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Sorcerian other - spell chart

۱  ߱  ߱      ߱    ߱  ۱۱ 
۱                       ߱ 
 ߱     ߱           ߱           
                ߱                    ߱           
                    ߱  ߱   ߱                    
                     ߱     ߱                          

 Type                 Planets:           Herbs:                  Effect:      

 D = Defensive        Ma = Mars          Hy = Hyssop             E = Earth    
 Hb = Herbal          Me = Mercury       La = Lavender           F = Fire     
 He = Healing         Ju = Jupiter       Sg = Sage               W = Water    
 O = Offensive        Mo = Moon          Sv = Savory             A = Air      
 T = Transform.       Su = Sun           Vb = Verbana            S = Spirit   
                      Ve = Venus                                 M = Magic    
                      Sa = Saturn                                             
 Name                 Type               Powers                  Effective    

 Absorb               O                  Me,Ve,Sa,Ju             E,F,W,A      
 Acid Blast           O                  Me,Ju,Mo,Su,Sa          E,F,W,A      
 Acid Storm           O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Sa             E            
 Add to Life          He                 Ma,Ju,Mo,Su             N/A          
 Air Blast            O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo,Ve,Sa       E,F,W,S+M    
 Airsbane             Hb                 Vb,Sg,Hy,Sv             A            
                      O                  Me,Ju,Mo,Su,Ve,Sa       A            
 Anguish              O                  Ma,Ju,Mo,Sa             E,F,W,A      
 Anti-Magic           Hb                 Vb,Sv                   M            
                      D                  Ju,Mo                   N/A          
 Arrow Storm          O                  Me,Su,Ve,Sa             All          
 Ascension            O                  Ju,Ve                   S            
 Astral Fire          O                  Me,Mo,Ve,Sa             S            
 Astral Wave          O                  Ma,Mo,Ve                S            
 Barrier              D                  Me,Mo,Su,Sa             E,W          
 Become Air           Hb                 La,Sv                   A            
                      T                  Ju,Mo,Ve                N/A          
 Binding              D                  Mo,Ve,Sa                S            
 Blast Blade          O                  Ma,Me,Mo,Ve,Sa          E            
 Blaze                O                  Ma,Ju,Mo                E,W,A        
 Blind                D                  Ma,Su,Ve                All          
 Bolt                 D                  Ma,Me,Ju,Su             E,F,W,A      
 Bombard              O                  Me,Ju,Mo,Su,Ve          All          
 Confusion            D                  Me,Sa                   All          


 Name                 Type               Powers                  Effective    

 Corrosion            O                  Me,Mo,Sa                E,F,W,A      
 Crush                O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo             E            
 Cure                 Hb                 Vb                      N/A          
                      He                 Su,Ve                   N/A          
 Death                O                  Ma,Mo,Su,Ve,Sa          E,F,W,A      
 Death Arrow          O                  Ma,Sa                   E,F,W,A      
 Death Touch          O                  Ma,Me,Mo,Su,Sa          E,F,W,A      
 Deathbolt            Hb                 Sg,Sv,Hy                E,F,W,A      
                      O                  Ma,Ju,Mo,Su,Ve          E,F,W,A      
 Deathsound           O                  Ma,Ju,Ve,Sa             E,F,W        
 Deep Freeze          O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Su,Ve          E,F,A        
 Deluge               O                  Mo,Sa                   E,F,A        
 Demoralize           D                  Mo,Su,Ve,Sa             All          
 Dispel               D                  Ma,Ju,Mo,Ve             M            
 Dragonslayer         O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo,Su,Ve,Sa    All          
 Earth Chain          Hb                 Vb,La,Sg                E            
                      D                  Su,Sa                   E            
 Earthsbane           Hb                 La,Sv,Hy,Sg             E            
                      O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Su,Ve,Sa       E            
 Engulf               O                  Me,Ju,Mo,Ve,Sa          S            
 Eradication          O                  Ma,Mo,Su                All          
 Exit                 T                  Me,Su,Ve                N/A          
 Exorcism             D                  Mo,Su,Ve                N/A          
 Explosion            O                  Ma,Ju,Su,Sa             E,F,W,A      
 Fear                 D                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo,Ve          All          
 Fire Blast           O                  Ma,Me,Su                E,F,A        
 Fire Fox             O                  Me,Mo,Su                E,W,A        
 Fire Storm           O                  Ma,Me,Ju                E,W,A        
 Fire Wall            Hb                 Vb,Hy                   E,W          
                      D                  Ma,Mo,Su,Sa             E,W          
 Firesbane            Hb                 Vb,La,Hy,Sv             F            
                      O                  Ma,Ju,Mo,Su,Ve,Sa       F            
 Fireworks            O                  Ma,Me,Mo,Su,Ve          E,W,A        
 Fist Of Air          O                  Me,Mo,Su,Ve             E            
 Flame                O                  Ma,Su                   E,W,A        
 Flame Burst          O                  Me,Ju,Mo,Ve             E,W          
 Flash Flood          O                  Ma,Mo,Su,Ve             E,F          
 Fly                  Hb                 Vb,Hy,La,Sv,Sg          N/A          

 Name                 Type               Powers                  Effective    

 Fog Bank             Hb                 Sg,Hy                   E,F          
                      D                  Me,Mo                   E,F          
 Forget               D                  Ma,Me,Ve                All          
 Freeze               O                  Ma,Su,Sa                E,W,A        
 Gas Cloud            O                  Me,Su                   E            
 Give Vigor           He                 Ma,Me,Mo,Sa             N/A          
 Go Mad               D                  Ma,Me,Mo,Su             E,F,W,A      
 God Thunder          O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo,Su,Ve       All          
 Hammer               O                  Ma,Ju,Mo,Ve,Sa          E,F,W,A      
 Heal                 Hb                 Sg                      N/A          
                      He                 Ju,Su                   N/A          
 Holy Flame           O                  Ju,Mo,Su,Ve,Sa          E,W,A        
 Holy Water           D                  Me,Ju,Mo                S            
 Hypnotize            D                  Ma,Ju,Ve                E,F,W,A      
 Ice Storm            Hb                 La,Sg,Sv                E,W,A        
 Ice Wall             Hb                 La,Sg                   E,F,A        
                      D                  Me,Ju,Mo,Su             E,F,A        
 Icy Wind             O                  Me,Ju,Mo,Sa             E,F          
 Ignite               O                  Ma,Me,Mo,Ve             E,W,A        
 Illusion             D                  Ma,Ve,Sa                E,F,W,A      
 Invincible           Hb                 Sg,Sv                   All          
                      D                  Me,Ju,Su,Ve             All          
 Light Cross          O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Ve             All          
 Lightning            O                  Mo,Ve                   E            
 Melt                 Hb                 La                      N/A          
                      He                 Ma,Su,Ve,Sa             N/A          
 Meteor               Hb                 Sv,Hy,La                E,F,W,A      
                      O                  Ma,Me,Su,Ve             E,F,W,A      
 Needle               O                  Ma,Mo                   E            


 Name                 Type               Powers                  Effective    

 Negate               D                  Ma,Me,Sa                All+M        
 Peace                D                  Me,Ve                   All          
 Poison               O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Ve,Sa          E,F,W,A      
 Projectile           O                  Me,Mo,Ve                E            
 Protect              Hb                 La,Hy                   All          
                      D                  Ju,Mo,Su,Ve             All          
 Pulse Stop           O                  Me,Ju,Su                E            
 Rage                 O                  Ma,Me,Su,Ve,Sa          All          
 Reduce Life          T                  Ma,Me,Ve,Sa             N/A          
 Rejuvinate           He                 Ma,Ju,Su                N/A          
 Resurrect            Hb                 Sv                      N/A          
                      He                 Ju,Su,Ve                N/A          
 Rock Rain            O                  Ma,Ju,Su,Ve,Sa          E,F,W,A      
 Sacred Fire          O                  Ma,Me,Mo                E,W,A        
 Sand Storm           D                  Me,Ju                   E,F,W,S      
 Scare                D                  Ju,Sa                   All          
 Senility             Hb                 Vb,Sg,Sv                E,F,W,A      
                      D                  Su,Ve,Sa                E,F,W,A      
 Shield               Hb                 Vb,Sg                   E            
                      D                  Mo,Su                   E            
 Sleep                D                  Me,Ju,Ve                E,F,W,A      
 Slow                 D                  Me,Ju,Su,Ve,Sa          All          
 Soul Blast           O                  Ma,Ju,Mo,Su,Sa          S            
 Sparks               O                  Ma,Ve                   E,W,A        
 Spellbound           D                  Ju,Ve,Sa                All          
 Spirit Claw          O                  Me,Ju,Sa                E,F,W,A      
 Spirit Fire          O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Su,Sa          E,W,A        
 Spiritsbane          Hb                 Vb,La,Sg,Sv             S            
                      O                  Ma,Me,Mo,Su,Ve,Sa       S            
 Star Blade           O                  Ma,Ju,Sa                All          
 Star Flame           O                  Ju,Su,Sa                E,W,A        
 Still                Hb                 Sv,Hy                   All          
 Still Air            Hb                 Vb,La,Hy                A            
                      D                  Me,Su,Sa                A            
 Still Fire           Hb                 La,Sg,Hy                F            
                      D                  Me,Ve,Sa                F            
 Still Water          Hb                 Vb,Sg,Hy                W            
                      D                  Mo,Su,Sa                W            
 Stone Flesh          Hb                 Hy                      N/A          
                      He                 Ju,Su,Ve,Sa             N/A          
 Stone Spirit         O                  Ju,Mo,Su,Sa             E,F,W,A      

 Name                 Type               Powers                  Effective    

 Stone Touch          Hb                 Vb,Hy,Sv                E            
                      O                  Ju,Mo,Sa                E            
 Stop                 Hb                 Vb,La,Sv                S            
 Storm                O                  Ma,Me                   E,F          
 Storm Blast          O                  Me,Mo,Su,Ve,Sa          E,F,A        
 Suffocate            O                  Ve,Sa                   E            
 Sun Ray              O                  Ma,Ju,Su,Ve             All          
 Thunder              O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo,Su          E,F,W,A      
 Thunderbolt          O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo,Sa          S            
 Timidity             D                  Ma,Mo,Sa                All          
 Tornado              O                  Me,Ju,Su,Sa             E,F,W        
 Turn Spell           D                  Ju,Mo,Su                All+M        
 Turn to Stone        T                  Ma,Mo,Ve,Sa             N/A          
 Turn Undead          D                  Ma,Ju                   S            
 Un-curse             Hb                 Vb,La                   N/A          
 Victory              O                  Ma,Me,Su,Sa             E,F,W,A      
 Watersbane           Hb                 Vb,La,Sg,Hy             W            
                      O                  Ma,Me,Ju,Mo.Su,Sa       W            
 Weaken               D                  Ju,Mo,Ve,Sa             All