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Legends of Murder: Volume 1 - Stonedale Castle manual

                            Legends of Murder 1 Help


    Legends of Murder is a fantasy/role-playing/murder mystery game, and you
 are its main character.  As the Inspector, you have been summoned to a small
 castle near the harbor city of Erdwyn to investigate the murder of the King.
 This castle -- the site of the murder -- is a day's journey across the
 Northern Sea from your own kingdom.  Hired by the advisor of the deceased
 King, an elf named Ash, you set foot in the castle after a long journey
 across the sea, and the game begins...


   Your ultimate purpose in Legends of Murder is to discover the murderer of
 the King.  There are numerous riddles and puzzles to solve along the way, as
 well as many people to meet and places to explore.  It is very important that
 you talk to everyone you encounter, search all rooms of the castle you enter,
 and make note of what you learn for later reference.


   The Inspector has a number of personal attributes which affect the play of
 the game.  These attributes are:

         Strength - Physical condition.
        Dexterity - Nimbleness, hand-eye coordination.
          Agility - Quickness, speed, dodging ability.
        Intellect - Intelligence, strength of will, resistance to mind-
                    affecting influences.
    Fighter Level - Combat ability.  The higher the level, the greater
                    the Inspector's ability.
        Condition - Afflictions disabling to the Inspector.
 Health Indicator - Current physical damage to the Inspector.
    Concentration - Ability to concentrate on a previously-memorized spell.
                    Each spell requires a certain amount of concentration.
                    If a spell requires a percentage of concentration greater
                    than the Inspector has, the spell will fail.
                    Concentration can be raised magically, or by the
                    Inspector's walking around and clearing his thoughts to
                    increase his concentration.
 Weapon and Armor - The weapon currently in-hand and the armor being worn
                    by the Inspector.


      - Cast a spell
      - Save game
      - Restore game
      - Toggle the display of descriptions ON/OFF
    - Quit game and return to DOS
      - Search the area on which you are standing.
           Almost all visible objects can be searched, but you must stand
           directly in front of the object or in the closest accessible
      - Status of the Inspector.  Display all important information about
           the Inspector.
   - Move the Inspector north, northeast, east, southeast, south,
           southwest, west, and northwest.
     - This help.

     NOTE: In movement, if either SHIFT key is pressed with a direction, the
 Inspector will move until the SHIFT is released or movement is blocked. With
 the save and restore options, you are asked for a game number to use.  Enter
 a number from 0-9.  Press any other key to exit without saving or restoring.


    Spells must be learned from special books.  The higher a character's
 level, the more powerful the spell he can learn.


  - It is important to search everything.  Many objects contain clues to the
    murder and to other puzzles in the game.
  - Visit every location.  There are specific things you must do in certain
    locations in order to complete the game.
  - When looting a chest, you need not always take everything.  If you leave
    items, you can always come back later and get them.
  - Make notes of important information along the way.
  - Try to explore all corners since some things -- like stairs -- do not show
    on the map.
  - Some events will not take place until you have possession of the correct
    items.  For example, certain rooms may not be entered until specific items
    have been found.
  - Certain characters will comment on various items the Inspector may find,
    so, once you find an item, go to someone who might have an interest in it.


                     Legends of Murder 1:  Stonedale Castle

                                by James Schmalz
                        copyright (C) 1993 Softdisk, Inc