Abandonware DOS title

The Punisher manual

The Punisher

Objectives of the Game

The Punisher Explains his objective in his war journal:

 War Journal-Number 667

   They call me the Punisher, because I dispense the dark side of
 justice - on my own terms. To hell with Miranda rights, search
 warrants, and the supposed uncertanties of circumstantial evidence.
   A clandestine group known as The Trust finances my war on crime
 because i accomplish what the justice system cant.
   I eliminate drug dealers, expose city corruption - I even terrorize
 terrorists. I'm a hero to many, a villian to some. Crime grows like a
 cancer, eating away at what little morality remains. I will eradicate
 this cancer, cell by cell. No one will stop me.
   I must stamp out the very core of the crime wave that threatens this
 city... the Kingpin, the undisputed leader of organized crime.
   A reliable informant will reveal the location of the Kingpin's base of
 operations if i can give him enough cash to set up a new identity and
 to make a fresh start on life. He says he needs $500,000.
   The problem is that the Kingpin moves his headquarters often. The
 informant said that the Kingpin will be in his present location for
 another 14 days. After that, he could be anywhere. I've been after the
 fat man for years, but he has always eluded me. This is a once in a
 time chance to cut out the heart of crime itself. I'll pay the 
 informant, track down the Kingpin and make an example of him that the
 underworld will never forget.
   A half a million bucks in less than two weeks is a tall order. I'll
 get Microchip to uncover some crimebusting missions with serious reward
 money attached. Also, I can wipe-out criminals and take their illegal
 money and apply it to my informant payoff.
   It looks like I'm in for a lot of over-time.
   Fortunately, I love my job.

                                End War Journal - Number 667

 SUMMARY OF OBJECTIVE: Within 14 days, obtain $500,000 in rewards and
 criminals' cash; pay an informant to reveal the location of the Kingpin
 of crime; eliminate the Kingpin.

Tips & Hints

 Raising Money for the  To raise the half million dollar purse, The
             Informant  Punisher must complete perilous crime fighting
                        missions, dispose of criminals, and confiscate
                        ill-gotten wealth. Sometimes The Trust, a secret
                        group of civic leaders, will offer cash rewards
                        for the successful completeion of a mission. Also,
                        the police department or other law enforcement
                        agencies may offer rewards for the capture or
                        killing of specific dangerous criminals.

          Be Alert for  Most of the time, Microchip will present missions
            Unexpected  to the Punisher in the warehouse. However, while
           Opportunity  the Punisher is travelling through Manhatten in his
                        battle van, he may hear about criminal activity over
                        his high-tech police scanner. By being aware of
                        police activity, the Punisher may be able to
                        uncover a mission where large sums of cash can be

               Enemies  The Punisher has many enemies, including some of
                        the most heinous criminals in New York. Although the
                        Punisher is heavily armed, some criminals are equally
                        armed, if not more heavily. Enemies use a variety
                        of weapons against the Punisher, ranging from simple
                        handguns to anti-tank weapons.

                Police  Though the Punisher is considered a hero by many, the
                        New York police officially regard him as a dangerous
                        and reckless vigilante who must be stopped. There are
                        several warrants outstanding for the arrest of the
                        Lately, though, as crime has gotten more and more out
                        of hand, the police have grown lenient towards the
                        Punisher's anti-crime efforts. After all, he has
                        been ending the careers of some of the most dangerous
                        criminals in the city. However, the police are on
                        alert,and will act quickly against the Punisher if any
                        member of the police force or any civilian is
                        threatened by his actions. Also the police will not
                        tolerate excessive damage to public property.

   Finding The Kingpin  The Punisher must collect enough money over the course
                        of the next 13 days to pay his informant $500,000.
                        When the sum is transferred, the informant will give
                        the Punisher the location of the Kingpin's secret
                        hideout. Then the Punisher can embark on his most
                        important mission... to dispose of the Kingpin. Since
                        the Kingpin moves his operations regularly, the
				address the informant can give is only good until
                        the 14th day. After that, the Kingpin will move to a
                        new location, and the Punisher will be back to square

                        Though the Punisher's base of operations is a
                        warehouse in Patterson, New Jersey, the center of the
                        game is Manhattan, in the heart of New York City.
                        Manhattan is in the throes of an unprecedented orgy of

  The Street Numbering  In Manhattan, roads are named Avenues or Streets.
      & Address System

               Avenues  1. All Avenues run North/South
                        2. Second Avenue is one block west of First Avenue,
                           and so on.
                        3. Address numbers on Avenues increase as you travel
                        4. A building on an Avenue between 46th and 47th
                           Streets would be numbered in the 4600s, and so on.
                        5. Even-numbered Avenue addresses are always on the
                           east side; odd numbers are on the west side.

               Streets  1. All Streets run East/West.
                        2. 34th Street is one block north of 33rd Street, and
                           so on.
                        3. Address numbers on Streets increase as you travel
                        4. A building on a Street betrween 7th and 8th
                           Avenues would be numbered in the 700's and so on.
                        5. Even-numbered Street addresses are always on the
                           north side; odd numbers are on the south side.

           Game Play    Game Play is arranged in 4 major sections: Warehouse
                        Mode, Van Mode, Foot Mode, and Scuba Mode.

        Warehouse Mode  The Punisher is based in a warehouse in Paterson, New
                        Jersey, directly across the Hudson River from
                        Manhatten. The Warehouse is the center of the
                        Punisher's operations.

                        In Warehouse Mode, you have 4 main options. Select the
                        option you want by moving the Death Skull cursor to
                        one off four screen positions, each of which
                        corresponds to one of the options. The name of the
                        currently designated option and its sub-options
                        appear in the lower right corner of the screen.
          Garage Option When you select the Garage Option, you can send the
                        Punisher on a mission in his battle van. Also if the
                        battle van has been damaged during a mission, the
                        Garage option allows you to spend some of your money
                        for repairs. However, you will be able to repair only
                        a certain amount of damage each night. You may be
                        forced, then, to use the van at less than optimal
        Practice Option When you choose the Practice Option (near the
                        Warehouse firing range), you can begin an easy,
                        moderate, or difficult practice mission, or you can
                        re-play a mission just finished. None of these
                        practice missions will have any bearing on your
                        overall effort to track down the Kingpin.
       Microchip Option When you choose this option (near the warehouse
                        office), Microchip, the master computer hacker and the
                        Punisher's most reliable ally, assigns a mission for
                        the evening. He uses various computer networks,
                        communications tie-ins, and sophisticated scanning
                        devices to provide the Punisher with up-to-the-minute
                        information on the situation in Manhattan.
           Game Options Game Options (near the warehouse freight elevator),
                        allow you to save the current game, restore a saved
                        game, quit the game and return to DOS, and restart the
                        game from the very beginning. Paragon recommends that
                        you save the game after each successful mission.

              Van Mode  When the Punisher begins a mission, you will drive the
                        battle van through the streets of Manhattan to the
                        location where the mission will unfold.

                        The van is equipped with a sophisticated police
                        scanner that can intercept police reports and provide
                        the Punisher with police reports and provide the
				Punisher with informative leads.

                        There is also a tracking camera that allows you to
                        view vehicles driving behind the van and to help in
                        attacking them with grenades.

    Change Weapons Icon The Punisher's battle van is equipped with a 4-barrel
                        mini-gun, grenade launcher and white smoke. Each of
                        these weapons can be utilized while traveling in the
    Change Clothes Icon The Punisher keeps his underwater scuba gear in the
                        battle van, along with disguises that permit him
                        easier access into certain locations. The trade-off
                        though, is that he cannot use his M-16 when disguised.
                        The icon is only active when the van is stopped.
     Leave the Van Icon The Punisher can leave the van and proceed on foot to
                        his mission. This icon is only active when the van is
Audio Surveillance Icon The Punisher can eavesdrop on conversations and obtain
                        important information through the van's audio
                        surveillance equipment. This icon is active only when
                        the van is stopped.
   Accelerate Time Icon Use this icon to accelerate time until action occurs.
                        This icon is not active if someone is near or when the
                        van is moving. (The icon is actually the rectangle
                        adjacent to the digital clock.)
       Driving the Van  Action occurs from 31st to 57th Streets. When you
                        leave the warehouse in the battle van, you are
                        automatically deposited on 12th Avenue, just north of
                        57th Street, heading south. From here you you must
                        drive the van to the mission destination.

                        When the Punisher completes a mission, you must guide
                        him on foot to the battle van, and drive north of 57th
                        Street, or south of 31st Street. You will
                        automatically return to the warehouse for your de-
                        briefing and next assignment.
      Lanes and Traffic All roads are four lanes wide, including the sidewalks
                        on which you can drive. Since missions take place late
                        at night in light traffic, you can use all four lanes
                        in the same direction.
         Shifting Lanes Turning left and right will shift lanes left and
                        right. A right turn in the right most lane at an
                        intersection, however, will result in a 90 degree
                        right turn. Likewise, a left turn in the most left-
                        most lane at an intersection will result in a 90
                        degree left turn.
                 Alleys You cannot drive in alleys. Attempting to drive in an
                        alley will damage the van.
                Reverse The van will go a maximum of 10 mph in reverse.
    Arriving in the Van When the van stops, you will recieve general or
                        specific information concerning your location. Awnings
                        represent doorways to buildings. Buildings with
                        awnings are often mission locations. If you stop the
                        van in front of an awning that is on your side of the
                        street, you will be given the address of that doorway.
                        If you stop the van elsewhere, you will be told only
                        the name of the street or avenue on which you have

            Van Combat
      4-Barrel Mini-Gun A rapid-fire weapon that can blast any object in front
                        of the battle van. Target the mini-gun by aiming the
                        cross-hairs at an opponent.
       Grenade Launcher The grenade launcher can be fired only toward targets
                        picked up by the tracking camera. The grenade launcher
                        is computer controlled to hit the point where the on-
                        board computer predicts the target will be when the
                        grenade explodes. The grenade will strike the target
                        unless the targeted vehicle has suddenly shifted lanes
                        or changed speed. Vehicles appearing in the tracking
                        camera always appear to be the same size because the
                        computer-controlled camera maintains a constant image
                        for targeting.
           Smoke Screen On command, the battle van can dispense a thick, white
                        smoke to hide the movement of the van from persuing
                		vehicles. The smoke screen is best used before
                        accelerating or rounding street corners.
             Ammunition The Punisher has a virtually unlimited supply of
                        ammunition in the battle van.

 Foot/Scuba Mode Icons
          Interact Icon Use this icon to communicate with other nearby
                        characters you are facing. A message window will
                        appear. Strike any key to continue play.
   Accelerate Time Icon Use this icon to acellerate time until action occurs.
                        This icon is not active if someone is near. (The icon
                        is actually adjacent to the digital clock.)
         Take Item Icon Use this item to pick up an object from the ground.
                        You must be next to the object to pick it up.
         Drop Item Icon Choose this icon to drop an item you are carrying.
        Use Object Icon Choose this icon to use a weapon or other item in your
                        inventory. The current item is marked with asterisks
                        in the inventory list.
         Inventory Icon Select this icon to get more details aboput items the
                        Punisher is carrying. For firearms, details will
                        include the rounds remaining. You may want to jot down
                        key data for quick access.
    Search/Examine Icon Use this icon to  search defeated foes. Use it also to
                        examine objects on the ground, or other items such as
                        signposts and doorways. A description of the object
                        will appear on the screen.
    Removing Icon Block You can remove the icon block if you prefer to play
                        the game using keystrokes instead of icons or if you
                        want to see a larger portion of the overhead view. The
                        technical supplement will provide specific
                        instructions for your machine.

             Foot Mode  Controlling the Punisher on foot from an overhead
                        perspective is the main part of the game. From this
                        view you can lead the Punisher into buildings, control
                        his actions in combat, find objects of value,
                        communicate with bystanders who may have valuable
                        information, and most importantly, obtain money from
                        fallen criminals.
   Scrolling the Screen You can scroll the overhead map without actually
                        moving the Punisher so you can see the surrounding
                        locations. The Technical supplement will provide
                        specific instructions for your machine.
      Changing Disguise The Punisher cannot use his M-16 when in disguise. For
                        the keyboard command to change out of disguise, see
                        the Technical Supplement.

          Using Weapons Aiming Firearms
                        When a firearm is selected, it will fire in the
                        direction the Punisher is facing.
                        Loading and Unloading
                        To reload the current weapon, choose the proper clip.
                        Unload a weapon by removing its clip.
                        When you choose a grenade, you are asked where and how
                        far to throw it. HIGH sends it farthest, MIDDLE is
                        less far, and LOW practically drops the grenade at the
                        Punisher's feet.
                        If the Punisher is very close to an opponent, he can
                        use his knife in hand-to-hand combat.
                        Hand-to-Hand Combat
                        If you chose no weapon at close range, the Punisher
                        can knock out an opponent with fists. To use no weapon
                        at all, select the current weapon.

            Scuba Mode  None of the actual missions take place underwater, but
                        for some of the missions the Punisher must use his
                        underwater scuba equipment and brave the waters of
                        New York's rivers and harbors to arrive at a mission

                        There are villians and thugs beneathe the surface who
                        will try to thwart the Punisher's plans. You must
                        control the Punisher in underwater combat.

                        To enter Scuba Mode, direct the Punisher to change
                        into his scuba equipment in the battle van. Exit the
                        van and guide the Punisher to the water on foot.

   Moving Toward Target When the Punisher enters the water, you will be
                        asked to position a cursor where you want the Punisher
                        to swim. The computer will control the Punisher's
                        general direction underwater and guide him toward his
                        destination. You control how far the Punisher swims
                        and his depth underwater.
   Moving Towards Shore Directing the Punisher to the right side of the screen
                        will guide him back to shore.
 Returning to Foot Mode When the Punisher successfully completes a mission,
                        he must swim back to his point of origin, near where
                        his battle van is parked. When the Punisher swims the
                        appropriate distance, he will automatically be back on
                        land and in foot mode once again.
      Underwater Combat Some of the Punisher's foes will be waiting underwater
                        with knives and spear guns.
                        If and when you approach an enemy underwater you will
                        automatically be equipped with your knife for combat.

                             Technical Supplement

    Special Keys  A: Accelerate time
                  P: Pause Game
                  Q: Sound off
                  S: Toggle Sound on/off
                  F-1: Toggle interface icon block on/off
                  F-10: Quit the Game

 Selecting Icons  Keyboard:
                  Press the space bar. The first icon is high-lighted. Use the
                  arrow keys to highlight an icon and press  to select
                  it. Press the space bar to return the game play without
                  making a selection.

                  Press the Space Bar. The first icon is highlighted. Use the
                  joystick to highlight an icon and press the Fire Button to
                  select it. Press the space bar to return to game play
                  without making a selection.

         Updates  Turns may be made from any lane in eaither direction.
                  Reverse has been replaced by a U-turn.
                  Disregard section on arriving in a van

                  Aiming the grenade launcher is in your control. It can be
                  targeted toward the front of the van in the same manner as
                  the mini-gun.

  Warehouse Mode

                  Moving among the four main options
                    joystick           Keyboard           Keypad
                  left & right         <-  &  ->           4 & 6

                  Moving among the sub-options
                        up               up arrow            8
                       down             down arrow           2

                  Selecting a sub-option
                     button #1            Enter            Enter

        Van Mode Special Keys
                 (only I, T, U, & W are active when the van is moving)

                 C: Don Disguise or Scuba Gear
                 I: Toggles Engine Sound On/Off
                 L: Leave Van
                 T: Toggles between driving the Van and using a Weapon
                 U: U-Turn
                 W: Change Weapon
                 F-2: Audio Surveillance

                 Driving Keys

        Action            Joystick           Keyboard          Keypad
 Shift Lanes ->             right               --                6
 Shift Lanes <-             left                --                4
 Turn Right           right + button #1          >                7
 Turn Left            left + button #1           <                9
 Speed Up                    up                 --                8
 Slow Down                  down                --                2

                 Aiming and Firing Mini-Gun and Grenade Launcher

        Action            Joystick           Keyboard          Keypad

 Aim Right                  right               --                6
 Aim Left                   left                --                4
 Aim Up                      up                 --                8
 Aim Down                   down                --                2
 Fire                     button #1         F or Enter            5

                 Launching Smoke Screen

                          button #1         F or Enter            5

       Foot Mode Special Keys
                 A: Accelerate Time
                 C: Remove Disguise
                 D: Drop Item
                 E: Examine or Search
                 I: Inventory Information
                 T: Take Item
                 U: Use Item
                 F-2: Interact
                 SCRLCK + Arrows or Joystick: Scroll screen without moving the


      Direction           Joystick           Keyboard          Keypad
    North                    up                 --                8
    Northeast            upper left           	--			9
    East                    right               --                6
    Southeast            lower right            --                3
    South                   down                --                2
    Southwest            lower left             --                1
    West                    left                --                4
    Northwest            upper left             --                7


        Action            Joystick           Keyboard          Keypad

    Fire Gun              button #1           Enter            Enter or 5
    Throw Grenade           --                  G                --

                 Throwing Grenades

        Direction         Joystick           Keyboard          Keypad

    North                    up                 --                8
    Northeast            upper right            --                9
    East                    right               --                6
    Southeast            lower right            --                3
    South                   down                --                2
    Southwest            lower left             --                1
    West                    left                --                4
    Northwest            upper left             --                7

        Distance          Joystick           Keyboard          Keypad
        high                 up                 H            7, 8, or 9
        medium         left or right            M            4, 5, or 6
        low                 down                L            1, 2, or 3

      Scuba Mode


        Action            Joystick           Keyboard          Keypad

          up                 up                 --                8
       up/right          upper right            --                9
         right              right               --                6
      down/right         lower right            --                3
         down               down                --                2
      down/left          lower left             --                1
         left               left                --                4
       up/left           upper left             --                7

                 Knife Combat

        Action            Joystick           Keyboard          Keypad

     attack up            fire + up             --              5 + 8
     attack down          fire + down           --              5 + 2

 Facing Left
        Action            Joystick           Keyboard          Keypad

     attack high          fire + up/left        --              5 + 7
     attack middle        fire + left           --              5 + 4
     attack low           fire + down/left      --              5 + 1

 Facing Right
        Action            Joystick           Keyboard          Keypad
     attack high          fire + up/right       --              5 + 9
     attack middle        fire + right          --              5 + 6
     attack low           fire + down/right     --              5 + 3