Player Control Panel.  The cursor may be moved by pressing the
four directional keys (1, 2, 3 or 4).  To leave the Menu Selection mode,
press Key 5 (Button 'A').  To make a selection, press Key 6 and the
player will then be taken to the appropriate sub-menu.

Sub-menus available in the Menu Selection mode are as follows:

敖陳陳陳朕   敖陳陳陳朕   敖陳陳陳朕   敖陳陳陳朕
 Ready      Ready      Ready      Ready  
 Weapon     Armor      Shield     Helmet 
青陳陳陳潰   青陳陳陳潰   青陳陳陳潰   青陳陳陳潰
敖陳陳陳朕   敖陳陳陳朕   敖陳陳陳朕   敖陳陳陳朕
  Use        Use       Show        View  
 Potion     Scroll     Stats       Map   
青陳陳陳潰   青陳陳陳潰   青陳陳陳潰   青陳陳陳潰

Selection of specific items in the sub-menus is handled the same way as
in the Player Control Panel.  Move the pulsating cursor by pressing the
directional keys (1, 2, 3 or 4) and press the Select Menu key (6 or
Button 'B') to make that selection.  To exit from the sub-menus, press
the Toggle Menu key (5 or Button 'A') and the player will be taken back
to the Menu Selection mode on the Player Control Panel.

 The Sub-Menus 

For purposes of clarification, the items in the submenus are numbered
as follows:

                 1  2 
                 3  4 
                 5  6 
                 7  8 

Ready Weapon

This sub-menu allows the player to select a weapon with which to arm
the character.  The player may only select one weapon at a time, and
the character must possess that weapon in order to use it.

The numbers next to the weapons indicate the following:

Top Number    = Attack value of the weapon
Bottom Number = Number of that weapon that the character possesses.

The character may only carry a maximum of three of each weapon

Ready Armor

This sub-menu allows the player to select armor for the character to
wear.  The player may only select one armor at a time, and the character
must possess that armor in order to use it.

The numbers next to the armor indicate the following:

Top Number    = Defense value of the armor
Bottom Number = Number of that armor that the character possesses.

The character may only carry a maximum of three of each armor type.

Ready Shield

This sub-menu allows the player to select a shield with which to arm the
character.  The player may only select one shield at a time, and the
character must possess that shield in order to use it.

The numbers next to the shields indicate the following:

Top Number    = Defense value of the shield
Bottom Number = Number of that shield that the character possesses.

The character may only carry a maximum of three of each shield

Ready Helmet

This sub-menu allows the player to select a helmet for the character
to wear.  The player may only select one helmet at a time, and
the character must possess that helmet in order to use it.

The numbers next to the helmets indicate the following:

Top Number    = Defense value of the weapon
Bottom Number = Number of that helmet that the character possesses.

The character may only carry a maximum of three of each helmet type.

Use Potion

This sub-menu allows the player to use a potion.  The duration and
strength of the potions will vary, depending on the concentration of
the mixture as well as the expertise of the person who mixed it, but
generally, the potions perform the following functions:

1) Minor Healing   - Heals player 5-20 health points.
2) Major Healing   - Fully heals player.
3) Super Strength  - Gives player attack bonus.
4) Super Defense   - Gives player defense bonus.
5) Invisibility    - Gives player invisibility.
6) Increase Health - Boosts player's maximum health by 10-25 points.
7) Invulnerability - Protects player from most attacks.
8) Dragon's Mist   - Gives player ability to walk through most walls.

The numbers next to each potion indicates the number of that item that
the player possesses.  The player may carry a maximum of nine of each
potion type.

Activating potions that have limited duration (i.e., Super Strength,
Super Defense, Invisibility, Invulnerability and Dragon's Mist) will
cause small icons to appear on the Player Control Panel.  Super Strenth
and Super Defense icons appear in the form of +1 through +9, indicating
the bonus attack or bonus defense the player received from drinking that
potion. Invisibility, Invulnerability and Dragon's Mist icons appear in
the form of pulsating blue, green and red rings, respectively.

WARNING!  Some potions, such as Dragon's Mist, should be used with
extreme care.  Because Dragon's Mist allows the player to walk though
walls and other solid obstacles, there is a chance that when the potion
wears off, the player may be standing on such obstacles.  Should this
happen, the player will be stuck on the obstacle!

Be sure to watch the screen and listen for the "EXPIRING" message to
appear.  The "EXPIRING" notice will appear several seconds before the
spell actually expires.

Use Scroll

This sub-menu allows the player to cast a spell that has been stored
in the form of a scroll.  Some spells may or may not work, depending on
several factors, such as the the condition of the scroll, the alignment
of the planets and the location at which it is cast.  Spells available

1) Teleportation   - Randomly teleports the player within a given floor.
2) Descend         - Lowers player down one floor level.
3) Rise            - Raises player up one floor level.
4) Mystic Thief    - Steals item from other player.
5) Tremor          - Causes the earth to shake violently.
6) Ring of Fire    - Protects player with a ring of fire.
7) Locate          - Teleports player to other player.
8) Transpose       - Swaps places with other player.

Show Stats

Selecting this option displays the player's vital statistics as well as
current X and Y coordinates.  Players can use this option to determine
their current attack and defense values as well as their current and
maximum health points.  The number of pieces of the Three Part Key that
the player has collected is also displayed under this option.

View Map

This option shows the player an overhead view of the current dungeon.
Player 1 appears as a pulsating red dot and Player 2 appears as a
pulsating green dot.  If any of the Wizards of Chaos are on the screen,
they appear as a pulsating silver dot.

 Objects and Their Functions 

Scattered throughout each realm are numerous items which will aid the
player's quest.  A listing of these items follows:

A normal hourglass tells the passage of time, but this hourglass, which
was created by the Timemaster Fflaynne of the Sect of Eight, has the
amazing ability to actually reverse time... prolonging the alignment of
the Three Moons of Niloc, and keeping the magical surge from destroying
the realm with their explosions.

Amulet of Tabmos
This amulet of teleportation is a useful object indeed.  It is given to
each player at the start of the quest and will resurrect the character
upon activation.  Activating the amulet, however, resets the player's
score, and returns him to the starting point of that journey, but
otherwise does no harm towards the player.

Three-Part Key
These items appear as pulsating silver pieces that join together to form
the shape of an Ankh key.  Players will need to collect all three parts
of the key to enter certain locations or open certain items in each of
the three games.

Fire Wand
When carried, the Fire Wand allows the player to shoot fireballs at the
enemy.  Fireballs do major damage but come at a fairly heavy price.
Each fireball costs the player health.  If the player's health drops
below 15 units, the Fire Wand will cease to function, because the player
has become too weak to activate the spell.  Also, as with all of the
other weapons, the Fire Wand may break.  Each time the player engages in
melee combat with the Fire Wand, it is in danger of being broken.  It is
strongly advisable to use this weapon with caution, as it is a great
power to have when confronting the Wizards of Chaos.  It would be a
shame to lose it battling a zombie...

Spell Book
Finding a spell book is the equivalent to finding three of each scroll
type!  However, spell books are rare and will probably only be found
in the possession of a great wizard.

Keys are needed to open various objects throughout the game.  However,
once used, each key will simply vanish into thin air.  Keys can be used
to open conventional doors as well as secret doors and other locked

Misc. Items
In addition to the special items listed above, the player may also find
weapons, armor, shields, helmets, scrolls and potions.  Enchanted items
often glow and the color of the glow is indicative of the power of that
object.  All enchanted objects are more powerful than non-enchanted
objects.  Blue objects are the weakest of the enchanted objects,
followed by green and then red.

 Cast of Characters 


Zombies - Raised from the dead by Drakar, these creatures roam the
   depths of the crypt in search of flesh to eat.  They especially love
   the taste of fresh meat.

Ghosts - Are the spirits of those in the realm who died an untimely
   death.  Destined to roam the world forever, unless they can resolve
   the situation that caused their death, these misty creatures seek to
   increase their numbers by causing the untimely death of others.

Vampires - These creatures of the night are feared by all.  In addition
   to being a formidable opponent, vampires also have the ability to
   teleport.  In a dark place, such as The Crypt, there is no day or
   night, so the onslaught of hungry vampires is neverending.

Drakar - Once upon a time, Drakar was the noble advisor of King Antari.
   But during the Wizard Wars, Drakar found himself consumed by a
   thirst for power.  The evil sorceress, Alexandria, promised Drakar a
   high position in her League of Darkness, and Drakar succumbed.
   Considered one of Alexandria's top generals, Drakar is rumored to
   possess the Sceptre of Power.


Dark Knights - These are the foot soldiers who wage war daily upon the
   peace-loving people of Yoneda.  Neither men nor beasts, these
   soldiers of darkness are guided by one thought only...victory for
   Chaos.  Not much is known about the origins of the Dark Knights.
   What is known, however, is that they are ferocious fighters.

Mystic Knights - In more peaceful days, many of these knights were the
   very guardians of Law and Order.  However, like Drakar, these knights
   thirsted for power.  In return for dedication to Chaos, Alexandria
   turned these knights into what they are today...neither dead nor
   alive, the Mystic Knights possess many special powers.  The very
   sight of Mystic Knights over the horizon means doom for most

Mordak - Another of the great wizards who fell to the temptations of
   Darkness.  Mordak was once a powerful wizard who specialized in
   the magic of transformations.  Most of what is known about that art
   was discovered by Mordak, himself.  Pity the person who crosses
   Mordak, as it is rumored that this is how so many souls found
   themselves dying an untimely death.


Air and Fire Elementals - Alexandria, the most powerful Mage in the
   realm, has learned how to harness the powers of air and water, making
   creatures to do her bidding.  These creatures roam the MYSTIC REALMS
   in search of anyone foolhardy enough to trespass, and will not rest
   until the perpetrator is dead.

Gargoyles - Alexandria's "Little Pets" are very dangerous creatures,
   indeed.  These monsters, once chiseled from granite, now wander the
   MYSTIC REALMS as living, breathing beings.  They are free to exist in
   their statuesque form, or their living form at their will.  Being a
   living stone, the gargoyles are harder to kill, as their armor is a
   living part of them.  They are also capable of teleportation, so one
   can never tell when he will be forced to confront one of Alexandria's

Alexandria - Ultimate Evil...that is Alexandria.  During the days of the
   Council of the Grand Wizards, Alexandria was trusted as the Guardian
   of the Talisman.  However, this trust was misplaced, as it was
   Alexandria who stole the Talisman and took it to the Mystic Realms.
   It was also Alexandria who released Chaos into the realm and it is
   she who leads the League of Darkness.

 Hints & Tips 

Note that hand-to-hand combat in this game is automatic.  To attack a
creature or the other player, simply walk into that object.  Note also,
that certain monsters carry useful objects such as keys, scrolls,
potions, weapons, armors and more.

During combat, be sure to constantly monitor the player representation
in the middle section of the Player Control Panel.  Weapons and armors
have a tendency to break after a certain amount of usage...and attacking
a monster with bare hands or running around without wearing any armor
is not a wise thing to do.

Although few people in the realm know the ways of magic, the spells that
are found can be very useful.  Some sections of the realm may not even
be accessible without the use of magic.  Be sure to check your inventory
often so you know what is available.

Most items/objects in this game can be activated by walking into it
(i.e., walking into a door cause it to open if you have a key).  Some
objects, however, require the player to approach it from a certain
direction or to possess a certain object in order to activate it.

Watch the player health bar at the bottom left of the Player Control
Panel.  This is especially important during battle with the Wizards of
Chaos as it is easy to get caught up in the heat of battle and forget
to take care of injuries.

Be warned...Mystic Thief attempts to steal what is readily available
either in a player's hand or on his body.  If you are playing against
a friend, be careful... especially when your "friend" looks like he is
getting ready to cast a spell.  And if "MUGGED" appears on your screen,
guess what...?

 History & Credits 

This game spent over nine years in the making.  The orginal version
was written back in 1986 on a C-128 in BASIC/ML.  Inspired by the then
popular Atari arcade game, Gauntlet, this game went a step further by
including elements of RPG gameplay as well as a dual-monitor display,
one for each player.  The original game didn't have all the fancy
graphics and music/sound effects of this present version, but the basic
story idea of The Silver Talisman remained the same.  Intended for
publication in Ahoy! Magazine, the game was never finalized so it
was never published.

This current version, which was started in August 1994 took slightly
over a year and a half to complete.  It was written entirely in
Turbo C 3.0, using many graphics routines provided by the WordUp
Graphics Toolkit V4.0 by Egerter Software.

Inter-Active Arts is in no way affiliated with Egerter Software,
but we really like their WGT4.0 graphics engine and would highly
recommend it to other companies/individuals interested in programming
graphics intensive projects without having to invest a lot of time
creating a graphics engine, along with support utilities such as
sprite and map editors.

Egerter Software can be contacted at the following address:

Egerter Software
94 Andover Drive
London, Ontario
Canada, N6J 3X2

Although the original version of the game was written by only one
person, this current version took the efforts of many more people.
The development team for this project included:

Project Leader/Programmer: Denoy DeBoer
        Story Development: Denoy DeBoer & Stuart Purkey
  Primary Graphics Artist: Stuart Purkey
             Panel Artist: Richard Whitall
      Title Screen Artist: Patrick Meehan
           Original Music: Akintunde Omitowoju & Wendell Tucker
            Sound Effects: Denoy DeBoer, Stuart Purkey & Chelsea Romans
             Beta Testers: Members of the Internet Community

Special thanks goes out to all the people on the Internet who contributed
to this project, as well as all the customers who register this game to
help us continue to provide quality products at a minimal price.

 Eye of Kaborie Contest 

Have you ever wanted to be a character (other than the player) inside a
video game?  Well, now is your chance with the Inter-Active Arts Eye of
Kaborie Contest.

To enter, complete the contest entry form on the order form and mail it,
along with the required photo to:

Inter-Active Arts
Eye of Kaborie Contest
P.O. Box 373172
Satellite Beach, FL  32937

Contest is open to all Inter-Active Arts customers and will run through
October 31, 1997.  Winning entries will be selected in a random drawing
and will be notified by email or snail mail.  Each winner will receive a
registered copy of The Eye of Kaborie, as well as a cameo appearance in
the game, itself.  Odds of winning will depend upon number of entries
received, as well as quality of photos submitted for scanning.

Good luck, and we hope to see you in the game!