Abandonware DOS title

William Shatner's TekWar manual


 Installation Instructions:
    To Install:
  1.   Double-click on the My Computer icon.
  2.   Double-click on the Control Panel icon.
  3.   Double-click on Add/Remove Programs.
  4.   Click on the Install button.
  5.   Click on the Next button.
  6.   Click on the Finish button.
  7.   Follow the prompts on the screen.
  8.   When done click on the X in the top right corners to close all
       windows to return to your desktop.

    To Run Setup:
  1.   Restart your PC in MS-DOS Mode.
  2.   Switch to the directory in which you installed the game & hit enter.
       (Example: CD\CAPSTONE\TEKWAR)
  3.   Type Setup and hit enter, then follow the prompts on the screen.
  4.   When done, type exit and hit enter to restart Windows 95.

    To Run the Game:
  1.   Click on the Start button.
  2.   Click on the Run line.
  3.   In the white box, type the path where the game is located and
         add \tekwar.exe at the end of it.
  4.     Click on the OK button.

 Gravis Ultrasound users must run the GRAVIS.EXE file after they have 
 installed the game to their hard drive. Once you have done this, simply 
 run the SETUP.EXE program again and your Gravis Ultrasound should work
 properly. (You may not here MIDI during the test, but it will work in 
 the game.)

 The following items are included with TekWar:
          One (1) TekWar  CD-ROM
          One (1) Manual
          One (1) Registration Card

 System Requirements
 Computer:  IBM 486/ DX50 Mhz; MS-DOS version 5.0 or higher with a 2X speed
 CD-ROM. (Pentium Recommended for SVGA mode)
 Memory: 8 MB RAM
 Video Card: VESA SVGA
 Hard Drive: minimum of 50 MB.

 Running the Installation Program:
 To install TekWar  on your hard drive:

 1) Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive, and switch to the CD-ROM drive. 

 2) Type INSTALL.
 Following the installation, the install program takes you directly to
 TekWar's Setup program.

 Type TEKWAR ? for options   (Ex. TEKWAR NETNAME JAMES)

 options: PRACTICE                    (Choose any map to practice on)
          NOGORE                      (No blood in game)
          NOBRIEFS                    (No Shatner cut scenes)
          NETNAME [YOUR PLAYER NAME]  (Name your player for network)
          NOENEMIES                   (No enemies in game)
          NOVIDEOID                   (Skips SVGA check)
          CYBER 1:2:3:4               (Cybermaxx enabled on COM port)
          IGLASS 1:2:3:4              (I-Glasses! enabled on COM port)
          SPACEBALL                   (Spaceball Avenger enabled)
          VFX1                        (VFX1 Headgear enabled)

 Keyboard Mapping
 This option allows you to customize the controls for TekWar.

 Audio Setup
 This option  executes the audio configuration program. This program allows
 you to select your audio output device and test it for compatibility. 

 Sound Notes:
 Select the sound card that is most compatible with your own. If you have a
 generic card, select a SoundBlaster 8 bit card and move down the list until
 you find a card that does not work.  Then go back to the previous selection. 

 CD Music Controls
 Once in the game, use the following controls for CD Quality Music:

 Alt-P Play
 Alt-S Stop
 Alt-R Reset
 Alt-F Advance Track
 Alt-B Reverse Track

 Video Mode 
 TekWar supports several video modes. NOTE: The 640x480 video mode requires
 a 512 K Vesa compatible video card. If you do not have a VESA driver loaded
 the game will display the message VANILLA VGA after the intro. has been 
 AND THEN LOAD A VESA DRIVER. If you have a VESA driver loaded, it will 
 display the message VESA VGA. If your screen at any point goes black, yet 
 you can still here the music, it is a video driver conflict.

 What is a VESA driver and how do I get one?
 VESA is a standard for programming SVGA cards. For most systems, it requires
 that a "VESA driver" be loaded on your system before using any of the high
 resolution SVGA modes. Each SVGA card requires a custom VESA driver which is
 usually shipped with your card. If you do not have a VESA driver for your
 video card, refer to the \TEKWAR\VESA directory on the CD and type DETECT.
 This will tell you what video card you have and you then must type the 
 appropriate driver from within that directory. 

 TekWar supports  one active, 2-16 player game on a LAN, and one head to head
 modem game at 9600 baud rate or better. An  IPX or compatible network driver
 is required for the network game. Make sure to set Communications to IPX
 if you want to play network play; Also choose the correct number of
 participating players.

 Additional command line parameters for multiplayer games:

        COOP    - this option enables computer controlled opponents on
                  each of the 7 multiplayer levels.

   SWITCHLEVELS - this allows you to switch to the next level by flipping 
                  a switch hidden somewhere on the level.

 You must turn data compression off in your init string for your modem.
 For some modems append "%C0" to the init string.  Others, such as USR
 modems, use "&K0".  A few examples follow:

        non U.S. Robotics: AT&F&C1&D2%C0
        U.S. Robotics:     AT&F&C1&D2&K0

 To begin a modem play game type "modem" from the Tekwar DOS prompt.
 One computer must select "dial" and type in the phone number and the
 other computer should select "answer".  Once both computers are connected
 you may type messages to each other to decide which game to play.  Press 
 F10 to start the game.

 Some modems will not work with 14400 as the baud rate.  If you have
 14400 selected as the baud rate and your modem is not responding with
 "OK" once the init string is sent to it try 9600 or 19200.

 The answer command for most modems is "ATS0=1".  This only needs to be
 typed in for the modem that is answering.

 The dial command for most modems is "ATDT".  This only needs to be typed
 in for the modem that is dialing.

 This option browses the MANUAL.TXT file.

 How do I make TekWar run faster?
 1) Set your screen resolution to 320x200.

 2) Minimize screen using the - (minus) key while the auto map is off.

 3) Turn off uneeded displays such as the health meter or rear view display.  

 Technical Support
 IntraCorp Entertainment, Inc.
 501 Brickell Key Drive 6th Floor
 Miami, FL. 33131
 (305) 373-3770

 A City in Turmoil...
 The year is 2045. The place is the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area
 (GLAMA). The threat: Tek. The most psychoactive mind alterant ever devised
 by the human mind is peddled daily on the streets of the inner city. This
 trade resists all efforts by the poorly funded local authorities to halt its
 distribution, and it brings in enormous wealth for those in control: the
 TekLords. The mafia kingpins of the 21st century, the TekLords have divided
 the city into seven boroughs to minimize infighting and maximize their profit. 

 A New Threat...
 Recently, an informant within the organization of TekLord Sonny Hokori, the
 most powerful TekLord in the city, has come forth with a story too
 frightening to ignore. He swears that the TekLords have put aside their
 differences to increase the level of Tek addiction to disastrous proportions.
 Their vehicle: the Matrix. Nicholi Petrovski, a noted cyberbiologist and
 Miyoshi Nakahara, a Nobel prize winning cyberneticist have mysteriously
 disappeared. It is believed that their skills are being used by the TekLords
 to develop  a means to distribute Tek across the Matrix. This would addict
 the hundreds of thousands of people who use the Matrix in their daily
 business; and once the flow of Tek on the Matrix is stopped, these addicts
 will rely on the TekLord Consortium in the physical world to get their fix. 

 Recently Thawed....
 Who will save the city from this enslavement? You will. An ex-cop framed for
 dealing Tek, you have spent the last five years in cryogenic suspension in an
 orbiting prison platform called "the Freezer". When you return to earth you
 discover that you have been granted a 'special parole' on the condition that
 you work for Walter Bascom, head of the Cosmos Detective agency. You must
 investigate the efforts of the TekLords to use the Matrix and find a way to
 stop them. If you succeed, thousands of  innocents escape the mind-ravaging
 effects of Tek. If you fail, the addiction spreads, but you won't see that in
 the freezer...
 Game Play

 Once the game has started and you are standing in the subway, hit the ESC key
 to bring up the TekWar Menu.

 TekWar Menu

 New Game
 This starts a  new game. There are three difficulty levels to choose from: 

 Easy:        1,000 health and consciousness.
 Medium:      750 health and consciousness.
 Hard:        500 health and consciousness. 

 In addition to health and consciousness changes, each increasing difficulty
 level contains stronger TekGoons.

 Load Game
 This allows you to load a saved game. There are five game slots to choose

 This brings up the interface options. There are several sub-menus here:

 Mouse Sensitivity 
 This option allows you to increase or decrease motion sensitivity of the

 Sound/Music Volume 
 This option allows you to adjust the sound and music volumes. 

 Head Bob On/Off
 This toggles the head bob option, a realistic feature that simulates
 perspective in human motion. 

 Abort Mission
 This option will allow you to go back to the Main Menu.                     

 Function Keys
 Many of the options in the TekWar Menu can be accessed through the keyboard
 function keys. These keys are:

 F1      TekWar Online Help
 F2      Save Game 
 F3      Load Game
 F4      Quit Game
 F5      Toggle Messages On/Off
 F6      Mouse Sensitivity
 F7      Toggle Monitor Overscan
 F8      Sound and Music Volume
 F9      Screen Brightness
 F10     - Scrapped -
 F11     Joystick Centering
 F12     Screen Capture

 Function Key Notes
 F5: The Toggle Messages On/Off key only applies to a network or modem game.

 F7: Monitor Overscan is a screen effect that indicates you have taken damage
 or picked up an item. There are two ways to display this, a flashing red
 border effect and a red fading palette effect. The F7 key toggles between
 the two.                                                        

 F12: The screen capture feature only works in 320x200 resolution. It saves
 the screen shot as a PCX file in your TekWar directory.

   TekWar Interface

 The overhead map is activated by pressing the TAB key. Use  the plus + and
 minus - keys to zoom in and out of the map. There are 2 variations of the
 overhead map. A see through map, and a textured map. 

 Rear View Display
 This device allows you to view the area behind you. Activate it by pressing
 the R key. 

 While in the Matrix, you are subjected to extreme amounts of sensory
 information. To prevent damage to your nervous system, the Matrix Station
 will revive you when your energy gets low. The MATEC, or MAtrix Time Energy
 Continuum display, shows the amount of time/energy remaining before the Matrix
 Station forcibly ejects you. Standard time is 6 minutes, but this decreases
 with each energy expenditure, and can be increased with items found in the
 Matrix. Activate the MATEC by pressing the M key.

 ALT-Q           Quit Matrix and start over. 
 X               Up
 C               Down
 Use SHIFT + X or C to move Up or Down faster 
 CTRL            Shoot
 SPACEBAR        Activate wall switches
 Carried items can be displayed on the right side of the screen. To activate
 the inventory display, press the I key. 

 To change the selected weapon, press the corresponding number key:

 1       Kralov CEG 15 Electro-Stunner
 2       C & W Model 2040
 3       Shrike DBK Pistol
 4       Orlow 34s
 5       EMP Anti Android Pistol
 6       Force Charge
 7       Stun Grenade
 8       Flamethrower
 9       Rocket Launcher

 Note: Force Charge & Stun Grenades have been changed so that they are picked
 up with the space bar and then thrown with the Enter key; They are no longer 
 weapons 6 & 7. Weapons 8 & 9 have now been moved to the 6 & 7 locations

 To draw the selected weapon, press the Left Ctrl key, and to put the weapon
 away press the / key. Note: Drawing a weapon has  an effect on civilians and
 attracts the attention of the GLA Police Force. 

 Aiming Reticule
 A crosshair can be activated by pressing the A key.

 Ammunition/ Recharging
 Many of the weapons in TekWar require ammunition or charging. Ammunition can
 be found in certain city areas and scavenged from TekGoons. 

 Health Meter
 You have two values representing your physical condition in TekWar:
 Consciousness and Health. Both enemy attacks and falling remove health and
 consciousness. If your consciousness reaches zero, you are rendered
 unconscious. If your health reaches zero, you die. Your remaining health can
 be displayed in two ways: numerically at the bottom of the screen, or
 graphically in the Health Meter. The H key toggles between the two display

 In the Health Meter, there are three colored bars, a green one, a yellow one,
 and a blue one. They represent:

 Green bar:    health 
 Yellow bar:   consciousness
 Blue bar:     ammunition

 Note: Score & Time remaining keys have been replaced with the E key so as to
 not interfere with matrix symbols at the bottom of the screen.

 Use the appropriate ARROW keys, the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON or UP on the joystick. 

 Hold down the SHIFT key while walking, or press BUTTON 1 on the joystick.

 Strafing is a quick movement to the side. 
 To strafe Right: press the . key or CTRL ALT RIGHT ARROW.
 To strafe Left:   press the , key or CTRL ALT LEFT ARROW.
        Jump:           press the X key.
	Crouch:  	press the C key.

 Look Up/ Look Down
	Look Up: 	press the PAGE UP key	
	Look Down : 	press the PAGE DOWN key
	Center View: 	press the HOME key

 To open doors and use various items such as keycards, energy outlets and
 matrix stations, press the SPACEBAR.

 The Matrix

 The Matrix is a virtual landscape comprised of all networked electronic
 communication systems. Across this abstracted terrain, a digitized humanity
 flows and conducts daily tasks. Individuals and mega-corporations participate
 side by side in a virtual marketplace, trading each and every second the most
 volatile and precious of commodities: information. 

 Place Matrix Symbol Keys by pressing the space bar.

 Kralov CEG-15 Stunner
 This pistol fires a ball of highly charged particles that will short out its
 targets nervous system and render them unconscious for a short period of

 C&W Model 2040
 This semiautomatic pistol fires caseless rounds. It is the choice weapon of
 most TekGoons, so scavenged clips will serve to reload. 

 Shrike DBK
 This weapon fires energy rounds that expand on impact, violently ripping its
 target to pieces. This weapon must be recharged at an energy outlet. 

 Orlow 34s
 An aggressive upgrade from the Shrike DBK, the Orlow 34s is a semiautomatic
 energy round weapon. Like the Shrike, it must be recharged at an energy

 EMP Pistol
 This pistol fires an electromagnetic pulse designed to stun androids. It must
 be recharged. 

 Force Charge
 A cannister of liquid plastic explosive equipped with a kinetic detonator.
 This weapon is thrown and explodes on impact. 

 This rifle fires long gouts of a volatile chemical mixture that bursts into
 flame on contact with air. The fluid also has a glutinous consistency,
 causing it to stick to its target and inflict horrendous burn damage. This
 weapon requires fuel canisters to reload. 

 Rocket Launcher
 This shoulder-mounted weapon fires short range rockets that explode on
 impact, obliterating its target and much of the surrounding infrastructure as
 well. Originally designed as heat-seekers for aircraft, the targeting acuity
 of these rockets has been increased to track a human target. 

 Characters and Enemies

 Though accustomed to living in a dangerous world of urban violence, the
 hardened citizens of GLA  want only to stay clear of all TekLord-Police
 altercations and continue their business with some feigned degree of

 Losing the war against Tek, the GLA Police Force finds itself hopelessly
 outmanned and utterly outgunned. Seeing their uniformed comrades shot down
 day after day in the line of duty has embittered them and instilled within
 them a deep hatred for Tek, the Tek Lords, and especially those 'Rogue' cops
 that leave to work for the Consortium.

 Kamikaze Androids
 These mechanized assassins home in on their programmed targets and attempt to
 touch them. Their tactile detonators cause them to explode on contact. These
 androids can appear as Civilians, Cops or TekGoons, and are notoriously
 difficult to damage with conventional weaponry. 
 The wealth and power of the Tek Consortium allows it to hire agents superior
 to the GLA Police Force in both armament and number. These loyal soldiers
 serve as the arms of the TekLords, doing the 'dirty work' associated with
 organized crime. They carry a varied assortment of weapons and guises,
 allowing them to infiltrate all aspects of city life and quickly terminate
 any threats to the boroughs. 

 The TekGoons are ruthless; their willingness to fire on civilians has numbed
 the populace of GLA into submission, and  detracted much support for the
 local authorities. As a result., the average citizen relies on TekGoon favor
 as much as the GLAPD to stay out of harm's way. 


 The real power in GLA, these local warlords control the distribution of Tek,
 the most addictive psychoactive drug created. As the local authorities fail
 miserably to slow the trade of Tek, the TekLord Consortium increases its area
 of control and makes plans to harness the power of the Matrix to spread Tek
 addiction to the entire world. 

 Conrad Lowell     Dallas Di Marco      Miles Connor

 Marty Dollar      Janus                Carlyle Rossi

                   Sonny Hokuri

 As the most powerful member of the TekLord Consortium, Sonny Hokuri is the
 major force behind the plan to distribute Tek through the Matrix. 

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 "Home of the Authors"

 Executive Producer
 Amy Smith "Topcat" Boylan

 James "Go Canes!" Wheeler

 Product Manager
 Judy "FSWHO" Melby

 Brandon "Burn Another CD" Chamberlain

 Executive Story Consultant
 William Shatner

 Story and Script
 Brandon "Burn Another CD" Chamberlain
 Tony "I Get No Respect" Panaccio

 3D Engine Licensed From 3D Realms Entertainment

 3D Engine and Tools
 Ken Silverman

 Jeff "Hosehead" Schulz
 Les "Can I Go Home" Bird

 Sound and Additional Programming
 Joe "I Need A Woman" Abbati

 3D Animation and Artwork
 Ken "Thumper" Loyd
 Ruben "Scorpion" Cabrerra
 Carlos "Hooked On Phonics" Ibarra
 Scott "Puppet Boy" Nixon
 John "Scuba" Potter
 Ernie "I'm At School" Roque
 Gonzalo "Mo' Money" Montes de Oca

 Original Map Design
 Ken "Thumper" Loyd
 Mike "Witchaven" Pitts

 Coordinator of Extended Lunch Breaks
 Jeff "No Treats" Schulz
 Late Night Dinner Payee
 Tag "The Big Boss" Tognalli
 Map Editors
 Ken "Thumper" Loyd
 Jeff "Hosehead" Schulz
 Ruben "Scorpion" Cabrerra
 John "Scuba" Potter

 QA Manager
 Ray "Boomer" Boylan

 QA Coordinator
 Carlos "RX7" Munoz

 William Shatner as Walter Bascom
 Other TekWar Characters
 Kirsten Marshall
 Scott Amos
 Sydney Sproule
 Toby Sax
 Lee Ann Emery
 Rick Knight
 Shawne Williams
 Orry Skrypec
 Jeff Wachsmann
 Aaron Okada
 Beta Testers
 Trevor "Travis" Talbird
 Michael "Wolverine" Goldman
 Alex "Fashion Statement" Solano
 Michael "DeWiner" DeMarco
 Katie "Lil' Yma" Gangi
 Sean "Father" Potter

 With special thanks for video production assistance to:
 Sherri Saito
 Alex Dawes
 Sherry McMorran
 Sydney Sproule
 Kirsten Marshall
 Lemli Productions
 Cardigan Productions