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Teen Agent walkthrough

       /                        /
      /                        /
     /________        ________/_____________      _____
              /      /       /        /     \    /     /
             /      /   ____/    ____/       \  /     /
            /      /   /__ /    /__ /         \/     /
           /      /   ____/    ____/                /
          /      /   /__ /    /__ /     /\         /
         /      /       /        /     /  \       /
        /______/_______/________/_____/    \_____/

         /               /
        /     __        /_______ ____________    ___________________
       /     /  /      /        /       /    \  /    /             /
      /     /__/      /   _    /   ____/      \/    /____     ____/
     /               /   /_/__/   /__ /            /    /    /
    /     ___       /   //_  /   ____/            /    /    /
   /     /   /     /   /__/ /   /__ /            /    /    /
  /     /   /     /        /       /    /\      /    /    /
 /_____/   /_____/________/_______/____/  \____/    /____/   TM


1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Controls
4. a) Walkthrough: Part I
   b) Walkthrough: Part II
   c) Walkthrough: Part III
5. Credits
6. Legal Stuff

1. Introduction
Teen Agent is a good game, despite its age. It has the stupid humor that we all
love so much, and the puzzles that we love to try, try, and try again to solve.
It was first released in 1994, and then was decided to be released as Freeware
(at least I thihnk).
It is a pretty short game, but some of the puzzles are REALLY difficult to
solve. I eventually ended up needing a walkthrough. This game could probably
last you a week or two (without walkthrough). So if you're planning to make
this game last, turn away now!
Anyways, on with the walkthrough.

2. Version History

V1.0 - The first version.
V1.1 - Attempt 1 at fixing the heading.

3. Controls
The Controls for Teen agent are simple. Left click to walk/look. Right click to
walk, use, get, talk and every other action that would otherwise not be
The Arrow keys could also be used, although it is not recommended. Ctrl has the
same function as the Left Click and Alt has the same function as right click.
To access your inventory move your cursor to the top of the screen for a
Right clicking is also used to use items with other items and objects.

4a. Walkthrough: Part I
When you start, you will watch a scene that reveals gold dissappearing. After
that, you will be at the camp. Use the pass on the Guard. Take the path down
the right. Go to the door to the right of the Cantine. The Captain will give
you three trials that you have to pass. Here's how to do them:

Trial 1: Escape
This is a fairly simple task to do. First, get the light bulb. Mark will jump
off the bed and the wire will fall down. Get the spring that's on the bed.
Then, keep yelling out the crates (the grate at the top of the door) until the
Captain brings you food. Now get the wire. Then call out the crates once again.
The Captain will come, and get shocked. Right click the Body to get the key.
Use the key on the door and your free.

Trial 2: Interogation
In this task, the Captain is tied up, and you have to get the password off him.
This is much harder compared to the first one. Take the path to the left. You
will see a brick wall, and just beneath it "Solid Ground". Use the spring on
the "solid ground". Now right click the spring to jump on it, and over the
wall. Mark will get the shovel and walk around the wall. Get the plant next to
the wall. Go back to the Captain's place, and use the delicate plant on him. He
will get tickled and his pocket knife will fall out. Now leave the room, and
take the path to the right. Use the knife on the fence. Mark will cut the fence
open. Now use the shovel on the Mysterious Object. Now go back to where you
started (where the guard is). Use the kaleidoscope on the guard. After the
short scene, get the grenade from the Guard's chest belt. Get the rope out of
the bin just outside the Cantine. Use the rope on the grenade. Now go into the
Captain's room and use the Soldier News magazine on him. He will tell you that
the password is "Coffee". Now go to the cantine, and talk to the bartender. He
will give you a mug. Task 2 completed.

Trial 3: Hide-n-Seek
This was easily the hardest of them. Very simple if you know how to do it, but
there is a lot of logic required if you don't. First, you have to get the
crumbs on the table to the right. Leave the room. Now go back to the Captain's
room, and use the grenade+rope on the drawer. Get the medecine. Now use the
crumbs with the medicine. Leave the room and take either the left or right
paths, and continue the path until you get to a mudpool. Climb the post, and
once you've fallen in, use the mug with the mud pool. Now use the drugged food
on the post. Once the bird falls, get the bird. Go back to the cantine, and use
the bird on the radio next to the clock. While the bartender's distracted, use
the mud mug with the guy's mug. NOw talk to the bartender. Once he dies, go to
the door on the left. There should be a blinking hole in one of the barels. The
captain will come out and you'd have completed Trial 3.

4b. Walkthrough: Part II
This part was difficult. Very long and tedious.

Anyways, first of all, get the paddle from the boat. Then go take the path on
the right to the forest. Talk to the squirrel continuously until he throws the
nut down. Ignore it for now.

Enter the house, and get the cheese on the top right hand corner of the shelf
and the chainsaw. Leave the house. Go back to the lake, and this time take the
path down to the village. Ignore the boy for now, and take the path up to the
field. Get the rake, and the sickle. Search the middle hay stack to get a
needle. Now go back down to the village and open the car door. Get the comb (I
don't know what this is used for, it appears to be of no help), and pull the
lever which is found at the bottom of the car. Once the trunk is open, search
it to get a toolbox. Right click it to open it, and look in it once again to
get a spanner and a carjack. Now use the spanner on the basket. The boy should
score a goal and his grandpa will take him to the zoo.

Now enter the house and get the shotgun from the wall, the fan from the shelf
and the hankerchief from the drawer. If he says "There's nothing else in the
drawers" then you should already have the hankey.

Now go back to the field and shoot the crows with your shotgun. Take the
flippers and the diving mask off the scarecrow. Use the hankerchief on the
mouse hole. Use the cheese on the mouse. The mouse will get trapped. Now get
the mouse by right clicking the mouse hole. Now kick the hen and get the
feather that comes out of it.

Now go back to the lake, and use the sickle on the well. Now take the right
path to the mansion. Pick up the wrapper in front of the guard. Now talk to the
guard until he gives you the chocolate. Now take the path around the mansion at
the bottom right side of the screen. Pick up the rock on the ground. Now take
the right path and pick up the wild plant. Keep going to the right again and
you should be back at the mansion. Take the path to the bottom right again, but
this time, just go back to the front of the mansion and wait. Once the guard
starts drinking (actually drinking, not just opening the bottle) and he should
drop the bottle. Pick up the whiskey, and use it on your chainsaw. Go back
around the mansion, this time take the upright path. Now use the chainsaw on
the branch. Get the branch and combine it with the broken paddle.

Go back to the lake. Now use the paddle on the boat. Once you get to the
island, pick up the flowers (both of them) and then use the boat and go back to
the other side of the lake. Go back to the forest and enter the house. Use the
chocolate on the heart shaped hole in the cupboard. Go back to the village, and
go to the second house. Before you enter it, use the fan on the laundry. Go
inside the house and talk to the old woman. She will get the clothes. Now give
her one of your flowers. Take the feather duster. Use the wrapper on the
chocolate and give the wrapped chocolate to Anne. You will get a ribbon. Give
the flower to Anne. Use the ribbon on the rake. Once out of the house, pick up
the clothes line rope. Go back to the forest where you saw the squirrel. Use
the fixed rake on the patch of grass. Once the nut comes out, pick it up. Go
back to Anne's house and use the nut on the immitation fruit. Go back to the
mansion, and take the bottom path around the mansion. Use the immitation fruit
on the hedgehog. You will get the cone. Use the needle on the cone and use the
feather on the cone to make a dart. Go back to the forest house and use the
feather duster on the fireplace, and then use the soot covered feather duster
on the potato.
Go back to the lake and use the flippers on the diving mask to make the diving
gear. Go back to the lake and use it on the lake. Once in the water, there will
be an anchor somewhere around the bottom right corner of the screen. To get it,
you need to be quick. Otherwise Mark will say that he needs more air to get the
anchor and he will just swim out of the water.
Once you have the anchor, use it on the rope to make the grappling hook.

Go to the area where the cave entrance is and use the sickle on the big bush.
Now use the car-jack on the rock to get the bone. Go inside the cave and use
the mouse on the hole, then use the rock on the hole, then the superglue on the
rock. The mouse won't be able to get out and so will take a different route,
pushing out a gold nugget in the process. Take it and leave the cave.

Go back to the house where the dog is and give the dog the bone. Open the
valve, then close it again. He should say that it must have shaken the walls
around it or something like that. Then Open it again and go down. Flick the
switch to the left of the ladder. Get the shovel, leave the place.

At this point, there will be 5 ways to get into the mansion. You won't have to
do them in any particular order, but you have to do all of them. Once the fifth
one is complete, then there should be a small cut-scene and Mr. john Noty wiill
appear outside the mansion. Here they are:

1. Give the gold nugget to the guard outside the house.

2. Take the top path around the mansion where the tree is. Use the soot covered
potato on the hole in the tree. Climb the    tree

3. Take the top path around the mansion again, this time use the grappling hook
on the wall.

4. Take the bottom path around the mansion. Use the shovel.

5. Go to the place where the guard is. Take the top right path to the meadow.
Use the dart on the bee hive. Open the valve and enter it.

There should be a small cut-scene after each task is complete. John Noty will
appear in front of the mansion. Talk to him and he will drop a banknote. Pick
it up and look at it. Go back to Anne's house. Give the banknote to Anne. A
small cutscene will happen and yo uwill end up inside the mansion.

4c. Walkthrough: Part III

Part three isn't that long, but the puzzles are DIFFICULT!

Anyways, on with the walkthrough. Take the first door on the right. This should
be the TV room. Get the cork from underneath the couch (Do this by
right-clicking the couch). Then pick up the newspaper. Get the remote that
falls out. Walk over to the bucket and pick up the cognac. Then pick up the
pincers also in the bucket. Leave the room.

Once you have left, go up the stairs. Open every desk drawer that you can and
look inside them to find a dictaphone and a polaroid. Search the trash can to
get the paper. Use the paper on the cork. Go back downstairs.

Go to the door on the left to the kitchen. Ignore everything for now, and just
get the chilli bottle on the bench somewhere. Leave the kitchen.

Now take the path to the right (the "other part of corridoor"). Now go to the
door on the very right. This should be the bathroom. Use the cork/paper on the
sink. Turn on the tap. Use the chilli bottle on the sink. The label will come
off. Use the label on the cognac.

Go back to the kitchen and use the fake chilli on the "Place where chilli
bottle stood". Now pick up the pastry roller on the very right of the bench.
Use the pastry roller on the radio and get the batteries. Use the batteries on
the dictaphone. Now leave the kitchen.

Go back up stairs and search the bin again. Go back downstairs, back into the

Use the paper on the hot plate. Now open the fridge. I think there's an eskimo
in there the first time. Open it a second time and use the burning paper on the
meat. Get the meat. Use the meat on the stew. Now back to the bathroom.

Once back at the bathroom, use the tongs on the sock on the red thing on the
very left, next to the door.

Now's the part where I got stuck for a while. Go back up the stairs. See where
the bookshelf is. The third shelf across, and the foutrh shelf down, the VERY
first book will be labelled "book" instead of "books". Look at it, There will
be a colour in the name somewhere. Now go back to the desk drawers and open the
one that has a colour the same as the one on the book. So for example, if the
title was "Greyhounds and other hunting dogs", then you would open the grey
drawer. Once it's open, try to pick up the book. A secret compartment will
open. Get the video tape and go back downstairs into the TV Room.

Use the tape on the VCR. Now turn on the TV. Use the remote on the VCR. The
video is one of John Noty singing - apparently very horribly. Use the
dictaphone in the TV. Also use the Polaroid on the TV. Now leave the TV room.

Go to the "other part of corridoor" and go into the only door that you have not
yet touched. There should be a giant robot inside it. Talk to him, then use the
dictaphone, polaroid and the socks on him. Once he opens, get the jar and pick
up the book.

After a rather lengthy cut-scene, click the "lower left edge of screen". Mark
will hide there while Noty comes in. Once that's over, pick up the door handle.
Leave the room.

Now use the door handle on the square shaped hole which can be found on the
door frame of the door to the right. Use the door handle. Mark will enter a
secret room. Use the jar. Mark will hop through the fan. Flick the switch and
enter the door on the right. You will be greeted with a cut-scene. Now go back
to the TV room and enter the open wardrobe. Once inside, use the chilli bottle
on Noty's head.

After the cut-scene, there will be the credits. There's also a little scene
after the credits, but it's really not worth waiting for the credits to



If you have any questions, or if you have found anything wrong or any
inconsistancies in the walkthrough, or just want to comment on it, write to me
at apocalypse_nite68@hotmail.com.

Anybody who points out anything wrong in the walkthrough, or influences me to
change it in any way, will get their name in the special thanx section of the

5. Credits!
Special Thanx!

Thanx to Johnkers for giving me the idea of making this walkthrough in the
first place!

Thanx to the Metropolis Software House for giving me a game to write a
walkthrough to!!!

Thanx to GameFAQs for putting my walkthrough up here!

Other Credits

This section is for anyone who's made any contributions to this walkthrough
other than the ones already mentioned above.

<=No-one yet!!!=>

6. Legal Stuff
All characters that appear in Teen Agent are are trademarks of the Metropolis
Softtware House

This walkthrough is a trademark and copyright of Mine, HeavenzDevil...
otherwise known as Apocalypse Nite or Danny as of the year 2002