Abandonware DOS title

Unreal (Ordilogic) manual


UNREAL is a fantasy arcade game composed of 8 levels, with 5 in 3D and 3 in
2D. You must save Isolde (The Princess) from the evil hands of Polymorphic
(The Evil Dude with the flaming head)- To accomplish this feat, you will be
faced with diverse test of strength and logic while trying to get the high
You fail in your mission once you energy level reaches zero.  To help
compensate for the loss of energy, you will receive a 50 point energy bonus
as you pass from one level to the next.
Once you load the game You access the main menu-
F1 : SOUND EFFECTS OR MUSIC - You need 1 meg for sound effects, and music
                            - 512k systems only play music
F2 : This option gives you a SUB-MENU which contains parts of games that you
     have already saved.
F3 : Direct Loading of the saved game NUMBER 1
F4 : Direct Loading of the saved game NUMBER 2
F5 : Direct Loading of the saved game NUMBER 3
* When you enter a game which has already been saved, you will be in the
  TRAINING MODE- Therefore no score will be kept-
You can save a part of the game at the end of the 2D or 3D screens.
UNREAL gives you 3 saves.
F1-Save 1
F2-Save 2
F3-Save 3
"P" or "SPACE BAR" pause the game while "ESC" abandons this part of the game.
 When the screen appears in 3D, you are flying on the back of a copper
   Icon at top left - Force of Weapon
   Number in top center - Score
   Number at top right -Energy of Dragon
2- The dragon can fly in 8 directions -N-S-E-W-NW-NE-SE-SW- You can figure
   out for yourself which way to move the joystick to get those directions.
3- You can destroy your enemies by pressing the fire button of the joystick.
4- You must avoid all obstacles (trees, bridges, etc..) because your dragon
   will lose energy. Collision with the objects causes a loss of energy.
From time to time, you will see yellow crystals on the ground. If you gather
them, you receive bonus points.  A bonus message will appear on the screen.
  EXTRA WEAPON -This increases the force of your weaopn by 1 degree (there
                are 12 degrees of force in the 3D part of the game.)  If you
                hit an obstacle violently, you will lose a degree of force.
  EXTRA SHIELD -This revives the energy of your dragon when necessary.
  UNTOUCHABLE  -This bonus gives you invulnerability for a few seconds
                while the dragon is flashing.  During this bonus, if you
                hit an obstacle, you do not lose energy.
  EXTRA SCORE  -Your score increases by 5000 points
 In addition to bonus messages there are a certain number of danger
  LOW SHEILD -Your energy is weak, be careful!
  CATCH BONUS -A crystal will soon appear, catch it!
  YOU HIT SOMETHING -You have bumped into something.
  YOU CRASHED -You have violently hit an obstacle and you lose a degree of
  GO LEFT     -Advice to move left
  Go RIGHT    -Advice to move right
 This time the hero is alone, without the dragon.  To complete the level, you
must move from left to right, but you have the option of moving from right to
left.  Yout must destroy or avoid your enemies, because they will destroy your
energy.  Be careful not to fall from a cliff, because you will use up a lot of
force (jump just at the right moment).
 The screen is presented in the same manner as the 3D part.
TOP LEFT - Represents the weapon that you have in your hand. When it flashes
           the magic sword is about to disappear and you will have a normal
TOP CENTER - Indicates your actual score.
TOP RIGHT - Indicates the energy that you are using.
 The HERO can go in 8 directions-
 N- Jump straight up
 NE- Jump Towards Right
 SE- Hero bends down
 S- Hero bends down
 SW- Hero bends down
 NW -Jump Towards Left
When you press the Joystick button, the hero uses his sword.
 Like the 3D part, pick up the crystals from the ground when you kill one of
your enemies. These crystals increase your energy, if needed. Certain actions
will give you a magic sword.
1- When you have finished a level, the message "CONGRADULATIONS" will appear.
   When you move to the next level, you will receive 50 energy points.
2- At the end of each level is a SAVE MENU which gives you the possibility
   to have 3 different saves on Disk 2.
3- When you lose a screen, you will see the message "PRESS FIRE TO TRAIN"
   You may begin again, but the game will not register your score.