Abandonware DOS title

Night Shift manual



CBM 64/128 DISK

Type LOAD"*",8,1 and press RETURN. The game will load automatically.

[Loading instructions for Atari/Amiga/PC omitted]

[Options Menu instructions omitted, since they're not in the C64 version]


 MOVE LEFT <---------- ----------> MOVE RIGHT
                    / | \
                  /   |   \
               |/_    |    _\|
     KICK LEFT        |        KICK RIGHT
                     \ /

                   USE TOOL


[Keyboard controls omitted]

CBM 64/128 - You will automatically gain control of Fred of Fiona once
you have selected a tool.

To ride bicycle, press Fire button while joystick is centred then
alternate the joystick direction left to right in a smooth rhythm. You
must be standing in front of the bicycle to use it.



           / \
 LEFT <----- -----> RIGHT
           \ /



Press Space bar/Enter/Fire button.


[Atari/Amiga/PC keys omitted]

Show Production Order for Short Shift - F1
Pause Game (displays version number)  - F3
Restart Game                          - F7


Although Night Shift does not feature a Save Game option, each of the
thirty Shifts has a unique Shift Code (four fruit symbols) that appears
on the IML Security Card displayed on the screen. As you successfully
complete a Shift, the Code for the next Shift is revealed to you by
Frank Foreman your Production Manager. This allows you to start playing
Night Shift at any of the Shifts for which you've received the Shift
Codes. Simply alter the Shift Code presented on the screen to that of
the Shift you wish to play. (If you want to replay an earlier shift, you
will first need to restart the game by pressing the F7 key before altering
the Shift Code for the appropriate Shift.)

Note: You should write down the Shift Codes you recieve from Frank. While
you're playing, the game only remembers the last Shift you've completed!
But don't worry about Shift 1... it's Code is always the same as the
Security Code you entered to start the game.


Here are some of the basic pieces of hardware you'll need to be familiar


- Ride the Bicycle by using your Hand (from the "Toolie" - our incredible
  bottomless toolbox!). You'll automatically jump on. Then alternate
  moving left and right in a steady rhythm.

- Ride the Bicycle at the beginning of each shift until the lights flash
  very quickly.

- Note: If the power goes out, you'll need to ride the Bicycle to get the
  indicator lights flashing rapidly again, and then LIGHT THE FURNACE WITH


- Directional - Most common... used on Conveyors to change their

- On/Off - These can be either vertical or horizontal in their

- The Burner Switch (beneath flaskat top left of BEAST) - Has five
  positions... the centre one maintains the current temperature. The
  other two on each side cool or heat the mixture accordingly. Get the
  mixture boiling without steam coming out of the top, then maintain the


- Tighten this by using the Wrench in the Toolie.

- Fix the Bolt as soon as you reach the top of BEAST!


- Kick the Plug in as soon as you've fixed the Bolt!


- Mix paint by turning the wheel above the correct colour. Mix colours
  by turning more than one wheel.

- Mix paint whenever required to make a Doll of a specific colour.
  Sometimes you'll need to flush the vat between colours... other items
  you can just add another colour to achieve the proper combination. For
  example, if you've mixed yellow and blue to create green, you can get
  purple by adding red paint to it (normally, of course, green and red
  would make brown, but the BEAST's recycling process produces some unique
  effects). To flush the vat, just pull the Flush Chain to the right of
  the blue paint wheel.


- We recently had these installed for the convenience of our employees.
  The Lights are located just under my office window (you start each
  shift from outside my office, so you should have no difficulty seeing
  them). There are four Lights, each one corresponding to a different
  section of BEAST. Form left to right, the Lights represent:-

  1. The Three Raw Material suppliers, the Resin Mixer and the top two
     Conveyor Belts.

  2. The Paint Showers.

  3. The Drying Fans and the Conveyors next to the Bonding Unit.

  4, The Power Generator and the Quality Controller.

- Whenever any of these components is malfunctioning the corresponding
  Warning Light will show RED. Oce the problem is fixed, the Light(s)
  will return to their usual colour (green).


- Although you can't see them, you'll undoubtedly hear them! Any time
  the Resin Mixer (whose alarm you usually hear at the beginning of a
  Shift) or the Power Generator are malfunctioning, sirens will sound to
  alert you. Handling either of these problems quickly is essential to
  succesfully fulfiling your quota!


Note: Whenever you recieve a Shift Order with White Dolls, you don't need
to worry about painting them... they'll be painted different colours


- Ride the Bicycle to generate full power.

- Climb up BEAST to steaming Bolt.

- Use Wrench to tighten Bolt.

- Jump across Raw Material Feeder at upper left corner.

- Kick in Electric Plug.

- While Trooper Toddlers are being produced, collect as many tools as
  you can for the coming Shifts.

- Note the direction of all the Conveyors... on Shift 2, some of these
  will need adjustment!

- Make sure Bodies are under Heads on Finished Dolls. If not, then dump
  a Body by switching the Conveyor above the Power Box (marked "DANGER")
  ... then switch it back!


- Ride the Bicycle to generate full power.

- Switch direction of any Conveyors that will misdirect Dolls.

- Climb up BEAST to Conveyors above centre trash can.

- Switch their direction if Resin is being dumped into trash can.

- Check on the Bolt... if it's steaming, fix it!

- Jump across to Raw Material Feeder at upper left corner and check the
  plug... kick it in if necessary.


- Same as Shift 2, except you now have to MIX PAINT!

- On your way to the top of BEAST, turn the knob above the tube which is
  the colour you need to paint the Dolls.


- Same as Shift 3, only more colours.

- Remember to pull the Flush Chain between colours if necessary.


- Now the QUALITY CONTROLLER (Q.C.) is unveiled!

- Learn how to jump up on the components of the Q.C.

- When the Q.C. is on, you'll see small lights flashing on it... if it's
  off, turn it on with the switch on the side of the television set!

- The Q.C. will automatically reject any defective Dolls.


- More components of BEAST will be uncovered as you become more

- Each new component will demand new skills of you, and you'll need to
  manage your time effectively to fulfil increasing quotas.


It's important to understand the value of tools on the Night Shift. For
each tool you collect, you'll recieve a bonus. And, with our
revolutionary new Toolie, you'll be able to carry a virtually limitless
supply of tools, each in its own neat slot. Learning to use the following
tools is a key to success.

Your Hands: Use your Hands to ride the Bicycle, flip switches, and turn
knobs and handles.

The Wrench: Use the Wrench to tighten the Bolt on top of the Resing

The Match: Use the Match to light both the burner and the furnace
whenever necessary.

The Balloon: Use the Balloon to get higher up on BEAST fast! To stop
using the Balloon, press the joystick button.

The Umbrella: Use the Umbrella to fly down BEAST quickly. To stop using
the Umbrella, press the joystick button.

The Vacuum: Use the Vacuum to get rid of those pesky Lemmings on the run!
You can continue to use the Vacuum until you select another tool (unless
you get knocked out first!). And remember, no kicking allowed whilst

The Venus Trap: Use the Trap to catch the Lemmings. Just plant the trap
and lure a Lemming into it! (The Trap will eventually disappear if it
doesn't catch a Lemming.)

Note: After you pick up or use a tool, the Toolie switches back to Your
Hands as the default tool.


If you see one of the following items while on the job, you'd be well
advised to pick it up! The effect of each item is immediate, and as such
they don't get stored in the Toolie.

The Hourglass: This rare item will, if grabbed, actually extend the Shift
time, giving you more opportunity to make Bonus Dolls.

The Cash Bonus: You never know when one of these will pop up, and I'm
sure you'll know what to do with it!

Night Shift game (c) 1990 LucasArts Entertainment Company. All rights
reserved. Used under authorization. Licensed to Kixx. Unauthorised
copying, lending or resale under any scheme strictly prohibited. Kixx,
Units 2/3 Holford Way, Holford Birmingham B6 7AX. Tel: 021 625 3311.