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Rambo First Blood Part 2 walkthrough

Rambo: First Blood Part 2

Drop Site
Remove parachute. Put parachute in log. Get gun. Wait. Hide.

Palm Tree
Fire gun at bushes. N.

Orchid Bushes
Survey. Fire gun at mine. N. N.

Say Lone Wolf. W.

Pirate Camp and Boar Trail
Look at Kinh carefully. Get camera. Kinh, trade camera for canteen. Wear
canteen. Wait (until you reach sandbar). W. (Boar Trail) Get branch. E. N.

Survey. Put branch across pit. N.

Mud Fields
Get knife. Cut wire with knife. Wear knife. Co, give me food. Eat rice. Co,
stay here. W.

Podovsk's Quarters
My name is Lone Wolf (four times). Get gun. Get bow. N. E. S.

Fire gun at Podovsk. N. W. W. Wear bow (kill guard first if necessary). S.

Torture Area
Flip Tay. Kick Tay. Hit Tay. Get knife quickly. Kill Tay with knife. Kill
guard with knife. Cut thongs with knife. Wear knife. Get canteen. Give water
to Banks. Wear canteen. Get bow. Banks, where are prisoners? Banks, follow
me. N. N. E.

Landing Pad and Over Paddies
Get in. Fly up. E. (Over paddies) Shoot rocket at hedgerow. Fly down.

Inside Helicopter
Co, stay here. Banks, stay here. Get out.

Rice Paddies
Follow me. Get in. Fly up. W. W.

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