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Shard of Spring manual


						Sp  St  In  En  Sk	

 HUMAN						+2      +2      +2	war/wiz
 DWARF      	axe, berserk			    +1  -3  +3		war		
 TROLL		armored skin			-3  +5  -5  +5		war
 ELF		weapon lore, item lore		+5  -3  +3  -3  -2	wiz
 GNOME		spirit runes			+2  -2  +5      -2	wiz

SPEED:  Determines how fast the character moves, how many times per
combat round the character can attack, and who gets to attack first.

STRENGTH:  High strength values add more damage to attacks, while low
strength values reduce the damage done.  Weapons have a certain
minimum strength requirement.

INTELLECT:  Determines the number and complexity of skills that the
character can choose and determines the number of spell points the
character gets.

ENDURANCE:  Determines how much damage the character can take and how
many hit points are gained when the character gains a level.

SKILL:  Determines the character's ability with weapons.


Chracters need to train in guilds to go up levels. They gain 3 trait points
 and may learn new skills.


SWORD (2): Use of the short sword, broadsword, or the mighty two-handed

AXE (2):  Use of the small axe and the dreaded battle axe.

MACE (1):  Use of the mace and morningstar.

KARATE (2):  Use of the hands as a weapon.  When a character has this
skill and "equips" (see the section on Camp) with his hands, he does
damage dependent on his Skill Trait.  A skillful warrior with karate
can do as much damage as the mightiest sword.

DARK VISION (2): See in the dark.

TACTICS (2):  Allows the character to know who each monster is planning to
attack before it does, which is helpful in deciding what to do.

ARMORED SKIN (4): This skill will give you the tough skin of a veteran
warrior, adding the protection of leather armor to whatever armor you
may be wearing.

BERSERKING (3):  The ability to go beserk in combat, giving the character
a 25% chance of doing critical damage instead of the normal 10%

HUNTING (2):  The ability to hunt for food while outdoors;  if the party
is on a ship, this skill applies to fishing.

PERSUASION (2):  Improves the party's ability to haggle with merchants
for a decent price.


FIRE RUNES (5): 6 spells dealing with fire, an element of destruction.

 COLUMN OF FIRE:  Causes the victim to be engulfed in a column of
 scorching fire.  Anywhere from 1 to all of your spell points may be
 put into it. Only one creature is affected by this spell.  The spell
 will always do a minimum of 1 point of damage for every spell point
 you put into it. Armor does NOT help against this spell.

 FIRE STORM:  A mass damage spell that affects a 5 x 5 square area.
 All monsters AND characters in this area will take damage.  Place the
 cursor on the spot you want to be the center of the fire storm.  This
 spell (and all mass damage spells) cannot be cast on the first round
 of combat.

 FLAME SHIELD:  Protects the recipient of the spell with magical flames
 which do not burn the character they protect, but keep foes at bay.
 The more power in the spell, the hotter the flames.

 FLAME STRIKE:  Attempts to conjure up a flaming bolt that will kill
 the target outright.  The spell is very costly and difficult to cast
 successfully without great amounts of power.  Of all death spells,
 this is the most powerful.

 MAGIC TORCH:  A Camp spell used to provide light.  The minimum cost of
 3 will provide as much light as a torch for one day; more spell points
 will make the light brighter.

 MELT:  Reverses the effects of a Freeze spell.  Put 11 spell points
 into the spell for each level of binding.

METAL RUNES (5): 6 spells dealing with metal, an element of weapons and binding.

 ARMOR:  The person or monster this is cast on is clothed in magical
 armor that protects from all physical attacks.  The more power put
 into the spell, the thicker the armor.  The minimum 2 spell points
 will yield the protection of cloth armor.

 BREAK BONDS:  Breaks the effects of a Chain spell.  Automatically
 works with the proper power (11 points per level of binding).

 CHAINS:  A binding spell.  Attempts to create magical chains and
 binding around the victim, making the victim immobile.  Every 10 spell
 points yields one level of binding.  While 1 level of binding does as
 good a job as 5, the higher the level, the greater the chance the
 spell will work.  The Chains can only be broken by a Break Bonds spell.

 DEATH BLADE:  A magical sword appears and attempts to slice the victim
 to death.  If unsuccessful, no damage is done.  The chance of it
 working is not very great unless a very powerful Death Blade is cast.

 STRENGTH:  Gives its recipient improved Strength for the duration of
 the combat. This results in increased damage with each attack.

 SWORD:  A damage spell similar to Column of Fire.  An invisible blade
 slices the victim, even through any armor they may be wearing.  It is
 powerful, but not as cost effective as Column of Fire.

WIND RUNES (5): 7 spells dealing with the wind, an element of speed,
 movement, and subtle power.

 BREATH OF LIFE:  A healing spell, not nearly as powerful as Healing,
 but useful in emergencies.

 FREEDOM:  Negates the effects of a Still Air spell (13 points per
 level of binding must be put into this spell).

 STILL AIR:  Puts the victim in a state of suspended animation, like
 the Chains spell.  This spell can be broken by Freedom.

 TEMPEST:  A mass damage spell with a 5 x 5 area of effect.  A powerful
 storm does damage to all in the storm area.  While not as powerful as
 the Fire Storm, it requires only a minimum of 6 spell points.

 WIND WALK:  A spell that can magically teleport the caster and the
 entire party to a place of safety.  Can be used anywhere in camp.

 WINGS:  Makes the recipient move with increased speed.  Rather
 expensive, but each 3 speed points equals 1 extra attack per round, so
 such spells are most useful when cast at the beginning of a battle.
 The increased speed does not take effect until the next round.

 WINGS OF VICTORY:  Provides the recipient with magical courage and
 greater skill in combat.  Any amount of spell points can be put into it.

ICE RUNES (5): 6 spells dealing with ice, an element of confinement and damage.

 CHILL:  Chills its victims, decreasing their fighting abilities. A very useful
 spell to cast on powerful fighters or monsters who use physical attacks.

 CRYSTALIGHT:  An eerie blue light appears and lights the way for the party.

 FREEZE:  The most powerful binding spell, this attempts to freeze its victim
 in a block of ice, rendering him immobile until a Melt spell is cast. The cost
 of 9 spell points per binding level is the lowest of any binding spell.

 HAIL STORM:  A mass damage spell that has a 5 x 5 area of effect. Freezing
 hail rains down and strikes the victims.

 ICE SHIELD:  A layer of ice, flexible enough to move, but non-
 yielding to weapons, surrounds the recipient.  Three spell points adds
 the protection of cloth armor, and more points yield more protection.

 SLOW:  Slows down the victim. Every 3 speed the victim is slowed, he loses one
 attack per round. This spell does not take effect until the next round of combat.

SPIRIT RUNES (5): 8 spells dealing with the spirit, an element of life forces,
 mental powers, and resurrection.

 CLUMSINESS:  Decreases the victim's skill, making it harder for him to
 strike his opponents.

 CURE POISON:  Halts the effects of poison from venomous bites and
 poison needles.  The damage a poison has done up to the time this
 spell is cast is not affected.  This spell usually works, but to be
 sure, put a few more spell points into it.  When a character is
 poisoned he will continue to lose hit points at a constant rate while
 walking around until he is cured or dies.  Sleeping gives the poison
 many hours to do its work and usually kills the poisoned character.

 HEAL:  Heals damage done to the character.  Any number of spell points
 may be used; at least as many hit points will be healed as spell
 points used in the spell.  The subject may not be healed over his
 maximum hit points. This spell may be used in combat or in camp.

 RESURRECT:  Used to bring a dead character to life.  This spell is
 only usable in camp.  The minimum cost of 25 spell points will only
 give a 25% chance of a successful casting.  To be sure of success,
 find a healer in town to cast this spell.  If the spell fails it has
 no adverse effects (other than wasting 25 spell points!).  If the
 character is raised, all ailments such as poison or binding are cured
 and the character will have 1 hit point.

 SANCTUARY:  A spirit of peace surrounds the recipient of this spell,
 taking some of the power out of attacks aimed at him.

 SPIRIT WRACK:  Attempts to torment the very soul of the victim and
 bring about a horrible death.  It is very costly, but quite powerful.

 TRANSFERENCE:  With this spell, the caster can transfer some of his
 magical energy (at least 3 spell points) to another character.  Often,
 some of this magical energy is lost in transit.  The recipient of the
 spell points can be "supercharged" and possess spell points ABOVE his
 normal maximum capability.  At night, any spell points above maximum
 wears off.  The spell is handy to channel a great amount of energy
 into one spell caster for a big spell such as Resurrection or a big
 Fire Storm.

 WEAKEN:  Weakens the victim, decreasing the damage he can do with a weapon.

WEAPON LORE (2):  Knowledge of various weapons and armaments.

POTION LORE (2):  Knowledge of vials and salves.

ITEM LORE (2):  Knowledge of miscellaneous magic items.

MONSTER LORE (2):  Knowledge of wandering monsters and their abilities.

PRIESTHOOD (3):  Allows the character to [D]ispell undead creatures.
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