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Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams walkthrough

             by Lim Soo Ling

  Get Telescope, Sextant.
  Dress up in warm clothes.
  Use Prybar to open door.

1893 SITE(28S 153W)
  Ask Dibbs to Join.

Location of 4 Centres of Civilizations:
  Olympus (10N 110W)
  Elysium (20N 114E)
  Hellas  (27S 77E)
  Argyre  (30S 107W)

  Request to save Cooter McGee.
  Get some free oxygen rocks and berries.

NOCTIS Cooter's cave(12S 81W)
  Use purple berries to move plank across crevice.
  Read Cooter's note.

NOCTIS Another cave
  Save Cooter McGee.
  Dig for Map.

  Peter Nathaniel requires three signatures.
  Ask for Paper.

  Yellin request to save Duprey and Sherman from cave-in.
  Use Wench on Drill.
  Use Drill on Cave-in.
  Get Duprey's, Sherman's and Yellin's Signature.
  Ask Sherman to join.

  Show Peter Nathaniel the Signatures to gain entrance.
  Get Tongs, Lead Box from Madame Curie.
  Antoine Legrande request to save brother Jean.
  Get loose control panel in underground room.
  Ask Edison to repair.
  Hearst request to retrieve camera and photograph.
  Hearst request to develop photograph.
  Carnegie request to collect iron ore.
  Collect radium in cave.
  Find Jean.
  Get Mason's symbol from Jean Legrande.
  Show Mason's symbol to Antoine Legrande.
  Gain entrance to Dream Machine.
  Get Head Gear from Dream Machine .

  Get Broken Conveyor Belt.
  Ask Tippet in Olympus to repair.
  Fix Conveyor Belt.
  Shovel coal into the generator.
  Connect Wires using Rubber Glove.
  Electricity is restored!
  Collect oxygen rocks in Oxygen Room.

Location of 4 Transport Tubes:
  0 109W   (in Olympus)
  31N 112E (in Elysium)
  34S 72E  (in Hellas)
  34S 54W  (in Argyre)

(Use Transport Tube)
  Extend bridge over to the other side of Hellas.
  Get Microscope from lab.
  Gain access to Dream Machine.
  Drop Radium in power source.
  Use Control Panel on Circuit Board.
  Use Head Gear on Dream Machine.
  Get Avatar to sit on Dream Machine.
  Get a party member to use the Control Panel.
  Entering Dream Machine...

    Save Carver, Lenin, Wells and Tiffany from their nightmares:
    Help Carver plant seeds. Make sure the seeds do not get destroyed.
    Help Lenin distribute money equally. Gather all money and burn them!
    Help HG Wells get rid of invisible attackers.
    Help Tiffany guide the minataur out of the glass house.

    Meet the Martians of Hellas:
    Pukchep, Prektesh, Plashef, Xaktsesh, Chsheket.

  Talk to yourself to wake up...

  Get Martian Seeds in preservation unit beside the greenhouse.
  Get Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium in antechamber of greenhouse.

  Meet the 'people' of Elysium:
  Tekapesh, Bikchiz, Fazek, Cheshef, Chaktsaf, Pashesh, Sisik and Xichak.
  Very interesting. Keep calling you a 'Worm'.

  Get a Bucket and a Pick.
  Go Northwards out of Elysium to the ice cap.
  Use Pick on Ice Cap to get Ice Cube.
  Drop Ice Cube into Bucket. It will become water later.
  Go to greenhouse in Elysium.
  Use Spade to dig a hole in the soil.
  Drop Martian Seed into Hole. Cover Hole.
  Use Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium and the Bucket of Water on the Spot.
  Look: you see a martian seed. It is growing.
  You can plant more if you want, but one is enough.

  Now's the boring part.
  Wait 9 full days, visiting the seed every 2 or 3 days.
  There are 3 stages of growth.
  You may go wandering, but sometimes it may arrest the growth.

  When the seed matures, Use Pod Knife on Mature Martian Pod.
  You'll get a limp form of a Martian Body.
  Get the Martian Body and go to Hellas.

  Entering Dream Machine...
  Talk to Prektesh. Ask him to get ready.
  Wake up...

  Put Martian Body on the seat of the Dream Machine.
  Activate the Dream Machine.
  Enjoy the animated sequence of talking to Prektesh until...
  Prektesh withers and dies!
  Get the dead body of Prektesh.
  Only hope is Kaxishek's plan to have alternate bodies.

KAXISHEK'S LAB(54N 112E) covered by ice.
  To melt the ice, must get the energy broadcast towers working.

The three towers are located at
  55N 125W (Broken Lens)-Ask Tiffany to repair.
  59N 23W  (Weeds)-Use Sprayer with weedkiller charges.
  55N 100E (Broken Moter)-Ask Edison to repair.

  Talk to Tekapesh. Tell him of 'Plan'.
  Tekapesh will give you permission to use the Dream Machine in Elysium.

  Entering Dream Machine...
  Save Earp, Clemens, Lowell and Melies from their nightmares:
  Save Earp by buying the Grey Horse and set it free.
  Help Clemens gather the pages(20?), bind them into a
    manuscript and post them.
    To use the barge, push the lever to the direction you want to go.
    Press  to 'Pass'.
    Look out for sandbars by using brown berries.
  Help Lowell locate the 9th planet, Pluto.
    Planet is around SW. Use Mirror to signal to Lowell.
  Help Melies escape from the shrinking room.
    Use Dreamstuff to get oil. Use oil to open door.
  Wake up...

  Talk to Tekapesh. Say 'Plan'.
  He will return the bodies of the people:
  Lowell, Tiffany, Carver, Melies, Wells, Lenin, Clemens and Earp.
  Ask Melies to develop Photograph.
    Give Photograph to Hearst in Olympus and he'll give you Azurite.
  Ask Tiffany to repair Broken Lens.
    Fix the Lens back on the Broadcast Tower.
    Go to Tower with control panel room and activate it.
    Alignment Coordinate:(the time of the day in 2400 hrs.
                          eg. 1:30pm == 1330)
    Energy Broadcasting Towers are now working!

  Use Radium on Cutter.
  Ask Cutter to 'Fashion' gem using Azurite.
  He'll give you a Heartstone.
  Use Heartstone on Metal Woman.
  Get Metal Woman.

  Entering Dream Machine...
  Tell Chsheket you have found the lab.
  Wake up...
  Place the Metal Woman in the Dream Machine.
  Activate the Dream Machine.
  Chsheket becomes the Metal Woman!
  Sherman will leave you and Chsheket will join you.
  If Chsheket is injured and you bring her to Dr Blood, he
    will refer Chsheket to Tesla.

  Use Rubber on Sprayer System and activate it.
  Chsheket complains that it is without color.
    Sarah Bernhardt of Olympus says she needs Rouge Berries from Argyre
    to prepare the dye.
  Talk to Diver.
  Get Chsheket to pass through steam to turn the control valve.
  Water now fills the Canals!

Location of Barges:
  25S 120W (smallest)
  8N 162W  (small with martian lamp)
  4S 9W    (small with 1 cannon)
  27S 62E  (largest with 4 cannons and tracks)

Get Barge(27S 62E) from Hellas(27S 77E).
Drive barge to Syrtis Major(10N 71E).
Use Drill to excavate iron ore.
Collect 7 loads of iron ore to full fill one rail car.
Transport the iron ore to Carnegie.
Request to get Phlogistonite from 1893 site.

1893 SITE(28S 153W)
  Phlogistonite missing!
  Get Broken Strap.

  Get Roosevelt to examine Broken Strap.
  But first, get Microscope from lab in Hellas if you don't have it.
  He'll tell you it is Rasputin's doing.
  Talk to Carnegie about 'Clue'
    and he'll make some Steel Cannonballs for you.

Get Barge(4S 9W) near Argyre.
Use Steel Cannonballs on Cannon.
Drive Barge to waterway in front of Argyre's steel gates.
Attack Argyre's gates.
Fire! Kaboom! You blew the door down!

ARGYRE(30S 107W) finally
  Talk to Rasputin(Raxachk). Very destructive plantal.
  Talk to Emma Gold. Very 'noble'.
  Get Rouge Berries.

  Ask Sarah to prepare Pigment using Rough Berries.
  She'll give you a Jar of Pigment.

  Use Pigment Jar on Sprayer System.
  Get Chsheket to stand under Sprayer.
  Use the Control Panel.
  Wow! Chsheket becomes a 'woman'! 
  Notice how Dr Spector looks at her...
  Hey, you have seen her before...in Introduction Sequel.

  Talk to Segal and he'll ask you get the phlogistonite.
  Heck! Why must it always be 
    'Avatar, get this...Avatar, get that'.
  Nevermind, this is the LAST TIME!

ARGYRE(30S 107W)
  Talk to Emma and the confused Rasputin.
  'Avatar, you must stop Raxachk'

  Enter the Dream Machine in Argyre.
  And...you meet your old foe...

  Faulinei, Shadow Lord of Falsehood,
  Astaroth, Shadow Lord of Hatred, and
  Nosfentor, Shadow Lord of Cowardice.

  Pass the tests set by the Shadow Lords.

  Finally, you get to see Raxachk in his real form. A Real Maniac!
  He'll play with you like a cat with a mouse.
  Accept all his challenges.
  And finally...You won!
  {I'll keep this part from being spoiled}

When you wake up, the ground is shaking.
The Planet's going to be blown up!
Get all 3 Phlogistonite Canisters to Carnegie.
And say 'Good Bye' to the beautiful red planet, Mars.

           *** T H E   E N D ***