Abandonware DOS title

Mines of Titan manual - secret dossier

Paramount Mining
	Joint Office of the Controllers
Paramount Mining, Inc.
Class 9 Security



1-006453I225 654NDH23 6/Y/9

ATTN Controler Computer FYEO hard copy.....

DATE 06/02/61, 1321.....

CMD: Print copy, erase core memory, execute.....



1-006900I231 990NDH23 6/K/7

ATTN Cornellius Wrak, Controller Primus

DATE 05/28/61, 0421.....

PNT: communications with proscenium completely lost

at 0215 STOP review last message soonest STOP


4-906906I231 990ROY23 6/A/7

ATTN Cornelius Wrak, Controller Primus

DATE 05/28/61, 0436.....

PNT: read and deep bury proscenium last message STOP

"....anyone? ....safety barrier breached ....monsters,

never seen ....send help ....comm-link invaded ....help,

help, help..." STOP your opinions? STOP


1-087500I231 990NDH23 6/R/0

ATTN Cornellius Wrak, Controller Primus

DATE 05/28/61, 0730

PNT: police recon squad dispatched proscenium as advised

STOP transceiver messages filled with panic buttons by

cops STOP 'monsters and mutants', 'pouring out of the

tunnels', 'stacking human bodies like logs' STOP

what is happening here? STOP


3-006900I231 990NDH43 7/n/7

ATTN Cornellius Wrak, Controller Primus

DATE 05/28/61, 1554

PNT: confirm joint controllers meeting STOP primus 5/29

STOP will bring all materials on proscenium for review

STOP suggestion to deep bury all proscenium panic transmits

has been implemented STOP cover story of satellite cable

breakdown inserted to network via my sysops STOP must

receive advise from paramount hq, geneva, by meeting STOP


Summary of the Joint Controllers Meeting: 5/29/61, 0700-1300

1) Combined infopaks from all Controller offices were mashed through computer central in search of unusual events in and around Proscenium recently. Initial search proved inconclusive.

2) Recovery and analysis of infopaks from office of Hal Yu, Controller of Proscenium, were finally accomplished via Paramount HQ's override of deep core security. Sifting after mash produced the following relevant points:

A. A large tunnel complex 6 kilometers SSE of Proscenium's Alpha Adit was discovered 5/13/61 by miners. From their report to Controller Wu; "The walls of the tunnel were quite smooth, almost as if manufactured, and there was a logical layout to the tunnels that must have been created by someone -- or something -- intelligent. We began mapping the tunnels as best we could. There are many levels and they seem to go on forever. After three hours of exploration, we entered a large room where we encountered an unknown Titanian creature. The thing was huge, about 4 meters high by 3 meters wide and deep. It seemed to vibrate as we drew near, but did not otherwise move. We had little time to explore the creature because we all began suffering massive headaches that throbbed in time with the creature's vibrations. Sketches of the tunnel system were lost during the hasty retreat."

B. Beginning the day after the discovery of the tunnel complex, Proscenium miners began to report sightings of new Titanian lifeforms. According to Controller Yu's infopaks, these new creatures were unlike any encountered before. All were discovered to be predators and were quite difficult to kill. Several more sketches of these new creatures were scanned into Yu's report to Paramount HQ. It was noted that this report was not made available to the other Controllers.

3) With the approval of Paramount HQ, the Controllers were granted access to the private infopaks of all citizens and visitors on Titan. In particular, they sought all maps of caves and tunnels not recorded in the central core. Only one such map was located: a rather extensive cave system near Primus, drawn by a spelunker. Several unknown species have been sketched on the rough maps.

4) A search of descriptions of rare Titanian creatures turned up the enclosed medical report, describing the autopsy of a "jelly balloon." Controller Wrak of Primus pointed out that no further sightings of this creature had been made since the autopsy. The doctor's final speculation that this creature might be capable of intelligence was forwarded to Paramount Mining HQ, Geneva, for further evaluation.

5) As a stop-gap measure to control panic amoung the population, the Joint Controllers issued a statement that all communications with Proscenium had mysteriously stopped.

6) The Joint Controllers decided to pass on all information gathered to the office of the President of Paramount Mining, Inc. Transfer of data was accomplished by coded radio communications.

7) The Joint Controllers recessed until new orders are received from the company headquarters.

Dissection Report

1. The digestive system of this unknown creature (nicknamed "Jelly Balloon") resembles that of most other Titanian creatures. The heat generator nodule connects directly to the water storage nodules and to the food conversion nodule (i.e., liver). Solid and liquid wastes are trapped inside special bubbles and are probably excreted as the creature moves.

2. The reproductive cell contains DNA-like strands. Unable to determine if creature reproduces by meiosis or by procreation. A pseuodopod could be used to deposit sperm inside a female... if there are two sexes, as in other Titanian species.

3. The simple neural network found in all other Titanian animlas is missing form this creature. Indeed, at first examination, this specimen doesn't seem to have a brain. However, closer examination reveals a highly developed cell network enclosed in elastic cartiledge (called a "notochord" in diagram); hundreds of bubbles, small and large, connect to the central notochord.

This is pure speculation, but an argument could be made that this is the creature's neural network and brain system. Perhaps these bubbles are the creature's brain cells. If so, the creature has a huge barin as compared with other Titanian creatures. Indeed, as measued by total volume, its brain is much larger than a human brain. Except that the creature is protoamoeboid in shape and therefore unable to use tools, I would venture to suggest that it could be intelligent.

A pity they didn't capture the Jelly Balloon alive. Wouldn't it be wonderful if these things turned out to be as intelligent as a whale or a chimpanzee?
Paramount Mining Incorporated
"Where humanity is our paramount concern"

The Office of the President
31 May 2261

You idiots!

Of course those "jelly balloons" are intelligent! Our biolabs ran a simple Shoenfeld Test on the information you supplied us and came up with a 73% probability that the creature you chopped up is sapient! Why didn't you morons perform your own test?

Also 100% probable, in my opinion, is that native Titanians don't take lightly to having on of their own minced up by barbarians like us. Perhaps by now it's penetrated your thick kulls that the Titanians are responsible for the "mutants and monsters" that destroyed Proscenium! That big creature-thing found in the tunnel complex near Proscenium may be the cause. Our brave human "colonists" are going to be decimated by the Titanian "natives" protecting their homelands.

This is a public relations nightmare! The Second United Nations have been after us for years to "spread out assets among the Fourth World Nations." Now you've handed every one of our enemies, competitors, and rivals a stick to beat us into the ground! Titan -- and SOL-R-GARD -- are lost to us!

Well, it's time to form our own circle of wagons and cut bait while there's time. As much as I'd love to leave you idiots there to stew in your own juices, it's more important to save the reputation and future of Paramount Mining, and that means I've got to bail you out.

Here's exactly what you are to do:

1. Download the computer core onto disks and get them aboard the fastest transport you can find. Forward the disk to Geneva headquarters. All other Paramount Mining, Inc. files and company records must be saved. I hereby give you permission to commandeer every form of space transport on Titan for this purpose.

2. Destroy all physical evidence you've gathered. There must not be a shred remaining to connect us with this disaster. Cornie Wrak, my dear nephew, I'm warning you especially, because your memory lapses have been so notable in the past.

3. Shut down all mining operations on Titan. Perhaps we can at least delay another disaster this way.

4. To avert suspicion from us, offer a reward to the first man to discover why communications went down with Proscenium. Thank havens, the speeder system to Proscenium was not yet operational when this disaster occurred. You might get one or two fools brave enough to walk to Proscenium from Parallax, but they won't come back. This should buy us time.

5. As much as I would like to order the general evacuation of Titan, it is simply not possible. Saturn is in a poor position in its orbit relative to our other bases, and so transport ships will be few and far between for the next 18 months. I suppose, for the sake of the Paramount Mining chain of comman, I'll have to allow you clown off Titan with the company files... much as I'd love to let you suffer the same fate as those innocent civilians. Cerese station will be alerted of your expected arrival in five months.

I want you off Titan in three days. Get cracking!

Theodore Farnsworth