Abandonware DOS title

Vynil Goddess from Mars manual


Game Requirements

Vinyl Goddess From Mars requires:
        --> VGA graphics card.
        --> 560K (570,680 bytes) of free conventional RAM.
        --> Hard drive.
        --> 386DX or better ( 486 for best playablity ).

        --> Adlib/Sound Blaster compatible music track.
        --> Sound Blaster compatible digitized sound effects.
        --> Joystick or gamepad.

The Official Story    

In the year 200 billion a small ship races across the galaxy taking The 
Vinyl Goddess From Mars to the esteemed intergalactic B Movie convention. 
In mid transit, a meteor shower strikes without warning and the ship is 
engulfed in a sea of rocks and debris.  Badly damaged by the cosmic storm,
the ship careens off course.  Desperately, The Vinyl Goddess twists knobs and 
pulls levers to regain control.  The best that she can hope for is to eject 
and let the ship crash land on the strange planet below.  It's up to you
to help the lovely goddess find and repair her ship and collect all of her 
belongings before it's to late to reach the convention.


The Map Level

The map level is the first level in the game.  This level is a representation
of the land that Vinyl is exploring.  As she travels through the land, look 
for round circles.  These are entrances to the levels that the Vinyl Goddess
must venture into, explore, and ultimately survive.  
Control on the map level is as follows:

Keyboard Control
[ ESC ]         Game options menu.  Hitting the ESC key will bring up the
                game menu.  This contains useful choices for saving, 
                restoring, sound, music, and quitting.                

[ UP ]          By using the up arrow key, Vinyl will walk north( up ).

[ DOWN ]        The down arrow key causes Vinyl to walk south( down ).

[ LEFT ]        Using the left arrow causes Vinyl to walk west( left ).

[ RIGHT ]       By using the right arrow key, the Vinyl Goddess will 
                walk east( right ).

Joystick Control

[ UP/DOWN ]     Holding the joystick in one of these directions will cause
                Vinyl to walk either north( up ) or south( down ).

[ LEFT/RIGHT ]  Holding the joystick in one of these directions will cause
                the Vinyl Goddess to walk either west( left ) or
                east( right ).

Controlling the Game

The Vinyl Goddess From Mars supports play with either the keyboard or the

Keyboard Control
[ ESC ]         Game options menu.  Hitting the ESC key will bring up the
                game menu.  This contains useful choices for saving, 
                restoring, sound, music, and quitting.                

[ UP ]          The up arrow key will allow Vinyl to 'look up'.  
                Looking up will allow Vinyl to see more of the level above

[ DOWN ]        The down arrow key causes Vinyl to crouch and look down.  
                This will allow you to see more of what lies below.

[ LEFT ]        The left arrow key allows Vinyl to run to the left.

[ RIGHT ]       The right arrow key allows Vinyl to run to the right.

[ CTRL ]        Jump.

[ ALT ]         Shoot. ( Provided that Vinyl has a weapon )

Joystick Control

[ UP ]          Holding up on the joystick will allow Vinyl to 'look up'.  
                Looking up will allow Vinyl to see more of the level above

[ DOWN ]        Holding down causes Vinyl to crouch and look down.  In this
                position, Vinyl can see more of what is below.

[ LEFT/RIGHT ]  Holding the joystick in one of these directions will cause
                The Vinyl Goddess to run either left or right.

[ FIRE 1 ]      Pressing the first fire button will make Vinyl throw her

[ FIRE 2]       Jump.

Strategy and Playing Tips
The Vinyl Goddess is trapped on a strange and forbidding world with only
her wits and athletic skills to serve her.  She must bounce, jump, run, and 
battle through tricky levels and exciting challenges.  Here are some tips
to survive:

        --> Collect everything.  Many bonuses will augment Vinyl's score.

        --> Collect as many of Vinyl's red accessory capsules as you can find.
            These will add up to large bonuses at the end of the level.

        --> Small green health jugs will rejuvenate Vinyl's health by one
            unit.  Look for the much harder to find large red health jugs.
            These will restore all of Vinyl's health.

        --> Hidden throughout the levels are many secrets waiting to be 
            uncovered.  These often contain huge bonuses.

        --> Search for the mid-level signs.  Once they are spinning, Vinyl 
            will return to these special locations if she dies.

        --> If you are stuck in a certain area in a level, back track and
            look for keys that you may have missed.  Keys are also color
            coded.  For example, a red key will open a red lock.

        --> If you've completed the game several times and are getting tired
            of playing the same levels, register and get the full three 
            episodes.  You'll also get a cool full color poster of the REAL
            Vinyl Goddess and a manual/hint guide.

The Status Bar

The status bar rests at the bottom of the screen during game play.  Remember
to use this bar because it's your only source for very vital information.

Below is a figure of the status bar as it would appear during game play.
Study its workings carefully, they might just save your life.

                                              / Accessory Capsules
  谀哪哪哪哪哪哪 谀  谀哪哪哪哪哪哪   谀目  谀哪哪目  谀哪哪哪哪  谀哪 
                       Score           矨mount     The         
     Current       滥哪哪哪哪哪哪   滥馁  滥哪哪馁    Vinyl     -  
     Weapon        谀哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪目   Goddess    -  
                       Important Messages Bar       herself    -  
  滥哪哪哪哪哪哪 滥  滥哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪哪馁  滥哪哪哪哪  滥哪 
                         \ Weapon Energy

Current Weapon
The far left box on the status bar contains a picture of the current 
weapon.  If Vinyl does not have a weapon, or the current weapon has run
out of energy, this box will be blank.

Weapon Energy
This green bar indicates the current weapon's energy level.  As Vinyl uses
a weapon, energy is expended.  Once the energy has been completely expended, 
Vinyl's weapon will disappear.  There are many different types of weapons
through out the land so look carefully.

These numbers indicate the score Vinyl has accumulated during game play.  By
Collecting fruits, gems and other miscellaneous items you can increase the

Accessory Capsules
These red vinyl capsules are filled with The Vinyl Goddesses personal effects.
These capsules are bonus items and are not needed to complete a level.

This number indicates the amount of capsules that vinyl has collected in 
a given level.

Important Messages Bar
Located in the lower center part of the status bar is a message area. This
area will occasionally relay vital information about Vinyl's health, items
collected and playing tips.

Vinyl Goddess 
This is a photo that Vinyl keeps with her at all times.  She probably took it
at an intergalactic instant photo booth.

Life Points
This bar indicates the status of Vinyl's health.  Each notch in the bar
represents 10% of Vinyl's total health.

All Three Episodes         

Forests of Old
After a devastating crash, The Vinyl Goddess finds herself alone and lost on
a forbidden, unknown planet.  This first episode takes place largely in the
depths of an ancient forest.  The trees stand gnarled, worn and look extremely
uninviting.  Ruins of a lost civilization dot the land, and in them lurks the
unknown.  You must take control of the Goddess's every move and ultimately 
determine her destiny.

Caverns of Chaos
Packs of hideous, flesh eating, fire breathing beasts have plagued Vinyl's
progress from the start.  This episode will prove to be no less perilous.
With the odds stacked steeply against our heroine what chance could she
possibly have?  It will take a brave soul and a will of iron to defeat all
that Vinyl will face in this, the second installment of 'The Vinyl Goddess 
From Mars', trilogy.

The Return
This is the third and final episode in the trilogy.  It is in this episode
that Vinyl will face her greatest challenges.  Vinyl has already explored
much of her immediate surroundings and slain many creatures (all bad of 
course).  This heroine stuff is hard work.  At least the Vinyl Goddess is a 
rugged, well seasoned adventurer.  Well, in the movies she is anyway.  If 
Vinyl does not make it through this last turn of events, she will surly be 
late for the esteemed B movie convention.  Help her please!

Vinyl Goddess From Mars -- Design Credits

Produced By:                 Six Pound Sledge Studios

Distributed By:              Union Logic Software Publishing Inc.

Game Design and Concept By:  Jason Struck and Mark Lewis

Artwork and Animation By:    Jason Struck

Programming By:              Mark Lewis

Musical Score By:            Marc Gravelle

Sound Effects By:            Frank Krul

Published By:                Union Logic Software Publishing, Inc.

Special Thanks To:           Ian Ward, Stephen Keef