Abandonware DOS title

MiG-29 Fulcrum other - Keymap

/* mig29 manual by dR!Tx of cw#3 *\

keys for mig29

HUD on/off - 'H'
engine on/off - 'E'
throttle up - '='
throttle down - '-'
full throttle - SHIFT+'+'
no throttle - SHIFT+'-'
landing gear - 'L'
wheel brake - 'W'
air brake - 'B'
eject - CTRL+'E'

use analogue joystick - CTRL+'J'
use digital joystick - ALT+'J'
use keyboard - CTRL+'K'
use mouse - CTRL+'L'
calibrate analogue joystick (whirl around and press fire) - CTRL+'Z'

roll left - 'CUR LEFT'
roll right - 'CUR RIGHT'
climb - 'CUR DOWN'
fall - 'CUR UP'
center - '0' (on right block)
center joy - 'Z'
effectiveness of keyboard movements - '1','2','3'
higher inclination - '+' (on right block)
lower inclination - '-' (on right block)
zero inclination - '*' (on the right block)
left/right rudder - '<','>'

select next waypoint - ';'

numbers - change view (in keyboard mode the funktion keys are used)

external view - 'V'
tower view - 'O'
rocket view - 'M'
enemy view - 'J'

pause - 'P'
time skip - 'X'

fire gun - joy trigger or '1' in mouse mode or 'DEL'
choose weapon - 'BACKSPACE'
choose target - 'RETURN'
fire weapon - joy trigger or '2' in mouse mode or 'SPACE'
flares - 'F'
chaffs - 'C'

flight stabilizer - 'A'
radar area - '/'

engine sound on/off - 'N'
all sonuds on/off - 'Q'

realistic flight model - CTRL+'R'
simple flight model - CTRL+'S'
advice (only on runway) - CTRL+'D'
end game - 'ESC'

mission orders

the following missions are available in mig29

single flights	codename 'blue seasprite'
                codename 'yellow dragon'
                codename 'white pegasus'
                codename 'red witch'
final mission	codename 'desert strike'				


waypoint 0: runway of home airfield 1
waypoint 1: blast your missiles testing area
waypoint 2: sea
waypoint 3: runway of home airfield 2

proposed training program

take-off, fly around and land
take-off, fly to waypoint 1, destroy everything, back to waypoint 0 and land
take-off, fly to waypoint 2, destroy targets with as-7 (air-to-ground missile), 
back to waypoint 0 and land
take-off, fly to waypoint 3, air fight and use of aa-8 (air-to-air), back to
waypoint 0 and land

single flights

blue seasprite

take-off from airfield in sibiria.
navigation in regular flight height until 30 km from submarine.
fly below radar recognition height.
when submarine in sight fly below 200 m.
wenn 100 m from sub try to find the numbers on the side of the ship.
fly back to airfield immediately.

important note:
do not attack enemy aircrafts. if you encounter any britsh aircrafts
abandon your mission at once.

waypoint 0: home airfield
waypoint 1: submarine
waypoint 2: sea harrier

yellow dragon

take-off from airfield in tbliski.
advance to chinese aircrafts and keep an eye on them until they have left the
soviet airspace.
do not attack them. only respond to attacks.
fly back to home airfield.

waypoint 0: home airfield
waypoint 1: chinese wall
waypoint 2: chinese airfield
waypoint 3: another chinese airfield

white pegasus

take-off from an island airfield.
fly near the ground until you reach the oil fields. attack the refinery and
the oil platforms with air-to-ground missiles.
fly back to home airfield.

waypoint 0: home airfield
waypoint 1: island
waypoint 2: oil platform
waypoint 3: another oil platform

red witch

take-off from home airfield.
fly to designated mission scene(?).
follow the vehicles to the terrorists' headquarters.
destroy vehicles and headquarters.
fly back to home airfield.

waypoint 0: home airfield
waypoint 1: bridge
waypoint 2: headquarters 1
waypoint 3: headquarters 2

desert strike

take-off from friendly airfield.
cross the frontier and save an airfield.
get a save flight route by destroying the defensive installations and
destroy reactor and all surrounding buildings.
fly back to friendly airfield.

waypoint 0: airfield
waypoint 1: fortress in the desert
waypoint 2: vehicles
waypoint 3: fuel depot

that's it!