Abandonware DOS title

Pepper's Adventures in Time walkthrough

Walkthru by Deep Note

NOTE: This walkthru does not give all the possible points in the game. To
do so, you must at least answer all the chapter quiz questions correctly
and use the TRUTH cursor a lot. Those are the educational parts of the game
- if I just told you those parts, how would you learn?  

Part 1: Pepper Travels through Time or Colonial Crash Landing

As Pepper wanders around in her backyard, she picks up a pink wad of gum
from the walkway then the water spigot to put water into Lockjaw's dog
bowl. After picking up the nearby drainpipe that has fallen off the house,
Pepper tries to put it back but it won't stick. Hmmm...maybe the gum will
let it stick on. Nope, too hard.... and Pepper isn't about to put it in
*her* mouth. Mischievously, she has Lockjaw chew the gum and, picking it up
again, she places the now soft gum on the drainpipe (in her inventory).
Holding the drainpipe (make the drainpipe the cursor), it easily attaches
onto the house.

After trying to climb up the drainpipe, Pepper learns her uncle is in the
attic. But, try as she might, Pepper can't figure out a way to go up
without leaving Lockjaw. But Lockjaw can help.

 Lockjaw, as is his usual, sniffs the neighbor's flowers. (After switching
to the 'paw' icon) Lockjaw quickly digs up the harness, despite the
neighbor's abuse. Pepper picks up the exposed harness and, after putting it
on Lockjaw, they are both able to climb the drainpipe up to the roof.


Getting to the top, Pepper grabs hold (use the hand icon) of the roof and
hauls them both up. Looking through the window is impossible with all that
dirt, so Pepper wipes off a pane. Things happen pretty fast, but when
Lockjaw disappears into the rotating disk, Pepper jumps after him without
hesitation (use the hand icon).


It takes several conversations, but Pepper eventually drags out the
stockaded man's story. She sees no harm in getting the ladle from the
bucket to her right, dipping it into the bucket and then giving the full
ladle to Richard. Being an ace reporter, Pepper feels she knows how to
'read' people pretty good; although there's something funny about Poor
Richard, she sees no harm in him and so grabs hold of the stock and
releases Richard.


With the guard marching back and forth, Pepper is careful to not try
anything when he's in front of the window. Grabbing the hammer and the
canvas (covering a box) Pepper uses the hammer to remove some nails in the
lower right side of the window and then uses all of these things to cover
the window.

Now Pepper looks to escaping. Examining her surroundings, she notices some
leaves by the door that are close enough for her to take. The only box that
moves is the small one that the hammer had been found on - it reveals
nothing but a dirt patch. Lockjaw comes to the rescue when he sniffs a bone
there and digs a hole.


Pepper still sees the guard out front, so a disguise is needed...like
those clothes on the line. But she can't reach the trousers until she gets
the bone from Lockjaw and knocks down the clothes with it. And now the baby
clothes for Lockjaw. Before leaving, Pepper grabs up a few of the pebbles
in the alley. After putting on the clothes, they stroll out of the alley
without mishap....well, almost. The best thing Pepper can do is duck back
into the alley, so Lockjaw doesn't give them both away when he wakes up.

Act 2: Pepper Explores Philadelphia or Kookie Colonists and One Bogus Ben

After talking to the hippie Marty Hardy, Pepper heads over to the right
side of the hill and talks with his brother Throckmorton. As she does, she
overhears a nearby couple having an argument.

Wandering over to the tree, Pepper picks up a bag of marbles. Pepper hopes
she doesn't need to pass any of the tax stiles the notice on the tree talks
about - she doesn't even know what a shilling is! The man under the tree
turns out to be the local vicar, while the woman is his girlfriend Quibble.

Continuing on the down the path (to the right), Pepper enters the Sprouts
shop  and talks to the baker inside. Imagine, someone burning a bonbon
recipe! The jar in front of Mrs. Goody might be useful, but she wants a
recipe for it. Ah, me....maybe later.

Back outside, Pepper knocks on the millinery shop and talks to Tattle, the
local gossip. Tossing some pebbles on the upper window of the sewing shop
turns out to be an unpleasant experience, indeed!

Finding no help here, Pepper goes back to the intersection and takes the
upper left path to another part of town. General Lee answers the inn's
door. He mentions that Ben Franklin never leaves his hot tub. The gentle-
man flipping a coin is missing his marbles; giving Roland the bag Pepper
found gets her a shiny shilling. Penny Pincher, at the carpentry shop, has
little of interest to say, other than the watch and guards are all in the
pay of General Pugh - Penny won't be trusting _them_ !

The Idle brothers in the post office certainly fit their name and Penny
quickly tries to converse with them. A square package on the counter by the
left wall, addressed to Ben Franklin, catches her eye. Taking it gives
Penny a legitimate reason to visit Ben. Penny goes back to the muddy
pothole and then down the distant path.

Overhearing the confusion of the guards, Pepper tries to confuse them by
talking to them. Aha! A shilling she has, and she hands it over to the


Well, Lockjaw isn't doing too well! After taking a drink of water, he
grabs his dogbone. Sniffing around, he bites open the brown dresser,
revealing a box of candy and a large key. He quickly snaps up the key, but
holds off on the box of candy. Sniffing some feathers on the windowsill
reminds Lockjaw of a pigeon. Just then, a man enters to wash Lockjaw.
Lockjaw'll have none of this and tries to bite the man. Now, how did that
secret passage open? Biting the clock's pinecone - of course! Inside,
Lockjaw bites and pulls away the cloth to reveal the horrible collar
memorial! Sniffing around, the purple rag leads to sniffing the mousehole,
then biting it to widen it.

Walking all the way back, Lockjaw heads into the passage on the right.
Skittish about the fire, Lockjaw approaches and watches General Pugh.


Deborah, Ben's wife, answers the door. Talking to her doesn't go too far,
but giving her the package does...but not very. (Going into the inventory)
Now that Pepper has permission, she opens the package, again knocks on the
door and gives Deborah the book.

Act 3:Pepper and the Kite/Key Experiment or Zap! Pow! Look at Ben Now!

Well, talking to Ben gets Pepper nothing but a bit of string. Looking
around, Pepper picks up a nice, ripe tomato, contemplates throwing it at
Ben, but puts it away instead. Spotting a metal rod in the cabbage patch,
she pockets that too. The pipe above the tub must be the water supply, she
thinks. Shrugging, she walks back inside.

Wandering around the printing press room, Pepper picks up the schematic on
the press - examining it shows Pepper how to construct a Leyden jar (see
game documentation). One of the needed items, a large black stopper, is
found in the bin against the wall, and so is a magnet. Hoping this diagram
will inspire Ben, she shows it to him. All Pepper gets is a promise for
help if Ben gets some hot water. Now, to find that hot water.

While talking to Ben's daughter Sally, Pepper notices the door to the (left
side) cabinet ajar. One of the recipes inside is for bonbons - just what
the baker wanted!

Well, now. Maybe if Ben had his hot water, he'd listen to Pepper. But when
Pepper tries to get the matches to light the stove, Sally prevents her, but
gives Pepper an idea too. A quick splat on her clothes with the tomato
leaves Pepper alone in the room and a quick flick of a match lights the
fire. Now all Pepper needs is the Leyden jar and Ben's get out of the tub.
She heads back outside to start looking for the Leyden jar pieces and is
zapped to Ben's childhood.


To help Ben, Pepper grabs the nearby cloth and plays ghost by putting it
on herself. Grabbing the clothes, Ben takes them (click on Ben with them)
and they head to Ben's home.

When Ben is in need of wicks, Pepper gives him the string that 'hottub' Ben
gave her. After receiving a kite and returning back to hottub Ben's
doorway, Pepper continues back to the sentries and talks to them until
they're totally confused and leave. Picking up the piece of tin they leave
behind, Pepper continues on to the intersection. Here's Poor Richard in a
wagon. Hey! A key! Just the thing for the kite experiment, but Richard
won't give it to Pepper unless she delivers several packets of proverb,
carved on wood. But first, the bonbons.

Going back into the sprouts shop, Pepper trades the bonbon recipe for the
jar. She then starts to hand out the proverbs. The 'quarreling' one
obviously belongs to the couple under the tree, while the 'eating' proverb
goes to General Lee at the inn. She delivers the proverb on laziness to the
Idle brothers and heads back to get more proverbs from Richard. On her way,
she sees a goat by the inn....hmmm, now here's a way to get those
disgusting cabbages out of the jar she thinks, offering the jar to the

Looking at another load of proverbs, the first reminds Pepper of how
Throckmorton used to be - she hands the 'early to bed' one to him. The
gossip proverb seems more a warning to gossips themselves, so Pepper gives
it to Tattletale in the millinery. 'Wealth' is handed to Penny at the
carpentry shop, 'Tart Words' to Nellie above the sewing shop, and
'dishonest gain' to the gambler in front of the inn.

Heading back to Poor Richard's, she finds only a blue carpetbag and the
brass key, amongst the mess. Opening the carpet bag reveals a woman's

Exploring to the left, Pepper passes by her old jail and comes to a bridge
and some guards. Although obnoxious, the skinny guard helps her get the
string out of the tree, when she reaches for it. Apparently he's grumpy
because he's hungry, or so he says.

Well, Richard can't be found, so Pepper heads back to Ben's with the
completed Leyden jar she makes from the components - carefully following
the schematic's instructions. She gives him the jar, the kite, the key and
the string. Ben finally gets out when Pepper gives him the blueprint

Act 4:Lockjaw and The Stamp Act or The Terrible Truth about Putrid Pugh

Searching the hottub rubble, Pepper takes the bluish fan at the back, a
backscratcher just to the right of the fan, a long thin lever floating in
the water, some wooden paddles, and a (now-shrunken) step-stool. Entering
the house and hearing the bird, Pepper uses the stepstool to climb the

The poor bird obviously wants out, so Pepper opens the window and then the
cage. The pigeon lands where it has landed before - on Ima's windowsill.

Heading back to the fire, Lockjaw enters the study through the ashes.
Alright - slippers! Lockjaw settles down to some serious chewing. That
letter Pugh mentions sounds interesting, as does the news of Poor Richard's
confinement. Lockjaw decides that something else in the room deserves
chewing more than the slippers and Pugh runs out of the room. Grabbing the
letter, Lockjaw dashes back to Ima's room and hands off the letter to the

Pepper grabs the letter from the windowsill and runs back to the parlor to
show it to Ben. But he's too worried about his wife - until she's returned
he won't listen to Pepper.

Pepper gives the fan to Goody the baker, who mentions that the guards like
sweets. After giving Goody the fan, Pepper promises herself to find some
chocolate for Goody to bake with.

Walking past the vicar and Miss Quabble , Pepper notices the Stamp Tax
notice on the tree has been loosened. Pulling it off exposes a lovers'
heart, but the hidden compartment that opens when the center knob is pushed
is even more surprising (click on the box in your inventory with the hand
icon to operate the box).

The guards in front of her old jail tell Pepper this is where Poor Richard
must be. Well, they're not too talkative but using Pugh's letter on them
gets Pepper in.


Talking doesn't seem to help much here, either. Pepper shows Richard the
woman's clothing and Poor Richard admits to being Mrs. Franklin. Too angry
with him to escape, she changes her mind once Pepper gives her the love
letters. Not to be put off, Pepper pushes the woman's clothing on her again
and they make their escape.

Act 5: Pepper visits the Constitutional Convention or The Key To An Old
Ben's Heart

When Pepper gives Ben the letter she obtained from the pigeon, he's galva-
nized into action. Putting the lever back into the press gets the press
working and, afterwards, Penny picks the leaflets up off the press and
distributes them to everyone (give one to the General, Roland, Penny, Billy
Idle, Morty or Throckmorton, Miss Quabble, Ms Nettlesome, Tattle, and

After talking to Ben at the Constitutional Convention and giving his
glasses back to him, Pepper learns Ben has gout. Pepper can finally use
those leaves from the jail shack. Back at the house, after looking through
the keyhole, Pepper picks up the long, thin stick on the porch. Pushing the
key out of the keyhole with the stick, the magnet easily retrieves the key,
Pepper unlocks the door for Ben - he gives her a bar of chocolates as a

Act 6: Pepper and Lockjaw in Penn Mansion or Save That Dog or Dye Trying

Talking to Ben again, Pepper gets a kite. At the bridge in front of Penn
mansion, she offers the candy to the guards but the greedy guts don't want
just chocolate. Remembering Goody, Pepper gives the chocolate to her. With
the bonbons she receives, Pepper now has a bribe for the guards.

Using the kite ( click on water with kite), Pepper quickly moves to the
back of the house. Uh oh - guards! Waiting until she is past a column of
short trees, she jumps out of the river and sneaks from one tree to another
until she can open and enter the window.

Once in the mansion study, Pepper tries an old TV detective trick -
grabbing a pencil and the blank papers from the desk, she uses the pencil
on the paper to see impressions made on the paper. After opening the safe
behind the painting (use hand icon to click on each number, not the inner
dial), Pepper grabs the money and covers up the safe. She then exits the
room. Caught!


Once Ima leaves, Pepper wonders how to get out of here. Looking at the mop
gives her an idea. Grabbing the mop and the pink lace fan, she only needs
an ironed dress so she can impersonate Ima. (Clicking on the iron's handle
with the oven mitt found to the left of the fireplace) Pepper quickly irons
the dress (left side of room), picks it up and puts the whole ensemble on.


Lockjaw can't use the key (in inventory, or to left of door) himself, but
he _can_ push it under the door to Pepper. Once again, the magnet helps to
get a key. Using the key to open the door, Pepper releases Lockjaw.


Approaching the top of the stairs, Lockjaw sniffs the air before walking
out to it. Once at the top, they hear voices. Lockjaw puts his paws on the
white closet - Pepper takes the hint and they hide inside.

While Lockjaw keeps Ima occupied, Pepper grabs the bucket and douses her
with dye. Lockjaw tries to take a bite out of crime when Percy approaches,
while Pepper gives Pugh a real charge with the Leyden jar.

Pepper runs to the door and lets the colonists in. She hands Ben the bag of
gold, sealing the Pughs' fate.