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Star Control 2 walkthrough

Star Control 2
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This section is organized by task, and may be completed in any order. However,
some tasks require another task be completed first.

Powering up the space station
Go to Mercury or Jupiter B and collect all their minerals. The radioactives
found there will power up the space station.

Spathi Tasks
Go to Pluto and greet the Spathi at that location. You may accept him into your
group. Clear the Spathi homeworld, Epsilon Gruis (241.0 x 368.0) of the
biological life forms that feed on the Spathi. Tell them about your deed by
traveling to the moon of the homeworld, Epsilon Gruis 1a. Force them to send
their ships to Earth. Eventually they will construct their own slave shield, but
they leave behind the Umgah Mind Caster on their moon, which you should
retrieve. Use the Caster for: calling the Melnorme in HyperSpace to come to your
ship; communicating with the Chenjesu and the Mmmmhrmmr; fooling the Ilwrath
into thinking that Dogar and Kazon are speaking directly to them.
If you do not want to wait for the Umgah Caster, you can get the Burvixese
Caster which is located at Arcturus Ia (964.1 x 579.1). This is only recommended
if you have the Portal Spawner, because of the time involved getting it.

Syreen Tasks
Prove that the Mycons destroyed Syra by going to the former Syreen homeworld at
Beta Copernicus I (600.8 x 263.1) and get an "egg husk" of the Mycon Deep Child.
Talk to the Mycon that you encounter about the Deep Children. Go to Betelgeuse I
(412 x 377) and talk to the Syreen until the request that you retrieve their
Penetrator ships that are locked behind a door. Get the Syreen ships out of the
vault at Epsilon Camelopardalis Ia (593.7 x 393.7). Return to Betelgeuse I.
Talana will tell you to go to Mycons and tell them about Organon, the new planet
for their Deep Child. Travel to the Mycon homeworld and give them the
information about Organon. Travel to Beta Brahe I (639.5 x 231.2) when the bulk
of the Mycon fleet is gone. You will still have to fight five Mycon ships.
Obtain the Sun Device from the planet surface. To tell the Syreen about Syra you
must do one of two things either buy the information from the Melnorme, or visit
a shattered world and ask the Mycon why shattered worlds are only in their
system. Gamma Brahe I and Gamma Scorpii I are also shattered worlds. Obtain an
extra egg case from either planet for trading with the Druuge.

Repairing The Ultron
Clear Spindle: The Pkunk have this item and will give it to you willingly if you
visit their homeworld at Gamma Krueger I (052.0 x 052.0).
Aqua Helix: The Thraddash have this item. You need to gain the respect of the
Thraddash by killing approximately twenty of them, and then visiting the
homeworld at Delta Draconis (253.5 x 835.8). Suggest that the Thraddash attack
the Kohr-Ah. After they leave the system, steal the Aqua Helix from Zeta
Draconis I (277.6 x 867.3). After you steal the Aqua-Helix, the Thraddash will
attack you on sight.
Rosy Sphere: The Druuge have this item on their trade planet, Zeta Persei I
(946.9 x 280.6) Although the Druuge ask for 100 crew members in trade for the
Rosy Sphere, you may instead trade a Mycon Egg Case for the item.
Ultron: The Supox have the Ultron on Beta Librae. Put all of the other parts
into the Ultron by using them from the Device Manifest. Take the Ultron to the
Utwig on their homeworld, Beta Aquarii I (863.0 x 869.3). They will provide you
with the bomb to destroy the Sa-Matra. The bomb is on Zeta Hyades VIb (850.0 x
937.2). There will be five Druuge ships at the planet. They should be relatively
easily to kill if you have the Hellbore cannons and the ATS systems. However,
the best way to kill Druuge ships is with the Earthling Cruiser. As long as you
are able to keep your distance (not too difficult, since the Druuge Mauler also
has pretty poor acceleration), you should be able to take it out with a few
If this is done in a timely manner, the Utwig and the Supox will attack the
Kohr-Ah, providing an additional nine to twelve months to defeat the Ur-Quan.

Orz Tasks
Go to Eta Vulpeculae II (358.7 x 256.6) and negotiate an alliance with the Orz.
Go to Delta Vulpeculae IIc to get the Taalo Psychic Shield. This item is needed
prior to obtaining the Talking Pet.

Arilou Tasks
Salvage the Ur-Quan Dreadnought wreck on Alpha Pavonis VII (056.2 x 800.0) and
pick up the Ur-Quan warp pod. Later, in Columbae (043.8 x 637.2), a portal to
QuasiSpace opens every month on the 17th until the 20th. During that period of
time, there will be a green star which will display as "Unknown" at those
coordinates. Enter the portal, and you will be in Quasispace. Visit the Arilou
homeworld in the far upper right hand corner of QuasiSpace. Provided that you
have the Ur-Quan warp pod, they will fit your ship with a Quasi-Space Portal
Spawner, which will save you much time and fuel. They will also provide
information about the Ur-Quan Talking Pet.

Umgah Tasks
The Umgah have an Ur-Quan "talking pet" which is actually a Dryanni. If you
travel to their homeworld, Beta Orionis (197.8 x 596.8), and ask about secrets,
the Umgah will tell you that it is undergoing surgery. If you leave and come
back, the creature has taken over the minds of the Umgah. The creature will try
to send you to your death by making you attack an Ur-Quan armada; if you have
the Taalo psychic shield device, it will protect you from the tricks of the
Dryanni. After you are attacked by ten Umgah commanders, the Dryanni will
surrender. Return to the planet. The Umgah will give you some important
information about the Mycon; and also 500 units of biological data that you can
sell to the Melnorme; as well as four ships. Being great joke lovers they will
proceed to attack you... just warp out and leave the system. (PS: For a good
laugh sometime, come back... maybe you can be Honorary King!)

Shofixti, Yehat, and Vux Tasks (optional)
Go to Delta Gorno (290.8 x 026.9) to find a surviving Shofixi named Tanaka. The
important thing to remember here is: don't kill him! Converse with him;
actually,insult him. It is the fastest way. He thinks that you are Ur-Quan and
will attack. Continue to converse with him by using your emergency warp. After
he realizes who you are, he will become quite happy to help you in anyway
In order to bring the Yehat back from the Queens clutches, you need to
repopulate the Shofixti race. Of course, you need to have females to do this. A
Vux admiral named Zex on Alpha Cerekov I (422.4 x 198.6) has several Shofixti
women. But in order to get them, you need to find this creature he wants. It is
located on Delta Lyncis I (570.4 x 979.5). It is easily found by the fact that
it's huge and is very aggressive.
Return the creature to Admiral Zex. He will want to capture you, but the
creature will escape, killing him and allowing you to go to the planet surface
and get the Shofixti women. Return to Delta Gorno and give them to Tanaka. Two
months later, you can get a Shofixti ship. Another benefit is that crew cost is
lowered to 3 instead of 5 due to the Shofixti volunteers. Get a Shofixi crewman
and enter Yehat space. Show the Shofixti to the Yehat at Gamma Serpentis I
Unfortunately, you will start a civil war, but it can't be avoided. Later the
Yehat can give you some ships if you need them.

Zot-Fot-Pik Tasks (optional)
Visit their homeworld, Alpha Tucanae (400.0 x 543.7). They will eagerly join up
with you and provide you with the designs for their ships. These guys will also
provide you with some important reconnaissance information, such as the location
of the Sa-Matra, and also information about who is winning the Ur-Quan and
Kohr-Ah war. As the game progresses, you will have to save them from the Ur-Quan
and Kohr-Ah forces.

Slylandro Tasks (optional)
Have you noticed how annoying those Slylandro probes are? If you visit their
homeworld, Beta Corvi (033.3 x 981.2) they will provide you with a self-destruct
sequence code for the exploration probes. Later, the Slylandro reprogram a probe
which has returned to their world to broadcast the destruct sequence; this will
dramatically lower the population of probes. The Slylandro give you information
about the Precursors. Apparently the Rainbow Worlds have some great role in
relating the fate of that ancient race.

Pkunk Tasks (optional)
Prevent the Pkunk from going to the Yehat. The Yehat will destroy them. You can
tell they are moving when their Circle of Influence slowly moves right on the
Starmap. Talk to the Pkunk and convince them to return to their own space.

Ilwrath Tasks
When you enter the Ilwrath home system, use the Caster to trick the Ilwrath into
choosing a new target. It will be the Thraddash, so be sure that you have the
Aqua Helix before you send them off on their rampage. They will pack up and
leave the region around Procyon II and Pkunk space.

Chmmr Tasks
After the war was over, the Chenjesu and the Mmrnmhrm decided to be enclosed on
one planet, Procyon II. Use the Sun Device from to accelerate the "process" of
the combination. The Chmmr will do three important things for you. You will
receive unlimited RUs; they supply the designs for the Chmmr Avatar -- easily
the best overall alien ship (other than your own.); and finally, they enhance
the bomb with their crystal technology.

Assault On The Sa-Matra
The Chmmr transport you back to Earth, two weeks later... the bomb has been
loaded into your flagship. The following configuration is recommended (since you
only have six open slots due to the bomb mechanism):
Hi-Efficiency Fuel System, 5 Crew Pods.
It is also recommended that you buy 10 Chmmr Avatars or Utwig Juggers and save
two of your Pkunk ships.
The Avatar is definitely NOT the best ship to fight the Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah. The
Utwig Jugger is far better at this -- an Ur-Quan ship has absolutely no chance
against a Jugger, and a Kohr-Ah ship is only a small challenge. An Chmmr Avatar
has only a slight advantage over either of these baddies. An Avatar can take out
one, maybe two Ur-Quan/Kohr-Ah ships before biting it, but a decent Utwig pilot
can hold out almost indefinitely.
Use your portal spawner to put you near the Crateris constellation, and proceed
to Delta Crateris V (620.0 x 593.5). Around the planet is a large group of
enemies. Use your Dryanni to distract the orbiting fleet. Once you enter the
"planet" screen (the blowup of just the planet and the Sa-Matra), save your
game. Proceed to the Sa-Matra, where you will be attacked by three Kzer-Za and
three Kohr-Ah ships. Take them out with the Chmmr Avatars (or Utwig Juggers).
But don't worry, the ships you lose here will be replaced with Yehat Terminators
and Pkunk Furies. (You may choose to avoid this battle by setting your combat to
"Awesome Cyborg" The Talking Pet will tell you that the Sa-Matra's shields were
down, and you will skip to the ending.) After the Ur-Quan ships are destroyed,
the Dryanni will tell you about the configuration of the Sa-Matra. It has been
our experience that Pkunk ships -- surprisingly -- do rather well against the
shield generators. This is due to their speed and broadside capabilities. (You
may also choose to use Utwig Juggers, and follow this strategy: Do not thrust.
Instead, allow the enemy bolts bounce you around, and twist and fire your spears
when you drift by the generators. Whenever enemy bolts are about to hit your
ship, use the shields. They are replenished by enemy attacks, so do not to use
them if there is no danger.) Once the shield is down, concentrate your attacks
on the green blotches and the fireballs. Once you kill them, then fly your
flagship into the opening, and win.

Rainbow Worlds
The Melnorme will pay 500 credits for the location of each Rainbow World. The
rainbow worlds align into an arrow formation pointing toward the galactic core.
The Melnorme
They are located where ever there is a supergiant star. So somewhere in that
system they will be around. Of course if you have either caster, then you can
call them. The Melnorme can be used as "in-flight" refueling. Suggestion: buy
new technology first, then information.
The Ur-Quan
This is the collective title for both the Kohr-Ah and the Kzer-Za. The Kohr-Ah
are the black ships that want to kill everyone in this part of the galaxy. The
Kzer-Za just want to enslave everyone. They are the green ships.

Melnorme technology and information:
New Technologies. 150 credits each
Plans for building blaster weapons twice as powerful as your ion-bolt guns.
"Please remember that these weapons consume energy from your combat batteries
faster than your familiar ion-bolt guns. You may wish to compensate for this by
building additional dynamo modules for your flagship."
Specifications for constructing modifications to your planet landers which will
double their speed. "Ah yes, speed..., an excellent choice for the relentless
hunter, and the craven coward as well. These modifications are simple enough to
be put into place immediately. Your landers should be properly equipped in no
Details on how to add point-defense laser systems to your flagship. "These
'little babies' are great for defense, but because of their limited range they
may not make a good offensive weapon, however the more you build for your
vessel, the more damage each laser strike will do."
Plans for building improvements to your planet landers which make them resistant
to hostile alien life-forms. "Our reinforcement procedures on your landers are
complete, now provided your crew will stop putting their hands out the windows,
they will be much better protected against hostile life-forms."
Blueprints which show how to increase your landers cargo space to double its
present volume. "I hope this makes your resource gathering more cost effective,
Blueprints which show how to add double capacity fuel tanks. "We hope that these
improved tanks will make more module slots available on your flagship which you
can fill with other more useful equipment."
Plans for improving the rate of fire on your landers' stun-ray bolt-field gun.
"After some wild game, hmm? Well, the changes we made should really make a
difference unless of course that wiring went in backwards in which case you
won't be able to shoot at all, or take off for that matter. Don't worry Captain,
we stand behind our work, if something goes wrong, just bring it back to us and
we'll fix it...pronto."
Details for building modifications to your planet landers which make them
resistant to earthquakes. "With the addition of these safety-belts and
heavy-duty shock-absorbers, your lander occupants should be much safer when an
untimely earthquake strikes. The job is complete, your landers are ready."
Plans for adding auto-tracking modules which improve the aim of ALL your
weapons. "You are preparing for a mighty battle, eh? Well, let me give you some
advice. You should consider using multiple tracking modules since this will
greatly improve your aim. However, never add more than three to your ship,
anymore would be useless."
Plans for adding improvements to your planet landers which make them resistant
to incoming planet weather. "A little super-conductive spray paint and "presto".
Your lander can sustain a direct hit by a lightning bolt without risking the
passengers inside...usually. Since the job is so easy that a nymph could do it,
I expect that all your landers will be treated in less than an hour."
Everything you need to know to assemble modifications to your planet landers
which make them resistant to planetary hot-spots. "With these "new"
additive-plasma heat shields, your crew will be substantially safer on hot
worlds. But, like all our lander modifications, this protection is not perfect
so remain cautious. Since the changes to your landers are straightforward, your
lander should be fitted with a heat shield by the time you return to your ship."
Plans for building "hell-bore" cannons. "A weapon much more destructive than a
simple blaster. Captain, just a suggestion, "hell-bore" cannons are energy
gulpers, so unless you want to have a long delay between shots, I would suggest
you add dynamos or even Shiva Furnaces to your ship."
Details on how to develop Shiva Furnace modules which generate energy for your
combat batteries twice as fast as your standard dynamos. "I am certain you will
appreciate this new module Captain, with it, you should be able to destroy and
devastate twice as fast as before."

Information about current events. 75 credits each.
"While you probably believe that the Shofixti are extinct, having caused their
sun to flare with a device identical to the Utwig's superbomb, the truth is not
so simple. There yet exists a chance to resuscitate this meta-marsupial species.
Oh, it will not be easy. The problem at hand seems simple, bring together two
Shofixti of different sexes and the carnal gymnastics proceed. Given the short
gestation and maturation time of the Shofixti, you will have thousands of the
creatures in ten years and millions in twenty. Finding a male of the species is
easier than fluff. Simply visit the Shofixti's blasted star system at Delta
Gorno. Captain Tanaka or his sibling Kitana shall greet you on your arrival. A
warning, these warriors are old, and fly in barely functional ships. If, they
mistakenly identify you as the enemy, do NOT return fire. Retreat, and try to
talk with them on their own level. The females of the species will be more
difficult to obtain. The only supply of such remaining in the galaxy is at Alpha
Cerenkov 1, included as part of General Zex's bizarre and beloved menagerie.
Fortunately for you Captain, Zex is considered... well, perverse by his fellow
Vux. This is because Zex actually enjoys the presence of human beings. To
acquire the Shofixti females you will have to appease Zex or... kill him."
"The Ur-Quan are presently at war with a race called the Kohr-Ah. They are
fighting within a large spherical region of space, centered around the Crateris
star group. Although it is probably too early to tell, it would appear that the
Kohr-Ah are winning."
"No doubt you are familiar with an alien race called the Umgah who live in the
Orionis constellation. While they are renowned for their potent and often cruel
sense of humor, they have outdone themselves in recent years. Specifically, they
have used an unusual hyperwave caster to impersonate the Ilwrath gods Dogar and
Kazon. When the Ilwrath began tuning in to the voices of their gods on their
hyperwave receivers, their priest caste was understandably skeptical and
counseled their many followers to ignore the blasphemous signals. However, in a
surprise move, the majority of the Ilwrath rose up and slaughtered the entire
priest caste. Their reasons of this ghastly move included: over-taxation, lack
of quality death in ceremony, and the general feeling that the priests had made
Dogar and Kazon's pronouncements overly complex."
"As you know, there are weaknesses in the division between dimensions. For
example, your vessel uses such weaknesses to enter hyperspace, however, there
are other weak spots in the galaxy which lead to yet different dimensions. On
such portal exists nearby, between the Chandrasekhar and Columbae
constellations. The portal opens only a short time each month, starting on the
17th. Since we have never entered the portal, we can give no more information on
this subject."
"As you are probably aware, Ur-Quan starships, you call them dreadnoughts I
believe, posess effective self-annihilation circuits which prevent other races
from reverse engineering Ur-Quan technological secrets. However, we have become
aware of a shipwrecked dreadnought which has remained largely intact. You will
find the remains of this ship on the surface of a blue world orbiting Alpha
Pavonis. We suspect that you will find one item of interest there, possibly
"You may have noticed, the presence of an increasing large number of red probe
vessels which move with great speed and attack relentlessly. We are sorry to say
that this is our catalogue item 2418-B. Do not blame us, we are not responsible
for this violent folly, the product is not being used in a correct manner.
Should you wish to confront the actual wrong-doers, we suggest you search the
planets in Beta Corvae for the probe's owners."
"Not more than 50 years ago, the Druuge were informed by the now extinct
Burvixese race of a powerful alien nation called the Utwig. The Utwig, the
Burvixese explained, were pleasant, sophisticated creatures but they were also
terminally depressed and often spoke about ending their lives by activating a
super-weapon... some kind of gigantic bomb which they had found on one of their
worlds, Zeta Hyades 6b I think it was. The Druuge recognized the description of
the bomb as a Precursor planateering tool, which indeed was an explosive device
of unrivaled power and they set out to make it their own. Though the revolting,
criminal, insidious Druuge rarely leave their sphere of influence, it
encompasses Algol, Almagest, and the Persei stars, they made a special trip on
this occasion to the Aquarii constellation where they made contact with the
Utwig. There is a device commonly known as the Ultron. Is it now in YOUR
possession? Ah, I see. The Druuge sold this device to the Utwig explaining that
it was a Precursor personal magnifier, which would enrich the lives of their
entire culture in too many ways to describe specifically. The Utwig, I'm sorry
to say, fell for the Druuge's foul ruse and snapped up the Ultron immediately.
Fortunately for us all, the Utwig did not pay the Druuge's requested price, the
super-bomb, and instead gave them a collection of historical objects and genuine
artifacts, which , to this day, the Druuge are trying to unload on unwary
"The Utwig, who live in the Aquarii constellation, have grown very depressed of
late, they accidentally broke the supposed Ultron sold to them by the felonious
Druuge. As a consequence, they are morose and melancholic and will probably be
unwilling to help you fight the Ur-Quan. If you wish to gain them as allies, we
recommend that you acquire the broken Ultron, as if it ever worked, and find
some suitable replacement parts. Our information indicates that you can find
these items in three different places: a Rosy Sphere at the Druuge tradeworld,
an Aqua Helix somewhere in Thraddash space, and a Clear Spindle which is
currently in possession of the Pkunk. Captain, that was the last Current Event
that we have for sale."

Useful data on alien races. 75 credits each.
"The Zoq-Fot-Pik are a friendly co-op of three alien species all native to the
same world. They are presently suffering severe collateral damage from the
ritual combat between the Ur-Quan and the Kohr-Ah. While this is unfortunate for
the Zoq-Fot-Pik, they have been forced to abandon many of their worlds. This
close proximity to the Inter-Ur-Quan war will give them insights into the
conflict which will be of great use to you. In addition, the Zoq-Fot-Pik met the
Chenjesu early on in the war and are eager to make allies who can protect them
from their enemies. In case you are interested, the Zoq-Fot-Pik home world is at
coordinates 400.0 x 543.7, planet 1."
"The Ilwrath are presently attacking the Pkunk in the Lacaille and Krueger
constellations. These beings have slavish devotion to their dark gods Dogar and
Kazon which in the past few years have been used against them by the Umgah. If
you need to manipulate the Ilwrath, we suggest you discover the Umgah's
technique and duplicate it."
"The Pkunk are a mystical offshoot of the Yehat species who left their
bird-brothers long ago to found a peaceful enclave in the Krueger and Giclas
stars. At the present time, the Pkunk are defending themselves against the
Ilwrath who have been commanded to attack the happy birds by Dogar and Kazon.
The Pkunk may be unwilling to make formal alliance with you, but we have
confidence that if you explain yourself honestly, they will help your efforts
against the Ur-Quan."
"The creatures presently fighting the Ur-quan are called the Kohr-Ah. They are
an Ur-Quan subspecies who split off from the main species many thousands of
years ago. Their present fight is a ritual reenacting of a major difference of
opinion between two rival Ur-Quan leaders, after the Ur-Quan overwhelmed their
slave masters the Dnarri. The Kohr-Ah are immune to reason having long ago lost
the ability their situation objectively. They live in a self-maintained paradox,
to ensure their safety and security, the Kohr-Ah fight an endless battle against
all other sentient species."
"I must warn you about some very bad people. "Is this worth so many credits?"
you ask yourself. I assure you, it is. the creatures are called the Druuge and
they are a callous, an evil race. They care for nothing but profit and personal
gain to unfair mercantile exchanges. Why are you looking at me like that?
Captain, it is not appropriate. As I was saying, these wicked creatures will try
to sell you commodities at unreasonably low prices. Hoy, they almost give away
fuel. Do not fall for their tricks, there are hidden costs, secret tariffs. So,
that you may avoid them, I'll tell you that their main trade world is Zeta
Persei I. Why are you smiling, Captain?"
"The Burvixese race evolved on the planet Arcturus I. They lived there in a
relatively benevolent manner, until the Kohr-Ah came and destroyed them in the
course of two or three unfortunate days. The Druuge were largely responsible for
them finding the Burvixese. You see the Burvixese were in long-distance,
hyperwave contact with a race known simply as the Geg. For decades, the
Burvixese traded much valuable information until the Geg came under attack by an
invading race you may know as the Kohr-Ah. The Geg warned the Burvixese that the
Kohr-Ah located races by their Hyperwave transmissions and that they had already
discovered the radiation from the Druuge. When the Burvixese were kind enough to
warn the Druuge that a hostile alien race was homing in on their hyperwave
radiation, the Druuge shut down all their transmitters and erected a powerful
hyperwave beacon on the surface of the Burvixese moon. The Kohr-Ah changed
course, attacked the poor Burvixese and, sadly, destroyed them all."
"The Thraddash are an arrogant, stubborn, and thick-skinned species who reside
in the Draconis and Apodis star systems, they have little or no respect for
anything but force which they admire greatly. To make the Thraddash your
friends, you should consider killing most, but not all of them. In addition,
they guard some kind of sacred relic at the star system Zeta Draconis. Though we
do not know the true nature of this artifact, the Thraddash home world is at
Delta Draconis."
"After the war, the Chenjesu and the Mmrnmhrm chose to be slave shielded on the
Chenjesu's home world at Procyon. We suspect that they are melding their two
species to form some kind of new hybrid race. A race which may well be powerful
enough to destroy the Ur-Quan single-handedly. However, by our calculations,
this process will take many decades if not centuries. Should you wish to talk to
them, we recommend you invest in a hyperwave broadcasting system which is
powerful enough to penetrate the shield around their world."
"The Mycon are using this time while the Ur-Quan have their attention elsewhere
to expand their sphere of influence as fast as possible. The Mycon colonize
planets by launching deep spore-pods from orbit and injecting them under the
planet's surface. Months later, after the spores have grown hundreds of thick
fibrous tendrils under the planet's crust, the tendrils suddenly thrust up out
of the planet and create huge calderas. Not incidentally, they fill the
atmosphere with the Mycon's preferred gases: clouds of super heated steam and
sulfuric acid."
"Following the end of the war, the Androsynth began experimenting with
inter-dimensional-fatigue, a process which is related to your faster than light
drive. But that involves dimensions far more alien than hyperspace. They had
just made a major breakthrough when they were suddenly wiped out by a race
called the Orz. Who appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Actually, we don't know
what the Orz did to the Androsynth, they're just all gone."
"The Ariloulaleelay are a mysterious race of IDF beings. IDF meaning
Inter-dimensional-fatigue. They do not reside in this galaxy or, in fact,
anywhere in this universe. While it is true that the Arilou are rarely seen far
from the Columbae star group, they do make regular secret visits to your world
and have done so for centuries. Ever since earth was slave shielded, they have
focused their attention on the humans aboard the starbase, many of whom are now
members of your crew. Though the Arioulaleelay always smile, and are never
overtly hostile, we believe that they have a secret agenda which somehow
involves your planet "Earth". These secret plans may or may not cause grief and
woe to your friends."
"Just under twenty years ago, the brave and suicidal Shofixti annihilated their
species by exploding a Precursor device, some kind of bomb, in the interior of
their sun. The resulting storm of solar flares cooked the life off the Shofixti
home world and incinerated over 100 Ur-Quan dreadnoughts which had just entered
the system to conquer the Shofixti. In actuality, there are at least a dozen
Shofixti left alive in the galaxy. 1 or 2 are at Delta Gorno, guarding the dead
hulk of their once beautiful world. Others can be found in Vux space."
"The Slylandro are a mostly non-solid sentient race who live in a gas giant at
Beta Corvae. We recently sold them a self-replicating exploration probe which
has somehow turned hostile and attacks everything it detects. If such encounters
have angered you, Captain, please do not address your concerns to us. We possess
a formal waiver of damages authorized by the Slylandro speaker and are in no way
responsible for the situation."
"The cowardly Spathi live at the single planet orbiting Epsilon Gruis. They do
not actually live on their world, rather they reside on its airless moon. The
reason, a Xenomorphic species which craves the sweet flavored flesh of the
Spathi has been transported to the surface of their planet and makes every
attempt to devour the poor Spathi. I'm certain that the Spathii would be forever
in your debt if you were to eliminate these creatures from their planet. What,
you fear the alien creatures will find you a treat also? Our data reveals the
beasts are not interested in your species. Should you wish to consult with the
Spathi ruling counsel, you will need to know the secret Spathi cipher, a
password which is: Haatti, Maatti, Daatti."
"Like you Earthlings, when the war with the Ur-Quan was lost, the Syreen chose
to be slave-shielded. There new world is at Betelgeuse. The Syreen starbase is
crewed by the starship commanders and crew who were decommissioned at the end of
the war. Though the Syreen hate the Ur-Quan with a vengeance, they are unlikely
to offer you assistance unless you reveal to them the truth behind the tragedy
of their original home world Syra, by the birth of a Mycon Deep-Child a century
"When the Ur-Quan entered Gamma Serpentis, the homestar of the Yehat, their
Queen made a sudden change of allegiance and allied with the Ur-Quan hierarchy.
They became Ur-Quan combat Thralls. This act was viewed by most Yehats starship
officers as ultimately dishonorable. The desperate act of a corrupt regent to
maintain her throne. The Yehat shame was greatly magnified by the Shofixti's
show of courage when they destroyed their own star system to slow down the
Ur-Quan armada. Captain, you have heard all we have to say about aliens
indigenous to this region. Should we learn more in the near future we shall be
certain to sell it to you."

Historical information. 75 credits each
"Almost 25,000 of your years ago, there existed, near this region of space an
association of star faring races called the Sentient Nur-yu. This group formed
over several thousand years to mutually enrich their respective cultures, to
provide a safe cache for emerging sentient species, and to afford themselves a
degree of protection from external hostilities via military alliance. Of the
seven most active Nur-Yu members, the most famous race, indeed you know them
well Captain, were the Ur-Quan."
"The Ur-Quan evolved on a harsh planet outside this region of space. They were
solitary predators like your preying mantis, Captain, or polar bear, who had a
very limited set of social behaviors most of which dealt with sex. Since they
had to compete for survival against many physically superior species, the
Ur-Quan evolved intelligence and tool use, in much the same way as your own
species. The Ur-Quan also learned to master their fierce territoriality to build
a cooperative planetary culture. When the Ur-Quan were discovered by the Taalo,
they had just begun exploring their solar system in crude atomic vehicles.
Although, the Ur-Quan attacked what they thought to be an invader, the Taalo
were patient, they explained the purpose of the Sentient Nur-Yu, and offered the
Ur-Quan membership. The Ur-Quan recognized the benefits that such a system
provided and once more conquered the hunting beast within themselves to become
cooperative productive members of the Nur-Yu. This lasted several thousands of
"Just over 20,000 years ago, when your ancestors were learning to chart the
course of the moon and stars on animal horns, the sentient Nur-Yu spanned 500
light-years and included the membership of a hundred worlds. Like all other star
travelers, they had discovered ruins and relics of a far more ancient culture
which your species calls the Precursors. Explorers from many species spent their
lives trying to piece together this ancient mystery. But, of all races, the
Ur-Quan were the most bold adventurers. Their scouts flying single ships
penetrated far into uncharted space and landed on a million worlds. On one such
mission a young Ur-Quan made planetfall on a small, life-bearing, alien world to
identify some anomalous energy readings, occasionally a sign of Precursor
installations. Instead, the Ur-Quan found a small hideous creature, a Dnarri,
before the scout was able to defend himself, the Dnarri creature took control of
the Ur-Quan's mind and commanded the scout to place the Dnarri aboard the
scout's ship along with hundreds of his evil brood. Then, the Ur-Quan returned
to the heart of the Nur-Yu, landing on its capital planet. Within hours, every
resident of the planet was a Dnarri slave. Within a month, the Dnarri compelled
starships, and spread the evil psychic creatures across the entire Nur-Yu."
"When the Dnarri took control of the Nur-Yu, one race fought back, the Taalo.
These slow quiet creatures were silicon-based life-forms but bore little
resemblance to the modern day Chenjesu. Taalo were naturally immune to the
Dnarri psychic compulsions. They were unaffected by the creatures powers and the
Dnarri would not permit anyone to exist outside their control. So, they ordered
the remaining races of the Nur-Yu to attack and destroy the Taalo home planet.
This planet was one of the few Nur-Yu worlds located in this region of space. I
believe you call their star Delta Vulpeculae. Their home was a moon revolving
above the second planet. I'm sad to say the Taalo were indeed eliminated.
However, at the time of their devastation, they had completed a device which
they thought would give other races psychic immunity like their own. What
happened to this device, this "shield", its hard to say, maybe it was destroyed
in the attack on their home world, maybe not."
"In the Dnarri's new empire, the Ur-Quan were the favored slaves. This is
probably because the Ur-Quan were the most psychically sensitive, the most
easily compelled. As the centuries of Dnarri dominance passed, what was the
Sentient Nur-Yu deteriorated and degenerated into a great galactic gulag. Alien
races which did not serve with the efficiency and speed demanded by the Dnarri
were ruthlessly burned from the faces of their worlds. The agents of this
genocide were inevitable the Dnarri's favored pet, the Ur-Quan. After almost
2500 years of unrelenting Dnarri control, there were only four living member
races of the once great Sentient Nur-Yu. By this point the Dnarri used genetic
manipulation to split the Ur-Quan into two subspecies. The green Ur-Quan...
scientists, technicians, and administrators who were responsible for maintaining
the infrastructure of the Dnarri civilization and the black Ur-Quan...who filled
the ranks of basic laborer and combat soldier. Then, a chance discovery by an
Ur-Quan named Czertz-Ah led to the violent overthrow of the Dnarri slave
"The Ur-Quan named Czertz-Ah was a green, a researcher specializing in repairing
the damage inflicted by long-term exposure to the Dnarri psychic compulsion. By
this point in history, the Dnarri had grown lax in their dominance and on
occasion accidentally permitted their slaves moments of self-direction.
Czertz-Ah was able to use those few scattered minutes to compose a theory. From
his observation, Czertz-Ah realized that when a slave died, the Dnarri
disconnected it from the slaves' mind, lest it to be dragged down to death.
First the Ur-Quan scientist uncovered the fact that when a slave underwent great
pain, the Dnarri temporarily disconnected. But, the degree of pain had to be
extreme... nearly lethal. Czertz-Ah chose its moment carefully. It waited until
it was near an open transmission unit. Then, in a short moment of mental
freedom, the Ur-Quan injected itself with a dose of acidic poison sending
incredible waves of pain through its long body. In the few moments before its
death, Czertz-Ah was able to wrest control of the transmitter to send word of
its discovery across the planet and into space as well. Before, the Dnarri knew
what was happening, Ur-Quan everywhere were hacking at their own bodies with
chunks of glass. Burning themselves horribly, doing anything that would give
them the few seconds of freedom necessary to find the nearest Dnarri and crush
the bleating creatures. As they gained longer and longer periods of control, the
Ur-Quan built new tools and weapons to destroy their evil masters. The most
gruesome of these devices was the excruciator, a mechanism which was inserted
directly into the brain and generated a constant stream of agony. The Dnarri
could not bring themselves to make the necessary mental connections with these
tortured Ur-Quan. They were slaughtered by the thousands. The Ur-Quan slave
revolt was won."
"When the last Ur-Quan was free of psychic compulsion, when the last free Dnarri
was dead, the combined might of the Ur-Quan starfleets met in orbit above the
Dnarri home world. They had come together to make two important decisions.
First, how to punish the few frightened Dnarri left below on the planet's
surface. Second, how to make ensure that, never again, will the Ur-Quan be made
slaves. The first decision was made swiftly. The Dnarri would not be allowed to
die.. ahh, that was to kind a fate. Instead, the creatures would be genetically
modified to sub-sentience, they will become dumb animals. These low creatures
would be further defaced by serving the Ur-Quan for all eternity in the most
demeaning way the Ur-Quan could imagine. Acting as translators, making physical
contact with other species. Whom the Ur-Quan considered grossly inferior to
themselves and revolting. The second decision, how to ensure their freedom
permanently caused great turmoil."
"Following the successful Ur-Quan slave revolt, the Ur-Quan met to decide how to
ensure their freedom. The green Ur-Quan who called themselves the Czertz-Ah, in
honor of the Ur-Quan who triggered the revolt wished to establish the Path of
Now and Forever, which required that all other sentient species must become
slaves of the Ur-Quan or be forever imprisoned beneath an impenetrable force
shield. Leading the opposition to this plan was Kohr-Ah, a charismatic fleet
officer. Kohr-Ah proposed a simpler alternative. Simply put, this scheme called
for the systematic eradication of all sentient life in the universe, aside from
the Ur-Quan. Captain, if these positions seem to you extreme, or unwarranted you
must remember that the Ur-Quan had been unwilling slaves for millennia and that
each of them had to remain in agony for years in order to defeat the Dnarri. The
followers of Czertz-Ah and Kohr-Ah were all on the brink of madness, but neither
side would submit and so they fought a bloody civil war."
"This is the last historical item we have for sale. The civil war between the
green Ur-Quan, the followers of Czertz-Ah, and their opponents, the death
dealing Kohr-Ah lasted for decades. It is likely that they would have
annihilated each other were it not for a chance discovery by Czertz-Ah, a
Precursor battleship. The vessel was huge, many times the size of the Ur-Quan's
vessels. The Precursor ship sliced through the Kohr-Ah forces in days. The
Kohr-Ah were defeated. However, in their victory, the Czertz-Ah were humble,
they realized that there was a chance that they were wrong and the Kohr-Ah were
right. Instead of destroying the Kohr-Ah, the Czertz-Ah let them go, directing
them to make their way through the stars, traveling against the spin of the
galaxy. The Czertz-Ah would travel in the opposite direction and when the two
Ur-Quan forces met they would fight again in ritual combat with a Precursor ship
given to the winner. Captain, this is happening here and now. The Czertz-Ah the
Ur-Quan who enslaved earth are fighting their ritual battle against the Kohr-Ah
in a large area centered near the Crateris constellation. If the Kohr-Ah win
this battle, Captain, the Czertz-Ah will stand aside and let them kill us all.
We believe it is your destiny to prevent this from happening."

Quasispace portals:
Quasispace      Hyperspace           Relative
coordinates     coordinates          location
448.0 x 504.0   565.7 x 971.2   "N" region of Hyperspace
458.0 x 492.0   860.6 x 015.1   "S" of Beta Arae
466.0 x 514.0   230.1 x 398.9   Spathi space
468.0 x 464.0   921.1 x 610.4   "E" Ur-Quan space
476.0 x 496.0   611.7 x 413.3   "S" Ur-Quan space
476.0 x 458.0   409.0 x 774.8   "N" Ur-Quan space
488.0 x 538.0   973.5 x 315.4   Near Druuge space
492.0 x 492.0   005.0 x 164.8   "W" Illrath space
502.0 x 460.0   318.4 x 490.6   Zot-Foq-Pik space
506.0 x 474.0   190.9 x 092.6*  Near Sol
516.0 x 466.0   567.3 x 120.7   "E" of VUX, "SW" of Mycon space
520.0 x 540.0   585.0 x 621.4   Near Crucis
520.0 x 514.0   011.1 x 940.9   "NW" region of Hyperspace
530.0 x 528.0   775.1 x 890.6   Utwig and Supox space
544.0 x 532.0   036.8 x 633.2   Arilou space

Star Systems:
System                   Coordinates     Comment
Achernar                537.5 x 272.9
Alcor                   970.8 x 025.0
Aldebaran               737.5 x 356.2
Algol                   900.0 x 325.0
Almagest                990.9 x 235.9
Alpha Andromedae        862.5 x 700.0  Rainbow world
Alpha Antliae           268.7 x 900.0
Alpha Apodis            258.2 x 850.7  Trader
Alpha Aquarii           856.0 x 863.8
Alpha Aquilae           915.9 x 974.5  Trader
Alpha Arae              933.9 x 084.3
Alpha Arianni           739.5 x 175.0
Alpha Arietis           937.5 x 158.3
Alpha Aurigae           806.2 x 208.3
Alpha Bootis            022.9 x 266.6
Alpha Brahe             620.8 x 233.3
Alpha Caeli             241.1 x 071.8
Alpha Camelopardalis    606.2 x 404.1
Alpha Cancri            493.7 x 514.5
Alpha Capricorni        297.9 x 516.6
Alpha Carinae           362.5 x 543.7
Alpha Cassiopeiae       354.1 x 518.7
Alpha Centauri          155.9 x 099.3  Trader; Minerals: Planets 3,8
Alpha Cephei            375.0 x 583.3
Alpha Cerenkov          422.1 x 198.6  Zux and Female Shofixti
Alpha Ceti              287.5 x 447.9
Alpha Chamaeleonis      497.1 x 710.4
Alpha Chandrasekhar     012.5 x 654.1
Alpha Circini           039.5 x 597.9
Alpha Columbae          075.0 x 645.8
Alpha Copernicus        579.1 x 262.5
Alpha Crateris          601.4 x 563.2
Alpha Crucis            558.3 x 629.1
Alpha Cygnus            047.9 x 458.3
Alpha Delphini          371.6 x 645.8
Alpha Doradus           420.8 x 685.4
Alpha Draconis          277.1 x 835.1
Alpha Equulei           591.0 x 662.4
Alpha Eridani           587.5 x 772.9  Trader
Alpha Fornacis          537.5 x 787.5
Alpha Geminorum         495.8 x 779.1
Alpha Giclas            084.3 x 038.0
Alpha Gorno             277.1 x 014.6  Minerals: Planets 1-8
Alpha Gruis             227.4 x 366.3
Alpha Herculis          160.4 x 364.5
Alpha Horologii         720.8 x 754.1
Alpha Hyades            832.2 x 893.4
Alpha Hydrae            733.3 x 650.0
Alpha Hyginus           852.0 x 416.6
Alpha Illuminati        235.4 x 329.1  Trader
Alpha Indi              400.0 x 136.3
Alpha Kepler            581.2 x 320.8
Alpha Klystron          193.7 x 997.9
Alpha Krueger           030.4 x 047.7
Alpha Lacaille          014.6 x 095.5
Alpha Lacertae          841.6 x 808.3
Alpha Lalande           349.9 x 264.8
Alpha Lentelis          462.5 x 600.0
Alpha Leonis            900.0 x 822.9
Alpha Leporis           807.3 x 858.8
Alpha Librae            735.4 x 906.2
Alpha Lipi              556.2 x 864.5
Alpha Luyten            425.0 x 164.5
Alpha Lyncis            560.0 x 955.2
Alpha Lyrae             191.6 x 127.0  Minerals: Planet 2
Alpha Maksutov          597.7 x 524.6  Minerals: Planets 1,2a,3,4,4a,5,7a,8
Alpha Mensae            383.3 x 318.7
Alpha Mersenne          260.4 x 664.5
Alpha Mira              355.1 x 232.0
Alpha Monocerotis       387.5 x 718.7
Alpha Muscae            112.5 x 779.1
Alpha Normae            142.5 x 540.4
Alpha Octantis          157.8 x 666.8  Trader
Alpha Olber             027.0 x 218.7
Alpha Ophiuchi          043.7 x 877.0
Alpha Orionis           190.2 x 606.5
Alpha Pavonis           056.2 x 800.0  Ur-Quan ship
Alpha Pegasi            033.3 x 762.5
Alpha Persei            929.1 x 258.3
Alpha Phoenicis         941.6 x 439.5
Alpha Pictoris          933.3 x 370.8
Alpha Piscium           843.7 x 345.8
Alpha Ptolemae          200.4 x 044.1  Minerals: Planets 3,4,5,6,7,8
Alpha Puppis            812.5 x 308.3
Alpha Pyxidis           895.8 x 500.0  Minerals: Planet 2
Alpha Raynet            284.0 x 167.6
Alpha Reticuli          731.2 x 506.2
Alpha Sagittae          025.0 x 568.7
Alpha Sagittarii        683.3 x 200.0
Alpha Saurus            230.6 x 228.5  Minerals: Planet 3
Alpha Scorpii           646.7 x 187.8
Alpha Sculptoris        604.1 x 156.2
Alpha Scuti             503.9 x 037.3
Alpha Serpentis         491.1 x 018.0
Alpha Sextantis         433.7 x 106.6
Alpha Squidi            214.5 x 391.6
Alpha Tauri             022.9 x 366.6  Ilwrath homeworld
Alpha Telescopii        028.5 x 402.0
Alpha Trianguli         793.4 x 031.8
Alpha Tucanae           400.0 x 543.7  Zot-Fot-Pik homeworld
Alpha Velorum           086.0 x 406.5
Alpha Virginis          029.1 x 325.0
Alpha Vitalis           300.0 x 350.0
Alpha Volantis          095.1 x 177.0
Alpha Vulpeculae        365.4 x 258.7  Trader
Alpha Wolf              160.1 x 174.6
Altair                  450.0 x 650.0
Antares                 647.9 x 754.1
Arcturus                964.5 x 579.1  Burvixi Caster 1a;
                                       Minerals: Planet 6
Bellatrix               545.8 x 191.6
Beta Andromedae         866.6 x 710.4
Beta Antliae            270.6 x 891.0
Beta Apodis             259.3 x 856.9
Beta Aquarii            863.0 x 869.3  Utwig homeworld
Beta Aquilae            918.6 x 974.1
Beta Arae               933.3 x 093.7  Trader
Beta Arianni            718.7 x 183.3
Beta Arietis            946.9 x 154.8
Beta Aurigae            808.0 x 201.1
Beta Bootis             035.1 x 275.8
Beta Brahe              639.5 x 231.2  Mycon Sun device
Beta Caeli              258.9 x 074.1
Beta Camelopardalis     595.8 x 408.3
Beta Cancri             515.5 x 512.2
Beta Capricorni         303.5 x 517.8
Beta Carinae            341.6 x 543.7
Beta Cassiopeiae        377.0 x 525.0
Beta Centauri           141.2 x 090.5  Minerals: Planets 1,3
Beta Cephei             362.5 x 575.0
Beta Cerenkov           450.0 x 200.0
Beta Ceti               287.5 x 404.1
Beta Chamaeleonis       495.5 x 703.4
Beta Chandrasekhar      037.5 x 671.6
Beta Circini            036.5 x 609.3
Beta Columbae           077.0 x 660.2
Beta Copernicus         600.8 x 263.1  Mycon Egg fragment
Beta Corvi              033.3 x 981.2  Slylandro homeworld
Beta Crateris           610.7 x 578.5
Beta Crucis             547.9 x 668.7
Beta Cygnus             047.9 x 464.5
Beta Delphini           377.0 x 650.0
Beta Doradus            429.1 x 693.7
Beta Draconis           282.2 x 839.5
Beta Equulei            602.0 x 672.9
Beta Eridani            595.8 x 764.5
Beta Fornacis           564.5 x 802.0
Beta Geminorum          497.9 x 779.1
Beta Giclas             084.3 x 043.1
Beta Gorno              281.4 x 008.9
Beta Gruis              214.8 x 355.1
Beta Herculis           175.8 x 341.8
Beta Horologii          712.5 x 725.0
Beta Hyades             837.5 x 895.8
Beta Hydrae             781.2 x 656.2
Beta Hyginus            864.5 x 406.2
Beta Illuminati         252.0 x 343.7
Beta Indi               395.8 x 135.4  Minerals: Planet 1
Beta Kepler             562.5 x 295.8  Minerals: Planet 2
Beta Klystron           291.6 x 954.1
Beta Krueger            053.0 x 044.2
Beta Lacaille           023.0 x 095.2
Beta Lacertae           822.9 x 804.1
Beta Lalande            340.0 x 280.4
Beta Lentelis           462.5 x 589.5
Beta Leonis             943.7 x 785.4
Beta Leporis            766.6 x 866.6  Rainbow world
Beta Librae             741.4 x 912.4  Supox homeworld
Beta Lipi               550.0 x 839.5
Beta Luyten             433.3 x 168.7  VUX homeworld
Beta Lyncis             571.1 x 947.5
Beta Lyrae              189.5 x 104.1
Beta Maksutov           627.0 x 547.9
Beta Mensae             403.0 x 288.7
Beta Mersenne           241.6 x 729.1
Beta Mira               367.8 x 192.6
Beta Monocerotis        385.4 x 729.1
Beta Muscae             104.1 x 770.8
Beta Normae             141.6 x 531.5
Beta Octantis           136.0 x 648.9
Beta Olber              012.5 x 222.9
Beta Ophiuchi           047.9 x 887.5
Beta Orionis            197.8 x 596.8  Umgah homeworld; Talking Pet
Beta Pavonis            068.7 x 800.0
Beta Pegasi             039.5 x 745.8  Rainbow world
Beta Persei             947.9 x 266.6
Beta Phoenicis          957.3 x 418.2
Beta Pictoris           931.2 x 356.2
Beta Piscium            879.1 x 354.1
Beta Ptolemae           205.8 x 047.5
Beta Puppis             829.1 x 297.9
Beta Pyxidis            900.0 x 500.0
Beta Raynet             288.1 x 161.4
Beta Reticuli           702.0 x 529.1
Beta Sagittae           037.1 x 577.2
Beta Sagittarii         702.0 x 239.5
Beta Saurus             240.2 x 230.9  Minerals: Planet 1
Beta Scorpii            650.0 x 191.6
Beta Scuti              501.4 x 058.4
Beta Serpentis          486.1 x 026.2
Beta Sextantis          460.4 x 118.7
Beta Squidi             206.2 x 399.1
Beta Tauri              028.8 x 373.5
Beta Telescopii         029.1 x 410.4
Beta Trianguli          795.8 x 027.0
Beta Tucanae            393.7 x 562.5
Beta Velorum            092.6 x 397.2
Beta Virginis           050.1 x 325.9
Beta Vitalis            318.7 x 337.5  Minerals: Planet 2
Beta Volantis           114.0 x 184.7
Beta Vulpeculae         364.1 x 251.2
Beta Wolf               166.6 x 181.2
Betelgeuse              412.5 x 377.0  Syreen homeworld
Canopus                 218.7 x 150.0  Minerals: Planet 1
Capella                 424.4 x 009.1
Columbae                043.8 x 637.2  Quasispace portal from 17th until
                                       20th of month
Delta Antliae           305.0 x 883.3
Delta Apodis            253.6 x 850.4
Delta Aquarii           858.8 x 881.2
Delta Aquilae           914.4 x 968.6
Delta Arae              929.2 x 075.0
Delta Arietis           954.1 x 168.7  Minerals: Planet 2
Delta Aurigae           818.7 x 193.7
Delta Bootis            021.7 x 250.9
Delta Brahe             645.8 x 275.0
Delta Caeli             308.9 x 078.2
Delta Camelopardalis    627.0 x 383.3
Delta Cancri            509.4 x 493.1
Delta Cassiopeiae       387.5 x 514.5
Delta Centauri          131.2 x 126.0  Minerals: Planets 5,6,7
Delta Ceti              293.7 x 430.6
Delta Chamaeleonis      485.4 x 712.5
Delta Chandrasekhar     018.7 x 652.0
Delta Circini           054.1 x 614.5
Delta Corvi             100.0 x 939.5
Delta Crateris          620.0 x 593.5  Ur-Quan Sa-Matra
Delta Crucis            543.7 x 591.6
Delta Cygnus            041.6 x 471.7
Delta Draconis          253.5 x 835.8  Thraddash homeworld
Delta Fornacis          597.9 x 797.9
Delta Geminorum         464.5 x 747.9
Delta Giclas            087.7 x 034.0  Minerals: Planets 2,8
Delta Gorno             290.8 x 026.9  Shofixti male; Minerals: Planet 4
Delta Gruis             235.4 x 374.1
Delta Horologii         736.0 x 718.4
Delta Hyades            824.9 x 895.8
Delta Illuminati        235.4 x 316.6
Delta Krueger           057.0 x 028.9
Delta Lalande           375.9 x 277.8
Delta Lentelis          472.9 x 595.8
Delta Librae            779.1 x 918.7
Delta Lipi              564.5 x 897.9
Delta Lyncis            570.4 x 979.5  Zux's beast
Delta Mira              335.4 x 235.4
Delta Muscae            139.5 x 804.1
Delta Normae            161.3 x 527.9
Delta Orionis           171.4 x 592.6
Delta Persei            925.0 x 285.4
Delta Pictoris          959.9 x 358.3
Delta Piscium           877.0 x 345.8
Delta Ptolemae          215.6 x 044.0
Delta Reticuli          725.0 x 458.3
Delta Sagittarii        656.2 x 302.0
Delta Scorpii           603.6 x 203.5
Delta Sculptoris        581.2 x 120.8
Delta Scuti             516.0 x 028.0
Delta Serpentis         474.7 x 022.1
Delta Sextantis         487.3 x 096.8  Minerals: Planets 3,5,9
Delta Tauri             016.6 x 377.0  Minerals: Planets 1,2,3,4,7
                                       (Best system to mine)
Delta Virginis          110.4 x 333.3  Minerals: Planets 3,4
Delta Vitalis           277.0 x 362.5
Delta Volantis          097.7 x 195.3
Delta Vulpeculae        372.1 x 261.9  Taalo device 2c
Deneb                   218.7 x 008.3
Epsilon Antliae         253.5 x 891.7
Epsilon Aquarii         875.0 x 864.5
Epsilon Aquilae         914.7 x 979.0
Epsilon Arae            923.7 x 082.1
Epsilon Arietis         955.9 x 173.5
Epsilon Bootis          013.8 x 269.6
Epsilon Brahe           641.6 x 262.5
Epsilon Caeli           333.3 x 080.1
Epsilon Camelopardalis  593.7 x 393.7  Syreen ships (locked)
Epsilon Cassiopeiae     399.4 x 518.5
Epsilon Centauri        151.5 x 086.6  Minerals: Planet 1
Epsilon Ceti            270.8 x 470.8
Epsilon Chamaeleonis    487.9 x 720.1
Epsilon Chandrasekhar   031.2 x 672.8
Epsilon Circini         056.3 x 598.0
Epsilon Corvi           010.4 x 912.5
Epsilon Crateris        630.1 x 587.5
Epsilon Cygnus          025.0 x 458.3
Epsilon Draconis        283.6 x 785.7  Rainbow world
Epsilon Fornacis        604.1 x 791.6
Epsilon Giclas          095.8 x 046.8
Epsilon Gorno           282.0 x 030.1
Epsilon Gruis           241.6 x 368.7  Spathi homeworld
Epsilon Horologii       753.2 x 725.8
Epsilon Hyades          850.0 x 912.5
Epsilon Illuminati      272.7 x 295.1
Epsilon Krueger         026.5 x 015.6
Epsilon Librae          779.1 x 922.9
Epsilon Lipi            543.7 x 827.0  Rainbow world
Epsilon Lyncis          532.9 x 953.8
Epsilon Muscae          152.0 x 833.3
Epsilon Normae          185.4 x 541.6
Epsilon Orionis         154.5 x 581.8
Epsilon Persei          903.8 x 240.7
Epsilon Ptolemae        185.5 x 027.0
Epsilon Scorpii         629.1 x 220.8  Mycon homeworld
Epsilon Sculptoris      570.8 x 152.0
Epsilon Scuti           533.8 x 035.5
Epsilon Serpentis       487.2 x 040.8
Epsilon Sextantis       477.0 x 089.5  Minerals: Planets 1,2,3,6,7
Epsilon Tauri           014.9 x 351.9
Epsilon Volantis        070.5 x 183.8
Epsilon Vulpeculae      366.8 x 266.6
Eta Aquarii             849.2 x 857.8
Eta Bootis              067.2 x 286.3
Eta Camelopardalis      620.8 x 422.9
Eta Ceti                281.2 x 425.0
Eta Chamaeleonis        508.3 x 714.5
Eta Corvi               102.0 x 993.7
Eta Crateris            642.9 x 595.8
Eta Draconis            315.1 x 839.0
Eta Fornacis            618.7 x 787.5
Eta Giclas              070.8 x 004.1
Eta Gruis               247.9 x 395.8
Eta Horologii           739.5 x 785.4
Eta Hyades              845.8 x 939.3
Eta Illuminati          220.8 x 285.4
Eta Librae              788.9 x 918.1
Eta Lyncis              598.9 x 949.6
Eta Orionis             179.5 x 632.9
Eta Persei              889.5 x 268.7
Eta Ptolemae            174.0 x 042.3
Eta Serpentis           471.4 x 007.8
Eta Volantis            065.0 x 164.6
Eta Vulpeculae          358.7 x 256.6  Androsynth rests
Fomalhaut               437.5 x 856.2
Gamma Antliae           283.1 x 885.4
Gamma Apodis            256.2 x 857.2
Gamma Aquarii           853.4 x 879.7  Rainbow world
Gamma Aquilae           912.0 x 974.1
Gamma Arae              941.9 x 094.2
Gamma Arianni           739.5 x 168.7
Gamma Arietis           947.7 x 167.0
Gamma Aurigae           816.3 x 200.9
Gamma Bootis            038.4 x 290.0
Gamma Brahe             635.4 x 272.9  Mycon Egg fragment
Gamma Caeli             285.4 x 078.7
Gamma Camelopardalis    612.5 x 393.7
Gamma Cancri            500.6 x 501.1
Gamma Capricorni        299.3 x 531.8
Gamma Carinae           358.3 x 547.9
Gamma Cassiopeiae       367.9 x 506.8
Gamma Centauri          157.9 x 111.5  Minerals: Planet 1
Gamma Ceti              303.8 x 408.3
Gamma Chamaeleonis      489.5 x 704.1
Gamma Chandrasekhar     020.8 x 662.5
Gamma Circini           043.7 x 627.0
Gamma Columbae          072.9 x 620.8
Gamma Copernicus        562.5 x 252.0
Gamma Corvi             006.2 x 947.9
Gamma Crateris          616.6 x 600.0
Gamma Crucis            525.0 x 622.9
Gamma Cygnus            056.2 x 470.8
Gamma Draconis          251.8 x 805.6
Gamma Eridani           579.1 x 758.3
Gamma Fornacis          587.5 x 806.2
Gamma Geminorum         489.5 x 745.8
Gamma Giclas            080.3 x 033.7
Gamma Gorno             293.9 x 011.6  Minerals: Planets 3,4,5
Gamma Gruis             225.0 x 370.8
Gamma Horologii         720.8 x 700.0
Gamma Hyades            837.5 x 904.1
Gamma Hydrae            816.6 x 625.0
Gamma Illuminati        268.7 x 333.3  Minerals: Planet 9
Gamma Kepler            602.0 x 297.9  Rainbow world
Gamma Krueger           052.2 x 052.5  Pkunk homeworld; Minerals: Planet 1
Gamma Lacaille          024.2 x 085.7
Gamma Lalande           361.9 x 283.0
Gamma Lentelis          458.3 x 604.1
Gamma Leonis            968.7 x 733.3
Gamma Leporis           718.7 x 881.2
Gamma Librae            754.5 x 910.7
Gamma Lipi              547.5 x 882.3
Gamma Luyten            433.3 x 156.2  Minerals: Planets 1,2,3,4b,6b,8b
Gamma Lyncis            578.1 x 971.1
Gamma Mensae            464.5 x 295.8
Gamma Mira              388.4 x 226.2
Gamma Muscae            102.0 x 718.7
Gamma Normae            152.0 x 526.1
Gamma Olber             031.2 x 225.0
Gamma Ophiuchi          033.3 x 891.6
Gamma Orionis           192.3 x 587.8
Gamma Persei            933.3 x 279.1
Gamma Phoenicis         981.2 x 414.5
Gamma Pictoris          937.5 x 360.4
Gamma Piscium           870.8 x 362.5
Gamma Ptolemae          210.0 x 055.4
Gamma Puppis            827.0 x 295.8
Gamma Pyxidis           906.2 x 508.3
Gamma Raynet            279.1 x 189.5
Gamma Reticuli          741.6 x 508.3  Rainbow world
Gamma Sagittae          015.2 x 590.0
Gamma Sagittarii        708.3 x 277.0
Gamma Saurus            229.8 x 238.5  Minerals: Planet 1
Gamma Scorpii           647.9 x 206.2  Mycon Egg fragment
Gamma Sculptoris        608.3 x 162.5
Gamma Scuti             525.6 x 060.8
Gamma Serpentis         492.3 x 029.4  Yehat homeworld
Gamma Sextantis         487.5 x 114.5  Minerals: Planets 1,2,3
Gamma Squidi            214.5 x 420.8
Gamma Tauri             026.7 x 364.5
Gamma Telescopii        050.0 x 418.7
Gamma Trianguli         806.2 x 031.8
Gamma Tucanae           408.3 x 551.3
Gamma Virginis          079.1 x 327.0  Minerals: Planet 7
Gamma Vitalis           308.3 x 367.4
Gamma Volantis          104.8 x 191.9
Gamma Vulpeculae        371.3 x 253.7  Orz homeworld
Groombridge             996.0 x 904.2  Rainbow world
Hyperion                656.2 x 127.0
Iota Camelopardalis     629.1 x 393.7
Iota Chamaeleonis       514.5 x 687.5
Iota Draconis           356.2 x 825.0
Iota Horologii          708.3 x 799.3
Iota Hyades             800.0 x 950.5
Iota Orionis            211.8 x 637.9
Iota Persei             887.5 x 231.2
Iota Serpentis          459.6 x 042.9
Kappa Chamaeleonis      506.2 x 675.0
Kappa Draconis          245.8 x 866.6
Kappa Horologii         688.9 x 780.3
Kappa Hyades            766.4 x 958.9
Kappa Orionis           220.0 x 617.6
Lambda Draconis         236.2 x 839.5
Lambda Horologii        694.0 x 751.4
Lambda Hyades           725.5 x 937.4
Lambda Orionis          215.9 x 607.3
Menkar                  481.2 x 927.0
Metis                   570.8 x 460.4
Microscopii             439.5 x 997.9
Mizar                   041.6 x 130.1
Mu Draconis             231.0 x 870.2
Mu Orionis              222.8 x 603.8
Nu Draconis             230.0 x 886.1
Organon                 685.8 x 057.7  Mycon death; Minerals: Planet 1
Pollux                  565.2 x 009.8
Procyon                 074.2 x 226.8  Mmmrnm and Chenesu homeworld
Regulus                 373.2 x 106.7
Rigel                   210.4 x 208.3  Meet with Zot-Fot-Pik
Sirius                  180.6 x 150.7
Sol                     175.2 x 145.0  Solar system (Earth)
Theta Camelopardalis    589.5 x 402.0
Theta Chamaeleonis      514.5 x 695.8
Theta Crateris          621.5 x 625.5
Theta Draconis          327.0 x 800.0  Minerals: Planets 1, 3, 4
Theta Giclas            067.5 x 074.2
Theta Horologii         720.0 x 784.9
Theta Hyades            829.6 x 954.8
Theta Illuminati        201.1 x 304.3
Theta Lyncis            612.5 x 960.4
Theta Orionis           188.1 x 630.8
Theta Persei            937.5 x 241.6
Theta Serpentis         452.9 x 016.9
Vega                    033.3 x 975.0
Vela                    334.5 x 193.1  Your character's homeworld
Xi Draconis             258.8 x 865.3
Zeeman                  335.2 x 194.0  Trader
Zeta Antliae            258.1 x 910.5
Zeta Aquarii            862.5 x 856.2
Zeta Bootis             016.7 x 287.5
Zeta Brahe              650.0 x 245.8
Zeta Camelopardalis     616.6 x 412.5  Minerals: Planets 1c,2
Zeta Centauri           146.3 x 077.9  Minerals: Planets 2,4
Zeta Ceti               289.5 x 468.7
Zeta Chamaeleonis       495.8 x 722.9
Zeta Circini            045.6 x 598.9
Zeta Corvi              008.3 x 997.9
Zeta Crateris           649.6 x 603.2
Zeta Draconis           277.6 x 867.3  Aqua Helix
Zeta Fornacis           610.4 x 800.0
Zeta Giclas             111.6 x 033.4  Minerals: Planet 3
Zeta Gruis              258.3 x 375.0
Zeta Horologii          744.3 x 753.8
Zeta Hyades             850.0 x 937.2  Utwig Bomb 6b
Zeta Illuminati         245.8 x 275.0
Zeta Krueger            013.4 x 056.5
Zeta Librae             783.3 x 908.3
Zeta Lyncis             522.9 x 972.9
Zeta Muscae             112.5 x 858.3
Zeta Normae             215.9 x 561.4
Zeta Orionis            155.8 x 605.8
Zeta Persei             946.9 x 280.6  Druuge homeworld
Zeta Ptolemae           178.7 x 033.8
Zeta Scorpii            650.0 x 220.8
Zeta Scuti              531.3 x 015.0
Zeta Serpentis          500.7 x 003.5
Zeta Sextantis          468.1 x 091.6  Rainbow world
Zeta Tauri              009.0 x 361.4
Zeta Volantis           073.6 x 173.7
Zeta Vulpeculae         360.8 x 263.7