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ShadowCaster walkthrough

ShadowCaster Walkthrough
Ruinsa - Level 1
You appear on this level at 1-6, facing east. You’ll quickly meet a weak monster with a glowing brain. A few good kicks will dispatch him. Wander over and touch the obelisk and you’ll gain the Maorin (cat) form. Touching the obelisk also unlocks the door, behind which is a teleporter that takes you to another location on the level. There is a floating chest in this area that shoots fireballs at you if you stand still. Once you kill it, a silver key and a float seed will fall to the floor. Place the key on the magic pedestal and the statue will slide back, revealing a teleporter to the Ruinadrn level.

To the east of the sliding statue is an area with a few monsters, and to the north you’ll find an area of quicksand. Drop float seeds into the quicksand and they’ll grow into vines that you can use as a bridge.

To the northeast of the quicksand are walls that spit fireballs. Use Maorin, who can see what triggers the faces using his sight ability, to pass through unharmed. You should now be able to see a boomerang on the floor. Make sure that you get this, it’s very useful.

To the west of the fireball area there are some disks of woe. Destroy the disks using a missile weapon (such as the boomerang that you picked up earlier). Behind the fires you find three glowing brain monsters. Kill them, take the stone statue head and you’ve finished this level.


Ruinadrn - Level 2
When you slide back the statue in Ruinsa and step on the teleporter, you’ll appear at 12-8, facing west. Swim around until you find the plug chain (remember that cats can’t swim very well). Pull the plug chain and the water drains away. Remember, you can only hurt the bats on this level when they ‘flash’ you. You now have to solve the mystery of the skull and the headless skeleton - and it’s a bit of a toughy. After putting the head on old Boney, it and the throne suddenly morph into a fully working skeleton. Very impressive. Kill the skeleton anyway, and the western wall of the room will open up.

Here you’ll find a power potion and a set of Maorin armour. Open the gate to the south and you’ll find another stone statue head. Take the teleport out. You should appear south of the quicksand in Ruinsa.


Ruinawat - Level 3
This is simply the underwater part of Ruinadrn. Try going below the surface if you really want to see lots of clear blue water - and drown slowly but peacefully.


Ruinsb - Level 4
You’ll start this level at 29-18, facing west into a foggy area. The skeletons all around you attack as you approach, so be ready for them. To the southeast of your starting position is a path, in the middle of which is a key. When you pick this key up, large wooden spikes rise up out of the surrounding ground and trap you. Ten dwarf cyclops will then appear. After ten seconds or so, the spikes drop and the dwarves attack. Kill them. Well, you don’t have to kill them if you’re feeling friendly, but that’ll be the end of your game.

North of this area is the ‘skeletons over an open fire’ bit. There’s nothing much here, so go around it. To the northwest is a statue head, which you should collect. Travel back to the east and swim to the isle that has statues for walls. Kill the monster that you encounter, place the stone heads on the headless statues and the stairway to Ruinbtem will appear. As if by magic.


Ruinbwat - Level 5
This is merely the underwater section of Ruinsb, and the same advice that applied to Ruinawat applies here: stay out or you’ll drown, slowly and horribly.


Ruinbtem - Level 6
You start this level at 15-24, facing north. Make your way to the acid room in the northwest and you’ll see a huge disk of woe. Using the boomerang against this takes some time, so try the wand of fireballs from Level One if you’re in a hurry. Destroying the disk creates a bridge across the acid and explodes the wall on the other side - enabling you to proceed to Zardaz, the four-armed skeletal wizard. Killing him is advisable, because afterwards you can proceed down the hall and touch the second obelisk, gaining the Caun form. The door behind the obelisk then opens, revealing a teleporter to Temple.


Temple - Level 7
Temple is a sort of base, from which you explore various other levels. However, every time you return here you’ll find new monsters to defeat, so be warned.


First Trip
The first trip through the temple is easy. You arrive at 16-30, facing north, and should seek out and destroy four disks of woe, which open the north wall. Go through the area with the nother Zardaz, preferably avoiding the fireballs if at all possible. Enter the teleport in the northwest corner of the room and you’ll go to Castwine.


Second Trip
When you return from the castle levels you’ll appear at 21-4, facing north. Walk to the door and open it - you have to freeze the fires just outside - and travel through the monsters in the next room. Get to the room with the teleporters in it and you’ll see that one of the obelisks has risen out of the ground and has a tip on it. The teleporter to the castle should by now have been replaced by a new teleporter (which will take you to Wateraci).


Third Trip
Upon returning from the water level, you will be at 11-6, facing west. Make your way south. After killing the dragon look north, through some spikes in the floor, and you’ll see a rope encased in ice. Melt it free with some form of fire. Destroy the rope to lower the spikes, and you can now pick up the Horn Of Shocking.

When you enter the room with the melted chain, a west wall will open to your east (it does make sense, honest). This enables you to get back to the teleport/obelisk room. Although, of course, the monsters along the way will try their utmost to stop you...

In the teleport/obelisk room you’ll notice that two of the four obelisks have already risen out of the floor. By the way, don’t worry that the teleport you used has vanished. Another appears which will take you to Undrmine, fortunately.


Fourth Trip
While travelling from your starting position at 21-20, facing east, to the teleport/obelisk room, you must destroy three dragons. Once you enter said room, you’ll see that yet another obelisk has risen from the floor (so now you have a grand total of three in your collection!). Again, the teleporter you used last time has vanished, while a new one has appeared in its place (which will take you to Avamud). You should be seeing a pattern by now...


Fifth Trip
You’ll probably be glad to know that this is your last trip through Temple. You start at 2-26, facing south, and must thrash several large spiders and an acid dragon on your way to the teleport/obelisk room this time around. All four obelisks should now be up, and the only teleporter remaining will be in the centre of the room. This takes you to Vestetst.


Castwine - Level 8
You enter the castle at 25-8, facing north. If you look to your left you’ll see that a werewolf is trying to rip your arm off. Kill him, then go west, down a long hall with a lot of locked cell doors. Eventually, you’ll come to an open room with a small table and two werewolves in it. Again, kill them.

The only door you can go through from here is the northern one. Behind it is a room with a chain. Pull this chain to unlock (or lock) the doors to the cells and the other two doors in this northern area of the castle. Far to the south is the great pit of despair. Pull the chain here to raise the cage, and as the cage goes up a sound plays and a suit of Caun armour will fall on to the quicksand below. The Caun can then snag this with his far-reaching grab (diving into the quicksand isn’t a good idea, naturally).

Also on this level is a set of silver armour that fits all your forms, and a silver sword that does a lot of damage to werewolves. To get out of this level, go to the stairs at 25-13, and they’ll take you to Castthrn.


Castthrn - Level 9
You start at 30-15, facing south. The teleporter looks like a door and will take you back to Castwine if you go through it. The teleporter to Castmoon is at 3-7, and there’s the first power pool at 6-2. This boosts you and/or your items up by some 50 power points. Apart from the above, this level is essentially a monster mash, so have fun killing everything in sight.


Castmoon - Level 10

This level is quick and easy. You appear at 26-30, facing west. Kill the werewolf that’s charging you and open the door. Destroy the werewolf hiding behind this door and open the next. Behind this you’ll find two werewolves and a power potion. Kill these two and you’ll get to meet the werewolf lord himself. He’s slightly harder to kill than his predecessors, but not much. Use the cat’s claws to make him drop the obelisk tip and the staff, then place the obelisk tip on the obelisk and you’ll gain the Opsis form. You’ll also unlock the door to the north that hides the teleporter (which sends you back to Temple).


Undemine - Level 11

You start at 27-30, facing east. To the north is the mine cart area, which contains, er, some mine carts. There are a few boar monsters and some Caun to kill here too. Go north (there are a few storage areas with crates and crystal bombs here), and then east. You’ll come across a room with a drain wheel and the tree of life. After killing the boar lord, click on the sprinkler knob and the area around the shrub turns blue with water. While the fluid drains away, the shrub will morph into the tree of life. The two pieces of fruit restore the bars of the appropriate colour when you eat them. Once the tree is fully-grown, a teleporter appears behind it. This will take you to Underspi.


Underspi - Level 12

You appear at 1-4, facing south, and must make your way through a cavern filled with spiders that cling to both the floor and the ceiling. The acid pool hides the second power pool, which, as before, is good for 50 points. Continue to fight your way to and then through the mushroom jungle. After entering the northern door (past the jungle), you’ll have to find a way to dodge the fireballs and mines in the danger room. Once past this you’ll see a lake of acid with a chain in the middle. Pull the chain to remove the wall to the west. Through this is a big and nasty monster - kill it and you’ll get the obelisk tip.

Once the tip is in your possession, the room containing the acid lake loses a north wall. In this new room is the obelisk. Placing the tip in the appropriate position gains you the Kahpa form and opens a teleport to the southwest, which will take you back to Temple.


Wateraci - Level 13

The level has little purpose other than to get you used to moving and fighting in water. You start at 28-30, facing north. Just be sure to dive under at some point.


Watercan - Level 14
This level is the home of the lobster king, who has poisoned the dragons’ water supply. Kill the king and grab the potion from his throne room before teleporting out. There’s also a set of frog armour and a water cannon here, which might come in handy, you never know...


Waterdra - Level 15
The dragons on this level are dying of thirst because the aforementioned lobster king has turned their water supply into acid. As soon as you appear at 28-2, facing south, use the acid-to-water potion from the previous level in front of you. Once you put the potion into the acid the dragons will be too busy drinking their newly transformed water supply to bother you, unless you get too close to them.

To the west of the acid/water pool is the entrance to a room that contains a tipped obelisk. Touching the obelisk gives you access to the Ssair form and opens a teleporter to Temple.


Waterobe - Level 16
This is the acid that you should have just transformed into water, so get out unless you happen to feel really suicidal.


Avamud - Level 17
You start at 6-28, facing north. To the east is a door that leads to an area of geyser-like quicksand. Travel eastwards through these to snap up a few useful items.

If you decide to travel north you’ll see a disk of woe. Break this to make the west wall disappear. To the northwest is an area with fireball-spitting walls. Run in, grab the tablet and get out quick, before anything nasty happens. The faces stop shooting when you close the door.

The idea on this level is to find three tablets and place them on the special altars. After doing this you should hear a grinding sound and the area of burning ground should immediately become accessible. Located in the northwest corner of the burning coals is a small room with a 50 point power pool and a few other handy items. Once you’ve got them, follow the hot coals round to the south to find the teleporter to Lavamine.


Lavamine - Level 18
You start at 1-1, facing east. Make your way east and you’ll come across a wall with a frog’s head carved into it. Feed the head with the Caun’s insect swarm and the north wall in that area should disappear. To the east is an area of quicksand, and to the south a sort of resting point before your trip through the lava area, during which you’ll find an obelisk tip and an hourglass.

After a long journey through the lava, you’ll reach the southern section of the map. Here you’ll find an obelisk that blinks in and out around the room. Place the hourglass in the hole in the wall that looks like an hourglass (another tough puzzle), and the obelisk will come to rest in the middle of the room. Place the tip on the obelisk and you’ll gain the Grost form.

As a Grost you’ll be able to break through the cracked walls around this area. There’s a secret room with a power pool in it to the northeast, and the teleporter to Temple is located in the east.


Vestetst - Level 19
You start up to your waist in blood at location 15-23, facing south. You have to retrieve three crystals - one of blood, one of flesh and one of bone - and place them on the pedestals to make the teleporter to Vestefin appear.

To get the flesh crystal, you must get the stone sword from the northeast and place it in the hand of the statue located to the northwest. Be quick, though, because as soon as you enter the room containing the statue you’ll get pelted with fireballs. Once you’ve placed the sword, the west wall will open up immediately, so run into the room, grab the flesh crystal and dash back out again, dodging the fireballs. Now get ready for the skeletons that will attack you from the other side. To get the bone crystal, you must make your way through a room with a pile of floating bones on the eastern side of the map. To get the blood crystal, swim under the blood river to find a secret room containing a mutant heart. Destroy this to find the last crystal.

Once you’ve placed all the crystals on the pedestals, they will disappear and the pedestals retract into the ground. The teleporter to Vestefin then appears.


Vestebld - Level 20
This is the river of blood that you must swim through to reach the secret room in Vestetst. Watch out for the little blood monsters. They’re rather tough.


Vestefin - Level 21
Fight Veste, the evil-bad-guy-leader, who can morph into the shapes of the main bosses from all the previous levels. That’s all this level is about. After you’ve killed him, the ending animation plays through in all its glory. Simple.