Abandonware DOS title

Space Rogue walkthrough - advices


þ Here is some advice for those who accidentally lost their manual...
  (There are some misspellings, sorry ! )

þ Cockpit mode:
  G       Give up: try to surrender to attackers
  J       Jettison all cargo
  L       Toggle between manual and automatic fire
  N       Go to navigation control screen
  R       Ready a new weapon
  T       Target base or ship with Target Acquisition Computer (TAC)
  V       Toggle between "camera views"
  CTRL-E  Toggle between Cruise Flight and Newtonian Flight (I prefer Cruise)
  CTRL-J  Toggle between keyboard and joystick control
  CTRL-S  Save game
  CTRL-T  Toggle TAC display between graphics and data
  CTRL-X  Toggle between keyboard and mouse control
  ESC     Pause game
  W or 8  Nose down
  X or 2  Nose up
  A or 4  Left turn
  D or 6  Right turn
  S or 5  Stop rotation
  C or 3  Roll ship clockwise
  Z or 1  Roll counterwise
  = or +  Accelerate
  -       Decelerate
  0       Fire Ready Weapon (also SpaceBar)

þ Navigation Control:
  CHART   Set your course
  HELM    Move to your target
  STATUS  Your status
  QUERY   Retrieves data, when available, about given sector
  SCAN    lets you scan other parts of the system
  COCKPIT Return to cockpit mode

                            MORE ADVICE

þ When you start your game, you should head to nearest Starbase to get
  a pilot's licence. When you find a person who can give you a one,
  you must answer some questions. So, if you don't know the answers...
  - How many light years there are in a parcek ?    :  3.26
  - What is the hottest type of star ?              :  O - type
  - What is the mathematical expression for force ? :  F=ma
  - To what does a Star Pilot swear his alligiance? :  IMPERIUM

þ If you want to (well, you have to) use Malir Gates, read this:
  To activate the warmhole-effect you must be cruising at least at
  speed value 21. Once entered the warmhole, keep up good speed, shall
  we say around 15. This is because of warmholes shield-eating effect...
  So don't travel at the snail's pace...and keep in the circles.

þ About docking:
  - Starbase:
    The brightly lighted axial pillar that connects the two pyramidal halves.
  - Outpost:
    The bright inner wall containing the black access door.
  - Mining station:
    Nudge any part of a mining station to activate its docking equipment.
  - Carrier:
    The main deck, marked by a landing stripe.

þ Now, when you want to restore a previously saved game, you will be
  prompted for a word from the manual. Don't care about all those
  sentences and paragraphs, just check the number of the page, and
  refer to this list:

   1 Scout           9 Seasoned       19 Deadly        31 Workers
   2 Decade         10 Dock           20 Shield        35 Suicidal
   3 Better         12 Shown          21 Control       37 Imperial
   4 Beneath        13 Recharging     22 Helm          39 Should
   5 Longer         14 Fire           24 Gates         41 Colonization
   6 Target         15 Three          25 Quickly       42 Piracy
   7 Have           16 Optional       27 Titans        44 Wrench
   8 When           18 Instance       28 Flashy        46 Chambers

  So, as you can see, few words are missing , but I don't think you 
  will be prompted for them...at least not so often as the others!
  Take it as a fill-in exercise!

þ Now it's time for some information on those solar systems you can reach
  through Malir Gates or with Hyper Drive.

      Gryphon           Arcturus        Nar'see           Sigure
  ³    A         ³ ³    o         ³ ³              ³ ³            # ³
  ³              ³ ³              ³ ³              ³ ³              ³
  ³      o       ³ ³      =       ³ ³ E     o    F ³ ³              ³
  ³              ³ ³ A            ³ ³              ³ ³              ³
  ³ B            ³ ³           D  ³ ³              ³ ³ H            ³
  ³           B  ³ ³ D         x  ³ ³ F            ³ ³   I          ³
  ³      x       ³ ³              ³ ³         H    ³ ³              ³
  ³              ³ ³      o E     ³ ³ G    o#      ³ ³              ³
  ³              ³ ³              ³ ³              ³ ³              ³
  ³  #        C  ³ ³ C          G ³ ³ I            ³ ³ o            ³
      Karonus           Deneb           Bassruti            Zed

   A,C,D.... Malir Gates. From A to A, B to B, etc.
   o = Useful planet
   = = Military base
   # = Blue space station
   x = Green space station

  - Karonus:
    Site of magnificient Hiathra Starbase and the historic MiCon I mining
    station. Piracy has been virtually wiped out in this sector.

  - Deneb:
    Impressive Denebprime Starbase is the home of Duchess Avenstar. Piracy
    has been much reduced under her wise rule. (So visit her!)
  - Gryphon:
    ConVec East mining station welcomes all miners, mineralogists, and
    tourists. See the deepspace monument commemorating the Battle of Binary

  - Arcturus:
    MiCon II mining station awaits the visitor with a taste for industrial
    technology. Ar this writing, Arcturus hosts the Imperium's fabulous
    carrier Koth, newest addition to the fleet and a shining symbol of the
    rule of law in the Far Arm.

  - Nar'see:
    Lagrange mining colony produces the finest titanium in the galaxy.
    Nar'see's fields of antimatter shards attracted much attention in popular
    entertainment; but space is a big place, so they're easy to avoid!

  - Bassruti:
    The Free Guild Independent Outpost experiments with new social attitudes
    towards taxiation and authority. Meanwhile, the advanced Bassruti Genetics
    Research Center is making exiting new discoveries about the nature of life.

  - Sigure:
    Trochal Independent Outpost stalwartly holds down the frontier against
    Manchi incursions. Piracy is no longer a significiant problem.

  - Zed:
    The MiCon IV outpost is proud to announce that the distinguished
    gravitation physicist Zoriah Prosk is pursuing further research break-
    throughs in its laboratories. Another sign that the Far Arm is attracting
    the movers and shakers of the Imperium!

þ And to the end, word of warning:

þ By the way, if you want to try Space Rogue on EGA, start it typing
  SR E (unless you only have an EGA board...then only SR).
  And, for CGA simply SR C , but who has a CGA anymore..?
  I you have a VGA, but you think game is running on EGA, try SR V .
  And for TANDY users SR T . (Almost forgot...)