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People's General Version 1.0
Copyright© 1998 Strategic Simulations, Inc

Readme File


Manual Errata/Addendum
Campaign Play
  -Unit Attachments 
  -Leader Abilities
  -Equipment Specials
  -Reinforcement Levels
  -Special Units
Trigger Hexes
Weather Conditions
Air Missions
  -Wild Weasel
  -Air Strike
  -Defensive Air Support
Scenario Editor
People's General Website


Below is a list of last minute changes, clarifications and additions to the game
and manual.

-To speed up and slow down mouse cursor movement in game play, use the '+' or '-' 

-Page 17: Available starting prestige in the tutorial is 780, not 2320.

-Page 28: Combat Engineers: +2 to close attack and defense value. Also entrenches	
	faster than normal. 

-Page 29: Forward Observer: Gives artillery and defensive air support a +4 when 
	attacking and supporting against enemies adjacent to this unit.

-Page 31:'In campaign play, special deployment "jump off" hexes are available on 
your first turn only'. These are actually available on the first turn only and 
go away the moment you exit from the deployment screen.

-For a complete list of Leader abilities, See the section below under 'Leader 

-Defensive Air Support Missions have an ammo rating of 4 and range of 2 hexes
not ammo of 1 and range of 1.

Campaign Play
There are 9 campaigns included with People's general. It is recommended
that you start off by playing the tutorial scenario and finish it before
attempting any of the campaigns. Once you are ready to begin a campaign,
try playing the Western Long Campaign. This is the first campaign on the 
Western Long Campaign 	18 scenarios (Easy) 
Eastern Long Campaign 	18 scenarios (Easy/Challenging)
Railroaded 		6  scenarios (Challenging)
New World Order 	4  scenarios (Difficult)
Korea revisited 	3  scenarios (Challenging/Difficult)
Western campaign 	11 scenarios (Challenging)
Eastern campaign 	12 scenarios (Challenging)
Western Mini-campaign 	6  scenarios (Difficult)
Eastern Mini-campaign 	6  scenarios (Challenging/Difficult)

Mplayer is a free multi-player internet service for gamers. You can play People's
General with players all over the country. You will need an internet service 
provider to play People's General over Mplayer. For more information on Mplayer 
please check out the SSI Web page or go to www.mplayer.com and check out Mplayer's 
FAQ and help documents.

To play a game of People's General in multiplay, simply select the Play-by-Email 
option from the main game screen, choose a password, then select the scenario you 
would like to play. When you are through with your turn, end and save the turn. 
You can add any messages you would like to give your opponent in the save game 
description field. Once you are finished saving the game,you need to email the 
saved game to your opponent. The single file that you'll need to send will be in 
the ...People's General\Save\  folder. It will be NAME.EML where the name is what
you choose to save it as. We would suggest naming the files as per the turn number 
in the game (TURN1.EML, TURN2.EML, etc.) Once you receive an email saved game, 
you'll need to copy it back into your ...People's General\Save  folder, run 'Play-
by-Email' from the main game screen and then choose 'Load game' to bring up the new 
game turn. Even though the email files are small in size, to insure file integrity, 
you might want to zip the file before sending it off.

Playing over a 'busy' IPX LAN might cause some lag and sync delays, but other then 
this you shouldn't encounter any problems. We recommend playing over a dedicated LAN 
that only host the People's General players if possible. TCP/IP will become a problem 
for those that use ISPs that are 'Firewalled.' Users on AOL and some of the other 
proprietary internet servers might encounter connect problems. If you are not sure if 
your ISP is firewalled, we recommend contacted them and asking for a solution if any 
to the 'Firewalling' in their service.

-Unit Attachments:
Unit attachments are a way to customize your forces beyond what was ever 
possible in any of the other General titles. Each unit is able to have
up to two attachments assigned to it and these assignments can be changed 
in between scenarios during campaign play. Western forces, having a 
technological advantage over their Eastern counterparts, can purchase these
attachments for 30 prestige points each instead of 50 for the Chinese player.
Some attachments aren't available for all units and won't be present on the
requisition screen, or will simply be grayed out.

 Unit attachments are as follows:

 Recon		 	+1 to spotting range, -1 to unit profile.

 Combat Engineer	+2 to close attack and defense value. Also entrenches
			faster than normal.

 Air Defense		+2 to helicopter, air attack and to air defense.

 Bridging*		Gives unit ability to cross river hexes as rough terrain.
			Also, allows unit to attack after entering a river hex.

 Helicopter		+1 to spotting, +2 to hard attack value.

 Anti-tank		+4 hard attack.

 Combat Support**  	+3 to Ammo and reinforcements aren't reduced during play
			and are replaced to maximum over strength value.

 Forward Observer	Gives artillery and defensive air support a +4 when 
			attacking and supporting against enemies adjacent to this 

 Special Munitions	For Artillery only. +2 to soft and hard attack.

 *The bridging attachment is different from the bridging Equipment Special. The
bridging Equipment Special allows you to cross over a river as 'rough terrain' and
it also allows you to place the unit on a river hex and the rest of your forces 
may cross over while this unit is in place. The bridging attachment only allows 
the individual unit with the attachment to cross a river hex. If you place a unit 
with the bridging attachment over a river, your other troops may not cross over.

**The first time you take replacements for a unit during a scenario, they replace
to 10 max (15 for Chinese infantry). The next time this unit takes on 
replacements, the unit will max out to 9 (14 for Chinese infantry) and each 
subsequent turn you'll max out to one strength less. If the unit is equipped with 
the Combat Support attachment, it will always replace to 10 (15 for Chinese 

-Leader Abilities
When a unit is awarded a Leader, the unit gets two special abilities; one set 
unit ability dependant on the units class, and one random ability. For instance, 
when a tank unit is awarded a Leader, the unit always gets the Aggressive Maneuver 
ability then one other random ability from the Random ability list. Below are the 
Unit Class abilities and then the Random Ability List:

        Class Leader Abilities:

 Aggressive Maneuver:	Tank unit class ability. Gives +1 to movement range.
 Enhanced Radar:	Air Defense class ability. Gives +1 to weapon range.
 Force Recon:		Recon unit class ability. Gives +1 to spotting range.
 Multiple Fire Support:	Artillery unit class ability. Unit may continue to
			support and counter-battery as long as it has ammo to 
			do so. 
 Stealth Pilot:		Helicopter unit class ability. Movement range not 
			reduced	due to low air superiority levels.
 Tank Killer:		Anti-tank unit class ability. Number of shots are not 
			halved when unit fires beyond range 1.
 Terrain Expert:	Recon unit class ability. Gives +4 to Close attack and 
			defense values. 

        Random Abilities:

 Aggressive Attack:	Available to all.  Gives +2 to attack and defense when 
			initiating attack.

 Aggressive Maneuver:	Available to all. +1 movement (cumulative with tank class 	
			leader bonus)

 All Weather Combat:	Only for helicopters.  Number of shots are not halved in
			storm turns.

 Ambusher:		Only infantry.  If unit attacks in a close assault, then 	
			enemy gets no artillery support fire.

 Blitzer:		Not for tanks, ADA, or Arty.  Grants the tank class 
			overrun	ability.

 Bridging:		Not for helicopters.  Treat river and streams as rough 
			terrain	for movement.

 Camouflage Expert:	Available to all.  -2 profile.

 Defender:		Helicopters only.  If unit is adjacent to both attacker 
			and defender, then unit can provide support fire 
			(like artillery).

 Determined Defense:	Available to all.  Get +2 to attack and defense when 

 Devastating Fire:	Available to all.  May shoot twice per turn.

 Ferocious Defender:	For infantry, anti-tank, and ADA.  Always gets 	
			entrenchment bonus no matter what specials and leaders 
			the enemy has.

 Fire Discipline:	Available to all.  Use ˝ shot each time in combat.

 First Strike:		Not available to ADA or Arty.  Attacks before enemy unless 
			enemy has same leader.  Support fire, etc. still fire first.

 Ground Taker:		Not available to air, ADA, and Arty.  Does 50% more 
			suppression (which helps cause retreat).

 Infiltrator:		Not for ADA, light infantry, or Arty.  Ignores ZOCs.

 Influence:		Not available in scenario play. Available to all.  Units 
			can overstrength for free.

 Liberator:		(Not for helicopters) x2 prestige for capturing towns

 Marksman:		Helicopters only.  Gives +4 to attack value when attacking.

 Motivator:		Available to all.  Adds unit's experience level to all 
			adjacent units. If unit is a ground unit, it supports ground 
			units only. If unit is air unit, it supports air units only.

 Overwatch:		Tanks only. Shoots at enemy units entering its Zone of 

 Overwhelming Attack:	Not available to helicopters or ADA.  Unit has slightly 
			better chance of causing kills.

 Rangers:		Only available to infantry.  Forest, Rough, Hill, Mountain, 
			and Jungle are treated as clear terrain for movement.

 Recon Movement:	Not available to recon or helicopters.  Gives unit the recon 
			class segmented movement power.

 Resilience:		Available to all.  Unit takes slightly less kills.

 The Rock:		Not available to helicopters, ADA, or Arty. Unit will not 

 Sharpshooter:		Not for helicopters, ADA, Artillery, or anti tank units. 
			Shots are not halved at long range.

 Shock Tactics:		Available to all.  Does long term suppression.  Suppression 
			lasts all turn.

 Shoot and Scoot:	Only for artillery.  Enemy does not get counterbattery fire 
			at this unit.

 Sixth Sense:		Not available to ADA or Arty.  Unit can't be ambushed.

 Skilled Recon:		Available to all units.  +1 spotting (cumulative with the 
			recon class leader bonus)

 Skirmisher:		Not for artillery or ADA units.  Before attack, the number of 
			the opponents shots is reduced by two, but never put below 1.

 Smart Gambler:		Available to all units. Combat losses for attacker will never 
			be more than displayed and casualties listed will at least be 
			what was displayed prior to combat (except for hidden 
			supporting units like artillery)

 Street Fighter:	Not for helicopters, ADA, or Artillery. Ignores entrenchment 
			and terrain bonus of target in town or port. Automatically 
			follows up in city or port hex if enemy retreats out.

 Tunnel Rats:		Only for infantry units. Ignores entrenchments and entrenches 
			at a faster rate than normal.

 Quartermaster:		Available to all units.  Always may take replacements up to 
			base strength.

-Equipment Specials
Some units in People's General have inherit capabilities that come with the unit when 
purchased and don't need to be added later (like attachments can). You can tell units 
that have these equipment specials by the green equipment icons listed under the units 
statistical data (in the 'View Unit' screen) The following specials are listed:

 River Assault:		Units with this equipment special can cross river hexes as 
			rough terrain and make attacks while in river hexes.

 Light Infantry:	Units with this equipment special ignore enemy Zones-of-

 Ignore Entrenchments:	Units with this equipment special aren't penalized when 
			attacking an entrenched defender.

 Destroy Entrechments:	Units with this equipment special remove an enemies 
			entrenchment levels when they engage it in combat.

 Entrench Quickly:	Units with this equipment special entrench at a faster rate 
			(approx 3 times as fast).

 Combat Support:	Allows you to deploy units adjacent to this unit and allows 
			you to resupply and reinforce any unit that moves to within 
			2 hexes of this unit (as long as it hasn't fired in the turn.)

 Paratroop:		Units with this equipment special may execute a paratroop 
			mission if they start their turn in a friendly airport hex.

 Bridging:		Units with this equipment special treat river hexes as rough 
			terrain and when positioned across a river hex allow other 
			friendly units to cross over as road terrain as well. 

-Reinforcement Levels
There are three levels of reinforcements for units in People's General; one empty star 
(regular), 1 filled star (veteran), and 2 filled stars (Elite). Eastern units (Chinese 
and Korean) can set their units to regular or veteran levels. Western units can set 
their units to regular, veteran, or elite levels. These levels default to regular, and 
may only be changed the moment the unit is purchased, never afterward. These different 
levels determine the starting experience level for the unit, and more importantly the 
type of reinforcements the unit will receive during game play. Regular replacements come 
in at 0 experience per replacement. Veterans come in at 100 experience per replacement. 
Elite come in at 200 experience per replacement. These experience points are averaged 
throughout the unit when replacements are taken on. For instance, lets say you have an 
infantry unit that begins a scenario at 200 experience points and is strength 10. During 
the course of the game it is attacked and is reduced in strength from 10 to 3. If this 
unit were purchased with a regular replacements (0 experience troops) its new experience 
level after taking on replacements would have dropped as follows:

(current strength x current exp) + ( # of replacements x replacement exp level)
				Original strength size of unit

   (3 x 200) + (7 x 0)			600
    -----------------		=      -----   =   60 experience points (a huge reduction!)
            10				10

If this unit were to be purchased with veteran replacements you would have the following:

   (3 x 200) + (7 x 100)		600 + 700      1300
   --------------------         =       ---------  =   -----  = 130 experience (not so bad)
	   10				    10 		10

If this unit were to be purchased with elite replacements you would have the following:

   (3 x 200) + (7 x 200)		600 + 1400      2000
   --------------------         =       ----------  =   ----  = 200  (no loss in experience)
           10				    10 		 10

It should be noted that because Chinese troops can over strength to 21 great care should 
be taken when deciding to take on replacements during a battle. Many times it will be 
better to simply disengage a unit and move him away from harms way then to take on 
replacements (which will dilute and in many cases remove all his experience) If you don't
take on replacements during a battle, your units will all get replacements equal to their 
current experience level after the battle (in between scenarios)

Helicopters are by far the most powerful weapon on the battle field. Only ADA units with 
non-bracketed helicopter attack values, fighter interceptors, and other helicopters may 
actively engage helicopter units. This makes them very resilient. It should be noted that 
Helicopter movement is a function of your air supremacy rating. If you have 100% air 
supremacy, then your helicopters may move their full movement allowance during a given 
turn (30 hexes). This number will be reduced as your air supremacy level drops. Your 
helicopters movement may never fall below 9 movement.

-Special Units (CSU, Recon, Bridging Units, Light Infantry)
There are some very unique units in People's General that deserve special attention. 
They are:

 Combat Support Units:		CSU's allow you to deploy new units deep within enemy 
				territory. You may deploy any new unit that you purchase 
				in any of the adjacent hexes around a CSU that isn't 
				occupied by an enemy unit. Usually you may only	resupply 
				or give replacements to a unit that hasn't moved or fired 
				in the turn. If you move a unit during a turn within 2 
				hexes of a CSU, that unit may resupply or take on 
				replacements as long as he hasn't fired that turn. This 
				makes defending a position much easier as you can move 
				spent units to the rear and still reinforce the unit if 
				a CSU is nearby.

 Recon Units:			Recon units not only have their segmented movement like 
				in other General games, but they may also screen your troop 
				movements from the enemy. Spotting is greatly reduced for 
				the enemy when you have recon units nearby. 

 Bridging Units:		Bridging units that have the bridging equipment special are
				different then units that have the bridging attachment in 
				that they may act as a bridge for your other units as long 
				as they remain positioned across a river hex. 

 Light Infantry:		Light Infanty units are very nice in that they may move 1/2
				their movement allowance after they air-mobile to a location
				and they ignore enemy Zones-of-Control. This makes them 
				very effective when dropped deep within enemy territory to 
				take lightly defended victory hexes. Keep these units in 
				cities,	forest, or other rough terrain areas as they will
				die quickly in clear terrain.

-Prototype Units:		Prototype Units are sometimes awarded in between scenario 
				and as a result of activating a trigger hex (see below). 
				Prototype units don't ever count against your troop cap 
				(the maximum amount of troops you may have in any given 
				scenario) and will never gain levels of experience like 
				other troops.	

Trigger Hexes
Certain city hexes in a scenario will give a special award to the player who takes them. 
Trigger hexes can give you more prestige, more air mission points, more experience for the 
unit taking the city, or award a leader to the unit that takes the city. Because 
experience and leaders are only given to the unit that actually activates the trigger hex, 
its a good idea to take cities with units that don't already have leaders assigned to them.

Poor weather will reduce the number of shots by 1/2. Night conditions reduce visible by 1/2.

Air Missions
Air missions are one of the most powerful resources available in your arsenal. In many 
scenarios you will notice that you air mission points have been very limited. In these 
cases you should use air missions with great reserve and planning. Your number of air 
mission points will be reduced  each turn depending on your air supremacy level and how 
many aircraft you lost during the current turn. If you have an 80% Air Supremacy rating, 
you will lose20% of your remaining air mission points the next turn if you use execute 
an air mission of any type. This reduction will grow even more for any aircraft that 
were shot down during the turn. Below is a list of possible air missions:

-Wild Weasel			(5 points) Used to attack enemy Air Defenses.

-Recon				(2 points) Used to gain recon in a specific location.

-Air Strike			(10 points) Used to attack ground or helicopter units. 
				If used to attack helicopter units, enemy ADA won't engage.

-Defensive Air Support		(6 points) Positioned over friendly units greatly increases
				their capabilities during your enemies turn. Defensive air 
				support lasts as long as ammo last for the air unit (note: 
				all air units have 4 ammo). Can also be used to chase enemy
				helicopters away.

-Airlift			(4 points) Lets you airlift units from one friendly 
				airfield to another friendly airfield as long as no known 
				enemy ADA screen or umbrella one of your airfields.

-Air-mobile			(4 points) Allows units to move via helicopters as long as 
				enemy ADA doesn't keep them grounded.

Scenario Editor
The editor included with People's General gives you the ability to create any
number of scenarios using all of the maps included with the game. Some tips
and suggestions when the scenario editor:

-Trigger hexes will only be active for the first half of the scenario. If turns
go beyond this point, all remaining trigger hexes will be deactivated.

-All units in the game become available for purchase at certain dates. If you find
that for some reason you can't find a specific unit to place on the map, try increases
the date in the scenario until it becomes available.

-Setting the Western or Eastern 'stance' (attacker/defender) determines if one side
has to take all victory hexes in 'x' amount of time or defend all victory hexes in
'x' amount of time. It should be noted that if the defender manages to take the one 
victory hex that the attacker starts the scenario with, the defender will win.

-If you set the game to 'Nighttime', the first 2 game turns will be played at night.

-To place a generic small flag (a non-victory or supply hex flag) on the map, highlight
the country button in the top right hand corner of the scenario map screen, then click
onto the hex you want the flag to appear in.

-To add a leader to a unit, first requisition and deploy the unit, then select 'adjust 
unit' and click onto the unit you want to add the leader to. Next, select the Leader 
icon and you're set.

-Units cannot over strength unless you first increase their experience. If you want
to over strength a unit from 10 to 12, it must have al least two hundred experience points
to do so.

-To change the facing of a unit on the map, go into the deployment screen and right click 
on a unit to rotate it. You may only do this to the units you are currently deploying
(either Eastern or Western forces)

When you register your copy of People's General, a bonus scenario Tempest 
in TaiPei will be unlocked for free. If you encounter any problems 
registering your copy of People's General, please contact our Technical 
Support department (see Trouble shooting section below for contact 

Peoples General Website
For possible updates, future scenarios, game tips or general information 
regarding People's General, please check out the People's general webpage 


-If you encounter problems installing the game or get a 'Direct Media' error
when trying to run the game, please reinstall the game and the problem will
be fixed.

-If the game seems to run sluggishly or with slow or poor performance, be sure
that you have at least 80 MB of free hard drive space on your C:\ drive

-If you don't get the cut scenes, cinematics, or the game intro but the game
appears to run ok, you'll need to install (or reinstall) Quicktime - found on
the game CD.

-If People's General crashes when you first attempt to launch the game, you'll
need to install (or reinstall) Microsoft's DirectX 6 - found on the game CD.
-If the game crashes out when you try to launch a scenario or campaign, be
sure that the game CD is in the CD-ROM drive. You MUST have the game CD in the
drive in order to play People's General. If the CD is present and the crash
persists, please remove and clean the CD. If scratches are present, you may
need to replace the CD. For CD replacements, please check the game manual for
proper instructions.

-If you experience any video problems while running People's General like
garbled text or graphical banding across the game screen, your current Windows
95 video drivers may be outdated and probably aren't DirectX 6 compliant and
will need to be updated. Please refer to the manufacturer of your video card
for driver update information. If new DirectX 6 compliant video drivers aren't
yet available from the manufacturer of your video card, you may be able to
work around the problem (until new drivers are released) by reducing video
acceleration in the Windows 95 Control Panel. To do this:

  1) go to 'Control Panel', then select 'System' and choose Device Manager
  2) highlight 'Video Adapter' and go to Advanced properties 
  3) select the 'Performance' tab and reduce video acceleration all the way
     down to 'None'

Note: this may slow down general windows performance significantly. 

-If you can't connect in a multiplayer game over the internet (TCP/IP), be
sure that your ISP isn't firewalled (AOL users will encounter this problem).
If you're not sure about a possible firewall, please contact your Internet
Provider and ask. You cannot play People's General through a firewalled ISP.

If you encounter any other problems with People's general, please contact our
Technical Support Department at (423) 670-2020 between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm Eastern 
Standard Time or try our automated Technical Support department at (423) 670-2020. 
Technical Support FAX is available at (423) 670-2021. You may also fill out our 
technical Support form (found at http://store.learningco.com/dev/support_form.asp) 
and email it to:   support@learningco.com 

You may also write us at: Technical Support
			9715 Parkside Drive
		          Knoxville, TN 

(Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a reply)

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