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Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals walkthrough

Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals!
© 1990 Sierra On-Line

 The Larry series, as most of you probably know, is unlike most games. It's
more of a "Pornographic Sex Adventure" where you are the bumbling Larry
Laffer, on his never ending quest for pussy. This one is quite unique however
since you are TWO characters, Larry, and Passionate Patti (Larry's beloved?)..

About halfway through the game you will switch into Patti.... I wont go into
that now.. There is one part to note, there will be a set of commands called
"LEI COMMANDS", they are shortened and are the following set of instructions:
Go to cave by Chip-n-Dales
Enter cave
Save game
go to edge of cliff
get flowers
make lei
exit cave
go back to whatever you were doing before..Since we had to finish this game
with these commands like 5 times due to flowers wilting, well...

Also, you can beat the 4000 point score, we finished it with 4337 today
OK Here We Go.....

look through left binoculars
look at plaque
go home
go to work
go home
open mailbox
get credit card
goto beach
look at girl
talk to girl
give girl credit card
get ginsu knife
leave beach
goto casino
sharpen knife on casino steps
goto wooded are right before house
get little peice of wood by small grey tree
carve wood
goto cave by chip-n-dales
cut grass with knife
make grass skirt
goto cabana
get soap by sink
drink water from sink
enter cabana
read wall
put on grass skirt
goto beach
sell wood carving to girl
go back to cabana
put on suit
goto showroom in the casino
talk to man
show ticket(look at appendix a: to get the number)
give man money
watch show
walk around telephone and wait for girl
look at girl
talk to girl
when girl mentions farm and shit
type "deed"
goto lawyers office
talk to receptionist about deed(until hes not busy)
talk to lady lawyer
"deed"(until not busy)
leave building
enter building
talk to rec. about deed
goto Chari Tart's door
knock on door
give her deed
explore island in showgirl outfit(optional(extra points))
goto chari tarts door
open door
find clothes
get dressed
goto beach
get towel
goto lawyers office
talk to lady about divorce
leave building
enter building
talk to man about divorce
give money to man
leave building
goto bar in casino
sit down by girl
look at girl
talk to girl
give girl lei
"divorce"(to girl)
get card
look at back of card-(on the back are 3 business' name in order...look in
appendix a: and get the page numbers from each business..this is the locker
combination in order of business'
at entrance of bar, check for magic marker if its there grab it, each time you

enter the bar, check, when it appears, get it.
goto fat city
insert card in far door
look at girl
talk to girl
"workout" (say this to girl)
exit room
goto door on left
insert card
"FIND LOCKER 69", type this
Face locker
open locker
put on sweats
close locker
goto right door in locker room
there are 4 exercises, you must do them all... until you lose enough weight,
stand next each one 1 by 1, and type "WORKOUT".
Now you know where "Pulsating Pectorals" came from, eh?
leave workout
goto locker 69
open locker
take off sweats
grab towel
grab soap
close locker
goto left door
turn on shower
use soap
rinse off
turn off shower
goto locker 69
open locker
dry off
use deodorant
get dressed
close locker
goto room where woman was working out
look at woman
:LEI routine
goto bar
give patti lei
goto comedy club
get bottle of wine
goto casino
use elevator
pour wine
WAIT!!!!! (Ok, halfway there, now you switch into Patti...What fun, eh?)
get panties
get nylons
get bra
get dress
get bottle (note, its empty)
enter elevator
push 1
goto bar
get magic marker (if you dont have it)
goto piano
****** Note, here is a NICE way to jack up your points, just keep doing the
following 2 steps until you get tired of it...
look at piano
get tips
******** Wheee, what fun....
goto cabana
fill bottle with water from sink
drink water from sink
go in chip-n-dales (optional for points)
go past comedy club to cliff
enter bamboo past upper cliff
goto first T, take right
follow path
first left hook
turn right at T
follow path
left hook
drink bottle, if delirious and on knees
save game
"DRINK FROM STREAM"(Dont fall in!)
go up to rock
take off nylons
tie nylons to rock
climb tree
get coconuts
climb down
get marijuana
smoke marijuana
Restore game
make rope
walk to edge of cliff by tree
throw rope
tie rope to tree
rip dress
save game
climb rope
go up and left
take off bra
put coconuts in bra
walk until boar comes out (dont let him get you)
throw bra
walk to river
go into water
move log
get on log
note, now you have to RIDE the tide, make sure to save as often as possible,
its a long ride, but you are almost done..
get captured by nudists
when in cage type "USE MAGIC MARKER"
when in anti-gravity type "UNPLUG CORD"

We hope you have enjoyed playing Leisure Suit Larry 3


2               n/a             The Punk Flamingo Disco
3              00741            n/a
4               n/a             Nontoonyt Tonight
5              55811            All Systems
6              30004            Native Crafts of Nontoonyt
8               n/a             The Comedy Hut / Beach Watch
9              18608            Community Calendar
10             25695            Island Computer Center
                                Bippi's Island Liquors
                                Cherri Tart - Nontoonyt Casino Showroom
11             32841            Dining Out
12             00993            Chip-N-Dales
                                Freddies Feral Bar-B-Q
13              n/a             Island Office and Voodoo Supply
                                Panty of The Month Club
14              n/a             Highlights
15             09170            n/a
16              n/a             Dewey Cheatem and Howe
17              n/a             Witch Doctor
18             49114            Piggi's Coffee Shop
19             33794            Nontoonyt Nectarine Advisory Board
22             54482            n/a
23             62503            Fat City
24              n/a             Hurts Rent-A-Bike
27             32814            Tl's Aphrodesiacs

By ???. Edited by PARASITE.