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Ultima 8: Pagan walkthrough

Content of this file:
 * The general hints section comes first (non-spoiler)
 * Next comes info about places (insignificant spoilers)
 * Then comes a full game walkthrough (major spoilers)
 * Then comes some info about Sorcery (non-spoiler)
 * Then comes info about various people in the game (spoilers)
 * Finally a uuencoded cheat program. (Definately a spoiler.)

General Hints: Non Spoilers

 * To Increase your strength and dexterity, go into combat mode and
swing your sword for a while. When you hear the funny noise it means one
of your abilities has increased. This may not work everywhere. One place it
works is on top of the Palace in Tenebrae, near the teleport pad.
 * Try not to take on more than one creature at a time in melee... You'll
never manage to swing your sword unless they're really weak. They'll keep
hitting you and knocking you down.

Note on directions:
  North is up and right. South is down and left. East is down and right.
West is up and left.

Locations: In my copy of the game you can find four numbers representing your
location. I don't know how useful this is, but I've included the numbers here

   Stealing things in Tenebrae can get interesting. Its okay -- in fact its
often necessary -- just don't get caught. Take it from Lord British's
mouth: "Stealing is okay, if done right." The resident sorcerer doesn't
take well to thievery. Make sure everyone is far enough off screen before
you take something... And if you're not sure, save your game first. Interesting
effects though...
Assorted Tips:
 * Read every book you come in contact with. Most are entertaining, many
   give imporant clues. Careful though... There's always tricks of the
   trixter vol. 1
 * Talk to everybody and explore everything that can be said. Take notes
   if you read something that looks important -- a good many vital clues
   are -not- repeated. If it sounds like it might be important, write it
   down... And follow up on it when you can't think of what to do next.
 * A pile of wood (the necromacy reagent) is not the same as a stick. The
   Necromancer wants you to get him a stick. The spells you prepare require
   piles of wood.
 * Intelligence can be increased by casting spells. Just do it a lot.

Spoilers begin here. Do not read on if you wish to figure things out for
yourself. Although, you may wish to read places -- Sometimes they're
near impossible to find, and saying where the places are out of context
doesn't give much away... Other than a long, annoying, and pointless search.

 * The jail is under the palace in Tenebrae, through the door that says
   "Authorized Personel Only"
 * Aramina lives in a house in East Tenebrae with a wooden railing around the
 * Spirits roam in the northern part of West Tenebrae beside a burnt out
   house. Theres a tree on the southeast side.
 * The study is in the southwest corner of the Tenebrae palace.
 * The tomb is the building you meet Vividos in, in the graveyard.
 * The huge double doors to the home of the Mountain King are in Stone Cove.
   Stone Cove is the only exit you can get out of other than the one you
   came in, before meeting Lithos.
 * Argentrock Isle, Carthax Lake, and Daemon's Crag can all be reached via
   side doors in the cave between the upper catacombs and Stone Cove.
 * The Pits of Death can be reached either via the lower catacombs or via
   the other door in Stone Cove.
 * Unlimited necromacy reagents may be found in stone cove.

Game start:
   After the guardian drops you in the water, you are rescued by a fellow named
Devon. He invites you to take any of his stuff, tells you a little about pagan,
and observes that something is happening on the docks. He also reccomends you
see Bentic in the library for more information. Grab the bedroll and
the basket (empty the basket). Then, head west along the shore until you
reach the docks. Before going on the docks, get the jewelry box and dagger
from one of the barrels.

The Execution:
   Climb the stairs to the docks. You will watch a fellow named Toran be
executed. Lady Mordea, tempest and ruler of Tenebrae, orders his body dumped
in the ocean. (This means that the soul goes to Hydros, titan of water,
instead of Lithos, titan of earth. Following the execution, you introduce
yourself to the guard. Then, you'll want to head north into Tenebrae.

Things to do: Visit the Library, Take stuff, visit the Necromancer, Visit the
Plateau, get the Slayer (a magic mace), Visit Devon in Jail, get the Tear of
Visit the Library:
  From the entrance near the docks, head north to the road just before the
guardhouse. Then head east into east Tenebrae (Under the arch in the wall).
Follow the road north going west and east as necessary until you reach the
arch back into central tenebrae. The building just east is the library. Go
inside. Go upstairs and speak to Bentic. He will tell you about Pagan and
suggest you visit Mythran at the plateau. He also suggests you visit the

Visit Mythran at the Plataeu:
  Get money before you go.
  Go to the castle in central Tenebrae. Before heading to the plataeu, visit
the teleport pad on the roof. The platform will raise and light. Now, head
north out of the palace and out of Tenebrae. Follow the dirt path north past
several houses and the west to the cave. (9919,19775,8,7)
  Enter the cave. Head west and south until you get to some water. Jump
accross the water via the stones. (Save first -- water is deadly.) Jump
up to the and head south at the ledge. Go past the lightening gate, and
then west. Climb up this ledge as well. Continue west past a lever and
accross a rope bridge. Pull the levers until the bottom ones are towards
you and the top ones are away. When you get the earthquake, go back to the
lever you passed before crossing the bridge.
  Pull the lever. Then go south through the opening gates. Continue heading
south falling off of two ledges, and then exit the cave.
  Head south until you get to a path. Follow the path south until you get to
a house to the west. Enter Mythran's house. Talk to Mythran and buy a scroll
of opening portals. He'll also give you a potion and the recall item. The
recall item lets you teleport to various teleport pads. Visit the one in his
house before you leave. He also tells you all about Pagan and Magic. Also
get Korghin's Fang (a magical dagger) from the storeroom below. When
you're done, use the recall item to return to Tenebrae.

Visit Devon in Jail:
  After you become the Necromancer's Aprentice, a guard will stop you and
inform you that Bentic (The scholar) rests with the Lurker, and Devon
(The fellow who rescued you from the water) has been thrown in jail. If you
ask why, the guard will suggest that you ask Devon for yourself.
  Return to the palace in Central Tenebrae and go down the stairs in the
west part of the castle. Pull the lever beside the door with the sign
"Authorized Personel Only". Go inside, and talk to Devon. He doesn't know
why he's been imprisoned and asks you to go find Salkind and ask.
  Salkind is with Lady Mordea as usual, and he mentions that he keeps charges
and what not in his log book. You can find his log book in his house in
East Tenebrae -- The one with the stone wall around it.
  If you go read the log book, it mentions that the confiscated research of
Bentic's has been secured in the evidence chamber down in the dungeon beneath
the castle. So, head back there. The evidence room is the small room with no
doors. Use Mythran's scoll to open it. You can't get the book, but you can
read it. Surprise surprise.
  When you finish with the journal, three guards will arrest you and take
you to the docks where Devon awaits execution. Let a few folks in on the
surprise, and watch Lady Mordea get what she deserves.
  Devon will leave for a while, promising to return. In fact, he returns
after Hydros is free.
  After he returns and Pyros is free, you can ask him for the Tear of Seas.
He'll give you a key to the chest in the south west corner of the palace.
Take Stuff in Tenebrae:
   Warning: Don't take stuff when theres someone watching. Doing so will
result in  flaming death.
 South Castle Guardpost:
   Continue heading north from the docksuntil you're under the archway of the
guardpost. (13734,13586,96,40)  Enter the building to the west. The key opens
the chest. Get the flask of oil if you want it. Then head upstairs, get the
two scrolls of trap destruction, and head to the east building. Pick up the
leather armor and head downstairs. This chest is trapped, so stand as far
away from it as you can, or use a scroll. Get the helmet, bag, and potions.
 North Castle Guardpost (13146,4478,48,40):
   Get inside by jumping up to the archway from below. To the north on a desk
on the bottom level you'll find a keyring. In the desk is a bag with coins.
South on the lower level in the chest are some arm guards, leather armor, and
a longsword. Watch out, the chest is trapped.
 Tenebrae Palace (13022,11042,48,40)
 In east Tenebrae in Salkind's house (The one with a stone fence around it),
get a key from under the vase in the northwest corner of the building,
cast ariel servent to get the chest out of the locked room, and open it.
Inside are 300 obsidian coins and some scrolls.

Get the Slayer:
   East and then south of Tenebrae, theres a small shack with a gem in the
center. Go near the gem and you fall through the floor. Work your way through
the dungeon to get the slayer.

Visit the Necromancer:
   The visit with the Necromancer and subsequently with the Mountain King
is long and linear. I've broken it into these subheads: Retrieve the
Dagger, Become an Aprentice, Seek the dead Necromancers, Seek the Mountain
King, Inter Lothian.

Retrieve the Dagger:
   Head east out of central Tenebrae and continue east out of east Tenebrae.
Head north along the road until you pass under the wall and into the
graveyard. Follow the dirt path north and east to the Necromancer's house.
Go upstairs and speak to Vividos until he tells you about the dagger that
Mordea stole.. Offer to get it back. Return to Central Tenebrae.
   Borrow a clock and sleep until bloodwatch. Then go to east Tenebrae and
find a house with the wooden railing aroud the top. (16772,16668,48,41)
It will be locked if its not Bloodwatch. Enter and talk to Aramina. Keep
talking to her until she gives you the key you need to get the dagger. She
will want you to mention her to Devon when you get a chance.
   Return to the castle, and go to the throne room. Get the key to Mordea's
chambers from under the skull cusion. Caution: If she's asleep in there, stay
as far away as you can so as not to wake her. Open the closet and the chest
and get the dagger from the jewelry box in the chest. Return to Vividos and
give him the dagger. Watch the ceremony.

Become and Aprentice:
   Talk to Vividos (now the Necromancer) after Lothian's death ceremony.
He'll ask you to fetch him some executioner's hood from a place of danger
and sticks from where spirits roam.
   To get the hood, follow the dirt path back through the archway and then
head east, perpindicular to the road. You'll have to go south 5 or ten steps
too. You'll find a pit with changelings in it. At the center is an island of
sorts with executioner's hood on it. 
   To get the sticks, Teleport to Central Tenebrae and head west to west
Tenebrae. You'll find the sticks under a tree in the northwest area.
(15150,3050,56,39) There will be a ghost and a burnt out building nearby.
Get the sticks.
   Return to Vividos. The guard will inform you along the way that Devon and
Bentic have been arested and that you are under suspicion. Drop all but one
of the hood before you talk to Vividos. You don't need the sticks. Vividos
will give you the key of the caretaker. When you place the proper reagents
in a bag and use the key on the bag, an icon for a necromacy spell will be
created. Go upstairs and read the book that has Open Ground and Speak
with the Dead in it. Collect some Reagents too.

Seek the Dead Necromancers:
   Leave Vividos, go south past the fence, and circle it to the north. Head
north past a gate with fire mushrooms and a ghost. Enter the building, go
down the center aisle and cast open ground. Head north into the catacombs.
   Go north past the double doors. Go north to the gate and hit the switch
closest the gate. Go through the gate and head east. Don't mess with the
flame thrower, continue heading east. Head north at the first passage. Get
the key from the second corpse with a sign by him. (The Master of the Keys)
   Go east watching the north passageways... One will have a fence and a
sign. Head west and the north past the lava, then east as far as you can go.
head south... To the west will be a door and a sign that says 'Towards fate
do you travel'. Remember this place. Head south and then east. From this
point on, watch for water on the floor: If you read the scrolls on the
dead architect later on, they'll warn about the water weakening the mortar on
the floor.
   Circle north past the architect. Head south then east and take the second
passage north. There's a building here with a ghoul inside. Open the door
and fall through the floor to the second level.
   Get reagents out of the barrels and make some deathspeaks. Five or six.
Head north and west. Watch for falling rock. Head south then west to the
first Necromancer. Cast death speak. He teaches you Mask of Death. Return
east then north, and then go east until you can't anymore and north to a
ledge. Climb up, cast Mask of Death, and climb down the other side. Head
north and west past the daemons. (Unless you think you can handle daemons.)
Head north and east. The next Necromancer is to the west. He teaches you
stone flesh. Head north until the passage goes west. Cast stone flesh and
head west. Circle west, south, and then east (long) to the next necromancer.
He'll teleport you. Go past the lightning gates. Jump the chasm, and talk to
the next necromancer. He'll teleport you too.
   Head east to the green area and enter the throne area. You'll be teleported
again. Head south, jumping the water where the ghoul is. Get the magic armor
on the pedastal but avoid the pit. Head west to the lava and get the key off
the skeleton. Circle the lava east and north and jump accross to the island.
Head Northwest and jump east to the small island. You'll be transported
   Head generally west and south at a high velocity until you reach the next
necromancer. He gives you the resist death spell and teleports you. Follow
the cave staying north and east as posible. You'll come upon a flame that
you have to pass, presumably with withstand death. Try rock flesh instead.
Save first though. Follow the cave to the next necromancer. He gives you
create golem. Exit up the stairs and jump down into the catacombs.

Seek the Mountain King:
   From the crypt after exiting from the necromancers, follow the catacombs
south to a door and pass through it. Navigate your way generally south and
west through the cave until you get out. Don't worry about the doors you can't
unlock. Do worry about the gates.
   Once outside you're in stone cove. Sidenote: Reagents. All necromacy
reagents can be found in stone cove. They come back when you move away and
return. Executioner's hood is by the big stone doors. Wood is in the wooded
area just south of there. Dirt is near the lake south of that. Blackmoor is
southwest of the lake. Blood is east of the lake. Bone is north of the blood
and east of the wood.
   Create a golem and have him open the doors to the mountain king. (The big
doubledoors). Enter. Head north and east to a walled in area. Jump the wall
and pull the lever. Jump back and pull the one outside. Return south and then
go west. Cross the chasm on the disappearing blocks. Jump down and cross
the chasm on the moving blocks. Cross the disappearing blocks north and
then west. Head north into the force shields area. Head north until you get
to the chest. The key opens the door back south and west. The gem of protection
prevents the force fields from harming you.
   Head south and west through the door. Follow the cave south, west, south,
then east, and cross the lake to the island to get a key from a skeleton.
Return to the fire mushrooms and go north.  At the lake, it may be easier to
circle to the west, jumping once than to jump across the stones.
   Head due north. Take the second narrow passageway west. You'll know
you have the right one because a stactite will fall in the entrance. Jump the
water and unlock the north door. Run -- don't walk -- west. Jump on the moving
platforms. You'll have to jump diagonally from the first to the second. From
the second you can jump all the way to shore.
   Head northwest and visit the mountain king! Then, head back south and
visit the teleport plate to activate it. Return to Vividos and ask how to
inter Lothian.

Inter Lothian:
   Return to Vividos in the graveyard. He'll ask you about your trip to the
mountain king and then instruct you to inter Lothian. Exit the building, and
go northeast inside the fence. Double click on Lothian to inter her. Return
to Vividos, and he'll give you the real key of the scion. (Keep talking to
him until he does.)
   He'll also tell you to visit the birthplace of Moriens as your pilgrimage.
Reenter the catacombs. From where you fell through the floor, head generally
south until you find a door that says "To the Lower Catacombs." Unlock it with
the key of the scion and enter.

Tomb of Khumash Ghor:
   Make sure you have Mythran's door opening scroll before you enter here.
   In the catacombs, enter the door beside the sign that says 'Towards fate
do you travel" using the key of the scion. Follow the cave around to five
levers. Figure out the lever puzzle. It seems to change... Save your game
   Unlock the doors to the north. Head up that way, and go east. The chest is
trapped. Inside is te skull of quakes. Go back west and then north. Hidden
just next to the wall on the east side is a pad that will open the gate.
Go through, jump the chasm with water, and cast open ground before the grave.
   Fall through. Head west and then north through the doorway. Head east. Move
the skeleton on top of the raise pedestal to open the gate
near the rolling spheres. Get both keys in this area and the jump over
the light beam. Head east. You will see a tower of hanoi problem in the
form of stairs. (If you're having trouble figuring it out, visit your
local library.)
   Climb the stairs and cast Rock Flesh to get past the lights. Unlock the big
doors and enter the temple. Get the key from under the skeleton. Go back
and get the Zealean ceremonial shield near the grave you fell through.
You can unlock all the doors now. Return to the temple and talk to the
Zealan dieties. Open the door to Khumash Gor's tomb with Mythran's scroll.
   Go inside, and cast Grant Peace to kill the ghost. Get the obelisk tip.
Return and talk to the Zealans again. They'll explain about the fifth titan.
Return to the surface. On the way, go south and east of the "Fate" door, to a
place where a skeleton on an altar is covered by four square stones. Just
west of that is a glowing red spot. Use the skull of quakes there, and go
down to activate the teleport pad.

Carthax Lake:
   Go through the catacombs as if to the mountain king, but in the cave watch
for a narrow passage south and east. Go through this and through the door
at the south of this and you will be at carthax lake. (You'll need the key of
the scion. )
   Circle the lake to the west, and cross the land bridge from the south
to reach hydros' defiled temple. (You'll have to jump once or twice, but
its not difficult) Talk to her. She'll ask you to free her. (If she tells
you that you suck instead, go visit the tomb of Khumash Gor first.)
   Near the southwest of the lake area, there is a cave. Go inside. Run past
the troll, hang a right, and climb the wall. Proceed north to the wall with
the gate. Pull the southern lever and climb through. Pass the troll and go
through the next gate. Hang a left and then follow the passage around to the
right until you pass through another doorway. A short distance north of
here, you'll find Alexis' grave.
   The grave seals the waters off, preventing them from reaching Carthax
Lake. Cast open ground to free the waters. Then return to Hydros... Shes
real nice, isn't she.
   If you return to Tenebrae, you'll find the Devon has returned and is
powerless. He directs you to seek out the sorcerers.

Argentrock Isle:
   Go through the catacombs as if to the mountain king, but in the cave
watch for a locked door to the east. Unlock it with the key of the scion.
Exit and wander over to Argentrock Isle.
   Talk to Stellos about joining the order. He sends you to Brother Xavier.
Brother Xavier tells you of the tests of wisdom and centeredness. Some of
the answers to the test of wisdom are: What to do when you come upon a
battle: choice 1. Welcome the child home. Remain quiet during the
bragging. Honesty is most important. Wisdom>brawn choice 2.
   The test of centeredness is to the west of the city. You can't miss it.
Stay near the center and walk towards the center when the wind gusts.
   Return to Xavier. He'll send you back to Stellos. Stellos gives you the
key to the silver beneath the monestary. You'll have to take the silver to the
blacksmith Korick in Tenebrae to construct the foci. Then return and place
them on the altar of focus in the monestary.
   Go beneath the monestary via the stairs near the back. Collect 8 pieces of
silver. Use Mythran's scroll to open the building without doors and get
the protector sword.
   Return to Tenebrae. Visit Korick the Blacksmith in West Tenebrae. He'll
make the Foci for you. Return to Argentrock Isle. Place each focus on the
monestary altar in turn. Talk to Stellos again. He tells you to go back
under the monestary. Go back down and head west. Use ariel servant to bring
the wounded torax to you, and restoration to heal it.
   Go speak with Stellos. He'll direct you to find the truth of a situation.
So, cast hear truth and speak with everyone. Torwin took it, so go see him at
Windy Point. Bye bye Torwin. Return to Stellos. He directs you to make the
leap. So, do it and work your way up to Stratos.
   If you cast reveal here, you'll see the Breath of Air. Don't take it if
you value your spells. Return and get this last when you're ready to enter
the ethereal void. Stellos will tell you about the casting reveal bit when
you return the the island.

Daemon's Crag:
  Note: You'll want to free Hydros and speak to Stratos before coming here.
  Go to the area in the caves past the catacombs where you found Carthax Lake.
Head north through a zapper doorway, and then follow the cavern along the
south to a door. When you pull the lever, one slides up and the other down.
You'll have to block one somehow while pulling the lever. I did this by
standing on one of them and using ariel servant to pull the lever.
  Use the key of the Scion to open the door. Pass through, and you'll
see the Lava River. Pit stop: Note that your recall item no longer works.
Nor will it work anywhere within the sorcerer's domain -- even though
there's a teleport pad that will take you to the sorcerer's area.
  One of the sorcerer's will speak to you once you go far enough. He'll tell
you to cross to where he is. Use the airwalk spell, and jump accross. Circle
south and then follow the river north past the waterfalls, and the south
and west into Daemon's Crag.
  Speak to Acolytes Bane and Vardion, gaining their trust and Truenames.
Give whichever one you want the other's truename... Bane has lied to you,
Vardion has insulted you. Both seek the other's death. Do as you will.
  Practice spellcasting in the library, and then go take the test. Make sure
you have the reagents and candles you need beforehand. When the test begins,
you'll need to prepare Flash, Flamebolt, and Endure Heat in that order,
in Vardion or Bane's presence.
  Go north through the doubledoors. Run past the daemons or banish them.
Speak with daemon #3, down the stairs. You'll need to prepare the following
spells, preferably not single doses: Armor of Flame, Banish Demon, Endure
Heat, Extinguish, and Flash.
  Proceed west into the test.

  To the East lies the test who's plaque reads "Vas Sanct Flam". Cast it and
run. Get the magic shield and the blue symbol.

  To the South lies the test who's plaque reads "An Flam". Proceed, being
careful of the fire mushrooms. (Armor of Flames is useful against these.)
When you get to the burning pentacle, cast extinguish on each candle. Take
the magic helm and the blue symbol.

  To the West on the south side lies a pentacle and a mean fellow. Kick his
tail if you want. Some goodies in the chest... Including the Conflagration
spell and some rods.

  To the West on the north side lies the test who's plaque reads "Sanct Flam."
Run past the monsters (look carefully for where you can pass between the
rocks.) When you get to the lava, cast endure heat and walk accross. Take
the magic armor and the blue symbol from the chest.

  To the North lies the test who's plaque reads "Flam Por". Use Flash to get
past the rolling balls, and Armor of Flames to tolerate the fire mushrooms.
Get the sword and the blue symbol.

  Return to the teleport at the center of the area. Teleport as if going
back after talking to the Daemon and you'll reach the inner sanctum. The
master will tell you to cast Flame Bolt, Explosion, and summon demon at him.
Prepare these spells if necessary, and also banish demon. Cast them at the
Master, in order. Make sure you have an ignite and a red candle in your
possesion too.  Once you cast the three spells at him, he'll summon a demon
which you have to banish. Then he'll take you to Pyros' summoning.
  After the summoning, return to the master, and kill him. Its easier if
you kill him while you're at the edge of the screen since he won't attack you.
effectively. Take the tounge of flame from him. Read the book he has, and read
the book in the chest. This tells you about the Tear of Seas, and also the
other items.
  Finally, free the fire titan. The book on the Master's body tells you how.
Return to Tenebrae.

The Pits of Death:

   Take the small door from the stone cove instead of the large double
doors to the mountain king. You can also get here by taking the door from
the upper catacombs which says "To Lower Catacombs", but this is
considerably easier.
   Head southwest until you reach a building. You can get a key to this door
deeper within this dungeon on a dead body by a sign which says
"Mythian Conventicler" or some such. If you don't want to go find that,
you can cast create golem from the north side and have the golem break down
the door, or you can climb the wall in the southeast corner.
   Go to the grave and cast open ground. You'll find the Hearth of the Earth,
which is used to bind Lithos.

The Ethereal Void:
   Once you have the five blackrock items: The obelisk tip, the Heart of Earth,
the Breath of Air, the Tear of Seas, and the Tounge of Flame, you'll be
ready to finish the game. Make sure that both Hydros and Pyros have been
released. Then, go talk to Mythran about re-forming the Obelisk. He'll teach
you the Ethereal travel spell. Cast it, and you'll be in the Ethereal void.
Note that if you get really stuck in a particular one, you can use the
Ethereal Travel spell to return to the void.

   To defeat Stratos, take the south fork. Head north... You'll have to
jump a few stones. Ignore the magic armors (The floor will fall away) and
continue heading north. When you get to Stratos, ignore the winds and use the
Breath on her. You must've forgotten your mouthwash...

   To defeat Lithos, take the east fork. Don't climb the ledge immediately
in front of you... Go west a few paces and climb it there and proceed north.
Follow the caves north and westerly. Watch for pit traps! Eventually, you'll
reach a fence and some lava. Cast endure heat and walk past the lava.
   Continue west, then north. Head west again, and you'll reach some
lava and jumping stones. Jump accross and run generally south and west. Pass
an area where you have to jump down and then back up again. Continue west and
south, past all kinds of falling rock. You'll reach Lithos shortly. Use the
Heart to capture him.

   To defeat Pyros, take the west fork.  Head north and west, and jump the
lava. Head north until you reach a star with pads around it. A nearby skeleton
has a log which explains how to pass this.
   Head south and east. Ignore the first bride you pass, but cross the second.
Continue heading almost due north, going up the stair like land mass. Once you
get to the top of it, you'll see a daemon. Beware the fire pits here. Climb
the stairs to the jewlry box, and take all the white balls.
   Return to the star. Place a white ball on each flashing square. Jump the
platforms. Head east and then north to Pyros. Use the Tounge on him to
defeat him.

   To defeat Hydros, take the north fork. Head west as far as you can, and
then jump to the stones. Once you get to the second stone out, cast
air walk and jump the rest of the way west.
   Continue west accross bridges until you get to one with a invisible wall
blocking you. Cast airwalk again and jump north. Head west to Hydros' shrine.
Use the Tear of Seas to capture her.

   To win the game:  When the Heart, Tear, Breath, and Tounge are all glowing,
place them and the tip on the Pentacle in the center of the Ethereal Void
in this order:
      Aphelion ....... Obelisk Tip
      Mesostel Pa .... Heart of Earth
      Mesostel Ze .... Breath of Air
      Perivolcan Pa .. Tear of Seas
      Perivolcan Ze .. Tounge of Flame

   While standing outside the Pentacle, double click the Obelisk tip and then
click on yourself. You'll feel very powerful. Now, move the tip and set it
back down. Enter the recreated Obelisk and enjoy the endgame.


The Pentacle:
   Point closest the volcano: Aphelion
   Middle points: Mesostelae. Pa is right of Aphelion, Ze is left.
   Furthest points: Perivolcanae. Pa is to the right, Ze is left.
The Aphelion is the southeast point. (Towards the bottom of the screen.)

To cast a spell: Place the focus in the center of the pentagram. Place
red candles on the appropriate sticks at the points, and black candles at
the rest. Place the reagents near the candles, just inside the pentacle.
Double click a clear spot on the pentacle.

Armor of Flames -- Vas Sanct Flam
Foci: Rod, Staff, or Symbol
Red Candles: Both Perivolcanae and Mesostel Ze
Reagents: Ash at Mesostel Pa, Obsidian at both Perivolcanae, Iron at the
Aphelion, Brimstone at Mesostel Ze

Banish Daemon -- An Flam Corp Xen
Foci: Daemon Talisman or Symbol
Red Candles: Both Perivolcanae, Mesostel Ze, and the Aphelion
Reagents: Ash at Mesostel Pa, Pumice at Mesostel Ze, Iron at both
Perivolcanae, Daemon Bone at the Aphelion

Conflagration -- Kal Vas Flam Corp Xen
Foci: Deamon Talisman or Symbol
Red Candles: All red
Reagents: Ash at Mesostel Ze, Pumice at Perivolca Ze, Obsidian at Perivolcan
Pa, Iron at Mesostel Pa, Brimstone at the Aphelion, Daemon Bone at both
Perivolcanae and the Aphelion

Create Fire -- In Flam Ylem
Foci: Staff or Symbol
Red Candles: Both Mesostelae
Reagents: Ash at both Mesostelae, Pumice at Perivolcan Ze, Obsidian at
Perivolcan Pa

Endure Heat -- Sanct Flam
Foci: Rod, Staff, or Symbol
Red Candles: Both Perivolcanae
Reagents: Obsidian at both Perivolcanae, Iron at the Aphelion

Explosion -- Vas Ort Flam
Foci: Staff or Symbol
Red Candles: Perivolcan Pa, Mesostel Ze, and the Aphelion
Reagents: Ash at Mesostel Ze, Pumice at Perivolcan Pa, Iron at Mesostel Pa,
Brimstone at the Aphelion

Extinguish -- An Flam
Foci: Symbol, Wand, Rod, or Staff
Red Candles: All Black
Reagents: Pumice at both Perivolcanae and the Aphelion

Fire Shield -- In Flam An Por
Foci: Rod, Staff, or Symbol
Red Candles: Both Perivolcanae and Mesostel Pa
Reagents: Ash at Mesostel Pa, Obsidian at both Perivolcanae,
Iron at the Aphelion

Flame Bolt -- In Ort Flam
Foci: Wand, Rod, Staff, or Symbol
Red Candles: Perivolcan Ze, Mesostel Pa, and the Aphelian
Reagents: Ash at Mesostel Pa, Pumice at Perivolcan Ze, Iron at Mesostel Ze

Flash -- Flam Por
Foci: Wand, Rod, Staff, or Symbol
Red Candles: Both Perivolcanae and the Aphelion
Reagents: Ash at both Mesostelae, Pumice at the Aphelion

Ignite -- In Flam
Foci: Symbol, Wand, Rod, or Staff
Red Candles: Aphelion
Reagents: Ash at the Aphelion, Pumice at both Perivolcanae

Summon Daemon -- Kal Flam Corp Xen
Foci: Daemon Talisman or Symbol
Red Candles: Both Perivolcanae, Mesostel Pa, and the Aphelion
Reagents: Ash at Mesostel Ze, Pumice at Mesostel Pa, Obsidian at both
Perivolcanae, Daemon Bone at the Aphelion

Important People (By Alpha):
(Incomplete... I'll finish this by the next revision)

Aramina -- Mordea's mistreated servent girl. She'll give you the key you
need to get the Necromancers' dagger. She's in the castle in
central Tenebrae for most of the day, and in a house with the wooden
railing on top in east Tenebrae at bloodwatch.

Bentic -- A knowledgeable fellow in the Library in east Tenebrae.
(15124,2068,96,41) He tells you about Mythran and the Necromancer near the
begining of the game.

Devon -- The fellow who rescues you from a watery grave at the begining of the
game. Devon is southeast of the Tenebrae docks, right on the shore with his
boat and supplies. Later on, you'll find him in the dungeon beneath the
castle, past the "Authorized Personel Only" doors. After Lady Mordea is
deposed, he becomes the Tempest.
Mythran -- Mage and scholar on the Plataeu. He teaches you Thaumaturgy and
gives you the recall item. He eventually sells you the Ethereal Travel spell
you need near the end of the game. He also expects to be paid well, so get some
obsidian before you visit him.

Stellos -- Oldest Theurgist. Lives on Argentrock Isle. Teaches you about
Theurgery and tells you how to find the Breath of Air.

Vividos -- Apprentice to the Necromancer Lothian. Becomes the Necromancer
after she dies. He'll help you learn Necromancy. He can be found at the
tomb east and then north of Tenebrae in the middle of the cemetary.

Xavier -- Theurgist on Argentock Isle. Tells you of the tests. Gives you the
test of Wisdom. Torwin steals his focus and you have to retrieve it.

Pet Peeves about the game:

   This is where I want to take out my peeves against Origin for some of the
stuff they did in this game. All around it was pretty good, but there were
a variety of things that could stand improvement. Read this to see
if you agree, or not. Don't be put off by these comments though: Ultima VIII
is a great game in spite of these problems. The animation is beautiful, and
object manipulation is becoming quite advanced.

   My single largest peeve, like most people, is the cpu requirements of the
game. I shouldn't have to turn off animation to get barely acceptable speed
out of my 486/33. U7 and U7.5 were annoying with their machine requirements,
but this is rediculous. Am I going to need whatever Intel calls a 686 to
play U9?

   My second peeve is the stones you have to jump to. Okay, this is an
interesting challenge for the first five or ten times, but about the fiftieth
time you have to go through the save/load routine to get past some stones
that appear and disappear, its -really- boring. If thats the only way
to make the game longer, then make a shorter game. If you really feel the
need to include a whole bunch of these challenges, then place them on
side quests that are inconsequntial to the plot. This is particularly annoying
on the way to the Mountain King. They were -really- overused here.

   My third peeve is directions. Rather, the fact that the NPC's in the game
give really poor directions to where you're supposed to go, and the Avatar,
brilliant as always, doesn't think to ask. Origin should add an avatar
question to every place in the game where someone gives you directions, a
button which says, "Um... Where exactly would I find that?"

   My fourth peeve is clues. Many of the most important ones are not repeated.
Should you happen to miss the clue the first time around (or forget it)
it'll leave you wandering clueless later in the game. For instance, the bit
about where the guard suggests you talk to Devon in jail. If you happen
to miss that, and you don't stumble into the jail while exploring then
you're screwed. Is there any reason why a couple people couldn't later
talk to you about Devon's imprisonment? Maybe as rumormill -- "Did you hear
about..." Even if its random where say 5% of the time the person in Tenebrae
you just talked to mentions it, you'd eventually be able to get back on track.
   My fifth peeve is the general avatar controls. If you're run north into
a wall, you shouldn't turn left just before hitting it and jump into the
lava. If you're running towards a door and just miss, you shouldn't turn and
run along a wall. If something knocks you down, you should fall in whatever
direction you're trying to go, or where momentum carries you... If you
run past a zapper and it hits you in the side, you're just not going to
fall backwards. And combat. Yes, realisticly you should be knocked down
when you're hit hard, but its no fun if they hit so much that you can never
get up long enough to start running. Sure its more realistic, but if we want
realism we've got a whole world around us. Don't sacrifice fun for the
sake of realism.