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Space Crusade walkthrough - tips

                           SPACE CRUSADE HINTS

A bit of advice about the scanner: DONT use it! ALthough it's nice to know
what's waiting for you when you enter a room, it also gives the aliens the
chance to move in and attack you.

It's a good idea to keep your squad fairly tight. Stragglers make easy
targets. However, don't bunch them too tightly together. Set off a booby
trap and, if Lady Luck rolls the die against you, the who;le squad could be
wiped out in one fell swoop.

The bolter-carrying marine is the least effective member of the team and is
fairly expandable. Use him as a scout to open doors and the like.

The commander is naturally the hardest geezer in your swuas of marines, so
use him wisely. For a start, when tooling him up give him a powerfist and a
powersword. Although this means he can't engage in any long-range combat
because he had no gun or missile launcher, it does make him super-powerful
in hand-to-hand battles and when the aliens start amassing this can be
areal life saver for all concerned.

Your commander has six hit points and so can afford to lose one. Your
grunts, howeverm with their measly one hit point, can't. In a big firefight
with a gang of marauding orcs or gretchins, place your command in between
your marines and the aliens to absorb some of the shots and protect the

On retrieval missions, always use your commander to pick up the object. Give
ti to a grunt and chances are he'll get killed before you get off ship.

Melta bombs are by far the most effective one-off weapon available. Use it
to fry a Dreadnough or any other tough cookies encountered.

If you're exploring and you come across a bunch of monsters, make sure you
mop them all up before moving on. A feeble little gretchin, left to its own
devices, can decimate a squad if the dice rolls are in its favour.

In a room packed with aliens use a Blind Grenade and, if possible, a Fire
Order card - this should wipe them out in no time at all. This technique is
particularly handy on Level 2.

Missile launchers are excellent for mass alien slayings. If there's a whole
bunch of them standing together fire the missile between them - with good
aiming and luck on your side you could wipe them all out in one go. Remember
to use targetters with missile launchers and power guns.

Even if you're playing a solo game, still use the other marine chapters.
(You don't have to use them if you don't want to.) They will help spread out
the Alien Event cards and keep some of the nastier ones off your back.