Abandonware DOS title

Night Breed manual


   Believed to be responsible for a series of murders, Aaron Boone hears of
a wonderful place called Midian; a place where a race of supernatural beings
live, isolated from the inhumanities of man. In a bid to escape the unjust
world, Boone discovers this underground Necropolis, hoping to be accepted as
one of these creatures, the `Breed'. However, this ambition becomes
fulfilled in a nightmarish fashion, as he gets bitten by Peloquin, a
cannibalistic Breed member, and thus undergoes an incredible transformation.
unwittingly, Boone leads the police department to Midian. In a civilsation
where everything that is different must be destroyed, these
`Sons Of The Free' mount an enormous attack upon the underground city, aided
 by `The Mask' - the true serial killer whom Boone had been mistaken for.
Will Boone have caused the downfall of the nightbreed, or can he become their
saviour? A combination of strategy elements and arcade-style action makes
this game of uncompromising challenges, varying every time it is played.

  This game can be controlled by Mouse, Joystick or Keyboard.

    Z = Left
    X = Right
    ; = Up
    . = Down
Space = Fire

   After you have read the information on-screen or in the text boxes you
can click the left mouse button or press fire to go on to the next item.
Options are selected by moving the icon/sprite over the word or words and
clicking the left mouse button or pressing fire.

   The gameplay of NIGHTBREED-THE INTERACTIVE MOVIE closely follows the
plotline of the film. There is a set order in which to perform acts/visit
places - trial and error will help you reach the correct conclusion. Set out
below is a series of instructions, designed to aid you play specific
sections. How you achieve the correct objective, in the correct order is for
you to find out!

   There are three main destinations in the map. They are:

 1) The Asylum
 2) The Police Station
 3) Midian Town

   You move your car around the map by selecting a connecting junction or
bend in the road. At various points in the map are petrol stations at which
you can fill up and repair your car if you have any money. When you buy
petrol any damage to your tyres or petrol tank will be repaired.
   When you come across a police road-block you have two choices:-
 1) Turn Round
 2) Ram The Road-Block
   If you turn round you must find an alternate route to your ultimate
   If you ram the road-block you run the risk of being captured and having
your car damaged. The more you ram through road blocks the more damage is
inflicted on your car and this narrows your chances of successfully ramming
future road blocks! You may also get hit in the petrol tank or tyres by
stray bullets.

   You have three options:-

   1) Enter Graveyard
   2) Look Around
   3) Enter Midian Complex

   You may come across Peloquin, a Nightbreed. He is ferocious and hungry.
You, to him, are meat! Your only chance of survival is to run out of the
necropolis where he cannot follow. To do this you must press fire in time
with each arm at its highest point in front of your chest. This will
increase your running speed and hopefully you will be able to keep ahead of
Peloquin. A meter at the top of the screen shows the distance between you.

   The Mask is skilled in the art of knife throwing! In his coat he hides an
assortment of knives that would put an abattoir to shame. To survive you
must dodge the knives until his supply of blades has gone.

   Midian is an underground complex of tunnels and chasms. You must make
your way to the heart of Midian to find Baphomet's chamber.
   At the top left hand corner the status panel displays the direction, run
away and fight options. On the right hand side of the display will be shown
any Breed you rescue.
   To move around Midian click on one of the four arrows. The view is from
Boone's eye and Foward is always the direction that Boone is facing. When
you move, you also face the new direction. to turn on the spot click on the
rotate arrows Clockwise or Anticlockwise.
   You will come across various "Sons Of The Free" and Breed as you make
your way into Midian.
You may also enter a chasm, these are used by the Breed to either go deeper
or higher into Midian. These are also a form of security as they are easy to
go down but very hard to get back up.
   In the bowels of Midian are the Beserkers - wild, uncontrollable
creatures locked away from contact with other Breed. The Beserkers must be
released - but only when it is safe to do so!

 * HINT:   It would be advisable to make a map of this section.

   When you see a "Son Of The Free" you must either fight or run away from
him. To select, choose the run or fight icon next to the direction panel.
   If you choose to run away, you will run blindly back through Midian.
   To fight use the following controls:-

RIGHT      = Move Right
LEFT       = Move Left
FIRE       = Punch
UP         = Jump-kick

   If you notice a small red dot, the you know a "Son Of The Free" is aiming
his laser rifle at you! If he is allowed a shot at your forehead you will
die instantly! Therefore you must be on your toes and dodge the red dot to

   These crestures, with razor-sharp teeth, patrol the corridors of Midian
cutting down any intruder in their path. You must duck or jump to avoid them
but they dont give up easily! Use the following controls:-

UP   = Jump Up
DOWN = Duck Down

  * HINT:  Good eye-to-hand co-ordination is essential to survive a
           Manta-Ray attack.

   These are essentially vertical tunnels with ledges at various points. To
the Breed they are no problem as the Shapechangers can just transform to
smoke and float up, and the more agile have memorised the positions of the
ledges and leap from one to the other. But for you - a mere mortal - it is a
bit harder! Once in the chasm you must reach the other end.

This is the easy part, all you need to do is drop from ledge to ledge till
you reach the bottom.

You must jump up and either land on a ledge or grab the edge and pull
yourself up onto it. You cant hang around because the ledges crumble or
withdraw into the rock.
   Try not to colide with the walls too much as your body can only take a
certain amount of battering! Use the following controls:-

LEFT            = Creep Left
RIGHT           = Creep Right
DOWN            = Duck
FIRE/UP         = Leap Up
FIRE/UP/RIGHT   = Leap Up To Right
FIRE/DOWN/RIGHT = Leap Down To Right
FIRE/DOWN/LEFT  = Leap Down To Left
FIRE/UP/LEFT    = Leap Up To Left

   * HINT: If you are unsure where the next ledge is just jump straight up
           for a look.
   * HINT: You can bounce off walls to enable you to reach an otherwise
           inaccessible ledge.