Abandonware DOS title

Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of Worlds other

The 1st Circle                        The 2nd Circle
[IN MANI YLEM]      Create Food       [QUAS CORP]         Cause Fear
[IN LOR]            Light             [WIS MANI]          Detect Monster
[ORT JUX]           Magic Arrow       [IN BET MANI]       Lesser Heal
[BET IN SANCT]      Resit blows       [IN JUX]            Rune of Warding
[SANCT HUR]         Stealth           [REL DES POR]       Slow Fall

The 3rd Circle                        The 4th Circle
[BET SANCT LOR]     Conceal           [IN MANI]           Heal
[ORT GRAV]          Lightning         [HUR POR]           Levitate
[QUAS LOR]          Night Vision      [NOX MANI]          Poison
[REL TYM POR]       Speed             [AN JUX]            Remove Trap
[SANCT JUX]         Strengthen Door   [SANCT FLAM]        Resist Fire

The 5th Circle                        The 6th Circle
[AN NOX]            Cure Poison       [VAS IN LOR]        Daylight
[POR FLAM]          Fireball          [VAS REL POR]       Gate Travel
[GRAV SANCT POR]    Missle Protection [VAS IN MANI]       Greater Heal
[ORT WIS YLEM]      Name Enchantment  [AN EX POR]         Paralyze
[EX YLEM]           Open              [ORT POR YLEM]      Telekinesis

The 7th Circle                        The 8th Circle
[IN MANI REL]       Ally              [FLAM HUR]          Flame Wind
[VAS AN WIS]        Confusion         [AN TYM]            Freeze Time
[VAS HUR POR]       Fly               [IN VAS SANCT]      Iron Flesh
[VAS SANCT LOR]     Invisibility      [ORT POR WIS]       Roaming Sight
[ORT AN QUAS]       Reveal            [VAS POR YLEM]      Tremor

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