Abandonware DOS title

Mines of Titan other - reference


All Mines of Titan commands are executed by means of simple

key presses or joystick movements.

When you encounter a menu, move the highlighted bar up and

down in the menu using the joystick, up and down arrow keys,

or W for up and Z for down. (You can also use I for up and

M for down). Choose the highlighted selection by pressing

the joystick button, the spacebar, or the RETURN key. Note

that the bar will initially highlight one selection -- this

is not a hint or a pre-selected choice.

Any Yes or No menus can be responded to with the Y and N keys;

or by highlighting the appropriate response using the joystick,

the left and right arrow keys, or A for left and S for right,

then pressing the joystick button, the spacebar, or RETURN key.

(You can also use J for left and K for right.)

As long as you're not in combat and no other menu or window

is on the screen, pressing the joystick button, the space bar,

or the RETURN key will bring up the General Options Menu.

When the computer shows you a descriptive passage or an

informational display, it will wait for you to examine it.

To continue game play, or to go on to the next screen,

press any key.


Depending on your computer, you control your party's movement

by key instructions or joystick movements. Joystick movements

are as you would expect them to be. From the keyboard, you

can use the arrow keys and/or letter keys for movement. Note

that movement in cities and on the surface differ from movement

in mines and tunnels.

Letter Key/Arrow Key	Movement in Cities	Movement in Caves

			and on the Surface	and Tunnels

W/I/Up			Ahead			Turn/move north

A/J/LEFT		Turn left		Turn/move west

S/K/Right		Turn right		Turn/move east

Z/M/Down					Turn/move south


Mines of Titan includes an auto-mapping feature that creates

and updates maps of places you visit. Selecting VIEW MAP in

the General Options Menus brings up this map. To return to

the game, press any key.

The auto-maps of cities use letters to differentiate

establishments on Titan. The Auto Map Legend can be

called up on any computer terminal during the game.

The legend includes the key for the letters.

A  Armory				R  Repair Shop

B  Bar, Loung, Restaurant, or Barracks	S  Speeder Transport Center

C  Computer Center			T  Combat Training Center

D  Person Development Center		U  University

G  Gambling Casino			W  War Game Room

H  Hospital				X  Exit to Surface

M  Mine Elevator			?  Computer Terminal

O  Controller's Office			!  Munition Store

P  Police Station