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Secret of the Silver Blades manual

Secret of the Silver Blades Adventure Journal


How the Heroes Arrive                              1
Characters and Parties                             3
  The Player Races                                 3
  Ability Scores                                   3
  Character Classes                                6
  Alignment                                        7
  Building a Successful Party                      8
  Outfitting the Party                             8
  Preparation Tips                                 9
Combat                                             9
  Initiative                                       9
  Computer Control                                 9
  Combat Ability                                   9
  AC                                               9
  THACO                                            9
  Damage                                           10
  Saving Throws                                    10
  Back Stabbing                                    10
  Missile Attacks                                  10
  Multiple Attacks                                 10
  Movement                                         11
  Running Away                                     11
  After Combat                                     11
  Combat Strategies                                11
  Deploying the Party                              11
Magic                                              12
Magical Treasures                                  14
Creatures of the Forgotten Realms                  15
Spells                                             21
Journal Entries                                    27
Glossary of AD&D Computer Game Terms               45
Appendices                                         47
  Range of Ability Scores by Race                  47
  Maximum Level Limits by Race, Class and Prime    47
  Strength Table:  Ability Adjustments             48
  Dexterity Table                                  48
  Constitution Table                               48
  Armor and Weapons Permitted by Character Class   49
  Fighter, Paladin, and Ranger Attacks per Round   49
  Money Conversions                                49
  Spell Parameters List                            50
  Weapon List                                      54
  Armor List                                       55
  Table of Experience Per Level                    55



The miner's haul the chests of gems to the edge of the well.  The
iron-banded boxes teeter a moment on the brink then tumble over and
break the glassy surface with a splash.  The mayor steps forward, clad
in worn armor, and raises his hands skyward, beseeching, Great Well of
Knowledge, I call upon you to bring up champions to defeat the evil
that infests our mine.

The sky grows dark and the ground rumbles.  The air is electric with
eldrich power.  With a crackle of light appear several figures, laying
dazed and naked upon the ground.  One of the miners moves cautiously
to the nearest, and shakes him, eliciting only an incoherent groan.
He looks up at the mayor and asks, You sure these folks are worth our
entire treasury? They don't seem too impressive to me.  Maybe you
should have asked for armor and swords and stuff too?

The mayor frowns in concentration.  The ways of the well are
mysterious... it has always been reliable, but not predictable.  Our
wish has summoned these heroes bereft of equipment or sense.  We must
take them back to town and give them whatever help we can.  Only then
can we hope for their aid.

The dazed bodies are loaded into carts and they begin weaving their
way through a maze of collapsed buildings.  Suddenly streaks of fire
light the overcast sky and shoot toward the well.  Straggling miners
rush up to the carts yelling incoherently.  Flames from the
sky...creatures attacked and encircled the well.. teleporters shut
down...  Fritz is dead!

The carts bounce on more quickly, until they pass through a gateway
and pull up at a large house.  The miners lift the still limp
adventurers and take them inside.  The mayor steps forward and states,
Now we wait.  They must recover from the shock.  We must trust that
the well has provided what we need.


To play SECRET OF THE SILVER BLADES you must have a party of
adventurer characters.  To build a party you must make characters of
varying race and class.  The characters have different attributes that
will be indicated by their ability scores.  The following sections
will explain what you need to know to create successful adventuring

The Player Races

There are six races from which you may construct your player
characters (PCs).  Each race has different talents and limitations.
Charts and tables in the appendix at the back of the Journal summarize
the abilities and class limitations for the different races.
Non-human characters can also combine character classes and may also
have additional special abilities.

Dwarves are a cunning race of sturdy workers and craftsmen.  They are
especially resistant to magic and poison During combat, Dwarves
receive bonuses when attacking man-sized giant-class creatures and are
adept at dodging the attacks of larger giant-class creatures.  Dwarves
can be fighters, thieves, and fighter/thieves.

Elves are a tall, long-lived race. they are nearly immune to sleep and
charm spells, can see in the dark using infravision, and are adept at
finding hidden objects.  During combat, Elves receive bonuses when
attacking with swords and bows.  They cannot be raised from the dead.
Elves can be fighters, magic-users, thieves, fighter/magic-users, and
fighter/thieves, magic-user/ thieves, and fighter/magic-user/thieves.

Half-elves are hybrids with many of the virtues of both humans and
elves.  They are resistant to sleep and charm spells and are adept at
finding hidden objects.  Half-elves can be fighters, magic-users,
clerics, thieves, rangers, cleric/fighters, cleric/rangers,
cleric/magic-users, fighter/magic-users, fighter/thieves,
magic-user/thieves, cleric/fighter/magic-users, or

Gnomes are shorter and slimmer than their cousins the dwarves.  They
are especially resistant to magic and can see in the dark using
infravision.  During combat, Gnomes receive bonuses when attacking
man-sized giant-class creatures and are adept at dodging the attacks
of larger giant-class creatures.  Gnomes can be fighters, thieves, and

Halflings are about half the size of a human, hence their name.  They
are especially resistant to magic and poison.  They can be fighters,
thieves, and fighter/thieves.

Humans are the most common player-race in the Forgotten Realms.  They
suffer no level racial limitations or abilities modifiers.  Humans do
have the disability of shorter lifespans than the other races.  This
may be a problem, especially if human characters have come from Curse
of the Azure Bonds or they have been subjected to many Haste spells.
They can be fighters, magic-users, clerics, thieves, rangers,
paladins, and dual-class characters.

Ability Scores

Every character has six randomly generated ability scores.  These
scores fall within a range determined by the race and class of the
character (see the Range of Ability Scores by Race table on page 47).
For humans, that range is from 3 (low) to 18 (high).

Depending on the character class, one or more of these abilities will
be a prime requisite.  A prime requisite is an ability especially
valuable for a given class (strength for a fighter, wisdom for a
cleric, etc.).  Characters receive bonus experience points when their
prime requisite scores are at or above a certain number (16 in most

Non-human characters may receive modifiers to the basic ability scores
to reflect differences between the races.  Dwarves, for instance, get
a +1 constitution bonus and may have a maximum constitution of 19
instead of 18.  When a character is generated with the CREATE NEW
CHARACTER command, all racial modifiers are calculated automatically.

Strength (STR) is the measure of physical power.  The higher the
character's strength, the more he can carry, the more likely he is to
hit in melee combat, and the more damage he will do when he does hit.
Fighters, rangers, and paladins with an 18 strength also have a
percentage value from 1 to 100.  The maximum percentage values vary
from race to race.  Strength is most important for fighter type
characters (fighters, rangers, paladins).  If it is 16 or higher,
fighters receive a bonus of 10% additional experience points.
Paladins must have strength and wisdom of 16 or higher to get the
experience bonus.  Rangers must have strength, intelligence and wisdom
of 16 or greater to receive the bonus.

Non-human fighters may have a lower maximum level if their strength is
less than 18

Intelligence (INT) is the measure of learning ability.  Magic-users
with an intelligence of 16 or higher receive a 10% experience point
bonus.  Non-human magic-users may have a lower maximum level if their
intelligence is less than 18.  Rangers must have strength,
intelligence and wisdom of 16 or higher to receive a 10% experience
point bonus.

Wisdom (WIS) is the measure of ability to understand the ways of the
world and to interact with the world.  Clerics get the 10% experience
bonus if their wisdom is 16 or higher.  Clerics with a wisdom of 14 or
higher receive additional low level spells.  Paladins must have
strength and wisdom of 16 or higher to get the experience bonus.
Rangers must have strength, intelligence and wisdom of 16 or great to
receive the bonus

Dexterity (DEX) is the measure of manual dexterity and agility.
Thieves especially benefit from high dexterity.  Thieves receive a 10%
experience benefit if their dexterity is 16 or higher.  For every
dexterity point from 15 to 18, a character receives a corresponding
one point improvement in his armor class.  For every dexterity point
from 16 to 18, a character receives a one point improvement on his
ability to hit with missile weapons.  It is highly recommended that
all characters have a high dexterity.  This is considered essential
for magic-users and thieves.

Constitution (CON) is the measure of overall health.  Fighters receive
one extra hit point (HP) per hit die for each point of constitution
above 14.  Non-fighters receive similar benefits except they receive a
maximum of two extra HP per level (no HP benefits for constitutions
above 16).  Constitution also determines the maximum number of times
that a character can be raised from the dead and the percent chance of
a resurrection attempt being successful.  Every time a character is
successfully resurrected, he loses one point of constitution

Charisma (CHA) is the measure of how others react to a character.
Charisma is sometimes a factor when the character has an encounter
with NPCs.  The higher a character's charisma, the more that character
can persuade others to do what he wants.  The character with the
highest charisma should be the active character when parlaying.

Each character also had three other important values that change as
the game goes on Experience Points (XP), Level, and Hitpoints (HP).

Experience Points (XP) are a measure of what the character has learned
on his adventures.  Characters receive XP for actions such as fighting
monsters, finding treasures and successfully completing quests.  See
the Advancement Tables for each class XP requirements.

Level is a measure of a character's ability in his class.  As
characters gain XP, they may go up in levels.  Most new characters
will begin the game at 8th level, except magic-users, which start at
9th level, and thieves, which start at 10th level.  Characters with
racial level limits may start the game at their maximum level if it is
less than the normal starting level.

A gnome fighter with a strength of 18 has a maximum of 6th level --
two levels below the normal starting level.  The gnome would start the
game at 6th level and never advance.

When characters have enough XP they can go to a hall and receive the
training required to increase in level.  Characters may only advance
one level at a time.  If a character has gained enough XP to go up two
or more levels since the last time he has trained, he will go up one
level and lose all XP in excess of one point below the next level.

An 11th level thief enters a training hall with 890,000 XP.  He will
leave as a twelfth level thief with 660,000 XP.

Once characters have reached their maximum levels for this game, they
should not train.

Hitpoints (HP) represent the amount of damage a character can't take
before he goes unconscious or dies.  Characters gain HP every time
they increase in level.  Bonuses for high constitutions are calculated

The maximum potential number of HP a character can have is referred to
as Hit Dice.  An 8th level fighter, for example, has 8 d 10 hit dice.
This means that his theoretical hitpoint maximum is (8 * 10 = 80) plus
any constitution bonus.  In the actual game, the hit points would be
eight random numbers from 1 to 10, plus the constitution bonus.

When a character takes enough damage that his HP reach 0, he is
unconscious.  If the character's HP drop to anything from -1 to -9, he
will lose one HP per turn from bleeding until he is bandaged or dies.
A character is dead if HP drops to -10 or less.  When you view a
character, his HP on the screen will never be displayed as less than

Character Classes

A character must belong to at least one character class.  Non-human
characters can have more than one class at the same time.  Non-human
characters with multiple classes have more playing options, but
increase in level slowly because XP is divided evenly among all

Characters receive HP, spells and abilities based on their class,
level and (sometimes) ability scores.  Refer to the tables at the back
of the journal to find the hit dice and spells (if any) that a
character receives.

Note: Dice (d) is the term used to describe the range for a randomly
generated number.  Dice are referred to by the range they represent.
A d6 has a range from 1 through 6, a d10 has a range from 1 through

Clerics have spells bestowed on them by their deity and can fight
wearing armor and using crushing (no edged or pointed) weapons.
Clerics must memorize their spells just as magic-users, but they do
not use grimoires (spell books).  When clerics gain a new spell level,
they will automatically be able to use any of the available spells for
the new level.  The prime requisite for clerics is wisdom.

Fighters can fight with any armor or weapons, but they cannot cast
magic spells.  Fighters can have exceptional strength and gain
additional HP bonuses if they have a Constitution of 17+. the prime
requisite for fighters is strength.

Rangers can fight with any armor or weapons.  Rangers can have
exceptional strength and gain additional HP bonuses if they have a
Constitution of 17+.  They do additional damage in combat when
fighting giant-class creatures.  At 8th level rangers may begin to
cast druid spells, at 9th level they gain magic-user spells.  Rangers
must be of good alignment and have ability scores of at least 13 in
strength and intelligence and at least 14 in wisdom and constitution.
The prime requisites for rangers are strength, intelligence, and

Paladins can fight with any armor or weapons and can cast a few
clerical spells once they reach 9th level.  Paladins can have
exceptional strength and gain additional HP bonuses if they have a
Constitution of 17+.  They are more resistant to spells and poison,
can turn undead creatures as if they were a cleric two levels below
their current level and are always surrounded by the equivalent of a
Protection from Evil spell.  A paladin may heal two HP of damage per
his level once a day.  A paladin may Cure Disease once a week at
1st-5th levels, twice a week at 6th-10th and three times a week at
11th-15th level.  At 9th level paladins gain the ability to cast
clerical spells.  A paladin will not adventure with any evil
characters.  Paladins must be of lawful good alignment and have
ability scores of at least 9 in intelligence and wisdom, at least 12
in strength, at least 13 in wisdom, and at least 17 in charisma.  The
prime requisites for paladins are strength and wisdom.

Magic-Users have powerful spells, but can use no armor and few
weapons.  They can only memorize those spells available in their
magical grimoires (personal spell books) or use scrolls.  Magic-users
may add new spells to their grimoires whenever they go up in level or
find scrolls with spells of levels that they scribe.  The prime
requisite for magic-users is intelligence.

Thieves can fight with swords and slings and wear leather armor.  In
combat they do additional damage back stabbing which is described in
the Combat section.  Thieves also have special skills for opening
locks and removing traps.  High level thieves also have a chance of
casting magic-user spells from scrolls.  The prime requisite for
thieves is dexterity.

Multi-class are non-human characters who belong to two or more classes
at the same time.  The character's experience points are divided among
each of the classes, even after the character can no longer advance in
one or more of those classes.  The character's HP per level are
averaged among the classes.  The multi-class character gains all the
benefits of all classes with regard to weapons and equipment.

Dual-class are human characters who had one class for the first part
of their life, and then changed into a new class for the remainder.
Once a character changes classes, he cannot advance in his old class.
Dual-class characters do not gain HP and cannot use the abilities of
the old class while their new class level is less than or equal to the
old class level.  Once the character's level in his new class is
greater than his level in his old class, he gains HP according to his
new class and may use abilities from both classes.  Human dual-class
magic-users may not cast magic-user spells while they are wearing


Alignment is the philosophy a character lives by.  Alignment can
affect how NPCs and some magic items in the game react to the

Lawful good characters believe in the rule of law for the good of all.

Lawful neutral characters believe the rule of the law is more
important than any objective good or evil outcome.

Lawful evil characters believe in the rule of the law as a tool to
achieve evil ends.

Neutral good characters believe that the triumph of good is more
important than the rule of either law or chaos.

True neutral characters believe that there must be a balance between
good and evil, and law and chaos.

Neutral evil characters believe that evil ends are more important than
the methods used to achieve them.

Chaotic good characters believe in creating good outcomes unfettered
by the rule of law.

Chaotic neutral characters believe that the freedom to act is
important than any objective good or evil outcome.

Chaotic evil believe that chaos is the best environment for practicing
evil acts.

Building a Successful Party

Forming a strong and adaptable party is a key to success in SECRET OF
THE SILVER BLADES.  Up to six Player Characters (PCs) may be in a
party.  A party with fewer than six characters is less powerful and
more likely to be eliminated by your enemies.

Include a variety of classes in a party including: clerics,
magic-users, thieves, paladins, and fighters.  Here are two sample
parties as examples:

Sample Party 1:
Human Paladin
Dwarven Fighter/Thief
3 Human Rangers
Human Cleric

The paladin has the benefit of Protection from Evil in a 10' radius.
All characters in range of the effect get an AC improvement of two.
The dwarf fighter/thief offers the advantages of a thief (lockpicking
and disarming traps) with the better armor and HP of a fighter.
Rangers do extra damage against giant type creatures and have some
spell casting abilities.  It may be a good idea to have one or two of
the rangers become dual-class ranger/magic-users after they reach 9th
level (225,001 XP).  This permits spell casting while wearing armor.
A cleric is absolutely essential for his valuable healing spells.

Sample Party 2:
Human Paladin
Human Ranger
Dwarven Fighter/Thief
2 Human Magic-Users
Human Cleric

This party is similar to the one above, except that having the two
magic-users puts a larger emphasis on magic in combat.

Outfitting the Party
The following are some suggestions for distributing the magic items
given to the party by the mayor of New Verdigris, and what equipment
to purchase from the armory.

Fighter Classes
Distribute magical armor and weapons to fighters first.  Give the
Gauntlets of Ogre Power to the weakest fighter.  Buy shields, banded
mail, broad swords, long bows, and arrows for any remaining fighters.

Distribute the bracers, wand, and scroll to magic-user characters.
Buy quarterstaffs and darts for all magic-users.

Give the +1 mace to a cleric.  Buy banded mail, shields, staff slings,
and maces for all clerics.

Give the +1 leather to a thief character.  Buy leather armor, short
sword, short bow, and arrows for thieves.

Preparation Tips
Once the party has been outfitted, encamp at the mayor's house and
ready your weapons, armor and shields.  Then have all spellcasters
memorize spells.  Finally, save the game before continuing.


Combat occurs often during your adventures.  Combat takes place on a
tactical map.  This map is a detailed 3-D view of the map terrain that
the party was in when combat began.  This map is overlaid with an
invisible square grid.

As you move characters, you will notice that everything moves on the
grid from square to square.  Moving diagonally often costs more
movement points than moving horizontally or vertically.

Each round of combat is divided into 10' segments.  Which segment a
character or monster acts in depends on his initiative number.  This
is a randomly generated number for each character and monster.  This
random number is generated at the beginning of each combat round and
is modified by dexterity bonuses or penalties and random factors (such
as surprise) to arrive at the initiative number.

Sometimes a character will act in segment 10 of one round and segment
1 in the next, appearing to act twice in a row.  This is especially
common if you use the DELAY command.  When the DELAY command is given,
that character's action will be delayed until segment 10.

Computer Control
The computer controls the actions of monsters, NPCs and PCs set to
computer control with the QUICK command.  You may take control of PC
characters during any combat round.

Combat Ability
Each character's ability in combat is defined by his THACO, damage and

A character or monster's difficulty to be hit is represented by his
armor class or AC.  The lower the AC the harder it is to hit the
target.  AC is based on the armor a character is wearing and any
dexterity bonus.  Some magic times, such as enhanced armor, will help
a character's AC.

The character's THACO represents his ability to hit enemies in melee
or with missile fire.  THACO stands for To Hit Armor Class O.  This is
the number a character must roll equal to or greater than to do damage
on a target with an AC of O.  The lower the THACO the better the
chance to hit the target.

NOTE: The generation of a random number is often referred to as a roll
.  In determining if an attack is successful, the roll is a random
number from 1 through 20.

An attack is successful if the random number is greater than or equal
to the attacker's THACO minus the target's AC.  THACO may be modified
by range, attacking from the rear, magic weapons, and magic spells
among other things.

A fighter with a THACO of 15 attacking a monster with an AC of 3 would
need to roll:
(THACO 15) - (AC 3) = 12+
But to his a monster with an AC of -2 he would need to roll:
(THACO 15) - (AC 2) = 17 +

When a hit is scored, the attacker does damage.  Damage is the range
of HP loss the attacker inflicts when he hits an opponent in combat.
Damage depends on the attacker's strength and weapon type.  The damage
each weapon can do is summarized in the Weapon List on page 54.

Some monsters take only partial or no damage from certain weapon
types.  Giant slugs, for example, take no damage from blunt weapons
(maces, etc.), while some other monster only take damage from magical

Saving Throws
Whenever characters or monsters are poisoned, or attacked by most
magic spells, such as Fireball or Lightning, the computer checks to
see if they made their Saving Throw.  A successful save means that the
target had some innate immunity to the poison, or was not hit
full-force by the spell.  Generally, a successful save will mean that
the target was unaffected or damage that would otherwise by taken is

Back Stabbing
A thief will back stab if he attacks a target from exactly opposite
the first character to attack the target.  The thief may not back stab
if he has readied armor heavier than leather (exception: elfin chain
mail).  A back stab has a better chance of hitting and does additional

Missile Attacks
A character may not attack an adjacent target with a missile weapon
(bow, sling, etc.).  A character may attack and adjacent target with a
thrown weapon (ax, club, etc.). Bows can attack twice per turn.
Thrown darts can attack three times per turn.

Multiple Attacks
Fighters, Paladins, and Rangers attack more than once per combat round
when they get to higher levels.  The first bonus is three attacks
every two rounds.  Later, they attack twice each round.  See the chart
on page 49.

All of a character's attacks are aimed against the first target.  If
the first target goes down with the first attack, aim any remaining
attack at another target.

The number of squares a character can move is affected by the weight
he's carrying, his strength, and the kind of armor he has readied.  A
character's movement range is displayed on the view screen and when
moving during combat.

Running Away
A character may flee from the battlefield if he can move faster than
all enemies.  A character may not move off the battlefield if he moves
slower than any enemies.  A character has a 50% chance to move off the
battlefield if he can move as fast as the fastest enemy monster.

Exception: If a monster or character can reach the edge of the combat
map without any of his opponents being able to see him, he may then
flee successfully even though he may be slower than his opponents.

A character that moves off the battlefield returns to the party after
the fight is over.  If the whole party flees it will not receive any
XP for monsters killed before retreating.

After Combat
If one or more characters survive on the battlefield at the end of
combat, the bodies of unconscious or dead party members stay with the
party.  If the entire party flees from combat, all unconscious and
dead party members are permanently lost.  If ALL the party members are
slain, go back to your last Saved Game and try again from that point.

Combat Strategies
Throughout SECRET OF THE SILVER BLADES, your party engages a colorful
collection of foes.  At times, the party may elect to avoid a
confrontation, choosing conversation or flight instead.  More often,
however, they must stand and fight.

To succeed in combat, a skilled player deploys his party well, casts
effective spells before and during combat, maneuvers his characters
into advantageous position, and attacks using his most powerful
characters and weapons.

Deploying the Party
When a battle begins, your party is automatically positioned based on
the existing order of the characters.  Characters near the top of the
order will be in the front lines and vulnerable to attack.  To change
the starting deployment, change the order from the Alter menu while
encamped.  Shift the heavily-armored fighters up the list and the
vulnerable magic-users and thieves towards the bottom of the list.
Party order cannot be changed while in combat.

When battle begins, your party may be placed in a bad position.  If
you wish to be defensive, move your characters to anchor your flanks
on an obstacle such as wall.  Keep your magic-users behind the front
line.  Setting up behind a doorway that your enemies have to move
through makes for a very strong defensive position.

Characters who are seriously injured should be moved out of the front
lines if possible.  Be warned, if you move away from an adjacent
enemy, he will get a free attack at your back.  Back attacks have an
improved chance to hit.

Missile weapons cannot be fired if there is an adjacent opponent.  If
you want to fire missiles, make sure you keep away from the enemy.
Thrown weapons, such as axes, are exceptions as they may be used
either as a missile weapon or a melee weapon.  If you want to stop
enemy missile fire, move someone next to the opponent.

Exploit your opponents weaknesses by directing attacks against
helpless enemy characters.  Gang up on isolated foes.  Concentrate
your attacks to eliminate one opponent rather than injure many
(Exception: enemy spell casters).  A foe with one HP remaining attacks
as powerfully as an uninjured one.

A spell caster who takes damage cannot cast a spell that round.  If
the spell caster had started to cast and was hit, he will lose that
spell from memory.  Therefore, try to injure all enemy spell casters
every round even if it is only for one point of damage.  Conversely,
if you want to cast spells, make sure your spell casters are


Magic is integral to your success in SECRET OF THE SILVER BLADES.
Magic-users, clerics, high-level paladins, and rangers can cast

A spell can exist in one of four forms: in a character's memory, in a
character's grimoire (spell book), in a scroll, or in a wand.

Scrolls and Wands
To cast spells from magic-user scrolls, the character must cast Read
Magic from camp or have the scroll identified.  Magic users can then
cast with the USE command after the contents of the scroll are known.

The USE command can cast spells from clerical scrolls and from wands.

Thieves of 10th or greater level have a 75% chance of successfully
using a magic-user scroll.

Memorized Spells
Any spell caster can cast it using the CAST command.  Spells are
memorized during rest while encamped.  Memorizing a spell takes 15
minutes of game time per spell level, plus a minimum period of
preparation.  First and second level spells take a minimum preparation
of four hours.  Third and fourth level spells take a minimum
preparation of six hours.

To memorize (2) 1st level spells, (1) 2nd level spells and (1) 3rd
level spell would take:
(6 hours preparation) + (2 * 15 min) + (1 * 30 min) + (1 * 45 min) = 7
hours 45 min

Spells do not automatically have full effect on their target.  Each
target of a spell may get a saving throw to avoid some or all of the
effect of the spell.  As a character gains levels, his saving throws

Note: Some monsters have magic resistance which gives them a greater
chance to be unaffected by the spell.

When a magic-user trains for a new level in Hall, he is allowed to
select a new spell to scribe into his grimoire.

A magic-user can also scribe spells from identified scrolls if he is
of high enough level to cast them.  A magic-user must cast the Read
Magic spell in order to identify the spells on the scroll.  A spell
disappears after it has been scribed or cast.  Only magic-users (and
high level thieves) can cast magic-user spells from scrolls.


Clerical magic requires no spell books.  All clerical spells of the
appropriate level are always available to a cleric or high-level
paladin, the character need only memorize them.

When a cleric finds a clerical scroll, he can use the spells directly
from the scroll regardless of level.  Paladins can never use clerical
scrolls, even if they may cast the spells.

Tips on Magic Spells

Both clerics and magic-users may cast spells which assist the party in
combat.  Preparatory spells just before a battle can protect and
strengthen characters.  During battle, your spells will damage your
opponents and help your party.

Spells should be memorized as soon as possible after they are used.
This is most likely to happen after combat.  Encamp, have your
spell-casters memorize spells and select REST to allow them to imprint
the spells for later use.

Note: After resting, it is a good idea to save your game.  Save your
game after every tough combat.  You should have at least two separate
saved games at all times and alternate between them.  This will allow
you to go back to a save before a fatal battle.


As you travel about and encounter the monsters and puzzles that stand
between you finishing your various quests, you will also find magical
items to help you on your way.  Here are descriptions of some items
that you may find.  Not all of these items may be found in your
adventure.  You can find out if there is a magic time in a treasure by
doing a Detect Magic spell using the DETECT command.  To find out
specifically what an item is, you must take it to an armory or find a
shop and have it identified.

Some magic items are, in reality, cursed and can do great harm.  When
a character readies a cursed item, a Remove Curse spell must be cast
before the item can be dropped.  Some magic items, such as wands or
scrolls, may only be used by certain classes.  Others may not work at
all if certain other magic items are also in use.

Wands are the traditional objects of enchantment.  Wands generally
will cast a set number of a given spell (10 Fire Balls or 15 Magic
Missiles for instance).  Only experimentation or paying to have them
identified will tell what a wand does.  The USE command allows a
character to cast spells with a readied wand.

Potions are a common magical treasure.  Potions may heal wounded
characters, cause them to become hastened or invisible, or cause any
number of other effects.  The USE command will allow a character to
drink a readied potion.

Either clerical or for magic-users, these items may have spells that
characters couldn't otherwise cast.  A magic-user may use SCRIBE to
permanently transfer a scroll into his grimoire if the spell is of a
level that he can memorize.  Magic-users and clerics can cast spells
directly from scrolls with the USE command.  High level thieves may
also attempt to cast magic-user spells from scrolls.  Scrolls
disappear after they have been used or scribed.

Enchanted Armor and Shields
Sometimes you may run across armor or shields that have been created
by skilled craftsmen and then enchanted with protective spells.  The
power of the magic on these items may vary a great deal.  Enchanted
armor has the great advantage of offering improved protection with
less encumbrance than the same type of mundane armor.  To use these
items merely ready them from the Items Menu.

Enchanted Weapons
Enchanted weapons come in many sizes, shapes, and potencies.
Sometimes a weapon will add between one and five or so to your THACO
and damage.  Other weapons may have other fantastic magical properties
including extra bonuses against specific types of creatures.  Once a
magic weapon has been readied from the Items Menu, the character will
have it for all combats.

Enchanted Adornments
Bracers, necklaces, periapts, and especially rings are favorite
objects for magical enchantment.  These items may have any number of
magical properties.  Some items will help your AC, others may fire
Magic Missiles, or even be cursed.  Once one of these items has been
readied from the Items Menu, a character will automatically gain all
effects.  The exception to this rule is that certain magical necklaces
require the USE command to work.

Enchanted Clothing
Wizards will sometimes cast enchantments on commonplace items of
clothing such as gauntlets or cloaks.  A wide variety of them items is
known to exist.  To use these items ready them from the Items Menu.

Gauntlets of Ogre Strength
When worn, these gauntlets will give a character the tremendous
strength and combat bonuses of an ogre.  To wear gauntlets, ready


The denizens of these regions are many and varied.  Here is a list of
monsters you may encounter in your adventures.  Some of these
creatures are extremely rare, and you may never cross paths with them
at all.

Reptilian monsters whose vary gaze can turn to stone any fleshy

A repulsive creature that appears as part cock, part lizard. They have
the power to turn flesh to stone.

Crocodile (Giant)
Large reptilian carnivores—much more dangerous than their smaller

Displacer Beast
Creature resembling a sixlegged puma with two ebony tentacles growing
from behind its shoulders. These beasts have the magical ability to
displace their image about three feet from their actual body, making
them an especially tricky opponent.

These are some of the most powerful and dangerous of the monsters a
party can encounter. The older and larger the dragon, the more damage
it can do and the harder it is to kill.

Red Dragon
Red dragons can exhale great spouts of flame or attack with their
claws and fangs.

White Dragon
Unique among dragons in their preference for cold climates, these evil
beasts can attack with their freezing cold breath in addition to razor
sharp claws and fangs. Small in size and not as intelligent as their
cousins, these dragons are still quite dangerous.

Part dark-elf, part spider monster. This horror is the subterranean
counterpart of the centaur.

These foes look like giant twoheaded orcs. They have great strength
and can wield two spiked clubs that inflict terrible damage in combat.

Ferocious predators of a magical nature. Gargoyles are typically found
amid ruins or dwelling in underground caverns.

Giants vary greatly in power, intelligence and tastes. The following
is a list of the types of giants you are likely to encounter.

Cloud Giant
These members of the giant races consider themselves to be above all
others of the species, except storm giants, whom they view as equals.

Fire Giant
Brutal and ruthless warriors, n these giants resemble huge dwarves and
have flaming red or orange hair and coal black skin.

Frost Giant
These giants have a reputation for crudeness and stupidity. While the
reputation may be deserved, frost giants are crafty and skilled

Hill Giant
One of the smaller of the giant races, they are brutish hulks
possessing low intelligence and tremendous strength.

Storm Giant
The most noble and intelligent of the giant races. These giants are
dangerous fighters when angry, and can often use magic.

Golems are magically created automatons of great power. Golems can be
constructed of flesh, clay, stone, or iron. All are dangerous.

Half-lion, half-eagle avian carnivores. Their favorite prey is horses
and their distant kin (hippogriffs, pegasi, and unicorns).

Hell Hound
These other-planar creatures resemble wolves, but they can breathe
fire and detect invisible enemies.

Magnificent creatures with the forelimbs and head of an eagle and the
body and hind legs of a horse.

Immense reptilian monsters with multiple heads.  All of its heads must
be severed before a hydra can be slain. Hydras come in many sizes,
with an increasing number of heads as they grow stronger.

This is perhaps the single most powerful type of undead creature. A
lich is the remains of a powerful magic user who has kept his body
animated after death through the use of foul magic. Liches can use
magic as they did while still living, and have other powers similar to
greater undead creatures.

Lizard Men
These are savage reptilian humanoids. They generally attack in groups
and are often accompanied by a larger, tougher Lizard King.

Stony monsters which are immune to normal weapons and can attack many
times with their sharp claws and spikes.

Large cold climate relatives of the elephants found in warmer regions.

These are hideous womencreatures with coiling masses of snakes for
hair. They can turn a person to stone with their gaze.

True giants, often reaching over 5' in length. Their poisonous bite is
extremely dangerous.

These creatures are part-man and part-bull warriors. They are highly
intelligent and dangerous opponents.

These are huge omnivorous bats who like nothing better than warm-
blooded humanoids for dinner!

This is a more powerful form of Otyugh. These disgusting scavengers
have several vicious attacks and a heavily armored body.

Large, ugly, foul-tempered humanoids, ogres generally attack with a
spiked club.

These scavengers have long tentacles that they use to scoop trash into
their cavernous mouths.

Phase Spider
These are giant, poisonous spiders with the ability to phase in and
out of this dimension. They are "phased in" until they attack and are
"phased out" afterwards.

Purple Worm
These enormous carnivores burrow through solid ground in search of
small (man-sized) morsels.

These are sometimes referred to as Polar Worms. They inhabit cold
regions and are aggressive predators who have been known to attack
even frost giants.

Slug (Giant)
These are huge, omnivorous mutations of the common garden pest. They
attack by biting and can spit a highly corrosive acid.

Snake (Giant)
These large reptiles slay their prey with deadly venom.  Neutralize
Poison counters snake bite.

An extremely rare creature that is part-lion, and has the upper torso
of a woman. Rather than fight, sphinxes will often converse with

Spider (Giant)
These giant cousins of the small predator attack with a poisonous

Umber Hulk
These powerful subterranean creatures can use their claws to burrow
through solid stone in search of prey.

Large, vicious wolves.

These creatures are distant relatives of dragons. They attack by
biting and using the poisonous sting in their tail.


First Level Cleric Spells

Bless improves the THACO of friendly characters by 1.  The bless spell
does not affect characters who are adjacent to monsters when the spell
is cast.  This is a good spell to cast before going into combat.

Curse impairs the THACO of targets by 1.  The target cannot be
adjacent to a party character or NPC.

Cure Light Wounds heals 1-8 hitpoints (up to the target's normal
maximum hitpoints).

Cause Light Wounds will inflict 1-8 points of damage on a target.

Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure is magical.  View a
character's items or Take treasure items.  Equipment or treasure
preceded by an * or a + is magical.

Protection from Evil improves the AC and saving throws of the target
by 2 against evil alignment attackers.

Protection from Good improves the AC and saving throws of the target
by 2 against good alignment characters.

Resist Cold halves the damage and improves saving throws vs. cold
attacks by 3.

Second Level Cleric Spells

Find Traps indicates the presence of traps in the character's path.

Hold Person may paralyze targets of character type (human, etc.).  You
may aim a hold person spell at up to 3

Resist Fire halves the damage and improves saving throws vs. fire
attacks by 3.

Silence 15' Radius must be cast on a character or a monster.  That
character or monster, and all adjacent to him, cannot cast spells for
the duration of the spell.

Slow Poison revives a poisoned person for the duration of the spell.

Snake Charm paralyzes as many hitpoints of snakes as the cleric has

Spiritual Hammer creates a temporary magic hammer that is
automatically readied.  It can strike at range and does normal hammer
damage.  Spiritual Hammers can hit monsters that may only be struck by
magic weapons.

Third Level Cleric Spells

Bestow Curse reduces the target's THACO and saving throws by 4.

Cause Blindness will blind one target.  This can only be cured with a
Cure Blindness Spell.

Cure Blindness removes the effect of the Cause Blindness spell.

Cause Disease will infect the target with a debilitating ailment that
saps strength and hitpoints.

Cure Disease removes the effects of disease caused by some monsters or
caused by a Cause Disease spell.

Dispel Magic removes the effects of spells that do no have specific
counter spells.  This is a recuperation spell for any of the party
that has been held, slowed or made nauseous.

Prayer improves the THACO and saving throws of friendly characters by
1 and reduces the THACO and saving throw of monsters by 1.  This is a
good spell to cast before going into combat.

Remove Curse removes the effects of a Bestow Curse spell and allows
the target to unready cursed magic items.

Fourth Level Cleric Spells

Cause Serious Wounds inflicts 3-17 hitpoints of damage on a target.

Cure Serious Wounds heals 3-17 hitpoints (up to the target's normal
maximum hitpoints).

Neutralize Poison revives a poisoned person.

Poison causes the target to save versus poison or die.

Protection from Evil 10' Radius must be cast on a character or a
monster.  It improves the AC and saving throws of the target and all
adjacent friendly characters by 2 against evil attackers.

Sticks to Snakes causes snakes to torment the target.  The snakes will
make movement and spell casting impossible for the duration of the

Fifth Level Cleric Spells

Cause Critical Wounds inflicts 6-27 hitpoints of damage on a target.

Cure Critical Wounds heals 6-27 hitpoints of damage (up to a
character's normal maximum hitpoints).

Dispel Evil improves the target's AC by 7 versus summoned evil
creatures for the duration of the spell, or until the target hits a
summoned creature.  The creature must make a saving throw when it is
hit or be dispelled.

Flame Strike allows the cleric to call down a column of fire from the

Raise Dead can bring back to life one non-elf character.  The chances
for success are based on the character's constitution and how long the
character has been dead.

Slay Living is a reversal of the Raise Dead Spell, and will kill one
target.  If the target makes his saving throw, then he will suffer
3-17 hitpoints of damage.

Sixth Level Cleric Spells

Harm will inflict terrible damage on any living creature -- leaving
only 1-4 hitpoints.

Heal cures all diseases, blindness, feeblemindedness and all except
1-4 of a character's full hitpoints.

First Level Druid Spells

Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure is magical.  View a
character's items or Take treasure items.  Equipment or treasure
preceded by an * or a + is magical.

Entangle will cause plants in the area of effect to grow and entwine
around the feet of any creature in the area.  Be careful not to catch
allies in the spell area.

Faerie Fire will ring a targeted creature in magical light.  This
spell will outline otherwise invisible creatures, and give a 2+ THACO
bonus to anyone attacking an affected creature.

Invisibility to Animals will make the target invisible to non-magical,
low or non-intelligent, animals. This spell does not offer protection
against intelligent opponents or magical creatures.

Second Level Druid Spells

Barkskin causes the target's skin to become tougher and harder to
damage.  The effect of this spell is a -1 bonus to AC. This is a good
spell to cast before combat.

Charm Person or Mammal changes the target's allegiance in a combat. It
affects character types (human, etc.) and other mammals.

Cure Light Wounds heals 1-8 hitpoints (up to the target's normal
maximum hitpoints).

First Level Mage Spells

Burning Hands causes 1 hitpoint of fire damage per level of the
caster.  There is no saving throw.

Charm Person changes the target's allegiance in a combat. It only
affects character types (human, etc).

Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure is magical. View a
character's items or Take treasure items. Equipment or treasure
preceded by an '*' or a '+' is magical.

Enlarge makes the target larger and stronger. The higher the caster's
level, the larger and stronger the target gets. If the caster is 6th
level the target becomes as strong as an Ogre. If the caster is I 0th
level the target becomes as strong as a Fire Giant. A target can only
be under the effect of 1 enlarge spell at a time. Unwilling targets
get a saving throw against this effect. The spell will stay in effect
for more than 1 combat, and should be cast before combat.

Friends raises the caster's charisma 2-8 points. It is often cast just
before an encounter.

Magic Missile does 2-5 hitpoints per missile with no saving throw. A
mage throws 1 missile for every 2 levels ( 1 at levels 1-2, 2 at
levels 3-4, etc.)

This spell will damage any target within its range unless the target
is magic resistant or has certain magical protection. Casts

Protection from Evil improves the AC and saving throws of the target
by 2 against evil attackers.

Read Magic allows a mage to ready a scroll and read it. For scrolls,
this works as if they have been identified. A mage may scribe the
spells from a scroll (if appropriate for his class and level) after it
has been read.

Shield negates enemy Magic Missile spells, improves the mage's saving
throw, and may increase his AC.

Shocking Grasp does electrical damage of 1-8 hitpoints, +1 hitpoint
per level of caster.

Sleep puts 1-16 targets to sleep with no saving throw. Up to sixteen 1
hit-die targets are affected. One 4 hit-die target is affected.
Targets of 5 or more hit-dice are unaffected.

Second Level Mage Spells

Detect Invisibility allows the target to spot invisible targets.

Invisibility makes the target invisible. The THAC0 of melee attacks
against invisible targets is reduced by 4. It is impossible to aim
ranged attacks at invisible targets. Invisibility is dispelled when
the target attacks or casts a spell.

Invisibility causes the target to disappear from normal sight. The
spell remains in effect until the character attacks or the magic is

Knock is used to open locks. It can be cast from the door-opening menu
if the active character has a memorized knock spell.

Mirror Image creates 1-4 illusionary duplicates of the mage. A
duplicate disappears when it is attacked.

Ray of Enfeeblement reduces the target's strength by 25% + 2% per
level of the caster.

Stinking Cloud paralyzes those in its area for 2-5 rounds. If the
target saves, it is not paralyzed, but is nauseous and has its AC
reduced for 2 rounds. This spell has a very short range and care
should be taken to avoid including party members in the cloud.

Strength raises the target's strength by 1-8 points, depending on the
class of the target.

Third Level Mage Spells

Blink protects the mage. The mage 'blinks out' after he acts each
round. The mage may be physically attacked before he acts each round,
but he may not be physically attacked after he acts.

Dispel Magic removes the effects of spells that do not have specific
counter spells (such as Cause Blindness or Disease).

Fireball does 1-6 hitpoints per level of the caster to all targets
within its area. If the target makes its saving throw, the damage is
halved. Fireball is a slow-casting spell and the spell's power demands
that you target carefully.  Otherwise, you may inadvertently destroy
party characters. The only safe area on the screen at the time you
target the spells are the squares in each corner of the screen and the
squares directly above and below these corner squares. Be sure to use
the CENTER command to determine who will be in the area of effect.

Haste doubles the target's movement and number of melee attacks per
round.  Haste has a short duration and you should wait until a fight
is imminent to cast it. Warning: each time a haste spell is cast on a
character, that character ages one year.

Hold Person may paralyze targets of character types (human, etc). You
may aim a hold person spell at up to 4 targets (Exit to target fewer).

Invisibility, 10' Radius makes all targets adjacent to the caster
invisible.  The THACO of melee attacks against invisible targets is
reduced by 4. It is impossible to aim ranged attacks at invisible
targets. Use this spell to set up a battle line while your enemies
seek you out. Characters lose invisibility if they do anything but
move. Some monsters can see invisible creatures.

Lightning Bolt does 1-6 hitpoints per level of the caster to targets
along its path. If the target makes its saving throw, the damage is
halved. A lightning bolt is 4 or 8 squares long in a line away from
the caster. For best results, move the spell caster to send the bolt
down a row of opponents. It will attack all opponents along the line
within its range. Target the first creature in the row (closest to
caster). Lightning bolts will reflect off walls back toward the spell
caster. This permits targets adjacent or close to a wall to be hit
twice by the same bolt. Be careful the caster isn't hit by the
reflected bolt.

Protection from Evil, 10' Radius protects the target and all
characters adjacent to the target. The spell improves the AC and
saving throws of those it protects by 2 against evil attackers.

Protection from Good, 10' Radius protects the target and all
characters adjacent to the target. The spell improves the AC and
saving throws of those it protects by 2 against good attackers.

Protection from Normal Missiles makes the target immune to nonmagical

Slow affects 1 target per level of caster. The spell halves the
target's movement and number of melee attacks per round. Slow can be
used to negate a haste spell. This spell is useful against any
high-damage creature. Only affects the side opposing the spell caster.

Fourth Level Mage Spells.

Charm Monster changes the target's allegiance in combat. It will work
on any living creature. The spell affects 2-8 1st-level targets, 1-4
2nd-level targets, 1-2 3rd-level targets, or 1 target of 4th-level or

Confusion affects 2-16 targets. Each target must make a saving throw
each round or stand confused, become enraged, flee in terror or go
berserk.  Confusion is most effective when used against a large number
of enemies.  Dimension Door allows the mage to teleport himself to
another point on the battlefield within his line of sight and the
range of the spell. Mages can use it for quick escapes. Fighter/mages
use the "Door" to reach the opposition's rear area.

Fear causes all within its area to flee.

Fire Shield protects the mage so that any creature who hits the mage
in melee does normal damage, but takes twice that damage in return.
The shield may be attuned to heat attacks or cold attacks. The mage
takes half damage (no damage if he makes his saving throw) and has his
saving throw against the opposite form of attack improved by 2. He
takes double damage from the form of attack the shield is attuned to.

Fumble causes the target to be unable to move or attack. If the target
makes his saving throw, he is affected by a slow spell.

Ice Storm does 3-30 hitpoints to all targets within its area. There is
no saving throw. This spell will inflict damage on opponents protected
by Minor Globes of Invulnerability.

Minor Globe of Invulnerability protects the caster from incoming
first, second, or third-level spells. The Globe is very effective when
used in combination with Fire Shield.

Remove Curse removes the effects of a Bestow Curse spell and allows the
target to unready cursed magic items.

Fifth Level Mage Spells

Cloud Kill is similar to the Stinking Cloud spell, except that its
area of effect is larger and it will kill weaker monsters. Stronger
monsters may be immune to the spell.

Cone of Cold fires a withering cone shaped blast of cold. The spell's
range and damage increases with the caster's level.

Feeblemind cause target's who fail their saving throw to drop
dramatically in intelligence and wisdom and become unable to cast
spells. A Heal spell must be cast on the victim to recover from the

Hold Monster is similar to the Hold Person, except that it will affect
a wider variety of creatures.

Sixth Level Mage Spells

Death Spell will kill opponents instantly and irrevocably. The spell
will kill a greater number of weak opponents than strong.

Disintigrate will destroy one target. Some creatures, with an inate
magic resistance, may avoid the effects of the spell, while most must
make a saving throw to survive.

Flesh to Stone causes the target to make a saving throw or be turned
into stone.

Globe of Invulnerability will protect against 1st through 4th level

Stone to Flesh will counter the effects of such magical creatures as
cockatrice and medusae. When this spell is cast on a character, there
is a possibility that the character will not survive the shock of
being restored to flesh. System shock survival is based on a
character's constitution.

Seventh Level Mage Spells

Delayed Blast Fireball is a more powerful version of the third level spell
and will go through a Minor Globe of Invulnerability. The fireball explosion
can be delayed for some period of time if the caster wishes. The delay options
will vary with different computers.

Mass Invisibility is identical to the Invisibility spell, except that it
will effect several targets at once. This can be a valuable spell to cast
before a known encounter.

Power Word, Stun will cause one creature to be stunned, reeling and
unable to think or act effectively. The weaker the target, the longer
it will be stunned.


Journal Entry 2:

We have done it! Our noble ancestors are being freed from the ice and
they fight by our side as brothers! Oh, to see the Legion again! I
never thought it possible.  No one can stop us now.

His voice softens to a hoarse growl.  They say that the personal
bodyguard of Eldamar has been found and fights for us, he whispers.  I
can now die in honor, knowing that our enemies will soon be destroyed.

The fighter smiles and dies.

Journal Entry 3

The Black Circle laid an ambush for our party.  Nearly everyone was
captured or killed.  I was unconscious and left for dead.  Since that
time I have sought to free my companions.  At least two lie ahead and
I shall seek them out.  In this stolen Black Circle garb I may
succeed.  With your help I certainly will.  As honorable men, will you
join me on my quest?

Journal Entry

We have just driven the foul beasts from the mine entrance.  We will
not inform the town until the mine is fully cleared.  We do not wish
to raise false hopes.

Journal Entry 5

We've had a number of dealings with the magic brotherhood known as the
Black Circle.  They have aided us in the past in return for gems.  It
was based on their divination that we extended our lower tunnels --
and uncovered the monsters.  Marcus is the only member that lives in
town, but he keeps to himself.  The Black Circle say that they are
studying ways to stop the monsters and will act only when sure of

Journal Entry 6
One of the miners saw red robed figures outside the east wall.

Journal Entry 7

My uncle adventured along the shore of the Moonsea.  He was a warrior
who ventured on many a great quest.  He feared nothing -- nothing that
is except dragons.  Though he never met one, he was terrified by the
possibility.  This scroll was his insurance.  When he died -- from a
knife wound gotten in a bawdy house -- he passed it on to me.  Seeing
as how I m unlikely to survive a dragon with this scroll I thought you
might like it.

Journal Entry 8
I didn't drink that much.  I'm sure that mouse in the corner was

Journal Entry 9

Them Black Circlers are a hostile bunch, but don't judge em too hard.
They are once mages serving the two brothers who ruled the old town.
They used the Well's teleporters too many times and was cursed by the
Well.  If yah use them too often, yah will join the Circle.  It serves
the dark nature of the Well and they hate all others.

Journal Entry 10

Don't go near that temple in the mines! There is an illusion of
goodness there, but don't be fooled.  It is ruled by some unknown
demon.  One of its minions referred to it as the Flaming One.  I never
saw it.  I was ambushed as soon as I encamped near the alter.  Now
that I have passed on my warning I can die in peace.

The man ceases to breathe.

Journal Entry 11

The Beholder Corps has returned and is housed in the dungeons.  Now
nothing can harm the Dreadlord.  Anyone who tries to penetrate the
dungeons will be vaporized within seconds.  Hah, hah, hah! The world
will soon belong to us.

Journal Entry 12

Twas long ago that the old town was a thrivin place.  The mine was
there then too.  Folks was rules by a fellow who worshipped Tyr.  He
thought the miners was deservin of Tyr's protection.  Some of the
folks round here say that the temple can still be found.  Only those
of stout heart should try though.  Things buried so long tend to
harbor ghosts that don't like disturbin.

Journal Entry 13

I led a band of heroes to clear the mines.  We discovered the dungeons
and were nearly to the top when the Black Circle sprung their ambush.
I was a local who never trusted the Circle's claims of friendship, so
they were glad to capture me.  Not content to simply kill me, they
prepared an elaborate wish.  It traps me in this cell, blind and
unable to cast spells.  It also had the side effect of rendering me
immortal and immune to damage.  Once you free me I shall regain my own
powers, but also lose these benefits.  This is a fair exchange.

Journal Entry 14

We were about to enter the Well.  The rope was slippery with slimy
blood of the dragon but nothing could stop us from our goal.  The gems
glittered on the bottom, luring us with untold wealth.  Gramkal was
the first to go, of course.  The thief was almost bursting with
excitement as he reached down to take the gems.  Poor man, his
shriveled hand with never pick another pocket.

Journal Entry 15

So, not content with melting away our home, you carry the war directly
to us.  We have held these crevasses for generations.  We will not
surrender them to the likes of you.  Look at your lives! I am prepared
to die.  Are you?

Journal Entry 16

We are prepared.  The inner sanctum is well concealed, surrounded by
the hatchling pool.  We hope that the old Red Dragon will not miss the
hatchlings; they provide an excellent defense.  Soon we must find a
way to age them to a more useful size.

Use the map to plan an attack on Well.  We expect regular progress

If you fail, we will act on a suggestion made by a junior member.  He
believes that the dragon may be amenable to a human sacrifice.  The
clerk from Phlan has become expendable and will be the first victim.
One way or another the dragon and its Banite allies will fail; the
Well must be ours.

Journal Entry 17

The old town was said to be a fabulous place for a time.  Was ruled by
brothers, one honorable and forthright, the other a studious and
insecure mage.  One day the mage decided he would live forever.  The
brother thought that was blasphemy and tried to stop him.  War covered
the valley and the town was laid waste.  The gods cursed the valley
and froze it over.  These new monsters are just more of the valley's
curse.  We can only wait and suffer till the gods see fit to lift the

Journal Entry 18

Derf reclines in a chair and begins:

Three hundred years ago, there were two brothers: Oswulf, a paladin,
and Eldamar, a mage.  Both were powerful and worshipped Tyr, god of
justice.  As Eldamar grew old he became obsessed with gaining
immortality; serving Tyr was no longer enough.  He became insane and
isolated himself in the upper levels of the Castle of the Twins.
There he researched the arcane magic necessary to become a lich.
Oswulf discovered this, but was unable to convince his brother to
abandon his madness.

Foreseeing the evil that a lich would produce, Oswulf left the Castle
and searched for 12 great heroes.  These he forged into the band he
called the Silver Blades.  By the time Oswulf could return to this
valley, Eldamar had completed his spells and was reborn as the lich
called the Dreadlord.  The Dreadlord summoned evil forces to protect
him.  The Silver Blades faced a pitched battle among the buildings of
Verdigris.  The town was laid waste and many of the heroes fell.
Those of us who remained forced the evil horde back to the castle

Oswulf refused to push on and slay his brother.  Instead our mages and
clerics cast a spell to freeze the valley permanently within a
glacier.  The Dreadlord's forces counterattacked while the spell was
being cast and Oswulf fell protecting us.  His body lies on the level
above, but his spirit still guards the castle, preventing the
reawakening of the Dreadlord.  As the last of the Silver Blades, I
chose to remain here to maintain my temple and keep watch as well.

Now the descendants of the Dreadlord's disciples have returned.  The
Black Circle is succeeding in unraveling our spell.  I am now bound to
this temple and cannot take the battle to them.  You must take up the
Silver Blades standard and end the Dreadlord's threat forever.

Journal Entry 19

Know now of the Amulet of Eldamar, stolen long ago.  It was taken by a
wily thief who held it for but a day.  As he dreamed of wealth, he
fell victim to a red dragon, kin to the one your slew to free me.  The
amulet now adorns the dragon's hoard, which lies in the south-western
corner of the city.

The map starts at the entrance to the new town.  Follow the path.

Journal Entry 20
That old man -- south of the mayor's place -- can sure talk your ear

Journal Entry 21

This whole valley used to be filled with a glacier.  About 15 years
ago it melted back beyond the old mineshaft.  Miners from throughout
the Dragonspines flocked here and formed the new town.  The Black
Circle helped them open the mine.  A few years later the miners began
to extract the gems again.  Until these monsters came, the town was
doing quite well.  The glacier kept going back too.  In a few years
the entire valley will be open.

Journal Entry 22

The Black Circle is trying to take our Well! They seek the death of
the red dragon who holds it in sacred trust.  I was ambushed while
trying to entice the young dragons from the Well.  They dragged me
here to... to...

The Banite Cleric fades into death.

Journal Entry 23

The mages keeps looking for a mysterious amulet.  It is connected in
some way to their whole purpose for being here.  They say it will
reveal some key to a mysterious sanctum.  Perhaps they are after a
great treasure.

Journal Entry 24

Grimdra discovered where the Well stored its gems -- for they are not
consumed.  He dug a small tunnel and has diverted them for centuries.
I am certain that the gems are what sustain him.  He has never sold a
single one and he was old when the twins were born.

Journal Entry 25

The miners plight masks a more serious threat.  Should the Black
Circle succeed in its plans, the entire Realms will feel the result.
The mages seek the awakening of the Dreadlord, an evil of incalculable
power.  He sleeps within his castle, trapped within the glacier.  The
Circle has reached the dungeons and are melting their way upward.  The
monsters trapped in the dungeons are being released and allowed to
harry the miners.

My powers are subject to laws you cannot understand.  I am privy to
information only at certain times and only when you sacrifice gems.
Still, seek me out when you have questions.  My powers are at your

My teleporters are paired.  Each teleporter that rings me has a
brother somewhere in the valley.  Until you visit both gates, you may
not use that pair.  To my northwest is the gate which connects to the
new town.

My power fades.  Return to me with gems when you have more questions.

Journal Entry 26

The Dreadlord seeks the Amulet of Eldamar.  If he can trick someone
into bringing the amulet into the dungeons beneath the castle, he will
be awakened.  Even worse, it acts as a monster attractant.  Evil
creatures throughout the region will seek out the holder.  Remember to
always avoid this item.

Journal Entry 27

The mages took me to be sacrificed to the red dragon.  They wanted
access to the teleportation booths and the hoard of gems.  My father
is an unwitting servant of the Black Circle.  When he became
suspicious, they kidnapped me to keep him silent.  Now I m sure they
must have killed him.  I must leave!

Journal Entry 28

This here blade has been carried down from my great-great-grandpappy.
He almost captured a throne out near Waterdeep, but tired of the
campaigning.  Traveled up to Myth Drannor and stood with elves against
a Flight of the Dragons.  They were impressed enough to let him retire
there.  Married an elven princess and let a settled life.  Far as I
know, she left with the other elves and is still alive.

Journal Entry 29

I was here as a young child.  Oswulf used to hold town meetings in the
great hall.  The hall was huge -- much larger than this -- and I don't
recall any alcoves.  These alcoves along the side were definitely put
there by the Dreadlord.  I suspect that he has radically changed the
entire castle.  Oswulf had said that his brother had become paranoid
and turned the castle into a maze of traps.  We must watch where we
place our feet; any stone could conceal a pit or dart.

Journal Entry 30
So many gems down in that mine and no way to get at them.  Life ain't

Journal Entry 31

The Black Circle usurped our control of the Well of Knowledge.  Bane
was offended and sent a red dragon in vengeance.  The dragon drove out
the infidels and now holds the Well in trust.  There he shall remain
until Bane deems it time for our return.  Death to the Black Circle!
Death to the enemies of Bane!


Journal Entry 33

I am one of the champions who sought to free the town from its
monstrous scourge.  We penetrated the mines and passed through the
excavated tunnel to these dungeons.  We were led by a powerful mage
who was able to answer the riddles posed by that made spirit.  Near
the top of the dungeon we were ambushed by the Black Circle.  Many
died and none escaped.  Our leader was taken away for some black
rites.  That spirit hates the living.  Its laughter is driving me mad!
I must escape to the open air!

Journal Entry 34

The Flaming One is an accursed demon, destined to live as long as man
walks the earth.  He can possess anything of flesh.  Last time he was
defeated was in Myth Drannor and rumor held that he had died.  If yah
listen to travelers, yah can trace his movements.  He is trapped in
some diminutive form and seeks the power to release himself.  I think
he's skulking to ruins, seeking the power of the Dreadlord.



Journal Entry 37

We are a small town of miners in desperate straits.  Three months ago
we opened a new shaft and monsters boiled forth.  Perhaps this is a
gateway to the Abyss.  In any case, we lost many comrades as the
monsters have climbed up level after level of the mine.  Now they are
invading the nearby ruins.  Soon they will reach New Verdigris.

To add to our problems, something has captured the Well of Knowledge.
The Well imparts information, occasionally grants wishes and controls
the teleporter in my house.  If you free the Well, then you can use
the teleporter to move through the ruins.

Once the Well is protected, you must descend into the mines and stop
these horrors from emerging.  Others have tried, but none have
returned.  You must save us before we are overwhelmed.


Journal Entry 39

My grandpappy was a paladin out near Cormyr, in the days before King
Azoun.  Family's come down a bit since then, but make no nevermind.
He was beloved of a noble lady.  She was a warrior maiden, namesake of
Azoun's daughter Nacacia.  Anyway, she kept trying to attract him, tie
him down and so on.  In turn, he would go on longer and more dangerous

Nacacia took this in stride and eventually gave him this cloak as a
present, saying that this way he could be around and elsewhere at the
same time.  My dad was their child and passed the cloak down to me.  I
think that it's too useful just to keep as an heirloom -- and none of
my kids deserve it -- so put it to good use.

Journal Entry 40

2nd Tenday of Highsun New Verdigris Mining

1) 250
2) 300
3) 75 (Hill Giant Attack)
4) 350
5) 50 (Medusa Attack)
6) 100 (Wyvern Attack)
7, 8, 9, 10) General Strike -- no work.

Where are all these monsters coming from? We can't get any work done!


Journal Entry 42

I don't care! We have been cheated of our rightful place in the
Dreadlord's hierarchy.  The Black Circle must pay! They may have freed
our master, but he is still weak and does not realize their plans! I
shall go and tell him!

Journal Entry 43

The new band the mayor has recruited seems superior to the last group.
The townsmen managed to reach the Well prior to the red dragon.  They
WISHED for champions to protect them.  Fortunately for use, the wish
worked literally and brought only the people.  The mayor has to cloth,
feed and equip them.  It was quite a sight to see these naked and
angry people waking up right in the middle of a town meeting.  I don't
think they will pose a threat.

Journal Entry 44

Well, I had just made my escape and was preparing to return to Phlan
when I was grabbed by those vile Black Circle scum! Do they never
bathe? The council back at Phlan will hear about this!

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, mauled by filthy beasts.  They started
babbling about sacrifices and a Dreadlord.  Dreadlord this and
Dreadlord that; all they talk about is this Dreadlord.  If he's so
powerful, why does he let these disgusting people serve him?

She gets a sly look in her eyes.

They dragged me here and I feigned unconsciousness -- I wasn't going
to make it easy for them.  The scam started whispering about great
treasures hidden in the crevasses.  The western tunnels and a vorpal
something were mentioned.  Strange name for a valuable object.  You
wouldn't have a spare dress around? Look at mine.  Dragged through mud
and ice, absolutely filthy.  And my hair...

She starts complaining about trivial matters.


Journal Entry 46

Know, oh ancient Dreadlord, that we remember our pledges -- even those
made over 300 years ago.  As was promised, the newly reformed Beholder
Corps will be sent to serve you for a period of 1313 days.  We are
gladdened that you have reawakened and hope that the alliance will
continue in the same spirit that founded it centuries ago.

In Bane's Name,
Imperator Dhazheal

Journal Entry 47

Not long ago I served Hillsfar as a Red Plume.  I was faithful and
they made me commander of the city of Yulash.  We were locked in a
fierce war to protect that city from the forces of Zhentil Keep.  The
war tired me and I began to yearn for peace.  What finally decided me
was the Cult of Moander.  It used my city as a base to restore its
dead god to life.  Were it not for a band of blue tattooed
adventurers, the Cult might have succeeded.

I left as the Zhentrim attacked again and wandered north.  Here I
found my leadership skills in need, so became mayor of this peaceful
backwater.  Now that peace is threatened, I hope you have the power to
protect us.

Journal Entry 48

You thought that you had defeated me in Myth Drannor and before that
in my castle in Phlan.  Know now that I am truly immortal.  When the
Gauntlet of Moander destroyed the Pool of Radiance, I feigned my death
and managed to possess this creature.  Now that you are here I can
take one of you over and be free again.


Journal Entry 50

Vala chortles, Derf, you fuzzy old man, you look even cuter with white
hair.  She pinches his cheek and gives him a big hug.

When she releases him, his cheeks are bright red and he sputters, Now,
stop that! He straightens out his robe and continues, How can you be
alive? You were lost in the great battle.

She smiles and explains, I was captured by the Dread legion and
encased in a mystical cage until these adventurers released me.

He responds, Thank Tyr! He looks her in the eyes with a soft
expression and says, The Legion has returned and is unraveling our
spells.  The Dreadlord's threat must be ended forever.

She responds, I still remember my vows and I will do what is
necessary.  With that, she falls back into rank and the old dwarf
recovers some of his dignity.

Journal Entry 51

Once heard tell about the impressiveness of the old town.

There was a great castle at the head of the valley.  Then south of the
mine was the old Government House.  It was a large place, richly
decorated, where affairs of state were conducted.  Was built stoutly,
so should be still standin.  Good loot no doubt, if you can stand the
ghosts of clerks and bean counters.


Journal Entry 53

The path to the Castle of the Twins was revealed when Oswulf's
Confession was rediscovered.  Oswulf gave his final confession just
before the ice encased the valley.  The Dread Legion of Magic
persuaded the cleric to reveal the Confession.  Their leaders expanded
and annotated the document.  Their hopes of a quick penetration of the
glacier were dashed when the Legion was nearly destroyed at
Ashabenford.  The Confession has been lost since that time.

We of the Black Circle are the descendants of the Legion.  Now that we
have the Confession again our plans can proceed.  We have broken the
glacier and it recedes slowly.  The Silver Blades are gone, so no one
can stop us from releasing the Dreadlord.  It is only a matter of

Still we chafe at unnecessary delay.  We have tricked the miners into
opening the way into the dungeons.  We are now recruiting fire-using
creatures to melt a way upward.  The monsters we release serve to keep
away intruders.

The solving of the Dreadlord's dungeon riddles has cost us many lesser
mages.  Illusions have sent many scouts to unwitting deaths.  We are
proceeding, but would do better with control of the Well of Knowledge.
Its wisdom and control of the teleportation gates would aid us
greatly.  We also seek the Amulet of Eldamar to pass the three great
doors to the Sanctum.

Divinations show that a third item will be required to reach the
Dreadlord.  The signs indicate Tyr is involved with the item, but
nothing is clear.  The temple in the mine seems to hold nothing of

Journal Entry 54

The Well of Knowledge was the heart of the old town.  It controlled
the gateways that allowed travel throughout the valley.  Also, it
served the old town by providing its enigmatic messages.  The town
used it but they did not build it.  It was there when the first men
entered the valley and it is said that it will remain when all else is

Journal Entry 55

I served the city of Phlan in the capacity of head clerk.

During the reconquest of the city, I contracted out missions to the
many heroes who freed the city.  I had contracts with the Black Circle
because of their access to the gems of Verdigris.  We went through
many gems in the early days of the city, as they were awarded to the
heroes for successful completion of their missions.

After Phlan was freed, the council agreed to act as middlemen for the
Circle.  In return for our help they continued to replenish the city's
treasury.  I was sent here as a contact while the council works out
the alliance between the Black Circle and the Red Wizards.

I have been here long enough to know that these mages are very
dangerous.  This scroll is a map of the Circle's inner sanctum.  Take
it! I m getting out before the Circle succeeds in its plans.  Good

The woman storms out of the room with haughty dignity.  She slams the
door and her brisk steps recede down the hallway.

Journal Entry 56

My hopes of keeping my brother from the world are crumbling with this
ice.  If the Dreadlord's evil cannot be contained then it must be
destroyed.  I am reassured that it is the Silver Blades who come to
finish what we started centuries ago.  Please remember that it is the
lich and not my misguided brother's soul that is evil.  Upon your
honor I charge you with freeing his soul from the lich's taint.  I
shall hold the gate here, but the Dreadlord may escape through another
exit.  You must succeed...

A tear appears in the giant spirit's eye, You must succeed...

Journal Entry 57

Marcus, our plans proceed as well as can be expected.  It is
unfortunate that the Red Dragon has taken the Well of Knowledge.  The
Red Wizards may support us if they think we are after the Well.  We
will keep our real target to ourselves.  We are using a contact in
Phlan as a middleman.  In turn, he has sent a clerk to take care of
communications.  She has no knowledge of our real intent.

We are running out of some spell components, especially bat guano and
sulfur.  When is the next shipment due? Maintain contact by standard

One final note.  Rumor indicates that the mayor has brought together a
new force to clear the mines and the Well.  We are concerned.  Reply
with the information as soon as possible.

Journal Entry 58

The driders have returned to this area only recently.  They have been
unable to enter this valley because of the ice blocking their tunnels.
Suddenly the tunnels melted clear and many new monsters began to
appear.  The driders remember these creatures from over 300 years ago,
when the valley was torn by a battle between two brothers.  One of the
brothers was responsible for the ice, but the driders have no idea

Journal Entry 59

If it weren't so terrifying it would have been comical.  We were deep
in the mines when our party came to the cavern.  A horrid mass of
unspeakable monsters were there listening to a high pitched, squeaky
voice.  It took us a while to spot the source of that piping.  Valgur
laughed when he saw it.That was our downfall.  The monsters heard and
attacked.  As I crawled from the fray badly wounded, I saw the
creature in the back of the horde.  It was only a glowing mouse!

Journal Entry 60

I'm sorry but I needed to escape.  This pouch is for you.  Seems like
old times.

Journal Entry 61

Now that you have discovered the way to reach the Dreadlord, you
usefulness is at an end.  I still serve Hillsfar any my mission has
been to recruit the Dreadlord.  With his power Hillsfar can take
control of the Dalelands and the Moonsea.  I will become governor of
the northern provinces and be wealthy beyond imagining.

Journal Entry 62

Our flaming creatures are clearing the ice quite quickly now.  The
dungeon is open to just below the castle, where ice is much more
resistant.  Thankfully we have discovered a second door upward.

This leads along a winding tunnel into a glacial crevasse.  This was
undoubtedly an old escape tunnel hidden by the Dreadlord.

We have seen no sign of adventurers, but disturbances have been
reported in the lower levels.  As a precaution, we have thawed out the
purple worms.  This will slow us down, but will provide needed

Journal Entry 63

The amazonian woman collapses as she steps down from the shattered
prison.  As you rush to help, her eyes flutter open and she moans, Who
are you? Where am I?

After you explain what you now and she has revived, she growls, The
legion will pay.  They have left me imprisoned for 300 years; since
the great battles.  They captured me and imprisoned me in that
shimmering cage.

So the war over the Dreadlord continues to this day.  My vows compel
me to continue this battle.  I am Vala of the Silver Blades and will
aid you in this war.

Journal Entry 64

Build em an arm today, a couple of chests tomorrow.  Maybe slam out a
few spare eyes.  Wizards are queer birds -- all skin and bones and
glowin eyes.  Always distractin yah, cacklin and gigglin .  Iron
statues, always more bits and pieces.  They do strange things to em
next door.  Never can be sure with wizards.  Next thing yah know the
statues will be walkin .  Never be too sure...

Journal Entry 65

We go into battle today to stop the Dreadlord.  I am fearful, but
Oswulf is confident.  When he speaks I find my courage returns.  I
hope everyone at home is happy.  With any luck I will be home soon.

Your loving son,


Journal Entry 67

Questioned the high lord Bane once, you know.  Didn't think that the
Dreadlord was worthy of his attentions.  Questioned that, I did.  You
know that questions are a burden? Very burdensome for a god.  Then
came the Silver Blades and I questioned again.  Then came the ice and
I called out to Bane.  In his wisdom he kept my mind from freezing.
Let me think about my questions for 300 years, with only ice as far as
the eye could see.  Can't see very far through ice either.  Unmoving
for 300 years gives a man pause.  Finally I discovered the answer and
I sacrificed my mind.  Sacrifice is a balm to the gods.  Gods inspire
the mad.  Madness flows from...


Journal Entry 69

My dear Sasha,

I'm sorry to hear that you have concerns about the Black Circle.
However, their continued good will is essential.  Their control of the
Verdigris Mine gives us the gems we need at a reasonable price.  As
long as these shipments continue, we will not investigate them too

You may tell them that my negotiations with the Red Wizards proceed
very well.  Some may be on their way even now.  Should this turn out
as well as I hope, you can count on a position as my personal scribe.

With my strongest felicitations,

Gragnak Ulfrim
Councilor of New Phlan

Journal Entry 70

The Black Circle has collected us as payment to the driders.  In
return the driders will help them with some mysterious rite.  One
stronger prisoner was taken from among us.  I believe he is to be a
sacrifice.  You must seek him out and save him as well.

Journal Entry 71

The Amulet of Eldamar will reveal three keys hidden within the
dungeon.  The keys open the three doors guarding the Dreadlord's
Sanctum.  Watch for a ghostly radiance that will indicate the presence
of a key.



Ability Scores. These are numbers that describe the attributes of the
characters. There are six ability scores: Strength, Intelligence,
Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma.

Adventurer. This is a term for one of the characters you play in this

Alignment. This is the basic philosophy of a character. See Alignment
in the What are Characters? section.

Armor Class (AC). This is a rating of how difficult a target is to
damage.  The lower the AC number the more difficult it is to hit.

Character. This is another name for one of the persons you play in the
game.  A party consists of several characters.

Class. This is a character's occupation. For example mage, fighter, or
cleric are classes.

Combat Round. Is one turn of a battle. All characters and monsters who
are able to fight will get to act at least once per combat round.

Combat Segment. Is one-tenth of a Combat Round. Which combat segment a
character or monster acts on in a round is determined by his dexterity
and a random number.

Command. A one or two-word option in a menu. Activating that command
allows you either to view another menu or have your characters perform
an action.

Dice. In the computer AD&D game dice are random numbers. They are
referred to by the highest number they can be, for example a d 10 can
be a value from 1 to 10, a d6 would be from 1 to 6. When a die number
is generated it is called a "Roll."

Encounter. This is what happens when a party meets a monster. You are
given a menu of choices of how you want to handle the situation.

Enter. The act of giving a command to the computer. How this is done
varies depending on the computer.

Experience Points (XP). Every encounter the characters have yields
experience points for every character depending on how successful the
encounter was for the party. A character who gains enough XP can
advance a level.

Facing. In combat, a character faces a certain direction. An attack
from the direction he is not facing has a greater chance of doing
damage. A character will always face an opponent if he has only one

Grimoire (Spell Book). The book a mage carries his spells in. If he
doesn't have a magic book, he has no spells to memorize.

Hit Points (HP). This is a measure of how healthy a character is.
Damage from weapons subtracts hit points from the character's total.
When he has lost all of his hit points, he is unconscious and dying.
If his wounds are bound by another party member, he is simply

Icon. This is the small picture of a monster or a character seen in
the initial stages of an encounter and during combat. Character icons
can be altered using the Alter command in the Camp Menu.

Initiative. This is a semi-random determination of which character in
a combat acts first. The characters with higher dexterity's have a
better chance for a higher initiative.

Level. This describes the power of a number of different items. The
power of characters, dungeons, monsters, and spells are all described
with levels.

Character Level. This is a determination of how much experience a
character has. The higher the level, the more experienced and
important the character is. High-level spellcasters can cast
high-level spells.

Spell Level. Spells come in degrees of difficulty. The higher the
level of the spell, the greater the difficulty. Only very experienced
magic-users and clerics can learn high-level spells.

Magic. This term covers spellcasting, enchanted items, and any other
application of the supernatural.

Melee Combat. This is hand-to-hand combat with weapons such as swords,
spears, and fists.

Missile Combat. This is ranged combat with weapons such as bows and
arrows, crossbows and quarrels, and slings and slingstones.

Monster. This term actually includes human and other player races as
well as ogres and dragons. In general, if it isn't part of your party,
it's a monster.  Monsters are not necessarily hostile, some may be
helpful. That's what the Parlay command in the Encounter Menu is for.

Multi-Class Characters. Non-human characters may belong to two or
three classes at the same time. Such multi-class characters split
their experience among all their classes, even if they have reached
their racial maximum class.

Non-Player Character (PC). This is a member of a player race who is
not controlled by the player. Some NPCs can be brought into a party.

Party. The group of adventurers you form to perform the missions you
are given. A party can be reformed for each adventure, and even
altered during the course of an adventure.

Player Character (PC). This is a member of a player race who is
controlled by the player. The characters in your adventuring party are

Race. The species characters may be in the game. For example human,
elf or dwarf are races.

Saving Throw. The chance that a character or monster will be
unaffected, or only partially effected, by a spell, poison, or similar
attack. As characters gain levels their saving throws are more likely
to protect them from adverse effects.

Spell. This is a magic incantation that can alter the nature of
reality.  Magicusers, clerics, and high-level paladins and rangers can
cast spells after memorizing them. If the spell is cast, it is gone
from the user's mind and must be re-memorized.

THACO (To Hit Armor Class O). This is the number that a character must
make or exceed to hit an opponent with ACO.

                           RANGE OF ABILITY SCORES BY RACE

Strength(M)    8-18(99) 3-18(75) 6-18(50)  3-18(90)   6-17     3-18(00)
Strength(F)    8-17     3-16     6-15      3-17       6-14     3-18(50)
Intelligence   3-18     8-18     7-18      4-18       6-18     3-18
Wisdom         3-18     3-18     3-18      3-18       3-17     3-18
Dexterity      3-17     7-19     3-18      6-18       8-18     3-18
Constitution   12-19    6-18     8-18      6-18       10-19    3-18
Charisma       3-16     8-18     3-18      3-18       3-18     3-18

Racial Ability Score Modifiers:
Dwarf       Constitution+1    Charisma-1
Elf         Dexterity+1       Constitution-1
Halfling    Dexterity+1       Strength-1

Minimum/Maximum Ability Score:
(xx0 = maximum percentage for an 18 strength
(fighters, paladins, and ranger only)


Cleric       Any       no     no     no         5         no       15*
fighter     STR 16-    7      5      5          6         4        15*
            STR 17     8      6      5          7         5        15*
            STR 18+    9      7      6          8         no       15*
Paladin      Any       no     no     no         no        no       15*
Ranger      STR 16-    no     no     no         6         no       15*
            STR 17-    no     no     no         7         no       15*
            STR 18+    no     no     no         8         no       15*
Magic-User  INT 16-    no     9      no         6         no       15*
            INT 17     no     10     no         7         no       15*
            INT 18     no     11     no         8         no       15*
Thief        Any       18*    18     18*        18*       18*      18*

no: Character of this race connot be of this class
*:  Highest level available in Secret of the Silver Blades.
Normal AD&D* game Character have unlimited level advancement in these
x NOTE:  Except for thieves, most non-human characters may not advance
to as high a level as the game provides for humans.


ABILITY           THAC0           DAMAGE         WEIGHT ALLOWANCE
SCORE             BONUS         ADJUSTMENT       (IN GOLD PIECES)
3                  -3              -1                 -350
4-5                -2              -1                 -250
6-7                -1             none                -150
8-9               normal          none               normal
10-11             normal          none               normal
12-13             normal          none                +100
14-15             normal          none                +200
16                normal           +1                 +350
17                 +1              +1                 +500
18                 +1              +2                 +750
*18/01-50          +1              +3                 +1000
*18/51-75          +2              +3                 +1250
*18/76-90          +2              +4                 +1500
*18/91-99          +2              +5                 +2000
*18/00             +3              +6                 +3000

*These bonuses available to figher classes only (Fighter, Paladin,

              DEXTERITY TABLE

 SCORE             BONUS              BONUS
  3                 -3                  +4
  4                 -2                  +3
  5                 -1                  +2
  6                  0                  +1
  7                  0                   0
  8                  0                   0
  9                  0                   0
  10                 0                   0
  11                 0                   0
  12                 0                   0
  13                 0                   0
  14                 0                   0
  15                 0                  -1
  16                +1                  -2
  17                +2                  -3
  18                +3                  -4


  3            -2              40%
  4            -1              45%
  5            -1              50%
  6            -1              55%
  7             0              60%
  8             0              65%
  9             0              70%
  10            0              75%
  11            0              80%
  12            0              85%
  13            0              90%
  14            0              92%
  15           +1              94%
  16           +2              96%
  17           +2(+3)*         98%
  18           +2(+4)*         100%

* Bonus applies only to fighters; all other classes may b given a
maximum hit point bonus adjustment for constitution of +2.


Cleric       any            any       club,flail,hammer,mace,staff,
Fighter      any            any       any
Paladin      any            any       any
Ranger       any            any       any
Magic-User   none           none      dagger, dart, staff
Thief        leather        none      club, dagger, dart, sling,
                                      one-hand swords, short bow

Fighter 1-6            1/1
Paladin 1-6            1/1
Ranger 1-7             1/1
Fighter 7-12           3/2
Paladin 7-17           3/2
Ranger 8-14            3/2
Fighter 13+            2/1
Paladin 13+            2/1
Ranger 15+             2/1


Copper             200cp = 1gp
Silver              20sp = 1gp
Electrum             1ep = 1gp
Gold                 1gp = 1gp
Platinum           1/5pp = 1gp


This is a listing of spells available to player characters as they
gain in level.  The following are abreviations used in the list.

Cmbt = Combat only spell
Camp = Camp only spell
Both = Cam or combat spell
T = Touch Range
dia = diameter
rad = radius
All = all
r = combat rounds
t = turns
/lvl = per level of caster
targets = aim at each target

1st-Level Clerical Spells

Bless               both      6      5 dia       6r
Curse               Cmbt      6      5 dia       6r
Cure lt wounds      Both      T       1           -
Cause lt wounds     Cmbt      T       1           -
Detect Magic        Both      3       1          1t
Protect from evil   Both      T       1         3r/lvl
Protect from good   Both      T       1         3r/lvl
Resist Cold         Both      T       1         1t/lvl

2nd-Level Clerical Spells

Find Traps          Camp      3       1          3t
Hold Person         Cmbt      6     1-3 target  4r+1/lvl
Resist Fire         Both      T       1         1t/lvl
Silence 15' radius  Cmbt      12     3 dia      2r/lvl
Slow Poison         Both      T       1         1 hour/lvl
Snake Charm         Cmbt      3       All       5-8r
Spiritual Hammer    Cmbt      3       1         1r/lvl

3rd-Level Cerical Spells

Cure Blindness      Both      T       1          -
Cause Blindness     Cmbt      T       1          -
Cure Disease        Camp      T       1          -
Cause Disease       Cmbt      T       1          -
Dispel Magic        Both      6       3x3        -
Prayer              Both      0       All       1r/lvl
Remove Curse        Both      T       1          -
Bestow Curse        Cmbt      T       1         1t/lvl

4th-Level Clerical Spells

Cure Serious Wounds Both      T       1          -
Cause Ser. Wounds   Cmbt      T       1          -
Neurtalize Poison   Both      T       1          -
Poison              Cmbt      T       1          -
Protect from evil
10' Radius          Both      T      2 dia      1t/lvl
Sticks to Snakes    Cmbt      3       1         2r/lvl

5th-Level Clerical Spells

SPELL NAME            WHEN     RNG     AREA     DURATION
Cure Critical Wounds  Both      T       1          -
Cause Critical Wounds Cmbt      T       1          -
Dispel Evil           Cmbt      T       1         1r/lvl
Flame Strike          Cmbt      6       1          -
Raise Dead            Camp      3       1          -
Slay Living           Cmbt      3       1          -

6th-Level Clerical Spells

Harm                Cmbt      T       1          -
Heal                Both      T       1          -

1st-Level Druidical Spells (For High-Level Rangers)

Detect Magic        Both      4       1         12r
Entangle            Cmbt      8      4 dia      1t
Faerie Fire         Cmbt      8      8 dia      4r/lvl
Invisibility to
Animals             Both      T       1         1t+1r/lvl

2nd-Level Druidical Spells (for High-Level Rangers)

Barkskin            Both      T     Creature    4r+1r/lvl
Charm Person/Mammal Cmbt      12      1          -

1st-Level Magic-User Spells

Burning Hands       Cmbt      T    3 Squares     -
Charm Person        Cmbt     12       1          -
Detect Magic        Both      6       1         2r/lvl
Enlarge             Both    .5/lvl    1         1t/lvl
Reduce              Both    .5/lvl    1          -
Friends             Cmbt      0      All        1r/lvl
Magic Missile       Cmbt     6+lvl    1          -
Protect from evil   Both      T       1         2r/lvl
Protect from good   Both      T       1         2r/lvl
Read Magic          Camp      0       1         2r/lvl
Shield              Cmbt      0       1         5r/lvl
Shocking Grasp      Cmbt      T       1          -
Sleep               Cmbt     3+lvl   1-16       5r/lvl

2nd-Level Magic-User Spells

Detect Invisibility Both     1/lvl    1         5r/lvl
Invisibility        Both      T       1          -
Knock               Camp      6      1/lvl       -
Mirror Image        Both      0       1         2r/lvl
Ray of Enfeeblement Cmbt      T      1+.25/lvl  1r/lvl
Stinking Cloud      Cmbt      3       2x2       1r/lvl
Strength            Both      T       1         6t/lvl

3rd-Level Magic-User Spells

Blink               Both      0       1         1r/lvl
Dispel Magic        Both     12      3x3         -
Fireball            Cmbt    10+lvl   2/3 rad     -
Haste               Both      6      4x4        3r+1/lvl
Hold Person         Cmbt     12      1-4        2r/lvl
Invisibility 10'    Both      T      2 dia       -
Lightning Bolt      Cmbt     4+lvl    4,8        -
Protect from Evil
10' Radius          Both      T      2 dia      2r/lvl
Protect from Good
10' Radius          Both      T      2 dia      2r/lvl
Protect from
Normal Missile      Both      T       1         1t/lvl
Slow                Cmbt     9+lvl   4x4        3r+/lvl

4th-Level Magic-User Spells

Charm Monster       Cmbt      6       1          -
Confusion           Cmbt     12      2-16       2r+1/lvl
Dimnesion Door      Cmbt      0       1          -
Fear                Cmbt      0      6x3 cone   1r/lvl
Fire Shield(2 types)Both      0       1         2r+1/lvl
Fumble              Cmbt     1/lvl    1         1r/lvl
Ice Storm(dmg olny) Cmbt     1/lvl   4 dia       -
Min Globe of
Invulnerability     Both      0       1         1r/lvl
Remove Curse        Both      T       1          -
Bestow Curse        Cmbt      T       1         1t/lvl

5th-Level Magic-User Spells

Cloudkill           Cmbt      1      3x3        1r/lvl
Cone of Cold        Cmbt      0     .5/lvl cone  -
Feblemind           Cmbt     1/lvl    1          -
Hold Monster        Cmbt    .5/lvl  1-4 targets 1r/lvl

6th-Level Magic-User Spells

Deathspell          Cmbt      1     .5/lvl     Instantaneous
Disintegrate        Cmbt    .5/lvl  Speical    Permanent
Globe of
Invulerability      Both      0       1         1r/lvl
Stone to Flesh      Both     1/lvl    1        Permanent
Flesh to Stone      Cmbt     1/lvl    1        Permanent

7th-Level Magic-User Spells

Delayed Blast
Fire Ball           Cmbt    10+1/lvl  2r       Special
Mass Invisibility   Both     1/lvl  Special    Special
Power Word, Stun    Cmbt    .5/lvl    1        Special

                              WEAPON LIST

Axe, Hand           1-6            1-4             1        f
Bastard Sword       2-8            2-16            2        f
Battleaxe           1-8            1-8             1        f
Broad Sword         2-8            2-7             1        f,th
Club                1-6            1-3             1        f,cl,th
Composite Long Bow* 1-6            1-6             2        f
Composite Shrt Bow* 1-6            1-6             2        f
Dagger              1-4            1-3             1        f,mu,th
Dart                1-3            1-2             1        f,mu,th
Flail               2-7            2-8             1        f,cl
Halberd+            1-10           2-12            2        f
Hammer              2-5            1-4             1        f,cl
Javelin             1-6            1-6             2        f
Light crossbow#     1-4            1-4             2        f
Long Bow*           1-6            1-6             2        f
Long Sword          1-8            1-12            1        f,th
Mace                2-7            1-6             1        f,cl
Morning Star        2-8            2-7             1        f
Scimitar            1-8            1-8             1        f,th
Short Bow*          1-6            1-6             2        f
Short Sword         1-6            1-8             1        f,th
Sling               1-4            1-4             1        f,th
Spear               1-6            1-8             1        f
Trident             2-7            3-12            1        f
Two-Handed Sword    1-10           3-18            2        f

*Must have ready arrows to fire.  Two Attacks per round.
#Must have ready quarrels to fire.  One Attack per round.
f=figher, cl=cleric, th=thief, mu=magic-user

                         ARMOR LIST

None                0            10            -
Shield              50            9            -
Leather             150           8         12 Squares
Ring                250           9          9 Squares
Scale               400           6          6 Squares
Chain               300           5          9 Squares
Banded              350           4          9 Squares
Plate               450           3          6 Squares

* A character carrying many objects, including a large number of
coins, can be limited in movement to a minimum of 3 squares per turn.

# A shield subtracts 1 AC from any armor it's used with.


The following charts show the amount of experience a character must
earn in order to gain a level in his character class.  The charts also
list the number of spells tht a character can have memorized at one
time.  Fighters and Thieves can never memorize spells.

Remember that all experience earned by a non-human, multiple-class
character is divided even after the character has reached his maximum
level in a particular class.  A human dual-class character only earns
experience in his second class.  the character use the abilities of
his first class until his level in his second class exceeds his level
of his first class.

                                    NUMBER OF CLERIC SPELLS PER LEVEL
LEVEL  EXPERIENCE         HIT DICE    1   2   3   4   5   6
1      0-1,500              1d8       1
2      1,501-3,000          2d8       2
3      3,001-6,000          3d8       2   1
4      6,001-1,3000         4d8       3   2
5      13,001-27,000        5d9       3   3   1
6      27,001-55,000        6d8       3   3   2
7      55,001-11,0000       7d8       3   3   2   1
8      110,001-225,000      8d8       3   3   3   2
9      225,001-450,000      9d8       4   4   3   2   1
10     450,001-675,000      9d8+2     4   4   3   3   2
11     675,001-900,000      9d8+4     5   4   4   3   2   1*
12     900,001-1,125,000    9d8+6     6   5   5   3   2   2
13     1,125,001-1,350,000  9d8+8     6   6   6   4   2   2
14     1,350,001-1,575,000  9d8+10    6   6   6   5   3   2
15     1,575,001+           9d8+12    7   7   7   5   4   2

* Usable only by clerics of 17 or greater wisdom.

Bonus Spells For Clerics with High Wisdom Ability Score:

 WISDOM       1   2   3   4   5
9-12          -   -   -   -   -
13           +1   -   -   -   -
14           +2   -   -   -   -
15           +2  +1   -   -   -
16           +2  +2   -   -   -
17           +2  +2  +1   -   -
18           +2  +2  +1  +1   -

Note that these bonus spells are only available when the cleric is
entitled to spells of the aplicable level.  Thus an 8th level cleric
with a Wisdom of 18 can memorize the following spells:

    Number of Spells
    1  2  3  4  5
    5  5  3  -  -


LEVEL  EXPERIENCE         HIT DICE   1   2   3   4   5   6   7
1      0-2,500              1d4      1
2      2,501-5,000          2d4      2
3      5,001-10,000         3d4      2   1
4      10,001-22,500        4d4      3   2
5      22,501-40,000        5d4      4   2   1
6      40,001-60,000        6d4      4   2   2
7      60,001-90,000        7d4      4   3   2   1
8      90,001-135,000       8d4      4   3   3   2
9      135,001-250,000      9d4      4   3   3   2   1
10     250,001-375,000      10d4     4   4   3   2   2
11     375,001-750,000      11d4     4   4   4   3   3
12     750,001-1,125,000    11d4+1   4   4   4   4   4   1*
13     1,125,001-1,500,000  11d4+2   5   5   5   4   4   2
14     1,500,001-1,875,000  11d4+3   5   5   5   4   4   2   1**
15     1,875,001+           11d4+4   5   5   5   5   5   2   1

* Usable only with 12+ Intelligence
** Usable only with 14+ Intelligence

Ranger                                    DRUID    MAGIC-USER
LEVEL     EXPERIENCE          HIT DICE    1   2     1   2
1          0-2,250              2d8       -   -     -   -
2          2,251-4,500          3d8       -   -     -   -
3          4,501-10,000         4d8       -   -     -   -
4          10,001-20,000        5d8       -   -     -   -
5          20,001-40,000        6d8       -   -     -   -
6          40,001-90,000        7d8       -   -     -   -
7          90,001-150,000       8d8       -   -     -   -
8          150,001-225,000      9d8       1   -     -   -
9          225,001-325,000      10d8      1   -     1   -
10         325,001-650,000      11d8      2   -     1   -
11         650,001-975,000      11d8+2    2   -     2   -
12         975,001-1,300,000    11d8+4    2   1     2   -
13         1,300,001-1,625,000  11d8+6    2   1     2   1
14         1,625,001-1,950,000  11d8+8    2   2     2   1
15         1,950,001+           11d8+10   2   2     2   2

                                        NUMBER OF CLERIC SPELLS PER LEVEL
LEVEL     EXPERIENCE          HIT DICE          1   2   3   4
1          0-2,750              1d10            -   -   -   -
2          2,751-5,500          2d10            -   -   -   -
3          5,501-12,000         3d10            -   -   -   -
4          12,001-24,000        4d10            -   -   -   -
5          24,001-45,000        5d10            -   -   -   -
6          45,001-95,000        6d10            -   -   -   -
7          95,001-175,000       7d10            -   -   -   -
8          175,001-350,000      8d10            -   -   -   -
9          350,001-700,000      9d10            1   -   -   -
10         700,001-1,050,000    9d10+3          2   -   -   -
11         1,050,001-1,400,000  9d10+6          2   1   -   -
12         1,400,001-1,750,000  9d10+9          2   2   -   -
13         1,750,001-2,100,000  9d10+12         2   2   1   -
14         2,100,001-2,450,000  9d10+15         3   2   1   -
15         2,450,001+           9d10+18         3   2   1   1

LEVEL   EXRERIENCE                 DICE
1       0-1,250                    1d6
2       1,251-2,500                2d6
3       2,501-5,000                3d6
4       5,001-10,000               4d6
5       10,001-20,000              5d6
6       20,001-42,500              6d6
7       42,501-70,000              7d6
8       70,001-110,000             8d6
9       110,001-160,000            9d6
10      160,001-220,000            10d6
11      220,001-440,000            10d6+2
12      440,001-660,000            10d6+4
13      660,001-880,000            10d6+6
14      880,001-1,100,000          10d6+8
15      1,100,001-1,320,000        10d6+10
16      1,320,001-1,540,000        10d6+12
17      1,540,001-1,760,000        10d6+14
18      1,760,001+                 10d6+16

LEVEL   EXRERIENCE                 DICE
1       0-2,000                    1d10
2       2,001,-4,000               2d10
3       4,001-8,000                3d10
4       8,001-18,000               4d10
5       18,001-35,000              5d10
6       35,001-70,000              6d10
7       70,001-125,000             7d10
8       125,001-250,000            8d10
9       250,001-500,000            9d10
10      500,001-750,000            9d10+3
11      750,001-1,000,000          9d10+6
12      1,000,001-1,250,000        9d10+9
13      1,250,001-1,500,000        9d10+12
14      1,500,001-1,750,000        9d10+15
15      1,750,001+                 9d10+18
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