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Powerslave other

Powerslave Cheat Codes / Commandline Shortcuts

 gives you all weapons and ammo

 fills in entire map in map mode

 toggles "snake-cam"

 all keys

 turns off flash effects from explosions and guns

 lets you slip through walls (but you stick to the floor, no jumping)

 all items

 displays coordinates in upper corner

 turns on a command line prompt at the top of the screen, where you can
 enter any of the above commands, plus any of these:

 level n
  jumps to level number "n"

  toggles all switches, which should open most doors and activate traps

  finishes the level you're on

 creature n
  places creature of type "n" where you're standing (0 is Anubis, 1 is spider,
  2 is mummy, etc.)

Entering a blank line will turn off the command line.

To start a modem play game, type

ps /modem

and for a null-modem cable connection game, type

ps /null

at startup.

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