Abandonware DOS title

Space Quest 1: The Sarien encounter walkthrough



Wilco stumbles out of the broom closet. West. West. East. Wait until the man 
enters the room. Walk over to the man and type "look man". Walk over to the 
monitor and type "look monitor". Type "astral bodies". Wait until the machine 
gets the data cartridge and then type "get cart". West. West. "Search man". 
"Get keycard". East. Enter the elevator on the right. Enter the elevator. East. 
Walk up to the control panel and type "push open bay door".

East. Walk up to the slot and type "put keycard in slot". Enter the elevator. 
Walk to the control panel and type "push airlock button". Walk to the two 
buttons on the wall and type "push left button". "Push right button". "Get 
gadget". "Get suit". West. Walk to the control panel and type "push platform 
button". Walk to the left side of the pod and type "enter pod". "Close door". 
"Fasten seatbelt". "Push power button". "Pull lever". "Push autonav".


You are in the pod which has crash landed on the desert planet Kerona. 
"Unfasten belt". "Get kit". "Get out of ship". Walk to the front of the ship 
and type "get glass". East. East. East. You should see a path leading up the 
mountain. Go up the path until you get to a bridge. Cross the bridge but stop 
behind the rock at the other side. After a while, a spider droid should come 
down out of the sky.

Your aim is to crush the spider droid. Type "push rock" but don't hit return 
just yet. Save the game. When the spider droid is between the two green plants, 
hit return. The rock should have crushed the spider droid. If not, restore the 
game and try again. When you have crushed the spider droid, continue up the 
path until you get to an area with a broken arch. Walk through the middle of 
the arch, and you will go down on a secret platform.

After entering the cave, walk up to the small rock and type "get rock". West to 
enter a room with a grating. Walk along the top of the grating to avoid the 
green blob, Walk over to the geyser and type "put rock in geyser". North. Go to 
the back of the room, and then go west. Walk close to the beams, and then type 
"hold glass in beam". Follow the path that was previously blocked by the beams. 

Save the game. Walk carefully past the acid drops. "Turn dial on gadget". East. 
A big head will appear, which says that you have to destroy a beast called Orat 
who is living on the surface or he won't let you past. The big head will return 
you to the surface to go on with your quest. Follow the path down to the 
bottom, noticing that the bridge is becoming more and more unsteady each time 
you cross it.

North. "Open kit". Type "throw water" but don't press return. Save the game. 
East. Press return and Orat will be blown into pieces (There is another way to 
defeat the spider droid: See easter egg 3 in the easter eggs section). Walk 
over to the part of Orat and type "get part". West. South. Follow the path up 
all the way until you get to the broken arch. Go down on the secret platform, 
and get to the big head again, remembering to avoid the blob at the grating and 
the acid drops.

After returning to the big head, type "drop part". A door opens. North. Walk up 
to the slot and type "put cart in slot". Note the password '6858'. "Get cart". 
Walk over to the skimmer and type "get in skimmer". Save the game. "Turn key". 
You've now taken off in your skimmer and must play a sub-game. Steer left and 
right avoiding the asteroids. Whenever you get to a safe spot where you see no 
asteroids, save the game. Eventually, you will arrive at Ulence Flats.


"Get key". "Get out of skimmer". A man should come along and ask you if he can 
buy your skimmer for 30 buckazoids. Ignore him. Enter the bar. Leave the bar. 
The same man will come along again but he will ask you if he can buy your 
skimmer for 30 buckazoids AND a jetpack. Type "yes". Enter the bar. Walk over 
to the bar and type "buy beer". "Drink beer". "Buy beer". "Drink beer". "Buy 
beer". "Drink beer". After the third beer, two people will start to talk. 
Listen to the conversation and they will say something about Sector HH.

Walk over to the arcade machine. The aim here is to win 250 buckazoids, but 
this is not an easy task as the arcade machine is random. So save the game 
first, and then bet $3 on every go. This will take a while, but when you have 
$250 the machine should break. Don't worry, as this is all the money we need. 
West. North. East. Enter Droids-B-Us. Follow the person upstairs and walk up to 
the white robot. "Buy robot". Exit Droids-B-Us. South. West. West. North. "Buy 
ship". "Climb ladder". "Push button". The droid will ask you what sector you 
want to go to. Type "HH". The ship will now take off.


"Wear jetpack". "Get out of ship". Float your way over to the door and type 
"open door". Enter the door to arrive in a place with an unopenable door. 
Fortunately, there is a droid going in and out of the door, so when it comes 
out of the door, quickly rush in before the door closes. Walk over to the chest 
and type "open chest". "Get in chest" to be carried to another room. "Open 
chest". Walk over to the washing machine and type "open washing machine". "Get 
in washing machine".

After changing into the sarien uniform, type "open washing machine". East. Walk 
over to the guard and type "talk guard" (Keep talking to the guard and he will 
keep saying different things. If at one point, he asks you if you have played 
Kings Quest III, respond by saying 'yes' to get 5 points.) "Kiss guard". Enter 
the left elevator. West. Enter the elevator. East. East. East. "Look suit".

Walk over to the counter and type "show ID". While the robot's gone, quickly 
walk to the bottom of the counter and type "get grenade". Walk over to the 
robot and he will give you a weapon. West. Walk above the guard and type "drop 
grenade". East. "Show ID". While the robot's gone, quickly type "get grenade". 
West. West. West. Wilco is now revealed, so be extremely careful and save the 
game very often.

You can fire your pulseray by pressing F6, but be warned, the guards are very 
quick, and your weapon will be of no use against the robots. Enter the 
elevator. East. East. "Search guard". "Push button". Walk up to the star 
generator and type "look panel". Enter the password '6858' by using the 
buttons, and then press the enter button (on the panel). West. Enter the 
elevator. Enter the right elevator. Walk over to the ship and type "enter 
ship". "Push button" to complete the game.