Abandonware DOS title

The Third Courier manual

                                THE THIRD COURIER


Your assignment is vital. Three couriers headed to a top-secret conference
in Brussels are missing.  Each was carrying a crucial component of the NATO
non-nuclear defense plans.  Now two are dead and the third - last seen in
Berlin - has vanished.  You must find the three critical components (a
computer chip, a floppy disk, and a CPU) before the NATO meeting - and
before they fall into the wrong hands.

You know what's at stake.  This time it isn't surveillance.  It isn't a
drop.  Or data farming.  This is the majors, and you've just been called
up.  And there's only one rule in this game: don't trust anyone.

Fly to Berlin and and (THATS THE WAY THE MANUAL READS) await further
instructions.  Outside of occasional electronic contact, you're on your
own.  But then, you've always liked it that way.

There's a small mater regarding your cover.  Field Operatives are allowed
to select their own now.  After hiring a few Human Resource Psychologists
the Company was convinced morale would improve if you had a hand in
selecting your new profile.

You can have up to four different agents on file at any one time.
To create a new agent identity:

1.  Position the cursor on CREATE AGENT and press the button (or press C).
2.  Type in the name you want to use for your new identity.
    (up to 23 characters)
3.  Press Enter.

The folder will open to display and Electronic Dossier for you to complete.

The fist page of the dossier is mandatory.  Think of it as your social
security number.  You choices determine your agent's ability.

1.  Use the mouse, joystick or cursor keys to select and option from each
    background area (sex, occupation, etc.).  If you are using the
    keyboard, the tab key will move you from one selection group to the

2.  Click on NEXT PAGE (or press N) to continue when you've completed the
    first page.

On Page two of the dossier, you are assigned Character Traits based on the
information you provided on page one of the dossier.  The numerical values
beside Character Traits are indicators of your particular abilities
relative to the best agents of all time.  (The scale runs from 0 to 99, the
highest number being the best, 0 the worst.)

These are additional characteristics that affect you character's abilities.
As you gain more experience, more of your character's idiosyncrasies will
be revealed to you.  You will learn one more positive and one more negative
aspect of your character's personality with each level you gain.

Experience points are gained by playing the game.  You gain points by
exploring, encountering other characters, finding objects and by solving
problems.  Promotions are based on you accumulated experience.

Indicates you progress.  No matter how good you may be now,  everyone
starts out as Sleuth.  As you advance (gain experience points), you
graduate to higher levels: AGENT, RESIDENT AGENT, SPY, and finally, MASTER
SPY.  You attain these levels based on the following experience points:

                        Agent                   25,000

                        Resident Agent          40,000

                        Spy                     60,000

                        Master Spy              75,000

If you're satisfied with your character, you have two choices:

1.  Select ACTIVATE and start the game.

2.  Click on DONE or press D and return to the Agent Selection Screen.

However, unlike life, if you don't like you character profile you can start
over again.  Just click on PREV PAGE (or press P) and fill in the dossier
with new information.

After you create an identity (you can create up to 4), you can activate it
at will from the agent file disks:

1.  Click on SELECT AGENT (or press S), then click on (or use the arrow
    keys to move the cursor to) one of the four file disks.

2.  Click on ACTIVE AGENT (or press A). You will begin in your apartment or
    wherever you last save the game.

If you wish to create a fifth identity, you must first "retire" one of your
other agents.

1.  Click on SELECT AGENT (or press S)

2.  Choose one of the four file disks by clicking on it or moving the
    cursor to it and pressing ENTER.

3.  Click on Terminate Agent (or press T).  You will be asked if your want
    to delete this agent.  Press Y or N.  If you terminate, he's gone.

4.  Go back and create a new agent as you did in Create Your Profile.

Allows you to review the dossier and current statistics of any your saved

1.  Click on SELECT AGENT or press S.

2.  Choose one of the four files disks by clicking on it or moving the
    cursor to it and pressing return.

3.  Click on REVIEW FILE (or press R).  You will be taken to the second
    page of the dossier.  When finished reviewing the file, click on DONE
    (or press D) and you will return to the Agent Select Screen.

To return to DOS, follow these steps:

1.  Click on QUIT GAME (or press Q).  You will be asked if you want to save
    the current status of your agent.

2.  Select Y, N, or ESC (Esc returns you to the menu).  Selecting Y saves
    your agent's status and returns you to DOS.  Selecting N does not save
    your agent's status and returns you to DOS.

In The Third Courier, you can use a mouse, joystick or keyboard to control
your movements.

If you are using the keyboard, simply press the appropriate key for the
desired action.  With a mouse or joystick, highlight the desired option and
press the mouse button or fire button.

The directional movement works as follows: Select a direction, such as
North.  You will now be facing north.  To continue moving north, continue to
click on North or press N on the keyboard.  In other words, the first
selection turns you in that direction, the second moves you in that
direction.  NOTE: If using a mouse or joystick notice that the direction
you are facing will rotate to the top of the on-screen compass.


KEYBOARD        MOUSE/JOYSTICK                  ACTION

N               Click N                         Turn/Move North

W               Click W                         Turn/Move West

E               Click E                         Turn/Move East

S               Click S                         Turn/Move South

U               Click Up arrow                  Climb stairs or in elevator

D               Click Down arrow                Descend stairs or in

R               Click Down arrow                Descend stairs or in

R               Click Action box                Run

C               Click Action box                Chat

F               Click Action box                Fight

A               Click on Action                 Open Action Menu

I               Click on Inventory              Open Inventory Menu*

P               Click on Places                 Open Places Menu

ESC                                             Pauses the game

ctrl S                                          Toggles the sound on and

Space bar       Release button                  Closes menu

Up Arrow        Slide mouse up                  Moves up item list

Down Arrow      Slide mouse down                Moves down item list

Enter           Release button                  Activates highlighted item

* With certain actions, the Inventory Menu allows you to take or drop more
than one item.  When you finished, press the space bar to close the menu.

Here are some keyboard hot-buttons that will help speed up your actions as
you explore Berlin.

1.  To use the hot buttons, press the letter key (e.g. [A]ction,
    [I]nventory, [P]laces) to open the menu you wa nt.

2.  When then menu opens, highlight an option by pressing its first letter.
    If more than one option shares a first letter, press the first letter
    again to highlight the next possibility; continue to press that letter
    until the option you want is highlighted.

3.  To register your selection, press ENTER.

You'll be staying at a Knesebeck Strasse apartment building where most CIA
people stay.  If you venture beyound the Berlin Wall, prepare yourself for
a trip into the past.  Where West Berlin is alive with technicolor
brilliance and sparkle, East Berlin still has the look of a forty-year-old
black and white WWII movie.  Nothing has changed.  It has only aged.
Little reconstruction, no modern services.  The trains still carry wooden
seats, the cars with their two-piston engines sound like noisy motorcycles,
and the air is thick with the smell of cheap, burnt motor oil.  A cloud of
despair hangs over the city, making the shadows grayer and the faces

Your apartment is the first place you'll see in Berlin.  We trust you'll
find it comfortable- and quite secure.  Your apartment is furnished with a
computer and an answering machine.  The computer is the only way The
Company can contact you.

Displays critical conversation and information.

All the people you meet, the weapons you carry, the city streets, the
building you enter, the taxi, the U-Bahn, and the border crossings will be
displayed here.

Indicates your current location, weapon in hand, and available ammunition
are displayed here.  As you explore the city, icons representing types of
establishments you are passing will appear on either the right or left side
of the street they are on.

If you turn in the direction of the icon, you will be facing the entrance
to the building represented by the icon.  The building may or may not be
open to you.  Remember that most businesses have set hours.  Most in West
Berlin open about 6 a.m.


The C.I.D. Unit on the right of the screen has multiple functions.  You
will use this handy device to access special menus, keep track of your
character's statistics and the time of day, move around the city and make
split second decisions in encounters.

The options contained inside these menus are your modes of action.  They
are dynamic menus, which means that certain options are only available when
they are applicable to the situation at hand.  To operate these menus:

1.  With a mouse or joystick, position the cursor on the appropriate
    selection and press the button (or press [A]ction, [I]nventory or
    [P]laces on the keyboard).

2.  The menu will open up and the available options will be displayed in
    black in type (options not available at the present time are shown

3.  With a mouse or joystick, position the cursor on the appropriate
    selection and press the button (or use the up and down arrow keys from
    the keyboard to highlight your selection and press enter).


Arm             Arms you and also unarms you when you are armed.  Allows
                you to change weapons during an encounter.

Bribe           Offers money to people you encounter.  Because you're
                street wise, you always bride the correct amount.

Buy             The Shopping command.

Drop            Removes an item from your inventory.  Be careful; once you
                leave the location where you drop something, it's gone

Hail Cab        A speedy way to get around town. But it costs.

Listen          Try to pick up some interesting dialogue-or hear someone

Search          Examine a location or an object.

Sell            Sell items you acquire.

Sneak           Allows you to surprise foes by moving furtively.

Stake Out       Watch a particular location over a period of time.

Take            Adds available objects to your inventory.

Use             Lets you see a particular object.

Save            Saves your game at the current location.

Restore         Returns you to your last saved position.

Quit            Takes you back to the Agent Creation screen; from there you
                can choose.

Quit Game       Exits you to DOS.

This menu lists all the items you have in your possession at the time you
open it.  In certain locations, such as Mission Control or your apartment
or in a restaurant, it will list the objects that are available to you
there.  At these locations, the Inventory menu will open automatically when
you select options from the Action menu such as BUY or TAKE.

When hailing a cab (option from the Action Menu), this menu opens to reveal
the places you can get to by taxi.  As you uncover more important loc*ations
in Berlin, these locations are added to the places menu.

Your character's traits reflect the choices you made on the dossier.  They
are represented as bar graphs on the C.I.D> Unit.  Each graph fluctuates as
you move, have encounters and gain experience.  Watch these stats as you
play.  They affect how well your character can react to different

* Intelligence: It is affected by your experience, solving problems and
  your health.

* Strength: Increases due to successful combat and decreases based on the
  amount of damage your character has taken.  Health also affects your

* Knowledge: Increases as you uncover facts and gain proficiency with new
  items and weapons.

* Intuition: Changes as a result of encounters with other characters.

* Health: A big factor in strength, hence in your ability to fight.  Thus,
  if your health is low you might want to flee a possible attacker instead
  of standing your ground.  You might even want to get yourself to the
  doctor at Mission Support.

Shows your character's current level rating (1-5).  These numbers increase
as you gain experience and are promoted by Langley.

This figure represents the points you accumulate as you move towards
accomplishing your mission.  Certain discoveries you make will increase
experience points faster.

The digital readout provides you with time of day (represented in military
time) Many places in the city open at 0600 hours and close at 1800 hours.
The number of the day represents the days elapsed since the beginning of
your mission.  Remember you have only 7 days to accomplish your mission.

You may only move in the compass directions that are highlighted.  To leave
your apartment, for example, N is your only possibility.  To move, position
the cursor over one of the compass points and press the button, or press
the appropriate letter key: [E]ast, [N]orth, [W]est, [S]outh.

When you meet someone, applicable ENCOUNTER OPTIONS will appear.  To select
an option, position the cusor over the appropriate option and press the
button or press the appropriate letter key.


Chat            A good way to get information; chat with everyone unless,
                of course, they're ready to swing an ax in your direction.

Run             If your health or strength is down, you might want to let
                your feet do their stuff.  A word of warning, however.
                When you run, you have no control over where you go.  You
                are dropped randomly in the city.

Fight           Combat goes in rounds between you and the other guy.  The
                outcome will be determined by your strengths and weapons
                and strengths and weapons.  You can be wounded in combat,
                which will affect some of your character traits.  During
                combat you may arm or change weapons by opening the Action
                menu and selecting ARM.

                Your inventory menu then opens so you can select the weapon
                you wish to be armed with.  Combat continues until one of
                you is defeated or one of you runs.  If you win, you can
                now search your opponent.  If you lose you are
                Terminated... dead.  But if you open the ACTION menu and
                select RESTORE, Moondancer is returned to the last "saved"
                position.  So it may be prudent to save the game often.

Threaten        Threaten is an aggressive action that evokes different
                responses from people you meet.  Some will run, some will
                fight, some will call police, and some will call you names.

Search          If you happen to eliminate an opponent, be sure to frisk
                them.  They may be carrying vital info.

To begin your assignment you'll want to USE some equipment in your
apartment.  Try logging onto your computer or using your answering machine.
Remember, aside from the contacts you make on the street and in the shops,
these two machines will be your only sources of information.  Check them

You'll need to enter a passcode when you LOG ON to your Computer for the
first time each game session. (This was the protection!)

Once in the computer you can check your MAIL and the dossiers of important
people with whom you will deal throughout your mission.  The dossier list
is dynamic and new names will be added as you meet these people and make
use of your PHOTO-FAX.  Only people Langley has a dossier on will show up
in this list, which can be found under NAME CHECK.  When you're finished
using the computer, click LOG OFF.

Our intelligence has told us that there are come contacts and informants in
Berlin who will be helpful to you during the mission.  However, specific
information as to their identities died with the two couriers.  Don't
forget to use your PHOTO-FAX - Langley most likely has Dossiers on some of
those people.

We also know thats as in many large cities, there is a flourishing black
market.  Usually, these operations are fronted by normal-looking
businesses.  Check out the local merchants.  Maybe you'll locate some
sources for specialized items.

Due to the nature of this particular situation, we have reason to believe
that counter-espionage activity will be very heavy in Berlin.  Watch your

And watch your front.  Reports from the field indicates that the streets of
the city have become more dangerous, especially at night.  Good luck,
Moondancer, we'll support you in the mission however we can.  But as
always, you are alone out there and will have only your quick wits and
clever ways to see through.


Many forms of handgun exist with slightly different characteristics.  Here
are a few known to be carried by Mission Support and some of the locals.

                Air pistol                      Derringer 25

                Beretta M92SB                   HK P9S

                Beretta 20                      Markarov

                Browning BDA-9                  S&W Model 10

                Charter Arms Bulldog            S&W Model 629

                Colt Agent                      S&W Model 65

                Colt Python                     Walther P5

                CZ 85                           Walther PPK

Some of the more hardened criminals carry the big stuff, so watch out for
these rifles.  Mission Support also stocks them occasionally.

                AK47                            M16

                AR-15                           Nato Car 15

                AR-18                           Uzi Carbine

                HK 91

Hopefully you won't meet anybody carrying one of these, but rumor has it
that someone has been supplying submachine guns to some of the locals to
prevent people like you from doing their job correctly.

                K-50M                           Port Said

                M11                             Thompson

                MPL                             UZI

A little refresher here from your school days might be in order on some of
these, so we'll include descriptions.

BALI SONG: A short, flat-bladed knife, commonly called a "butterfly knife".

BILLY CLUB: A short, hard-wood stick to hit people with.

STILETTO: A thin-bladed knife, longer and thinner than a Bali-Song.

SWITCH BLADE: A knife with a retractable blade.  Easy to conceal.

SYKES-FAIRBAIRN: A heavy, military knife which can be fixed into a bayonet
if need be.

There are some items at Mission Support that may be of value.  Occasionally
check with Murphy in Supply to see if he has any of these devices
available.  (Remember that some devices will only be available as you gain
certain levels).


BOMB SNIFFER: Standard issue C.A.N.I.N.E. class explosion detection device
capable of detecting even minute traces of explosive compounds at range of
up to 50m.

BUG FINDER: The Super Sentry Speakfree Bug Finder, which, when used in
conjunction with the Super Sentry Bug Eradicator, (q.v.) allows the most
secure local bug protection on the market today.

BUG KILLER: The Super Sentry Bug Eradicator, a single use device which not
only destroys local covert listening devices, but doubles as a handy
aerosol stain remover as well.

BUG RECORDER: Located in your apartment, this device records any Super Bugs
you have activated.

FERAT: Infared through Ultrapurple wave detection device keyed to hormonium
compound used to coat NATO defense plans.  Will emit a beeping sound when
within 10m. of said plans.

PHOTO-FAX: A photographic facsimilie machine which will allow you to send
pictures of suspected contacts and agents to Langley for identification and
report immediately if a dossier exists on these individuals.  Langley will
then send, via modem, the complete dossier to your apartment computer.
This is a very important device, as it is the only method of direct
communication you will have with the company.

SUPER BUG: An extremely small and powerful covert listening device designed
to blend well into any number of art-deco and neo-modern backgrounds.

GAS MASK: For those awkward moments when breathing just won't do.

MK1 VEST: Although never field tested, this vest is said to be "nearly
entirely bulletproof at 100m." R&D is working on improved models and some
are rumored to exist on the black market.

AMYL NITRATE AND TANNIC ACID: If moondancer is unlucky enough to ingest
poison, these can be antidotes.

LOCK PICKS: Come on, you've supposed to be a super agent.

FLASHLIGHTS: Used in dark places, like underneath buildings, so that you
can see the vermin you're sliming around with.

Whenever visiting a new city, it's always a good idea to bring along a good
guide book.  It increases the pleasure of your wanderings and you never
know what interesting nuggets of information you might pick up.  Here's a
brief description of some of Berlin's notable districts.


THE PARK DISTRICT: To the south and east lies the great Berlin park, a
place of scenery, beauty, and enchantment.  For centuries, lovers have
strolled hand in hand through these woods, enthralled by their pastoral
beauty.  Many forms of entertainment abound herein and, of course, public
restrooms are provided.

THE PALACE DISTRICT: North and east is the home of the famous
Charlottenburg Palace, the largest mansion in Berlin and bastion of German
culture.  Surrounding the palace are some of the finest restaurants and
bars Berlin has to offer.  Be sure to sample the beer.

THE TEMPLEHOFF DISTRICT: Smack in the center of Berlin lies the Templehoff
business district, home of Berlin's thriving international trade community.
Experience the hustle and bustle of truly dynamic economy at work, and
perhaps see the city from a new perspective - high atop the Templehoff
building itself.

THE DAIRY DISTRICT: The mere mention of Germany immediately conjures up
images of good food.  Beer, pretzels, and of course, wurst are as German as
bagpipes are Scottish.  This south western district is the home of these
rural delights.  These merchants, known for their biting wit and rural
wisdom, are always glad to exchange pleasantries with foreign travelers.

THE INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT: What city could survive without the working man?
Berlin is no exception.  North and west lies the home of the proletariat
and his pleasures.  Here you will be staying in some of the most affordable
housing in all of Europe.


MARX ENGLES PLAZA: Wide open space and open air cafe's mark this plaza, the
largest in East Germany.  Here, it is said, old friends may meet and
relive happier times.

CULTURAL DISTRICT: Traveling east from the plaza along Unter den Linden,
one encounters the home of German culture.  If one is careful, one might
almost be able to see the spirits of such German immortals as Beethoven,
Mozart and Wagner as their music drifts out from the opera house.

GOVERNMENT DISTRICT: Between Friedrichstrasse and Otto Grotewohl along
Unter den Linden sits the center of international government in East
Berlin.  Travelers who encounter troubles may wish to consult their
embassy, located along this stretch of road.

BRANDENBURG GATE: Of all of the beauties of Germany, one of the greatest
must be the gates of Brandenburg, the inspiration for Bach's immortal
Brandenburg concerti.  It was once said of these gates: "If I could choose,
from all of lifes pleasures, my last sight, it would be of the gates at

End of manual.