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Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight manual



A very scared time is upon the people.A time that decends once every
thousand years.
As the Druids will be only to happy to tell you,this is the season of
the Moonstones!Danu,the spirit of the moon,has turned his attention
away from the activities of the cosmos to those of the earth.It is 
during such a time that the Gods bestow a fabulous gift to the graetest
warrior in the land;a gift of ultimate power!But first such a warriow 
would have to prove himself.
Thus,the first warrior to compete"The Quest of the Moonstones"will recieve
this great blessing.But any warrior considering such a quest must be 
prepared to wander the surrounding land,enduring many hardships,risking life
and limb all the while.
The land comprises four vast territories.To the northeast are the Northern
Wasteklands,home to giant Baloks that inhabit this great rocky territory.
To the northwest are the Misty Moors,with the great tribes of vicious Troggs.
Southwest lies the Great Forest,infested with the cunning Ratmen.And finally
to the southeast you will discover the Wetlands,where half plant,half
humanoid Mudman stalk human prey inside their vast swamp.
Over all these territories the Great Dragon roams high in the sky,searching
like a hawk for the next traveller to eat or plunder.
Hidden deep in the middle of the four territories at the very heart of the 
land,lies the most sacred of places,"The Valley of the Gods",wherein can be
found the sacred Moonstones.
To completethe quest,you will have to assume the arms and armour of a knight.
Then you must explore all the lands that surround you to find the four keys 
which will give you access into the Valley of Gods.
Along the way you will have to defeat many creatures and retain their gold and 
magic treasures to increase your strength so that you might survive the perils
of the shadowy half world that lies within.Once the keys are found,you will 
then make your way to the Valley to find the sacred Moonstone,fighting 
horrible demons of immense power and strength.
Once a Moonstone is acquired,you must then race to Stonehenge to present the 
fruit of your quest to the great Moon God,Danu.However,there are four 
possible Moonstones that are each keyed to a different phase of the moon,so
you will have to wait for the right moon phase before you may complete your
But wait! Did you think you would be alone in the quest? Of corse not!All the 
great knights of the land know of this most sacred of events.So there will
be other great warriors looking to be the first to complete the quest.You will
certainally have to do battle with many mighty warriors befrore your quest is 
Moreover,you are bound to encounter the dreded Black Knights,who wander the
land trying to convince any who will listen that the Druids are heretics,
slaying any who do not.They particularly hate the quest of the Moonstones
and will track down any who participate,especially if they are close to 
completing the quest!These knights are renowned for their ability to raise 
their skills during combat.They are never beaten until they are slain!
After long,careful thought you decide to surrender to the fates and the
strength of your metal.Donning your warmest clothing and grabbing your
trusty sword and armour you set off,swearing to be the first to complete the
quest or to die trying:for none can resist the pull of the Moonstones.


Strengh,Endurance, and Constitution

The knight's abilities describe what you can do physically in the game in
terms of numbers.
Strength is a measure of how strong you are in combat.The more strength a
knight has,the more damage you will inflict upon your opponents.
Constitution is a measure of how much physical punishment a knight can 
withstand before you collapse.The higher your constitution,the more damage
you can take before losing a battle.
Endurance is a measure of how much physical activity a knight may endure 
before you become exhausted and must rest.The higher your endurance,the 
further you can move in a day.
A knight's abilities can be temporarily raised by various normal and magical
items.They can also be raised permanently by a magical gift from either the
wizard Math,or by the Mystic.You can also permanently raise your abilities 
through "experience".

EXPERIENCE: Experience is earned by successfully conquering a lair.1 point
of experience is earned for each lair that is cleared.2 points are earned 
if the Dragon is slain.3 points are earned when the Guardian id defeated.
In a 3 or 4 player game,for each point of experience earned,either strength,
endurance, or constitution can be raised by one point(at the knight's choice).
In a two player game 2 experience points are required and in a one player 
game,3 points.
LIFE POINTS:Life points are a measure of how close to death a knight has 
become,due to injuries sustained during combat.Each knight starts the game 
with 5 life points and every time you lose a combat,a life point is lost.When
you are reduced to 0 life points,you ar edead and for you the quest is over.
There are many ways to raise your life points.You can pay a healer in the 
cities.A potion of healing will raise life points.If you go to your home
village and you have less then 3 life points,then your village druids will
heal you for free.The last possible way of raising life points is to offer
a magic item to Danu at Stonehenge.Life points are divided up into hit 
points.If during combat your current hit points are reduced to 0 then you 
will lose the combat and a life point.Hit points can be healed at the healer
or through healing potions.Knights also heal naturally each day that is 

The Phases of the Moon.
The phases of the moon are the key to the success of your quest.Once the 
cycle of the moon matches your moonstone you must reach Stonehenge to fulfil
your quest before the cycle changes.Only then will you successfully complete
the quest.As a knight with such a Moonstone in your possession,you can be 
sure that the other knights will stop at nothing to destroy you.
Throughout the game,the phases of the moon will change constantly.This affects
the strength of some of the creatures and is key to the powers contained in 
the Moonstone.After each knight has had three turns(each knight gets one turn
per day),the moon advances one phase.The order of the phases are as follows:

Full/Three Quarters/Half/One Quarter/New/One Quarter/
Half/Three Quarters/Full...........

                         *** LOOK AT PICTURE ONE ***
                         ***                     ***
                         ***       part A        ***

Movement:Your position on the map is shown by an icon.Move the joystick in
the direction that you wish to move.When you come in contact with another
icon,that icon will start to glow.At this point you may choose to encounter
that icon by pressing the fire button.
Forests,mountains and swamps slow your movement down considerably and 
increase your chance of encountering wandering monsters outside their lairs.
During your turn you have these keyboard options.
SPACE BAR - Displayscurrent knight's inventory.
E - Ends your turn early so you may rest and recuperate your hit points.

In each territory there are six lairs to be explored.Each lair is filled 
with a certain number of monsters that must be defeated in order to acquire
their treasure.Only one lair in each region contains one of the four keys 
required to enter the Valley of the Gods.Once a knight acquires the treasure
from a lair,you are awarded an additional experiance point.

The City of Highwood.
Located within the misty moors,where the high circle of the Druids resides,
is the seat of religious power.The great druids are very secretive and don't
generally deal with outsiders.One exception is that they trade artifacts of a 
magical nature for religious research in the High Temple.To discover the cost
of an item,move your pointer over it's icon and the value will be displayed 
at the top of the screen.

The City of Waterdeep.
Located within the wetlands you will find the home of Mythral the mystic.He
is renowned for his ability to lift a knight's soul into higher cosmic plane.
When your soul is returned to your body,yuo will find that your abilities have
been either raised or lowered by 1 point.It is a gamble you must take if you 
put your trust in Mythral.You may increase your odds with Mythral by donating 
more gold.A minimum of 10 gold pieces should be donated to improve your 
Within the walls of both Highwood and Waterdeep,you will find many interesting
characters.Healers,Inn-Keepers and Merchants.Some of these should be of more
than academic intrest;the potions and weapons they will sell you will save 
your life!
HEALERS:The healer charges 10 gold pieces to heal a knight to full hit points 
and 15 gold peices for each life point.You must be at full hit point status 
before the healer can heal life points.
TAVERNS:A popular game played in the taverns is 'Dragon Dice'.The game is run
by a Dragon Dice Master and is played by placing a bet (ranging from 1 to 5
gold pieces)before rolling 3 'Dragon Dice'.If one of the following combinations
is rolled,in any order,then the corrisponding patback ratio is won:
                         *** LOOK AT PICTURE ONE ***
                         ***                     ***
                         ***       part B        ***

MERCHANTS:Merchants sell armour and weapons.The prices are as follows:
ITEM                 | PRICE          |

Each knight has his own home village from which you start at the beginning of
the quest.No other knight may enter your home village under any cimcumstances.
If,when you return wounded to your village,you will have less than 3 life 
points your senior village druid will heal you to full hit points and grant you
a free life point.This kind gift is only granted 3 times throughout the course
of the Quest.

Wizards Tower:
The mighty wizard Math,the most powerful mage in the land,resides in his 
desolate tower in the northern wasteland.If he is pleased to see you he will 
bestow upon you either a magic item,money,or choose to raise either your 
strength,constitution, or endurance by one point.If he is annoyed by your 
insolence however,he will turn you in to a toad for a number of turns.The more
often you visit him,the more likley he is to become annoyed.

This is a very sacred location,second only to the Vally of the Gods.This is 
where the channels to the Gods are most strongly felt.The first knight to 
prevent a Moonstone during the correct phase of the moonwill have proven 
himself to be the greatest warrior in the land and will be lifted up to the 
heavens to sit by the Gods for time immemorial.
Stonehenge can also be used for healing purposes.If a knight offers a magic
object,you will be healed to full hit points and recieve 1 life point.

Other players and Black Knights:
You may challenge other knights to battle by moving onto them.To the victor
goes the spoils,and the loser edges ever closer to death and failure in the 
Quest.The victor may take either all the losers gold pieces or one object.If,
however,the winner takes the last life point from the loser,then the winner 
gets all the loser's gols,objects,and magic objects.

Valley of the Gods:
Once you have collected all 4 keys and you feel strong enough to endure the
wrath of the Guardian,you may then enter the Vally of the Gods located in the
centre of the 4 territories.If you defeat the Guardian in battle,you will be
granted a Moonstone.While you remain within the Valley,you are untouchable by
otheer Knights.

The Troggs are a terrible humanoid race that exists in all four territories.
They are highly intelligent with a society very similar to humans,whome they 
hate with a burning desire for forcing them to live in places deemed unfit for
humans.They use hammers,axes and spears in combat and have terrible war beasts
that they've raised on human flesh.The tribes that exist in the Misty Moors are
exceptionally vicious and renowned for their strength and skill in combat.

The ratmen are a small,carnivorous race that exists in the trees of the Great
Forest.They are not very strong,but are always found together in large numbers
and are exceedingly agile.They are often refered to as 'Moon Devils' because 
they seem to grow stronger as the moon waxes.It is also known that these little
creatures carry a deadly desease and if you are bitten by one of them you must
be quickly healed by the healer or drink a healing potion,or you will surely 
perish and fail in your quest.

This strange race that infests the Wetlands seems more like a colony of 
intelligent plant life found in the mud than an actual animal,but sages say
more reasearch is needed.They are hard to see as they just appear to rise out 
of the mud,overpower a knight and drag him down into the mud to do some 
unspeakable things to him.

Dragons are huge,flying,fire breathing lizards.They are cruel and greedy by 
nature and fly around the four territories looking for the next traveller to
slay and plunder.Dragons are exceedingly dangerous in combat and difficult to
slay.If a dragon defeats a knight,he will take all his gold pieces and one 
magic object(unless he reduces that knight to 0 lives;then he will take 
everything).However,whoever slays a dragon will take over it's accumulated 
wealth and magic objects.

Baloks are vicious humaniods with huge jaws,long teeth and powerful limbs.
Legend has it that Math magically engineered these beasts in his youth to act
as guards for his tower,but the experiment failed and they have since escaped 
and multiplied.They now stalk the Northern Wastelands in search of prey and are
one of the most feared of creatures.

Trolls are vicious creatures that feed on human flesh.They are large,hairless 
humanoids that fight with huge clubs capable of strikng down the mightiest 
warrior with one blow.These legendary creatures are greatly feared thruoghout 
the land.

Black Knights:
These rouge knights serve a religious sect called 'The Dark Hall of Purity'that
believes that druids are blasphemous and must be stopped.They wander the four 
territories searching for followers of the druids who are trying to acquire the 
Moonstones,in order to prevent them from completing their quests.The Black 
Knights have an uncanny ability to grow more skilled in combat and strength 
during an encounter.

the Valley of the Gods is guarded by sinister demons.Only the best warriors in 
the land will ever stand a chance against a guardian.They can drain points from
a warrior's abilities and when they defeat you in combat,they take 3 lives 
instead of 1.It is essential that you must posses the best armour before you 
join battle with a guardian,or else it will be a short extremely one-sided 

To invoke a magic item,bring up the inventory screen of the knight by hitting 
the 'SPACE BAR'.Then,using the joystick move the dagger pointer over the magic
item you want to select and press the fire button.
Potions,scrolls and gems ( exept Moonstones) disappear after one use.Other magic
objects have unlimited uses.Each magic item has its own market value determined
by the druids in the High Temple in the High Wood.

Potion of Healing:
This will heal a knight to full hit points or,if he is already at full hit 
points,add 1 additional life point.

Gem of Seeing:
By using this magic item,you may look within a lair and see what treasure exists
there.Upon invoking the Gem of Seeing you will return to the region map but your
icon will appear as a crystal ball.To view the contents of a lair move the 
crystal ball over the top of the the lair and press the fire button.

Sword of Sharpness:
This magical sword does even more damage than a claymore sword.

Ring of Protection:
This magical ring increases the amount of damage you can take in combat.Upon 
taking this term you will see your hit points increase.

Talisman of the Wyrm:
This magical cross will reduce the damage from dragons by half.This effect 
accumulates so the more crosses you possess,the less damage you suffer.A knight
should be sure to possess this item before doing battle with the Dragon.

Scroll of Haste:
When this scroll is invoked it will allow you to move twice as far as you 
normally could in one day.If cursed with a disease,you will only travel half
your normal distance.

Scroll of Acquisition:
This magical scroll will allow you to take one object from another knight.Upon
invoking the scroll you will see the inventory of the other knights on the right 
side of the screen.To select a different knight move the pointer over the top
of the arrows in the centre strip and press the fire button.This enables you to 
rotate through the knights.When you see the knight you wish to plunder,move the 
pointer over the top of the item you wish to take from him and press the fire 

Scroll of the Hawk:
When this scroll is invoked it will allow you to move to any location in the 
four territories with the exception of the Valley of the Gods.If this scroll has
been cursed,you will be teleported to a random location on the map.

Scroll of the Wyrm:
When this scroll is invoked it will force the dragon to attack another knight.
Using the arrows in the centre strip on the inventory screen select the knight
that you wish to target.If the scroll is cursed,the knight that invoked the 
scroll will be attacked by the dragon.BE WARNED...!!!!

Scroll of Protection:
If you are a victim of an unprovoked attack,you will be prompted,if you so wish,
to cast your scroll of protection in order to aviod the battle.If the scroll has
been cursed though,it will cause your controls to be reversed during battle.

Magic Key:
There are four magic keys in the land.You must collect all four keys in order to
enter the Valley of the Gods,there to meet the Guardian.

You will be awarded a Moonstone upon defeating the Guardian within the Valley 
of the Gods.There are four possible Moonstones that you could be awarded.A full
Moonstone,new Moonstone,or one or two Moonstones (one waxing,one waning).Each
Moonstone will double the amount of hit points you currently have during the 
proper moon cycle of the Moonstone.

Amiga with 1 Meg of memory,1 or 2 joysticks.

Insert Moonstone Disk A into drive DF0: and turn your system on.

Each player starts out with padded armour,a long sword,10 throwing daggers (a 
knight can carry upto 10 daggers),and 10 gold pieces (a knight can carry upto 
150 gold pieces).Each knight also begins the game with a strength,constitution,
and endurance rating of 1,and 5 life points.     


Number of Players:
Up to 4 players may play MoonStone.

Gore Switch:
This allows the player to turn the blood and gory deaths on/off.

This mode allows 2 players to do battle with each other.

Select Knight:
Choose which knight you wish to be.
To select a knight simply highlight the knight you wish to be and press the fire
button.This will prompt you to type in your name if you wish.Once done press
return,or the fire button.

Combat is done with the joystick(s).When the fire button is not pressed,the 
joystick moves the knight around.When the fire button is presses,the joystick
executes 8 different combat moves.They are as follows:

1)Throw Knife:
This throws one of the knight's throwing daggers.

2)Overhead Chop:
This attack does twice the damage of a swing or thrust,but is easily avoided
because of the time it takes to swing the sword.

3)Upward Thrust:
Good for hitting opponents jumping over the knight.

4)Thrust Backwards.
This is a thrusting attack directed backwards.

This attack sweeps the area in front of the knight.

This defence allows you to block the swing attack.

7)Special Defensive.
Invokes a special defence move which varies from monster to monster.

This attack has the longest range apart from daggers.

When a knight faces the other way,the controls flip along the horizontal(i.e. 
1 and 3 switch,etc.).
If your knight begins to flicker during battle,the game is warning you that you 
have 10 hit points or less left.

Knight's Special Defence.
Many of the monsters ahve special attack moves which render you helpless unless
you use your special defence.
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                         ***          DIAGRAM    ***