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Murder in the Atlantic manual

                       MURDER ON THE ATLANTIC

It is the year 1938 and you and your companion have just boarded the
S.S.Bourgogne luxury cruise liner. With 14 decks and countless staff to
serve you, this will be the vacation of a lifetime. Or will it be?

Unexpectedly and with lightning speed and terror a murder has just occurred
on the ship. A cruise of pleasure has now been turned into a cruise of
survival, horror, and suspense!

An urgent cable awaits you in your cabin. By order of your government, you
have been chosen to investigate this hideous crime. With more than 600
cabins and 40 suspects, where do you begin? And while investigating, what
other horrors will occur to further complicate your mission?

In this challenge of a lifetime, you will be assisted by dozens of clues
and evidence supplied with this program. However, your most important asset
will be your logic, determination, and skill.

Good luck! Untold riches, or untold murder awaits!

Power up your machine in the usual fashion. When the Amiga asks for the
Workbench disk, insert the MOA program disk. The program will autoboot.
Leave the disk in the drive while playing the game.

Insert the MOA program disk into drive 1 (Apple) or drive A (Atari) and
turn on the computer. The program will autoboot. Leave the disk in the
drive while playing the game.

Insert the MOA program disk into unit 8, drive 0. Type LOAD "*",8,1 and
press RETURN. The program will automatically run. Leave the disk in the
drive while playing the game.

With the disk drive (unit 8 drive 0) on, insert the MOA program disk. Make
sure the 40/80 key on the C-128 is in the UP (40 column) position and your
40-column (composite) monitor is turned on. Then turn on the C-128. The
program will autoboot. Leave the disk in the drive while playing the game.

Boot the computer with the DOS disk in Drive A. Take out the DOS disk and
put in game disk. At the DOS prompt, type MURDER and press RETURN. Leave
the disk in the drive while playing the game.

Hard disk users: Boot the system as usual. Put game disk in Drive A and
type A: and press RETURN. Now type MURDER and press RETURN.

When the game opens, you will find yourself looking for clues on board, in
the winter garden, deck A aft. Your position on the ship is marked by a
black square with a white border. Move this square around to investigate
the ship.

Move through each deck with your computer's CURSOR RIGHT and CURSOR LEFT

To examine a room, press the E key. The room and its contents and occupants
will be displayed. If the room is locked, a padlock will be shown. The
padlock combination is three two-digit numbers. Enter each two-digit number
followed by a RETURN. If the combination is correct, the room will be
opened for you. The combinations to the locked rooms may be found anywhere
on the ship, so be alert!

Booby-trapped rooms: Certain rooms are booby-trapped. The clues to
surviving these traps are hidden in other rooms. If you visit a
booby-trapped room and you have not previously visited the room which has
the trap's clue, the game will restart.

To interrogate a passenger or crew member, press the I key. The interview
will be displayed on screen.

To move to another dick, you must first find the elevator. There are two
elevators on board, aft and forward. When you have found the elevator,
press the L (Lift) key to call it. Decks are labeled A (upper deck) to O
(lower deck). To move to another deck, simply press the corresponding key.

Stuck elevator: Sometimes the elevator will get stuck. To repair the
elevator, you must let the repair technician - or another member of the
crew - know you are stuck. You can do this by:

	Setting off the alarm: Press the P key to set off the alarm
	With some luck, the technician will be around to hear the
	alarm and fix the elevator.

	Calling for help: Use the telephone in the elevator to call for
	help. Dial a seven-digit number by pressing the desired digit 
	keys (0 to 9) on the keyboard. You may be lucky enough to
	get an answer. If you're really lucky, you will get the elevator
	fixed. You will find telephone numbers readily accessible on
	board; stay alert.

	Reset the elevator: Press the R key.

The elevators on board are not very reliable. They are apt to break down at
the most unexpected times. not all repair methods described will work at all
times. Patience, a keen eye, and good memory will be invaluable in getting
out of the elevator.

To exit the elevator once you arrive at your deck, simply use the cursor
right or cursor left key to move forward or aft.

There is a message decoder somewhere on board. When you locate it, press
"T" to invoke the decoder.

To quit the game, press the ESCape key (or the STOP key on the C-64/C-128).
Make sure the MOA program disk is in the drive or you may seriously damage
the program.

When you decide to play the game again, you will be given the opportunity
of starting where you left off or starting from the beginning.

Please refer to the enclosed registration card for details on solving the
murders and winning the game.

                   Monaco Transport, 1423 River Avenue, Monaco

Dear Mr. Leedy and Miss Allison:

Here are the specifications that you will need to complete the assignment.

Valve Cover Location: Aft section of the engine compartment, specifically
on the left side of the top of the push-rod assembly.

Bolt Size: 36 millimeter head size, 12 millimeter thread size. Length of
threads is 84 millimeters.

Bolt Configuration: 14 bolts holding the plate in an oval pattern. Each
bolt is at the edge of the plate with the exception of one in the center.

Torque Magnitude: Each bolt is torqued down with a force of 90

Internal Valve Configuration: Each valve is driven by a push-rod and rocker
arm assembly. Each push-rod is held in position with a single adjustment

Suggested Method: Loosen several valve adjustment bolts so that once out to
sea, they become detached and inoperative.

Good luck with your mission, your check will be waiting upon your arrival.

                                       James Salizar
                              SS Bourgogne

                          PURSER'S LOG SHEET

Purser's Log Sheet for: 9/12/38                        Purser:DRT
Time		Ship Status
20:00	Beginning of duties: everyone on duty present.

20:10	Infirmary reports lost keys.

20:25	General inspection: functional problem reported with forward
		Ship's mechanic notified.

21:00	Theatre performance and fancy dress ball begin.

22:45	Inspection: Luggage hold. Problem with loading door discovered.
		Unable to reach ship's mechanic.

23:00	Incident reported in casino. Security sent to take care of

23:15	General inspection: Theatre and ballroom cleared. Passengers on
		deck and in Grand Salon.
                              SS Bourgogne

                          PURSER'S LOG SHEET

Purser's Log Sheet for: 9/13/38                        Purser:DRT
Time		Ship Status
00:58	Call from Mlle. Marcel's cabin: possible struggle reported in
		nearby cabin. No response from Duty Guard.

01:47	Reported incident in engine room, man killed. Notified
		Superintendent Villiers.

02:30	End of duty. Replaced by Deputy Chief Ponard.


Richard Ackerman		Susan Jacobson		Albert Silverman
Jean Allard			Fernand Jacusse	Howard Simms
Bonnie Allison			Cris Lapraye		Bill Singleton
Gina Anton			Frank Leedy		Mary Sisson
Hermann Bodenheimer		Francois LeFevre    Charles Sisson
Arthur Breece			Jeanette LeFevre	Erica Smith
Joseph Bushsbaum		Hans Leinsky		Eleanor Townsend
Alice Candano			Fernande Louis		Lola Trax
Margaret Campbell		Louise Marcel		Helen Trauss
Madeline Cook			Jim Marshall		Jon Turning
Daniel Dambrosi		Sophie Monet		Gigi Vallette
Michel Deffosez		Carolin Murphy		Rene Vallette
Carl Drubber			Gisele Nigere		Lester Wittenberg
Emile Fausta			Sam North			Beatrice Wolfsohn
Eugene Fichs			Louise Nubade		Maurice Yates
Andre Fiquet			Carl Nubade		Brice Yates
Jackques Forest		Elizabeth Otin		Frank Zavakos
Roberto Giustiani		Lucie Oquiban		Katerina Zinsky
maria Biustiani		Alain Oquiban		Lillian Zell
Seymour Grebar			Emilienne Ozenne
Maurice Bybely			Guy Pieffert
Michel Herrmann          James Pelton
Solange Heuntemp         Jenny Reeves
Dana Horak               Wilhelm Reimann
Georges Jacobson         John Robins

                              SS Bourgogne

                               Radio Log

Date: 9/12/38                                        Officer on Duty:RSC
Time		Entry
16:02	Relieved Delorme of duty

17:46	Washington WAC for Jean Allard - personal

18:17	From Chattam Radio NYC - Meteorological forecasts - passed to
		Captain - Conditions fair, no bad weather expected.

19:57	From Washington WAC for Fernande Louis - Confirmed arrival date
		and time of Bourgogne.

20:39	From Chattam NYC for Bill Singleton - personal. First
		transmission unclear, second one necessary.

21:00 	Break with Radio Conqueror.

22:23	From Washington WAC for Mrs. maria Giustanti - personal.

23:00	Security alert.

23:37	Change of duty - Operator Delorme. Dupuis relieved early.
		Transmission of 23:00 probably interrupted.
		Informed Superintendent Villiers.

Department of Transportation

Flight Plan

2. Aircraft Identification: 2H36

3. Aircraft Type/Special Equipment: Radio

4. True Airspeed: 80

5. Departure Point: Bourgogne

6. Departure Time:  	Proposed (2): 12:30		Actual (2): 10:30

7. Cruising Altitude: 3,000

8. Route of Flight: Bourgogne Direct to Milan.

9. Destination (Name of airport and city): Milan

10. Est. Time Enroute:	Hours: 3	Minutes: 40

11. Remarks: No weather gear aboard.

12. Fuel On Board:	Hours: 7   Minutes: 0

13. Alternate Airport(s): None

14. Pilot's Name: Capt. Charvet

15. Number Aboard: 1

16. Color of Aircraft: ---
				Today on Board the Bourgogne

								      Entertainment News

Notice of Events:

It is indeed a great pleasure to announce that the GRAND ARTISTE MONSIEUR
HENRI BASTILLE will be performing tonight in the play "L'Escadron Blanc",
starting promptly at 9:00 pm. Please be seated in the Theatre at least half
an hour before.

A FANCY DRESS BALL will be held tonight in the Ballroom. Masks and costumes
are available for a small fee. Please call the Purser for more information.
Music will be provided by the very popular RAY BOULINAT AND HIS ORCHESTRA.

The casino hours have been extended due to numerous requests. NEW CLOSING
TIME is set at 11:00 pm. Passengers are asked to respect the casino rules
of decorum. Any behavior that does not comply will not be tolerated.

One red show was found at Poolside. Ask for it at the security office.

Mr. Skansen of cabin 555 is looking for a pool partner. Please contact the
Purser if you are interested.

The Chaplain will hear confession tomorrow in the chapel from 2 pm to 5 pm.





                         Telephone Directory

Ship Mechanic - 9472354			Duty Guard - 8761090

Dining Services - 1124589		Doctor - 2317878

Purser - 8734241				Watchman - 5763530

Laundry - 0907864				Engineer - 6564732

Reception - 9863600				Post Office - 8908762

Photographer - 7652313			Steward - 9002121

Security - 5662238				Information - 4117990

Dearest Gigi,

This is very difficult for me to do but I prefer happiness to living a lie.
I have been involved with another woman for some time now and she is
pressuring me to make a decision. We are very much in love and I must be
with her. Please try to understand.

Time is running out, Charvet. Pay the cash, deliver the scientist as
agreed, or your career is over!

Dd_o Dpfc' ^nc Haqj)

	Is fs gjpdp^thb af^t wlu
rs'cdca hl ynso lgpshmk sm rdrrrm
Fbrq Oehk^nm _abi tn luq picc+
As qhhq vdpv lmjemr otp cnsktqwjem
mrr bbvdjlphld ' kev qyoc eo _ol'
qh'r ir joqc pnubresi sf^n _kysffnf
gjafgkec qo b^td, Whre Qcfm'lk nl
qhd aeuciookbns qe'k) vc whji qc^cg
_snjrtd sigrlrx ^nc qhd >rx_k q_'e
vgil pfggriy r^kd 'omrook lf ree

Qhd oembbzumrs rfmd fs //:2.) ojbarc
ao llt 'b k_qe cisd qhd R-am^t uflk
f^vd qo r^kd bv'qfvd ^csgln gk npaeq
rl opbvdlq ccqebrfom, Tgc r'dq,
kgdhs* amb akj osfbr lbcdqpaqw
bqtgmmdlq 'pb hl a aoasc im qhd
ckghlb qmlm-

Eloc iubi tn vot _osf) vc sg_il kbes
gk sfb lmqhdpiamb whreim qwn aaxq+


	Fbrl_k Fmbtgc) Fcom'l Hhee Bmjm'la

Monsieur Rene Oquiban                (* light green card)

Howard J. Simms                      (* light blue card)

 72857                               (* white card)
First Officer
Louis Paige                          (* red card)
Herr Eugene Fichs                    (* yellow card) 
                        Official Contest Registration Card

Please answer in a few words the following questions relating to the Murder
on the Atlantic Mystery.

1. Who wrote the message found in the Vallette cabin?

2. What is the name of the woman who lost heavily in the casino?

3. At what time did Jim Marshall leave the radio room?

4. What is the name of the city mentioned in the game?

5. Give the combination of the lock found at the rear entrance to the
engine room?

6. Whose initials are F.L.?

7. Who killed Rene Vallette?

8. Who kidnapped Wilhelm Reimann?

9. Whose necklace was found on the upper deck?

10. Who killed Seymour Greber?

11. What is the name of the cigarettes mentioned in the game?

12. Who owns the plane?

13. Who knocked out the Radio Officer?

14. Who does Bill Singleton work for?

15. Where was the Captain at 22:50?

Completion Statement (Answer 25 words or less):
How could the murder(s) have been prevented?

	Please complete the following information to register for the contest.

Your Name
City						State		Zip
Your disk serial number:
Phone Number (include area code)
Also included in the package with the software were the following items:

a paperclip
a small piece of bent wire
a piece of white string
a small black button

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