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Questron 2 manual


Typed in by THE SOUTHERN STAR. Edited by PARASITE.

YOUR QUEST (As told by Mestron, The Great Wizard)
"Though you have completed your quest to save the land of Questron from the
crazed magician Mantor and his Evil Book of Magic, the book itself still
exists. The book is so evil that it cannot be destroyed by normal means.
Its very presence, anywhere in our continuum, poses the threat of
corruption and doom to all civilizations. You must journey back in time to
ensure that this abomination is never created.

"I will send you back through time and space to Landor, where Mantor has
enticed six mad sorcers to create the Evil Book of Magic. I have bent my
power to allow communication with Landor through the "Hall of Visions". An
important early step in your quest is to search out the hall so that I can
lend you my guidance. Through the hall I have learned a few scraps of
information concerning the situation on that troubled world. Within these
parchments I pass the information on to you.

"You have never existed on Landor, so there you will not have the title and
standing you have earned on Questron. My transportation spell is limited to
sending only you and a few items. You shall take along the Evil Book of
Magic, for we would trust no other to guard it, and the glittering gold
key. Beyond these items I can send you only the barest equipment. Also, the
temporal transition will cause the loss of some of your Questron-renouned

"When you get to Landor you must quickly gain equipment to improve your
chances of survival. Talk to many, for you will have much to learn about
the land and its situation. Regain your fighting prowess and equipment as
soon as possible, for Landor is at least as dangerous as Questron. Learn
how to survive in the cities, as well as the wilderness. Visit the
cathedrals and learn their secrets. Venture carefully into the castles. And
be ready for the dangers of the tombs and dungeons. To stop the six mad
sorcerers you will have to brave the perils of all these locations."

"Your victories on Questron prove you are the only one we can send on this
mission. You are our last, best hope of destroying the Evil Book of Magic.
Go now; the future of all people rides with you into the depths of the

(As chronicled by Lary Myranda, Historian to His Majesty, King Kelfar
of The Realm of the Sorcerers.)

For decades the Council of Seven Sorcerers jointly ruled The Realm of
sorcerers, for no mortal king could challenge their magic and no king was
allowed to be a wielder of spells. In the beginning the council's rulings
were fair, but harsh. But the longer they ruled unopposed, the more
despotic their decisions became.

As the council rulings became more self-serving and forced greater and
greater cruelty upon the people, one member was revolted by the misuse of
power. Kelfar was a junior member of the council, but he understood that
the council members' vanity and suspicions were their weaknesses. He
secretly gained the confidence of the common people, and dug to discover
every vulnerability of the other six members of the council.

When Kelfar was finally prepared, and the rest of the council was in total
disarray over a minuscule dispute, he renounced his sorcerous ways and took
up a sword to become one with his followers. With the common people behind
him and the scattered desport at their weakest, Kelfar struck down the
power of the council members and banished them as one from the civilized
areas of the realm. his joyous followers revelled in their victory and, by
acclamation, proclaimed him His Majesty, King Kelfar, Lord of The Realm of
the Sorcerers!

His Majesty's rule was wise and fair, but his mercy in banishing, and not
elimination, his former comrads has cost the realm dearly. For in banishing
them as one, His Majesty has provided the sorcerers with a common purpose.
The sorcerers have hidden themselves somewhere in the realm and even now
work to bring down His Majesty's rule.

(As told by Morle the Magician in his text "Magic for the Masses")

Moving objects through space you accept without question. Moving through
time you find impossible to believe. This is understandable, but foolish.
To a wizard, time and space are but different sides of the same coin. Just
because your experience forces you to see events occurring from past to
future, do not be fooled into believing the grand plan operates in that

Among wizards, time travel is a common phenomenon. Yet it is often
misunderstood. The fabric of time is self-repairing. Going back in time to
prevent an event can do nothing to alter the years between the event and
the moment you move back through time. Only the future after your departure
will be altered. The past is but an elusive shadow - only the future can
turly be changed.

(A private letter to His Majesty, King Kelfar from Morle the Magician)

My sorcerous eyes and ears have been very active searching out the
activities of the Six Mad Sorcerers. We know some thing of their plans, but
of late their mystic defenses have become much stronger. The plague of
monsters that has nearly overrun the realm is but a byproduct of the
hideous creatures they create to protect themselves.

What I have learned is that The Six labor as one to create a great magic
tome. They continue to whisper of an Evil Book of Magic and of an
other-dimensional leader who binds the group together. The name Mantor is
spoken when the group believes it is alone. The Six fear Mantor, and his
power, but they see him as the means to gain their revenge upon you. I fear
they are nearing completing of whatever vile project they attempt.

Given your political position as the leader of your people (and the
renounciation of your sorcerous powers) and my creeping infirmity, neither
of us is properly equipped to challenge the Six Mad Sorcerers and their
other-worldly leader. None of our own knights have been successful in
finding, let alone combating, their monstrous power. I fear, your majesty,
that without a hero of mystical proportions, your reign, and our realm are
doomed. Heroes have come unto the land before, and we must pray that one
comes to us again.
                        Morle the Magician

MONSTERS (From an interview with Mestron the Wizard)
"Many new dangers await you in Landor. But, because of your lack of local
knowledge you must often talk first and hope upon the good intentions of
those you encounter. I have assembled the names and characteristics of
people and creatures you may meet from my conversations through the Hall of
visions. Study these well."

SOVAN PRIEST - The members of this ancient religious order are always
willing to help out fellow travellers, for but a small contribution. These
tall, robed figures are not well trained in the art of battle, but are as
adept in dodging physical attacks as they are at dodging theological

GYPSY IMP - Although it will act as if it's your friend, the Gypsy Imp's
true character can be seen by looking at it. It is a short, hooved,
devil-like creature who will sell you anything for the right price. Beware:
The knife he sells you may be used to stabe you in the back.

BEGGAR - One must feel pity for this wandering destitute soul. Through
their many travels, Beggars have gained a righ knowledge in the ways of
Landor. It has been proven time and time again that helping the poor can
have its just rewards.

TROLL - The sight of the Troll is as horrid as its stench. It stands over
9' tall and has putrid greenish-colored skin. Trolls have a keen sense of
smell as well as an ability to see in the dark. It is told that some trolls
will interact with adventurers, but will attack when provoked.

BRAWN WARRIOR - The Brawn Warrior's primary love, next to making money, is
a good battle. Crazed with a lust for victory, these fighters will attack
relentlessly until killed. The Brawn Warrior often carries trophies from
his most recent victories, but will sell them when the "novelty" wears off.

WAVE SLAPPER - The Wave Slapper is best disguised on a stormy day when the
sea is turbulent. It looks like a rising wave crashing on to the bow of
your vessel. The Slapper has exceptional intelligence, and a lust to
destroy any intruder within its domain. Sailors who have successfully
driven away the Wave Slapper claim that a long, light, maneuverable blade
is the best weapon to use in countering the Slapper's clumsy attacks.

MUTANT CARP - This fish looks like a deformed, overgrown carp. It has four
long tentacles or "whiskers" which protrude when provoked. Know to lock
itself to a vessel with its sharp teeth and powerful jaws, it flails its
poisonous tentacles about, lashing its enemies to death. Large weapons or
powerful magic are the only effective weapons against the abomination.

HULL BORE - The Hull Bore is also known as the "Unicorn Sea Serpent"
because of the spiral "horn" protruding from its head. It is said to be one
of the most powerful of the known sea monsters. This giant sea snake
punctures the underside of a vessel, then waits for it to sink. From this,
sailors have become the Hull Bore's favorite delicacy.

SPINCER - The huge crab-like creature inhabits the rocky areas of shallow
waters. The Spincer prefers to hide in shallow water, peeking out with its
eye stalks, hoping to catch a victim by surprise. It has a very thick
"armor" which makes it difficult to injure. During combat, the Spincer
makes rapid skittering movements, making it very difficult to hit. The
Spincer has become known as one of the most agile sea/land creatures.

MAVIN - The Mavin is ape-like in appearance, although much larger, stronger
and hungrier. In combat it prefers to knock its victims senseless with its
powerful fists. Contacts with other adventurers have proven the Mavin to be
carnivourous. In fact, human flesh is claimed to be its favorite meal.

SNOOPER SLINK - This mongoose-like squirrel has a black shiny coat, red
glowing eyes, and razor-sharp fangs. It lives near or in dark forests, high
up in twisted and gnarled trees or in underground nests. It has been said
that the Snooper Slink's greatest weakness is its overwhelming curiosity.

SLASHER BOAR - The Slasher Boar is a hog-like creature with large, sharp
tusks and a bad temper. Like all boars, this creature will eat anything it
can find, including adventurers. Tales say the tusks of the boar have been
known to slice people in half. A spear is the classic weapon to hunt boar.

ANTISAUR - Although not as common as it used to be, the antisaur is still
seen in Landor. The insect resembles a giant ant, but with a much thicker,
stone-like exoskeleton. When cornered, the Antisaur can burrow quickly as
an escape, but will just as often attack by squirting digestive acid from
between its mandibles.

GRUB SNUFFLER - The Grub Snuffler is an ever-hungry marsuipial. It
resembles an armadillo, and has thick, metal-like "armor" plating. It has a
snout like an aardvark which it uses to sniff out trash, or whatever ele\se
it can find to eat. Grub Snufflers are not known to attack humans unless
they are extremely hungry.

VIPOD -  Vipods are in constant search of food, burrowing deep beneath the
ground. When it senses movement on the surfact above, it will immediately
move in for the kill. Being blind, it can "feel" where its opponents are
and often attack them by surprise. Before the Vipod emerges to the surface,
however, the experienced adventurer may feel a deep, low rumbling from

RAMDART - Ramdarts can be found wandering the grasslands aimlessly. Unlike
normal rams, the Ramdarts have proven themselves to be carnivorous. With a
victim in sight, the Ramdart can charge at high speed, attempting to mpale
him with its sharp horns.

SWINE SWALLOW - This large, intelligent plant-like creature is a cross
between a clam and a Venus fly trap. With its eye stalks, it can easily
spot approaching victims. It also has tendrils which extend out from its
body, allowing it to sense as well as entangle unwary travellers. The
piercing fangs of the Swine Swallow can cause paralysis when plunged deeply
into its victim.

BOLL ROT - This animal blends in well with the forest due to its green,
mossy hide. From what has been told about it, the Boll Rot is a leprous
snake-like creature. When struck, pieces of its body will fall off, but the
Boll Rot will continue to fight, undaunted.

TANGLER - This vine-like creature hangs down from trees, hiding amongst
normal vines. When stepped on or passed by, the Tangler wraps itself around
its prey and pulls it up into the air. The struggling victim is then
squeezed to death. A very short blade has the best chance of cutting a
struggling adventurer free.

HORNET CLOUD - This mass of small insects attacks only when the nest is
threatened or disturbed by careless wanderers. It is not advised to "rough
house" beneath the hornets' nest.

BABOON - These beasts are rumored to live in tribes, although they can be
encountered alone. Easily the swiftest of the forest creatures, this
fun-loving tree swinger loves to "play" with its victims by tearing off
their limbs. However, the baboon will quickly tire of such fun once all
signs of life are depleted.

BALL SLIME - This oozy horror lurks in swamps. It resembles damp, dark
stone, It has a "head" protruding from the center of its "body", possibly
being the source of its central nervous system. Some Ball Slime have been
known to reach a size larger than a full grown man. Beware; the digestive
juice of the Ball Slime is assumed to have the ability to eat through
armor, as well as human flesh.

CARRION CREEPER - A cross between a millipede and an octopus, the Carrion
Creeper is usually found in stagnant areas like swamps. It is carnivorous,
though its primary diet consists of wast materials left by other creatures.
The Carrion Creeper's powerful attacks are in stark contrast to its
vulnerabilities. Adventurers have been known to dispatch Creepers in a
single shot.

JELLY NYMPH - When first seen, the Jelly Nymph appears to be a young woman
trapped in teh muck of the swamp. The muck is actually part of her body,
being half-nymph, half-slime. She will attempt to lure wanderers to her by
pleadinf for help. Once within range, the victim becomes entrapped in the
slime. Jelly Mynphs have been known to feel compassion for their victims
and release them, but this is very rare.

GIANT COCKROACH - This sleazy insect is an incredibly huge counter-part to
its cousin, the common cockroach, being over 11' long. The roach is drawn
to any kind of food it smells, and will swiftly move in to feast. The
fauchard has been known to work effectively against an attack by one of
these wretched beasts.

STINK WORM  - Dubbed as the "Worm of Hate", a Stink Worm may first be
detected by a pungent, sulfur-like odor in the nearby area. It has a large,
suction cup-like opening for a mouth similar to that of a leech. The worm
has the ability to render its victim senseless by emitting a nozious gas
from its tail. This allows the worm to attach itself to the victim's body
and drain its blood.

HURLER - These large, ape-like creatures live high in the cliffs in the
mountain ranges of Landor. This reclusive creature keeps intruders away
from its lair by tossing down large boulders of ice or rock. The Hurlers
can be heard late at night by their long and lonely drawn out howling.

ICE URCHIN - This creature is usually found in cold climates, first
appearing as a frozen bush. It can sense heat sources and attacks by
ejecting frozen needles of ice. These "icicles" kill by impaling their
victim or freezing him to death. Once the victim stops moving the urchin
will crawl down and begin to devour it.

CLOUD CREEPER - Best seen at night, the Cloud Creeper is a misty, vaporous
entity. It wafts along the ground like a small patch of fog, in search of
victims to drain life from. Once a victim inhales its deadly vapor, he
cannot breathe and most likely will choke to death.

SPIKER - This is a large scorpion-like insect. It has many venomous spikes
protruding from its tail which it fires when provoked. When hit by one of
these spiked, the victim begins to feel very dizzy and confused. Speed and
impact are the only effective weapons against a Spiker; it can ignore most
bladed weapons and avoid large, slow, bashing weapons.

VENOM ANT - Also known as the "fire ant", the Venom Ant can move and attack
very rapidly. This insectoid is noted for its firey, glowing red color,
hence its nickname. It has bone-crushing mandibles, and a stinger which
secrets a deadly, burning venom.

Some say that the monsters living in The Realm of Sorcers are similar to
those found on the primary continent of Landor. However, legends say that
there are terrors existing here which are much more evil and hideous than
those of the first continent. Since most of those who have travelled to The
Realm of Sorcerers have never returned, there are no "confirmed" tales of
its inhabitants.

Very few intrepid adventurers have entered the dungeons in search of the
legendary unclaimed wealth and untold fortunes therein. Of those who were
brave enough to descend into the darkness, very few survived the clutches
of the unspeakable horrors within. Little is known about these foul beasts,
but the legendary rumors give some hints.

SHAPE SHIFTER - A Shape Shifter once "chameleoned" itself as a member of a
dungeon exploration taem, having previously devouring the original member
when he was alone. One by one, it preyed upon each member of the group
until all were dead.

HELL HULK - The Hell Hulk has metallic claws allowing it to burrow quickly
through rock and earth. It surprises unwary adventurers by crashing through
the dungeon walls or floor.

SOUL SEEKER - This undead wanderer maintains its existence by its sheer
hatred of good. It feeds upon the life forces of those with good will.

WARLOCK - The Warlock is a dark and independent sorcerer. His strong lust
for power allows him no allies. His overwhelming thirst for magic draws him
to attack anyone possibly carrying enchanted items.

WINSEL - After killing its victims, this powerful and deadly carnivor
proceeds to drain them of all of their blood.

THUNDER LIZARD - This large and powerful reptilian nightmare has been given
its name for the sound it makes as it charges from the darkness.

MINDLESS DRONE - Mindless Drones now wander the dungeon halls aimlessly,
paying the price for once opposing the ancient, evil mystics.

ZABOR - This incredibly violent feline will gore with its horns, slash with
its claws and tear with its teeth until there is nothing left of its

MIND ZAP - This predator has the ability to "short circuit" every neuron in
a victim's brain, leaving him alive but in a "vegetable" state.

DISEMBOWLER - There are those who believe that the tongue of the
Disembowler can lash out and strike its victims from far away, leaving them

DEATH WRAITH - The touch of the Death Wraith will chill its victims,
causing their life energy to be withdrawn from their bodies. The "true"
destruction of the Death Wraith can only be achieved by exposing it
directly to sunlight.

SHREDDER SERPENT - This relentless reptile will bite into and hold its
victims, while ripping them apart with the end of its powerful tail.

VISION OF PARADISE - The kiss of this beauty causes any man to fall in love
with her. This charm cannot be broken, even when he sees her true identity
and nature.

ROTAN KNIGHT - Failing the lawful-good tests of true knighthood, the Rotan
Knights have pledged themselves to the triumph of evil and the desecration
of law and order.

SQUEALER - The high, piercing scream of this beast has caused those who
opposed it to fall to the ground in intense pain, rendering them senseless.

CHURL OGRE - These ugly humanoids have been known to leave the depths of
the dungeons to raid small towns, abducting innocent people for what
purpose no one knows.

There is very little know about the tombs or their where abouts. Assuming
that the rumors of vast, ancient treasure within the tombs are true, it can
be assumed that the guardians within are most forbidding.



Questron II can be played from the keyboard, with a joystick, or with a

1. Movememt in Overhead View: In overhead view you can move up, down,
right, and left. With a joystick push in the direction you wish to go. With
a mouse place the pointer on the window in the direction you want to9 go
and click the left button. From the keyboard you use the cursor keys to
move. The Commodore 64 can use the "@" key to move up, ":" to move left,
";" to move right, and "/" to move down. The Apple II+ can use the RETURN
key to move up, the arrow keys to move left and right, and the "/" key to
move down.

2. Movement in Dungeons: In dungeons you can move forward, turn right, turn
left, or turn around. With a joystick move right or left to turn, push
forward to walk forward, and pull abck to turn around. With a mouse place
the pointer to the right or the left of the window to turn, to the top of
the window to move forward, and to the bottom of the window to turn around.
From the keyboard you can use the right and left cursor keys to turn, the
up cursor key to move forward, and the down cursor key to turn around. The
Commodore 64 can use the "@", ":", ";", and "/" keys to move and turn. The
Apple II+ can use the RETURN key, arrow keys, and "/" key to move and turn.

3. Giving Commands: All current commands are listed on screen. To choose a
command with a joystick hold the button (Button 1 on the Apple II) down
until the commands are highlighted. Use the joystick to position the cursor
over the command you want and push the button (Button 0 on the Apple II).
With a mouse, position the pointer over the command name and click the left
mouse button to choose the command. From the keyboard, press the first
letter of a command's name to choose that command.

4. Making Other Choices: Throughout the game you'll be presented with
small, self-explanatory menus. If there is a high-lighted cursor use the
joystick to cursor up and down keys to move the cursor to the command.
Press the button or type RETURN/ENTER or SPACE to make a choice. With a
mouse, move the pointer to the command anc click the left mouse button to
choose. Wehn a menu is numbered, type the command's number.


These commands are always listed on screen when they are available. Some
commands may be unavailable or deactivated in some situations.

ARM - Grab a weapon from your inventory. A weapon won't help you in combat
until you are armed.

BOARD - Mount transportation. You can also board transportation by walking
onto it.

CLIMB - Move up and down in dungeons on ropes, ladders, and such.

DISMOUNT - Get off of your transportation.

END GAME - Quit playing or save your character to disk. Note: you can only
END a game outside.

EXIT - Leave an area without having to walk out. Doesn't work in tombs,
dungeons, or once the guard are trying to kill you.

FIGHT - Attach creatures with your armed weapon.

GAME SPEED - This affects how long messages are on screen.

INVENTORY - View your inventory list. Objects you are wearing or armed with
are highlighted.

LOAD GAME - Reload a saved game.

LOOT - Grab or steal items from people, chests, etc.

MAGIC - Use a magic spell. Certain spells only work in some areas.

SPEAK - Converse with others nearby. In many cases it is better to talk
than fight.

USE ITEM - Use an item from your inventory. Some items only work in the
proper time and place.

WEAR - Wear your armor. Armor doesn't provide protection until you wear it.

XAMINE - Examine the world around you for useful information. For example,
you use "Examine" in the dungeon to search for and avoid traps.

The wise player soon learns to pick and choose his battles. While you will
have to fight to win the game, it is unwise to attack potential friends.
There are times when cutting and running is better than standing and dying.

your success in combat depends on your attributes (strength, stmina, and
agility), the weapon your're armed with, the armor you're wearing, and the
strengths and weaknesses of the creature you are fighting. During battle
you decide what direction to attack (if necessary) and then you see if you
hit and how much damage you do. You also see the monsters you're fighting,
how often they hit and how much damage they do.


Your character's status is listed on screen in the following values:

HP or HIT POINTS: This represents how much damage you can take before you
are killed. If you Hit Points reach zero you die.

FOOD: This is the number of days of food you have. You buy food in towns,
and you starve if you run out.

GOLD: This represents how much money you have on you to buy things with.
You can also have money in the bank that isn't shown here.

If you take an "Inventory" of your character's possessions you will also
see your character's attributes and other status information. The status
values include:

LEVEL: This name represents how far along you are in the quest. You begin
as a Plebe.

TIME: This measures how long since the beginning of the quest. As it gets
later your enemies become more powerful and the politics of Landor begin to

The character's attributes represent how fit he is in a number of areas.
The attributes include:

CHARISMA: This helps you bargain for better prices on some goods.

STRENGTH: This helps determine the dame you cause when attacking an enemy.

AGILITY: This helps determine your ability to land blows and to avoid the
return blows of your opponents.

INTELLIGENCE: This helps determing how reliable your magic spells are. Only
a highly intelligent character can use magic well.


You can buy 4 different kinds of spells. You pay for each use of a spell
individually. The spells are:

MAGIC MISSILE: This is a single target damage spell.

FIREBALL: This is a more powerful single target damage spell.

SONIC WHINE: This is a spell that attacks all adjacent enemies.

TIME SAP: This spell slows the enemies' sense of time to "freeze" them.

All of your equipment is divided into three categories: weapons, armor, and
items. Weapons add to the damage you do and occasionally have other uses.
Use the "ARM" command to get a weapon from your inventory or change
weapons. Use the "FIGHT" command to strike at an opponent. Armor reduces
the damage you'll take from opponent's blows. Use the "WEAR" command to get
armor from your inventory or change armor. Items include everything else
you can carry. The "USE ITEM" command activates an item if the item is
useful in your current situation.

When you begin, your choices of arms and armor are very limited. As you
become more powerful you wll have the chance to obtain better arms and
armor. In general, the more expensive the item the better it is. you can
also accumulate many valuable items necessary to complete your quest.


Over 60 different types of creatures inhabit Landor. Each type of creature
looks different, reacts differently, and is best attacked with certain
weapons. Some should never be attacked at all!  By listening to rumors,
reading the Questron II history booklet, and through bloody experience
you'll learn how to deal with each different type of creature.

Outdoor adventure is shown on a vast scrolling overhead map. While outside
you'll notice different types of terrain, as well as different symbols for
towns, buildings, and other places of importance. Bew sure to check out any
symbols on the map by moving onto them. This allows you to visit places and
board transportation. You can also learn about the terrain types by
"Examining" them as you walk through. Each type of terrain has its own
characteristics and unique monsters.

While outdoors, any town, cathedral, or castle can be entered by walking
onto its symbol on the Outdoor map. When you enter, the scale will expand
and you'll be able to walk from room to room and building to building.

TOWNS, offer a place to rest, gamble, buy goods, rob stores, and otherwise
partake in the joys of civilization. Your tongue will be as useful as your
sword as you seek out rumors, gossip, and other information of import.

CATHEDRALS are magical places controlled by holy ones. Nothing is obvious
in a cathedral; there are both traps and rewards. But you will have to
discover their secrets to complete your glorious quest.

CASTLES are important centers of government in Landor. Here you can find
important people, information, and items to help you on your quest.

Tombs are secret labyrinths of corridors and rooms, filled with danger,
treasure, and magic. You'll have to find the tombs and brave their depths
to gain information and power.

Dungeons are evil places, shown in three dimensional perspective. You will
need to be very powerful to survive the rigors of the dungeon. The deeper
one delves into the dungeon, the more powerful the monsters and traps
become, but, the greater the rewards you'll find in chests, vases, coffins,
and other magical devices.

When you first enter a dungeon, take a moment to become fmiliar with the
three dimensional view. When you turn left or right you don't actually
move, you just chance your facing. If you stand next to an object and turn
you'll always keep the object in front of you as you "circle" it.

A legendary scroll can help you navigate in the dungeons. The scroll
remembers every step you take to create a "map" as you stalk the halls. The
map disappears after you leave the dungeon.
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