Abandonware DOS title

Space Rogue other - reference


Joystick/Mouse Movement and Attack Commands.

To turn, push the stick mouse in the direction you want to turn.
To accelerate, press the first/left button.
To slow down, press second/right button.
To fire a ready weapon, press both buttons at once.

Keyboard Movement and Attack Commands.

W or 8  Nose Down.
X or 2  Nose Up.
A or 4  Left Turn.
D or 6  Right Turn.
S or 5  Stop Rotation.
C or 3  Roll ship clockwise
Z or 1  Roll ship counterclockwise.
= or +  Accelerate.
-       Decelerate.

Additional Keyboard Commands.

G       Give up.
J       Jettison all cargo.
L       Manual/automatic laser fire.
N       Navigation Control screen.
R       Ready a new weapon.
T       Target base or ship.
V       Toggle between 'camera views'.
Ctrl-E  Cruise Flight/Newtonian Flight.
Ctrl-J  Keyboard/Joystick control.
Ctrl-S  Save game.
Ctrl-T  Graphics/Data on TAC display.
Ctrl-X  Keyboard/Mouse control.
Esc     Pause game.