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Marble Madness manual

			     Marble Madness

Getting Started

Start your Amiga with Kickstart and insert the Marble Madness disk at the
"Insert Workbench" screen.  If your Amiga is already on, reboot with
Control-Amiga-Amiga and insert the Marble Madness disk.  When the Workbench
appears, double-click the Marble Madness disk icon to open the disk window,
then double-click the Marble Madness program icon to start the program.

After a few moments the title screen appears, followed by the Marble
Madness options menu.  Only the mouse can be used to make choices in the
options menu.  The default game play options are for one player using a
joystick plugged into the rear port.  Click GO! at the bottom of the screen
to play the game with the default settings.

Changing Options

You can change any of the other options by clicking the appropriate option.
 Click Number of Players to toggle between one or two players.  The default
control device for the Blue Player (Player 2) is the mouse plugged into the
front port.  You can change either player's control device and port by
clicking the Input Device, and the Red Player or Blue Player options.

In addition to mice and joysticks, Marble Madness also supports two types
of trackballs.  Trackball 1 is a device that behaves just like a joystick
internally, while Trackball 2 is a device that behaves like a mouse
internally.  Refer to the documentation provided with your trackball to
determine which setting you should use.

The final player-adjustable option is the Difficulty level.  There are
eight levels of difficulty numbered from 0 to 7.  0 is the easiest level
and should be used by first-time players.  Each time you click Difficulty,
the option advances to the next highest level of difficulty.  Clicking at
level 7 returns the option to 0.

When you are finished playing Marble Madness, eject the program disk and
reboot your Amiga.

Controlling Your Marble

The Amiga version of Marble Madness contains an option that lets you
turbocharge your marble.  Simply press the joystick, trackball, or left
mouse button as you steer to give your marble an extra burst of speed.