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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge walkthrough

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
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                Walk-Thru Solve Part I: The Largo Embargo
You start on the bridge.  Go left or right, either way, Largo will shake you
down and mug you and steal your fundage.  After he leaves, bail to the right
side of the bridge.  Stop at the sign.  PICK UP SIGN.  You will take the
shovel.  Exit right.  You will then be at an overhead view of the map of the
island.  Go to the Swamp area.  USE COFFIN.  Row to the shack, you get taken
up into the voodoo mojo chick's pad.  LOOK AT TABLE in the first room, you'll
see a thread of string on the table.  PICK UP STRING.  Now look at the jars on
the shelves next to the table.  Keep looking at things until you see the jar
of ASHES-TO-LIFE.  Now walk to the right side of the room and you will enter
the next room.  Talk to Mrs. Mojo Voodoo priestess chick about the ashes-to-
life.  You will need to know about this for later.  Now talk to her about
Largo and making a voodoo doll.  She will give you a list of ingredients you
need to make the doll... (hair, thread, body fluid, part of a dead relative.)
Leave and row back to shore, exit left back to map.

Now go to the cemetery... at the top of the hill you see some graves and
tombstones.  Go up there and you will get a closeup of the area.  The first
grave on the left is Largo's grandfather's grave.  USE SHOVEL ON GRAVE.
You will dig up the grave and get a bone from the deceased old feller.
Exit left back to the map.

Go to the beach area.  You'll find a stick on the ground.  PICK UP STICK.
Now leave back to the map.

Go back to woodtick town.  Go to Wally the cartographer's pad (second door
from right).  Talk to Wally about things.  Take a blank sheet of paper from
pile at bottom right hand side of screen.  Watch Wally closely.  He will
place his monocle on the table and rub his eyes from time to time.  When he
does this, quickly PICK UP MONOCLE.  Exit back out the door to the left.

Look near bottom of screen, you will see a hatch leading down to the Bloody
Lip bar and you will see some windows on the side of the ship.  The window on
the far left is accessible.  WALK TO WINDOW and you jump into the window and
find yourself in the kitchen.  There's a knife on the table... PICK UP KNIFE.
Leave from the window you came in at.

Walk down path towards far left, you reach the farthest ship on the left.
Enter the door.  See the little alligator tied to the post?  USE KNIFE ON
ROPE.  You will cut the alligator (Pegbiter) loose and the little bastard
runs away.  The Innkeeper freaks out and goes after Pegbiter.  PICK UP BOWL
in order to get the cheese squigglies inside Pegbiter's bowl.  Now exit
through the door on the far left.  This is Largo's room.  Quickly, before he
catches you in there, grab his toupee off the styrofoam head on top of the
desk on the far left of the room.  Now bail out the door, or wait till he
comes in and throws you out.

Go to the right and up to the screen where the pirates and the laundry dude
is.  PICK UP BUCKET (the bucket underneath the pirates).  Pirate on left will
say don't take it.  Choose dialoge option number one for best results.  You
ask if it's his bucket, he says no... you ask if minds if you take it, he
says go for it dude.  You can get the bucket with the other dialogue but the
conversation takes forever (but it's funny).  Ok, now you see a box on the
floor where the rat is scurrying around.  OPEN BOX... USE STICK WITH BOX...
set a trap to catch the little rodent.  Exit this screen for a moment, then
come back.  The Rat will be eating the squigglies under the box.  Pick Up
and Pull the string.  You will catch the rat in the box.  OPEN BOX.  TAKE
RAT. Exit this screen.

Now enter the hatch near the bottom of the screen to get into the Bloody Lip
Bar.  Talk to the Barkeeper.  Keep asking him for a drink over and over and
give him a bunch of excuses.  Pretty soon Largo comes in and orders a drink.
Largo spits on the wall before he leaves.  After this, USE BLANK SHEET OF
PAPER WITH DRIPPING SPIT.  Now you take his spit off the wall (body fluid).
Go up the stairs to leave this screen.

Now go back to the kitchen via the window.  USE RAT IN VISCIOSUES (Soup).  You
drop the rat in there.  Now bail again via the window.  Now go back down the
hatch to the Bloody Lip.  Talk to the barkeep... a dialogue option about
ordering soup now appears... Select this option.  Barkeep goes into kitchen
to check the soup out... finds rodent in soup.. fires cook... comes out and
tries to serve you soup.  Tell him you don't want the soup, he asks if you
want a job.  Take the job, get your weeks wages in advance.  Now go into the
kitchen.  Fuck this job, its boring, you can't cook, and you already got paid,
so fuck it and bail out the window.

Exit right from the town, to the map.  Go to the swamp area.  USE BUCKET ON
SWAMP.  You fill bucket with mud.  Exit back to map, head back into town.
Go to Largo's room, CLOSE DOOR, USE BUCKET WITH DOOR, now hide behind the
clothes changing curtain.  Largo comes in, get's bucket of mud on head,
clothes are dirty.  Largo goes to cleaners, follow him there.  Watch the
conversation.  Largo leaves.  Now go back to his room, CLOSE DOOR.  You will
see a laundry ticket tacked to the back of the door.  PICK UP TICKET.  Go
back to the laundry dude, give him the ticket, he gives you Largo's clothes.

Now exit the town to the map, head to the swamp and back to the Mojo bitch.
Give all your voodoo doll ingredients (toupee, bone, bra and spit) to her.
She will make a voodoo doll and give it to you with some pins.

Now get back to the town, head to Largo's room.  When you go in there he
will start yelling and start to throw you out.  While he's doing this,
quickly USE PINS ON VOODOO DOLL.  Now watch the animation sequence as you
banish Largo from town.

Head out of town to map.  Go down to peninsula.  You meat captain dreadlocks
rastafarian joint toker.  Talk to him.  Now select ROLL JOINT, now SMOKE
JOINT WITH RASTA MAN.  The two of you start toking and get high.... ok just
kidding.  You talk to him and he tells you he needs his necklace to sail.
Give him Wally's monocle and it will suffice.  Now he'll give you a map and
you tell him where you want to go.  Select PHATT ISLAND from the map. While
on Dread's boat remember to pick up the bag of Parrot Chow when you see it.

Congratulations... You just finished Part I

                 Walk-Thru Solve Part ][: The Four Pieces
When you arrive on PHATT you get arrested by the guard no matter what you
say to him.  After the conversation with the Phatt pig you find yourself
behind bars.  PICK UP MATTRESS... there's a stick underneath.  USE STICK ON
BONE (the bone is the leg bone of the skeleton in the cell on the left.)
You flip the bone into your cell with the stick.  PICK UP BONE... GIVE BONE
TO DOG.  Dog walks to you, drops key, takes bone.  PICK UP KEY, USE KEY ON
CELL DOOR... you are now free.  Before leaving be sure to grab the two
envelopes on the shelf near the door.  One is the MANILLA envelope and one
is the GORILLA envelope.  In the manilla is all your inventory, and in the
gorilla is a banana and an organ.  OPEN ENVELOPES to obtain the items. Now
leave the jail.

From the jail, head right.  You will see a long path going off into the
distance.  Along this path you will see a few alleys and a library on the
left, and a pier on the right.  Head to the pier.  Talk to the old man
who is fishing.  Brag to him about what a great fisher you are.  He will
challenge you to a contest from which you can get his fishing pole if you
win.  The contest is who catches the biggest fish.  After you talk to him
leave the screen to the left.  Head to the Library.

Inside the library, to the left is a model lighthouse.  OPEN LIGHTHOUSE.
You find a lighthouse lens... pick it up and keep it.  Now go talk to the
librarian.  Apply for a library card.  Now you have a temporary card.  Go
over to the card catalogue.  Select a book that you WON'T NEED later.  My
favorite book to use for this is the Pirate's Primer found under P in the
catalog.  It's a book about software piracy... haha... You need to get
two other books at this point that you will need later.  One is under D
for Disasters and pertains to the sunken ship Mad Monkey.  The other book
pertains to the Ashes to Life spell and is found under A for Ashes.  Or V
for Voodoo... can't remember... When you find the three books and select
Hmmm I better remember this book for each one, go over to the librarian
and ask for each book by name.  She will give you the books you request.
Now leave the library and head back to the left towards the jail.... keep
going left past the jail and you'll see a long path to the left heading off
into the distance.  Take this path to the map screen.  Now head to PHATT

Enter the mansion through the front door.  Try to walk up the stairs.  The
guard stops you.  Tell him he's confused you with your cousin Guybrush.  Then
tell him you think there is a fire in the kitchen.  He leaves, you can now
proceed up the stairs.  When you get into the Phattboy's bedroom he's asleep.
Notice there is a book on top of his fat belly.  Move the cursor over the
book and you see the title is famous pirate quotations.  You will now need
to use your book to offset the weight of his book so you can take it.  Select
USE PIRATE PRIMER WITH FAMOUS PIRATE QUOTES.  After a short animation which is
reminiscent of Indy Jones and the Temple of Doom, you end up with the Quote
book.  Leave this place now and go back to the wharf.

Head over to the path where the library is.  You will see two alleys.  Head
into the first alley.  There's a guy betting with a guy who's running a
roulette wheel.  He wins the bet and leaves... quickly follow this guy out
of the alley.  He heads into the second alley, follow him there and hide
behind the crates and watch what he does.  He then leaves.  Now go up to the
door, select OPEN PEEPHOLE, Guybrush knocks on the door. When the dude answers
the door select the first dialogue option (Give me the next roulette number).
He will ask for the password.  What he will do is hold up some fingers and
say one thing, then hold up different fingers and say another thing.  For
instance he'll hold up four fingers and say "If this is two", then he'll hold
up one finger and say "Then what is this".  You will then have to select a
number.  In this example the answer would be FOUR.  Why?  Well, here's the
secret - When he first holds his hand up, count how many fingers he has up.
This will be the magic number.  Everything else he says is just designed to
throw you off.  He'll make you repeat the deal successfully three times in
a row.  Just keep telling him the number of fingers he holds up first and
you'll get it right each time.  After three times he tells you the number
you need to win roulette.  After you get the number, go back to the roulette
wheel and place a bet.  Win the ticket to the party, go back to the gamblers
club, get the next number, go back to roulette, place bet, win, take the
money, go back to the gamblers club, get the next number, go back to the
roulette dude, place bet, win, take the circus tickets.... Now leave and go
back to Dread's ship on the far right.  Ask Homeboy to take you to BOOTY

When you arrive on Booty go into the first shop you see on the left, the
antique shop and buy everything you can get.  This includes the following
ELVIS PLATE, SHINY SAW, PARROT'S MIRROR, maybe some other shit too...
Don't worry about money, you will have plenty to get all you need. In order
to buy things select PICK UP (ITEM) and Guybrush will say he wants to buy
it.  The Antique Dealer will then either tell Guybrush the price and offer
to sell the item, or decline to sell the item entirely.  The few things
you might have trouble buying are the Sign about Parrot and the Parrot's
Mirror.  To buy the sign about the parrot, the antique dealer will decline
to sell it first, then agree to sell it.  With the parrot's mirror, the
dealer will decline to sell it unless you do something first.  Here's what
you do... First make sure you bought the sign about the parrot.  Once you
do this there will be an empty hook left in the place where the sign was.
Take your bag of parrot chow that you got from Dread's ship.  Select USE
EMPTY BAG OF PARROT CHOW ON HOOK.  You will hang the parrot chow bag on
the hook.  The picture of the parrot on the parrot chow bag will attract
the parrot.  The parrot will walk from the left end of the perch to the
right end of it in order to look at the bag of parrot chow.  Now that the
parrot is not looking at the mirror anymore, the dealer will let you buy
the parrots mirror.  Select PICK UP MIRROR to get the dealer to sell it.
After you buy everything, talk to the dealer about the piece of the map
on his counter.  He wants millions for this map piece, but he'll also trade
something for it.  He tells you about the figurehead of a sunken ship called
the Mad Monkey.  Find the figurehead and he'll trade it for the map.  We'll
find the figurehead later.... for now, leave the antique shop and head on
across the street over to the costume shop.

Inside the costume shop the costume dude will not give you a costume unless
you have one reserved.  If you show him your ticket to Governor Marley's
party he will give you your reserved costume.  Select GIVE MARDIS GRAS PARTY
TICKET TO COSTUME DUDE.  He will give you the costume that had been reserved
for the previous owner of the ticket.  Unfortunately the costume is not quite
your style, but you are stuck with it and it will get you where you need
to go, so take it and leave.

Now walk to the right from the costume shop and meet up with Kate who is
standing near Stan's Used Coffin Store waving flyers and yelling.  Talk to
her and take a flyer from her.  Now say goodbye and proceed on your way,
moving right.

Walk past Stan's shop (you'll deal with him later), you will see the spitting
contest, just keep walking past it towards the right of the screen (you'll
enter it later), and then you'll get to the far right of the screen, exit it
and arrive at the map of the island.  Select Gov. Marley's Mansion from the

On your way to the mansion you meet a chick guard dressed as LeChuck.  Have a
conversation with her, put your costume on, then proceed to the mansion.
When you get to the mansion, before you enter, notice there is a path running
to the back of the mansion.  There are actually two paths, one heading left,
and one right.  Take either path and you arrive in back.  There is a back door
which leads to the kitchen and there are some garbage cans.  Select PUSH
GARBAGE CANS.  You make a loud noise with the cans and the cook get's way
pissed and comes out yelling at you.  Run away from the cook and he will
chase after you.  Run to the path and follow it to the front of the mansion.
Keep running past the front of the mansion to the opposite path and follow it
around the other side of the mansion towards the rear again. You will have
made a complete circle around the mansion, the cook has been chasing you all
the way.  Quickly enter the kitchen door before the cook catches you.  Inside
the kitchen you see a pot of fish. Take one of the fish and leave the kitchen.
Let the cook yell some more and ignore him and he will go back in the kitchen.
Now take one of the paths back to the front of the mansion and enter the
mansion via the front door.  All of the guests will ignore you so don't waste
time talking to them.  Look to the far left side of the room, there is a
painting there.  You see a piece of the map you need stuck on the corner of
the painting.  PICK UP PIECE OF MAP.  Now leave the mansion.  You will get
stopped by the gardener and the dog and taken back into the mansion and taken
upstairs to see Gov. Marley.  Marley will be pissed and the two of you will
have a conversation.  Select all of the polite, grovelling dialogue selections
and you will be ok.  Don't piss her off more.  She will end up taking the map
and tossing it out the window.  Leave the room, head on downstairs and out the
front door.  Try to pick up the map piece and it will float away and then
get carried by the wind and finally land on the side of the cliff.  Go back
inside the mansion.  Go upstairs and into Gov. Marley's room.  She's gone now.
Notice the oar mounted above her bed.  PICK UP OAR. Now leave, go downstairs
and out the door.  The dog will bark and you tell him to shut the hell up.
When the dog shuts up, select PICK UP DOG, and you will take the dog Guybrush
and stuff him in your pocket.  Now leave to the right, heading down the path
away from the mansion and you will arrive back at the overhead view of the
map.  Select Dread's ship from here and when you get to the ship have him
take you back to PHATT Island.

Back on Phatt Island take the path over to the pier with the old fishing man.
Select GIVE FISH TO MAN.  You will have a conversation and he will admit you
caught the biggest fish and you win.  Your prize is his fishing pole so he
gives you his pole and leaves.  Go back to Dread's Ship and have him take
your ass back to BOOTY Island.

Back on Booty Island go down the path to the left past the antique shop,
behind the old man with the cannon and you'll enter the overhead view map.
Select the cliff at the bottom of the map.  When you arrive there, select
WALK TO SIDE OF CLIFF.  You will get a view of the map on the side of the
cliff.  Select USE FISHING POLE WITH PIECE OF MAP.  You will cast your
line, hook the map and start reeling it up.  When you almost have the map,
a bird flys by and takes the map from you and flys to the BIG TREE.  Leave
the cliff area and you'll be back on the overhead view of the map of the
island.  From here, select the big tree and walk to it.

When you arrive at the big tree, you will see a bunch of holes in the tree.
The first hole has a plank stuck into it that will act like a step.  Take
the oar from your inventory and stick it into the second hole.  ie.  USE
OAR WITH HOLE.  Now step up on the big tree root from the left.  Now walk
to the plank, now walk to the oar.  When you step on the oar it will break
and you will fall and hit your head and become unconscious.  You will have
a dream then you will wake up again.  Pick up the broken oar and leave this
scene, back to the overhead map.  From here select Dread's ship.  When you
get to the ship, have him take you back to SCAB Island.

Head on over to the left and enter the first door you see, which will be the
Woodsmith's workshop.  Select GIVE BROKEN OAR TO WOODSMITH.  The Woodsmith
will fix your oar, reinforce it, and give it back to you.  Leave the workshop.
Walk left and head on over to Wally the Cartographer's pad.

At Wally's all you need to do is replace his monocle with something he can
see with.  Give him the lighthouse lens you got from the model lighthouse
at the library.  Select GIVE LIGHTHOUSE LENS TO WALLY.  Now leave Wally's
abode and head on across the way to the Bloody Lip Bar.

When you get down the hatch to the Bloody Lip Bar, order some drinks.  The
barkeep dude will have a variety of specialty drinks that have colorful names.
Order one of each drink.  The Barkeeper will give you a free crazy straw.  You
will USE CRAZY STRAW WITH DRINKS later in the game in order to drink them. Now
ask the barkeep for some near-grog.  He'll tell you that Kate bought all the
near grog.  You'll need to know about this later.  Now look over at Jojo the
monkey.  See his metronome?  (That ticking thing on top of the piano).  Place
the banana on the metronome ie. USE BANANA ON METRONOME.  Jojo becomes dazed
while looking at the banana.  Select PICK UP JOJO... you pick the monkey up
and stuff him in your pocket.  Now leave this scene, head back up the stairs
to the surface.

Now proceed left and up to where the laundry dude and the pirates are.  The
pirates are all kicking back and sleeping.  You need to get a few things from
the Woodsmith's workshop, so the goal here is to somehow get the Woodsmith
to leave his shop... Perhaps if you created an incident where an emergency
Woodsmith housecall would be necessary you could accomplish your task.  Any
ideas?  Take a look at 'ole pegleg the pirate... see his peg leg?  Select
USE SAW ON PEGLEG.  You saw his peg leg off! haha.  Now leave this area.
The pegleg dude wakes up, notices his peg leg is gone and starts screaming.
From here go to the Woodsmiths Workshop.

When you get to the workshop, notice that the Woodsmith is gone.  He went out
to go fix the peg leg you sawed off.  Now that he's gone you can take a few
things that you will need later.  Take the Woodsmith's hammer from the wall,
then take some nails.  That's all you'll need from here so leave this area
and go back down the path to the right till you get to the overhead map.
Now select Dread's ship and have him take you back to BOOTY Island.

Back on Booty Island head on over to Stan's and go inside.  Stan is a high
pressure salesman and one of the most hilarious characters I've seen in an
adventure game in a very long time.  Some of the things he will say to sell
you his things are incredibly funny.  So ask Stan to see a coffin and enjoy
some of the things he says during the conversation.  At one point he hops
inside the coffin to show you how roomy it is.  At this point select CLOSE
COFFIN, and you will close the coffin door on top of him.  Stan should give
you a complimentary Stan's Used Coffin's promotional hanky sometime at this
point of the game.  Now, quickly select USE NAILS ON COFFIN.  If you do this
quickly enough you will hammer the coffin lid down with the nails and seal
it shut.  If you aren't quick enough Stan jumps out before you get the
chance, but you can get him to go back in just by talking to him and asking
him to show you the coffin again.  After Stan is nailed shut into the coffin
he really starts saying some damn funny things.  For a really good laugh
ring the bell on the counter while stan is sealed in the coffin... OK now
do what you came to do, take the CRYPT KEY.  It's on the back wall behind
the counter.  You can break the cash register open with the hammer if you
want, but it's empty so don't bother.  Leave Stan's store (poor Stan).

Now head on over to the right and you arrive at the spitting contest.  Stand
over near the flag markers in the ground and select USE SHIP HORN (the horn
that you got from the antique shop).  When you blow the horn the spitmaster
will leave momentarily.  Now's your chance so act quickly.  Select PICK UP
FLAG.  You will move the flag markers around in a way such that the distance
is less to win first place in the spit contest.  The Spitmaster will now
come back.  Look at the colorful drinks from the bar in your inventory.  You
will need to mix the blue and the yellow drink to form a green drink that
will make your spit thick.  Select USE YELLOW DRINK WITH BLUE DRINK.  The
drinks will mix into a green one.  Now select USE CRAZY STRAW WITH GREEN
DRINK.  You will drink some of the green drink and it will make your spit
nice and thick.  Now select TALK TO SPITMASTER... Tell him you want to enter
the contest... Select a name for yourself, I chose the best one, Captain
Loogie. haha.  Ok now you don't need to hawk or swish or anything to win the
contest, the trick is all in the wind at this point.  See the line of spit
contest spectators?  Look at the last spectator on the right.  She is wearing
this sash around her waist that will blow in the wind from time to time.  Keep
a close eye on this sash.  Point the icon to PTOOIE and poise your finger
over your mouse, ready to click.  When the wind blows the sash up you know
the wind will be right to help your spit fly high and far.  With a little
timing you can click on PTOOIE just as the sash is blowing and your spit will
fly well and you will win first prize.  (A plaque with a loogie on it).  If
you fuck up, you can try and try again so keep trying until you win and get
your Loogie Plaque.  When you do get your first prize, head back over towards
the left and go back to the antique shop.

At the shop select GIVE PLAQUE TO SHOPKEEPER.  He won't seem to interested in
buying the plaque at first, but in your conversation if you keep selecting
dialogue selections that hype up the plaque and make it sound like a valuable
item you can get the dude to offer you 6000 pieces of eight for the plaque.
Say yes and sell him the plaque for the 6k, then leave the shop.  Now you have
enough money to charter a glass bottom boat from Kate and search for the
Figurehead of the sunken ship, Mad Monkey.  Ahh, but first you must know the
coordinates of where the sunken ship is located.  Select LOOK AT MAD MONKEY
BOOK, and it will tell you the coordinates.  Write these coordinates down
and walk over to the right and talk to the flyer lady, Kate.

Talk to Kate and ask her to charter her ship. She'll ask you to show her where
you want to go on the map.  When you move the icon around, coordinates will
appear.  Move the icon around until you are pointing to the same coordinates
shown in the book that you wrote down.  Select that point and you'll be out
on Kates boat in the ocean.  Select "Dive down into the sea".  You will swim
down to the bottom of the ocean and see a sunken ship.  The Figurehead is
at the front of the ship to the right.  Swim over to it and pick it up.  It
is too heavy to swim back up to the surface with, so swim back over to the
left and you'll see the anchor.  Swim to the anchor and select PULL ROPE (the
rope that is attached to the anchor)... Once you do this Kate will haul you
and the anchor back aboard the boat.  You will soon arrive back on BOOTY
Island.  Talk to kate again.  Ask her if she is the same Kate who bought
all the near-grog.  She is, so ask her for some of the near-grog.  She'll
be a stingy bitch and refuse to give you any.  You'll get some revenge on the
cunt for that a little later.  For now, head on over to the Antique Shop.

will trade you his piece of the map.  You now have your first of four map
pieces that you need.  Let's go get the second piece from the Big Tree....
Exit the shop, head off to the left to get to the overhead map view.  From
here select BIG TREE and go there.

Once you arrive at the big tree select USE REINFORCED OAR WITH HOLE to place
your repaired oar back into that second hole.  Now walk to the big tree root,
walk to the plank, walk to the oar.  Now you will be standing atop the oar,
and you will need to select PICK UP PLANK.  Pick up the plank from behind you.
Now Select USE PLANK WITH HOLE to put the plank in the third hole up which
is to the right of the oar you're standing on.  Pretty soon he'll get the idea
and climb up the rest of the tree by himself.  When you get there and you see
the three treehouses, look way up at the top treehouse on the left.  Select
it to walk up there.  You will find a telescope up there... PICK UP TELESCOPE.
Now head back down to the first treehouse and enter the doorway.  The bird
that stole your map piece is in there sitting on top of a large pile of other
maps that you will never need.  How will you ever find your map now?  Well
remember the doggie at Marley's pad?  He seemed to have a nose that could
sniff out objects that belonged to Gov. Marley.  Maybe he could sniff out
the map for you... Select USE DOGGIE ON PILE OF MAPS.  The dog will jump
into the pile and come out with your map.  Congratulations - you now have two
of four map pieces.  Leave the treehouse and climb back down the tree.  Go
to the overhead map view and select Dread's ship.  Have him take your ass
back to SCAB Island.

Once you arrive on SCAB Island, head back to the right to get to the overhead
map view.  From here select the CEMETERY.  At the CEMETERY on the right hand
side there are several tombs and one crypt.  Go to the crypt and select USE
CRYPT KEY (from Stan's) ON CRYPT.  You will open the door and go inside.
Walk to the last coffin on the very bottom right-hand side of the room.  Now
you need to refer to your book of pirate quotes that you got from King Phatt
boy.  Select LOOK AT BOOK OF PIRATE QUOTATIONS.  Read a few of the quotes.
Now select LOOK AT COFFIN, to examine the coffin on the bottom right hand side
of the room.  You will notice some familiar quotes.  Now select OPEN COFFIN.
You will remove the lid and see some ashes inside.  Now select PICK UP ASHES
and you will get some ashes.  Now leave the crypt, exit the CEMETERY to the
left and you'll be back on the overhead map.  From here go to the swamp area.

At the swamp area take the coffin boat back to the voodoo mojo bitch and tell
her you got some ashes so she can make an ashes-to-life potion for you.  Give
her the ashes and she'll say she forgot the recipe for the potion.  Give her
the book about ashes to life that you got from the library.  The book contains
the recipe and will allow her to make the potion for you.  Get the potion and
leave the place, row back to the shore and exit left back to the map.  From
here head back on over to the CEMETERY.

Back at the CEMETERY enter the crypt again and LOOK AT OPEN COFFIN. Now select
USE ASHES-TO-LIFE POTION ON ASHES.  The dead dude will come back to life. He's
the guy who owns that wiener hut on the beach.  He didn't know he was dead.
Talk to him and tell him he's dead.  He has this nagging feeling he left his
stove burners on back at the wiener shack.  Offer to turn the stove off for
him and he'll give you the key to the place.  Leave the crypt and exit the
CEMETERY back to the map.  Select the beach area at the top of the map and
go there.

At the beach walk over to the shack and select USE KEY ON DOOR, the door will
open.  Walk inside and you'll see that the burners are indeed on.  Select USE
KNOBS and you will turn the burners off.  Now exit the shack, then exit the
beach left and get back to the map.  From here select the CEMETERY again.

Back at the CEMETERY, enter the open crypt again.  Look at the open coffin.
Select USE ASHES-TO-LIFE POTION ON ASHES and he comes back to life again...
Tell him you turned his burners off... he can rest in peace now and will give
you his piece of the map.  Congratulations you now have THREE OF FOUR Map
Pieces!  Exit the crypt, exit the CEMETERY and you'll be back on the map.
Select Dread's ship and have him take you over to PHATT ISLAND.

Now that you're back on PHATT Island you're gonna get some payback on that
Kate bitch who wouldn't give you any near-grog.  Still have Kate's flyer
in your inventory?  Good... See your face on that wanted poster pasted to
the wall?  Select USE KATE'S PICTURE ON WANTED POSTER and you will paste
Kate's face over yours on the wanted poster!  Now leave this scene by going
into the library or something.  Kate will walk up to the poster and see it.
The guard will come over and, thinking she is you, take Kate and throw
the bitch in jail.  Now head back over to the jail and go inside.  Kate's
envelope containing her personal possessions is lying on one of the shelves
near the door.  Take the envelope and open it and you will have yourself a
bottle of near-grog.  You'll need this later.  Leave the jail and walk
back over towards the right.  Take the path where the library is way down to
the end so you can get to the overhead map view of the island.  From here
select the waterfall area and go there.

Once you arrive at the waterfall walk up along side of it to the top of the
hill.  When you get here the view will change to a small clearing above the
waterfall and you will see a pump here.  The pump controls the waterfall
flow and to get past the waterfall you're gonna need to turn the water off via
this pump.  But how do you manipulate the pump?  You need a tool of some sort,
like a wrench, perhaps... or maybe a monkey wrench?  Or maybe even a monkey!
Yep that's right, select USE JOJO (The monkey from the bar) WITH PUMP.  Jojo
will act as a monkey wrench on the pump and the waterfall will be turned off.
Go back down the side of the waterfall from whence you came.  The waterfall
is off now and you can see a "newly discovered gaping hole" which lies at
the base of the fall.  Walk into this hole and you will be headed down a
tunnel.  The tunnel you are walking through is taking you underneath the
sea that separates the small island with the cottage on it from the larger
island of PHATT.  Proceed on through this tunnel until you come out on the
other side.  You are now on the small island!

On the small island you can see a cottage high above you, a path leading up
to the cottage on the left, the tunnel back to PHATT to the right of the
path, and to the right of the tunnel, under the cottage there is a hole.  Dont
bother with the hole just yet, select the cottage with your icon.  Guybrush
will walk up the path to the cottage and soon arrive there.  Open the cottage
front door and walk inside.

Inside you meet up with a man.  Have a conversation with him and pretty soon
he will challenge you to a drinking contest.  He will move off-screen to the
left to prepare a mug of grog for you, then he'll come back and set it on the
table.  He will then go back off-screen to the left to prepare a mug of grog
for himself.  When he leaves at this point, you must act quickly.  What you
want to do is empty the grog from your cup and refill it with near-grog so
you can win the drinking contest.  Select PICK UP MUG OF GROG.  Walk over to
the tree in the barrel located on the far upper left hand corner of this
screen.  Select USE MUG OF GROG ON TREE and you will empty the mug of grog
onto the tree.  Now select USE NEAR-GROG ON MUG to fill the mug with near
grog.  Now select USE MUG OF NEAR-GROG ON TABLE to put the mug back down.  If
you worked quickly, by this time the man should be just arriving back into
the room with his mug of grog and you both sit down. He makes you drink first.
You drink your near-grog and you are fine... He then drinks his mug of grog
and passes out cold on the floor... You win the contest!  Walk over to the
top of the room and find the mirror frame hanging on the wall.  Hmm I think
a mirror needs to go here.  Take the mirror you got from the antique shop
and place it into the frame... Select USE MIRROR WITH MIRROR FRAME.  When
that is done, walk on over to the bottom right hand side of the room.  The
front door is on this side and there is a window to the right of this door
in the bottom right corner of the room.  You will need to open this window
before you go on.  Select OPEN WINDOW.  Once the window is open, go outside
through the front door.  See that ugly statue out there on the lawn?  Walk
over to it.  There is an inscribed plaque at the base of the front of the
statue.  Read this plaque and you'll get a hint about what to do next.
Can you figure it out?  No?  ok well here's what you do... Take your
telescope that you got from the top of the Big Tree.  Put your telescope in
the statue's hand.  To do this select USE TELESCOPE WITH UGLY STATUE.  You
will see a beam of sunlight shine through the telescope, through the open
window into the cottage, bounce off the mirror you put in the mirror frame,
and finally it will shine upon a single brick in the wall on the far left
side of the room.  Remember this brick.  The light will stop shining and
the telescope will drop to the ground and you will pick it up automatically.
Now walk back into the cottage and walk over to the left side of the room
where that brick wall is.  What you want to do here is pull the brick that
the spotlight showed you.  Below the trap door you are standing on is a
basement that contains the fourth and last piece to the map.  The basement
also contains a hole with a chute that spills out onto the beach below
the cottage.  Above this chute is a butt slide that your butt slides down
when you fall through the trap door.  If you pull the wrong brick, this
butt slide will spill you out onto the beach below and you'll have to
hike back up the hill to the cottage again.  If you pull the right brick,
(the one the spotlight pointed out), the butt slide will spill you out
right into the basement.  So pull this brick; select PULL BRICK and click
on the spotlighted brick.  You will fall down the trap door and find
yourself in the basement.  If you pulled the wrong brick or forgot the
right brick you'll find yourself on the beach.  You can hike back up
the hill and use the telescope on the statue again to find out the right
brick.  If you did it right and you are now in the basement, pick up the
map that the skeleton is holding.  Now bail through the hole in the floor.
From the beach, climb back up the path to get to the overhead map view.
From here select captain Dread's ship.  Have Dread take you over to SCAB

At Scab Island you'll want to head on over to Wally the Cartographer's pad
and have him put this map together for you.  When you get to Wally's, select
GIVE MAP PIECE TO WALLY.  You can give him any one of the map pieces and
he'll get the other three from you automatically.  It seems that Wally had
ordered a love potion from The House Of Mojo and asks you to go pick it up
for him while he puts your map back together.  So leave Wally's and head on
over to the swamp area and visit the House Of Mojo.  Talk to the Mojo bitch
and select the dialogue about Wally's Love Potion.  She'll give you his
love potion (Inside the Juju bag), but first she has a vision.  She senses
Wally being kidnapped by LeChuck.  She tells you to go save his ass.  Leave
and row back to shore.  Open the juju bag or look at it and a love bomb
and some matches will pop out.  Now head over to Woodtick and visit Wally's
pad again.  Look at his table and see the message he scratched into it.  Now
go back to the House of Mojo in the swamp.  Walk over to where the swamp
meets the shoreline.  See that crate sitting up there on the shore?  Walk
over to it.  LOOK AT CRATE.  See who it's addressed to?  Get an idea
of what to do now?  Select OPEN CRATE... now select USE CRATE.  Guybrush
will hop into the crate and shut the lid.  Some UPS type dudes will pick
the crate up with you in it and ship it over to Lechuck's Fortress.

Congratulations... you just finished Part ][

              Walk-Thru Solve Part ]I[: LeChuck's Fortress
You start out here standing in the fortress next to the shipping crate that
you arrived in.  Walk to the right and go up the stairs and enter the door
at the top.  Walk straight across the room to the far right and enter the
doorway.  Walk past bones to the door across the room to the right and enter
that door.  Now walk down the stairs over to the cell and you'll find Wally
strung up by his wrists in the cell.  Talk to Wally, he'll tell you to go
get the key to the cell.  Leave Wally, head back on up the stairs and out
the door.  Head left over to the three "Ugly Bone Things".  Remember the
paper you got Largo's spit on?  Look at this spit encrusted paper now.
See the song?  Read the first verse of the song.  Note how the bones are
connected in this song.  Now go back to the view of the room.  Find the
skeleton whose bone configuration corresponds to that of the first verse
of the song.  Push that skeleton.  Walk through it.  When you arrive in the
next room look at the paper again.  Read the second verse of the song.  Push
the skeleton whose bone configuration corresponds to the second verse of
the song.  Keep doing this for all four verses and you will finally arrive
in a room with a huge door and many locks on it.  Simply select OPEN DOOR
and walk inside.  See the key hanging on the wall to the right of LeChucks
throne?  Walk over and pick the key up.  Surprise, Lechuck captures you.
There's no way to avoid this so don't worry about it.

In the next scene you and Wally are strung up over this pit of acid.  Lechuck
explains what will happen to you when the candle burns down.  Ask Lechuck
some stupid questions and he will finally leave.  Now, for a good laugh,
talk to Wally and ask him some questions.  Ok, now get down to business.
Go to your inventory and select USE CRAZY STRAW WITH GREEN DRINK.  Now you
can spit at things.  See that shield to your immediate right side?  You need
to spit at the EXTREME bottom left-hand corner of this shield to put the
candle out.  Position your icon properly and spit.  If you miss, keep trying
and remember... EXTREME bottom left hand corner of the shield.  Sooner or
later you'll put the candle out and the screen will go completely dark.
Light a match to see what's going on... Select USE MATCHES.... Oooops...
Surprise... Kaboom!

Congratulations... You just finished part ]I[... Short huh?

                  Walk-Thru Solve Part IV: Dinky Island
You arrive on Dinky Island.  Walk over to the far right and talk to Herman
Toothrot.  When he asks you what color the tree is, if you cycle through all
50 or so colors in the dialogue box you will finally get to select "ALL
COLORS" and he will say that is the correct answer and leave you alone.  You
don't really have to talk to this chump but hey, I had to suffer through his
bullshit so you should too!  Now walk over to the left and look at the base
of the still on the ground.  You should see a martini glass there, and a
black crowbar lying on the ground to the right of the glass.  Pick em both
up.  Now look on the left bottom corner of the screen.  See that bottle
lying there half in the water and half on shore?  Go pick it up.  Now, see
that rock there to the left of the still?  Select USE BOTTLE ON ROCK to
bust the bottle open.  Now walk over to the barrel underneath the parrot.
Select OPEN BARREL and you'll get yourself a cracker.  Select GIVE CRACKER
TO PARROT.  The parrot will give you a clue (Head due East from Pond to
Dinosaur).  Now select USE MARTINI GLASS ON OCEAN to fill it with sea water.
Now select USE MARTINI GLASS WITH STILL to distill the sea water and make
clean distilled salt-free water.  Now walk along the beach to the left and
about half way down the beach you will see a hole leading into the jungle;
enter this hole.

In the jungle you see a path heading up and one heading left.  Take the path
on the left first.  Follow the path on the next screen all the way up to
the top.  When you arrive on the next screen after this you will see a bag
tied up to a tree and hanging there.  Select USE BROKEN BOTTLE ON BAG and
you will cut the bag open to reveal a box of cracker mix which falls to the
ground.  Pick up the box of cracker mix and follow the path all the way
back to where you started at the opening to the jungle.  Now take the path
leading up to the top of the screen.  You will find a box with a rope tied
around it sitting on the ground next to a pond on the next screen.  Select
PICK UP ROPE to get it.  Now select USE CROWBAR ON BOX to open it.  Now
take the dynamite from the box and head east (right) two screens until you
arrive at the dinosaur.  When you do, the parrot will fly into the scene
and land on the dinosaur.  Select USE MARTINI GLASS WITH WATER ON CRACKER
MIX.  You will get two crackers.  Give one cracker to the bird for another
hint (Head North from dinosaur to pile of rocks).  Follow this hint.  When
you arrive at the rock pile the bird will fly over again.  Give him the
last cracker for the final hint (Head due east to Big 'X').  Follow this
hint by walking off the right side of the screen and you'll see the Big
X... (ya can't miss it... haha).  Herman will walk over and tell you he
knew a shortcut all along.. what a dick.  Herman takes you back to camp
so when you get there take his shortcut (move right) to get back to the
Big X.  Select USE SHOVEL ON BIG X to dig a hole.  Now select USE MATCHES
ON DYNAMITE to lite your dynamite.  Now select USE LIT DYNAMITE ON HOLE.

Watch cut-away screen with Elaine... You are now inside deep hole facing
treasure.  Select USE ROPE WITH CROWBAR, then select USE ROPE & CROWBAR
WITH TWISTED RODS (located at the top where the hole is).  You will end
up swinging over to the treasure but left hanging there.  This is where
you came in at!  Elaine will talk to you for a minute, then the rope
breaks and you fall down into pitch dark.  Move the icon around to feel
around for a light switch.  When you find it, select USE LIGHT SWITCH.

Have a conversation with LeChuck and find out his startling revelation
about the two of you... Sorta like Star Wars, huh?  Lechuck will zap
you with his voodoo doll a few times.  Walk back to the treasure room
when the coast is clear (first room on the far left hand end of the
tunnel).  Pick up the ticket from the smashed up treasure chest.  Walk
right all the way through the tunnel to the very far right hand end
of the tunnel.  Enter the door to the first aid room from here.

Inside the First Aid room take a look at the skeletons.  Now PICK UP
DADS SKULL.  Walk across the room over to the trash can located
underneath the First Aid sign.  Open the trash can and take the surgical
gloves out of it.  Now open the medical drawer to your immediate left.
Take the hypodermic syringe from the medical drawer.  Now leave this room
and head back on down the tunnel to the left.  In the next room you'll
see another door to the left of the first aid sign.  Enter this door and
you'll be in a storage room.  Open all the boxes on the floor.  You'll
find a balloon in one box, rootbeer in another box, and a voodoo doll
in the last box.  Take each of these items, doll, balloon and root beer
and exit the room.  Head back on down the tunnel to the left.  On the
next screen you'll find another door on the back wall to the right of
the elevator sign.  Enter this door and you'll be in a room with a
broken grog machine.  Use the gloves and the balloon with the helium
container.  Walk over to the grog machine and look it over.  See the
coin return at the top?  Select USE COIN RETURN and a coin will pop
out and roll on the floor.  At this point LeChuck should come in and
pick up the coin.  If he doesn't right away then just wait awhile or
do the coin trick again.  When LeChuck does finally arrive and bends
over to pick the coin up, his big ass and underwear will be hanging
out.  Select PULL UNDERWEAR to yank his shorts out.  LeChuck will voodoo
zap you into another room.  Go back to the grog room and mess with the
coin return again to cause another coin to drop.  Wait for LeChuck to
come back again.  This time when he bends over to pick up the coin
select USE HANKIE (from Stan's) WITH LECHUCK.  LeChuck will take the
hankie from you, blow his nose and give it back, then zap you into
another room.  Walk to the elevator room, push the elevator button and
walk inside.  Stand near the lever and when LeChuck arrives select USE
LEVER as fast as you can.  If your timing is right the doors will close
in LeChuck's face and cut part of his beard off.  Pick the beard up.
The elevator takes you up to the top floor.  Open the door and exit.

Remember this scene from Monkey Island I?  Yeah, me too... Ok you'll
have some peace and quiet up here to make your voodoo doll of LeChuck.
What you want to do is put the doll, the beard, the skull, the hankie,
and the underwear into the JUJU bag that the love bomb came in.  Select
USE  ON JUJU BAG with each item to place it in the bag.  On the
last item Guybrush will shake the bag up and produce a custom LeChuck
voodoo doll.  Now enter the elevator through the door again and go back
downstairs to find LeChuck.  When you meet up with him, quickly select
USE HYPODERMIC SYRINGE ON VOODOO DOLL.  You'll stick LeChuck and he'll
say a few things then walk out of the room.  Follow him out of the room
and in the next room you'll speak with him again.  Select the dialoge
option regarding pulling his leg off the voodoo doll.  After this you
talk some more and he ends up asking you to take his mask off.  Go
ahead and do it, don't be afraid.  When you do this you pretty much
have ended the game.  The ending moves on from this point pretty much
automatically.  The ending is quite a shocker, and a bit of a let down
if you ask me... But hey the game was fun as hell.