Abandonware DOS title

Romantic encounters at the dome manual


PASSCODE: Your personal passcode.

WOMEN: Larry / MEN: Tanya

The above personal passcodes are porvided to give you alone access to the
enclosed program. The use of passcodes allows your membership to be a
personal one - and protects the program from unwarranted access by minors.


Moving about successfully in life means understanding the environment you
have to work with. So it is in the Dome. To be successfull in your dramatic
life at the Dome, act within the environment supplied to you. Do your best
to understand and respond within the context of the reality before you -
then reap, or suffer the dynamic consequences.


Throughout your experience at the Dome whenever you see a flashing cursor
all alone, it is suggested that you type in a response. When you see (the
symbol for ENTER) it is suggested that you press RETURN to progress to the
next screen. Whenever the main screen you are working on begins to scroll
over the top, you may type "backup" to restore the screen to its orginal


Romantic Encounters' Random Generator is designed to simulate the chance
factor of true reality. For every second you refrain from touching the return
key, your options for the kind of experiences you can have inside the dome
change dynamically.

Once you press the return key, hundreds of options are frozen in time,
mapped and evaluated - then held in memory as potential experiences.

Fate and Temperament are also important factors and determine the nature and
outcome fo your life at the Dome! This program is capable of screening your
"input" for mood indicators, and making adjustments, accordingly.

On a  more predictable level, the Dome staff has been carefully trained to
make your stay with us a pleasant as possible.


Once involved in a Romantic Encounters dramatic encounter, you will not be
allowed to simply quit the experience, anymore than you can do this in real
life. An outside computer function, or an act of GOD , is required.

In the absence of celestial intervention, control C can be utilized. To
operate: At a static (non-moving) screen, Hold down the control key and
PRESS the c key.

The rest of the docs are typical scenarios with samples of player input and
responses. Here are a few sample of player input.

 He's handsome, but I'll look around for someone else.

 Hello, would you like to dance?

 I said, "Hello, would you like to dance?"

 Wetting my lips, I give him a big warm smile.

 Hi, I'm gald you came over for a drink.

 Me either, but maybe we could talk over a drink?

 May I have a white wine spitzer please?

 May I have a sip fo your drink, Larry?

 Make a pass at this girl.

 Slowly, I move my hand and carress her thigh

 God, am I horny

 Wait to order a drink

 Ask this chick if she would like to get laid.

 From the jest of it you must type in instructions for the computer but also
 it wants to know what you are thinking. Just like typing your "SELF TALK"

*** THE END ***