Abandonware DOS title

Never mind manual


Welcome  to  the most challenging test of  joystick-juggling  and 
mind-muddling  ever created on your computer (or  anybody  else's 
for  that  matter).  Two hundred and fifty screens  of  isometric 
three dimensional puzzlement guaranteed to turn all but the  most 
impossibly intelligent brains into vegetables.  A combination  of 
computer-generated  and hand crafted puzzles that will  keep  you 
glued  to your computer for ever (well alright,  for a very  long 
time  then).  If you complete this game you will be  heralded  as 
barinbox of the century, if you don't, well.... NEVER MIND!

The  game  consists of a specially constructed series  of  rooms. 
Each  room  is made up of three surfaces at right angle  to  each 
other.  You may walk upright on each surface,  regardless of it's 
Each  surface is divided into a series of large  tiles.  You 
are   free  to  move  between  these  in  any  direction   except 
diagonally.  Moving between surfaces is achieved via warp  tubes. 
BY  simply  standing  on  these you will  be  warped  to  another 
surface.  Only trial and error will reveal how the warp tubes are 
Some of the tiles on one or more of the surfaces will,  when 
placed  correctly,  form a picture.  One or more tiles have  been 
removed  from each picture and placed in strategic  positions  in 
the room. 
Your  task  is to restore each picture within the  set  time 
limit. If you succeed you may progress to more difficult rooms.

The Picture Tiles
Each  time  you enter a room you will see  it  being  constructed 
before  your very eyes.  You will also discover that you  have  a 
blank tile in your possession.
To exchange this for a picture tile you must first stand  on 
the tile that you want and then press fire.  The blank tile  will 
now be under you and you will carry the tile that was  previously 
there. You may now repeat this process with other tiles until the 
picture is reconstruted.  Finally you should be carrying a  spare 
tile when you exit the room.
The  rooms  start with a picture of 3 by 3  tiles  with  one 
fragmet  removed.  In  later  rooms there will be  two  or  three 
pictures  to  reconstruct,  each  on  a  different  surface,  and 
animated as well!

The Time Limit
Each  room must be completed within a set time.  This is  a  mere 
forty-five  seconds for the first screens,  but you  are  allowed 
larger amounts of time for the more difficult rooms.
If you are quick enough to finish a room with time to  spare 
you  will be awarded a bonus.  You may also,  if you are  feeling 
confident,  set a lower time limit and increase the size of  your 
bonus as a result.

The Chess Pieces
On some screens you will encounter giant chess pieces. These move 
around  the  rooms  picking up tiles and moving  them  to  random 
locations and generally making a nuisance of themselves.  So  you 
will find it even harder to complete the rooms. Frustrating isn't 

...And there's more
As if time limits and chess pieces were not enough you will  also 
have to contend with the following devious features:
Islands and Causeways - later rooms are divided into islands 
which  are  linked by causeways of moving blocks which  you  will 
have  to traverse to get from one island to another.  But  do  be 
sure you are quick about it: after a while the causeway may begin 
to dissolve leaving you stranded.
Dissolving  Tiles - In some rooms you won't even be able  to 
rely on the ground you stand on. Now you it, now you don't...
Transporter  Tiles  -  As if you hadn't  already  got  quite 
enough problems on your hands,  one minute you're busy  pottering 
about  putting  tiles  in place and the next  you  find  yourself 
unexpectedly  thrust into a completely  different  room...  well, 
nobody said this would be easy!

Help is at hand...
If you manage to reach a high enough level,  you will be given  a 
password  that  will  allow  you to enter  the  game  at  a  more 
difficult  room.  In addition you can also use the cheat key  for 
some  extra  help.  This will show you the game  sequence  at  an 
accelerated  rate,  giving you a chance to observe the  order  in 
which blocks dissolve and so forth.  There is,  however,  a  time 
penalty for using this feature.

Note for Pinstriped Games Addicts
Psygnosis  realise  that this game is so  unbelievably  addictive 
that even the most conscientious employees will be sorely tempted 
to  play it at work (tut tut!).  They have  therefore  generously 
provided  a BOSS KEY (Enter).  On detecting the approach of  your 
employer  simply tap this,  and you will appear to be engaged  in 
work  of  such  incredible brilliance that you are  bound  to  be 
promoted on the spot.

Psygnosis  take  no  responsibility,  however,  for  unemployment 
caused by tardiness with said boss key.


JOYLEFT     Rotate man counter clockwise (O on keyboard)
JOYRIGHT    Rotate man clockwise (P on keyboard)
JOYUP       Move man forward in current direction (Q on keyboard)
JOWDOWN     Enter Warp Tube (SPACEBAR on keyboard)
FIRE        Exchange Tile/ Enter/Exit room (SPACEBAR on keyboard)

Use  the mouse to move the pointer and press the left  button  to 
select icons. These are -
HELP        Show completed picture
PAUSE       Pause the game
X2	    Double Bonus
X4          Quad Bonus the  Midi-Cam  to  automatic 
	    scanning.  They  joystick  also  selects the players and  
	    the  FIRE  button doubles as the SPACE BAR.
** THE END **