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War in Middle Earth manual

The Challenger

War in Middle Earth Documentation

There are three different screen levels.  The top level shows the whole map
of Middle Earth.  This game is icon oriented.  The three icons to the side are

  Orb - tells status off all forces on map
  Load/save - loads/restores saved game
  Magnify - allows you to go to the next map level down
  Hourglass - changes rate at which time goes by

At the middle level, the icons go as follows:

  Orb - tells status of selected party
  Map - goes to top map level
  Magnify - allows you to go to the next level down
  Hourglass - changes rate at which time goes by

At the scene level, the icons are:

  Orb - tells status of party on the screen
  Map - goes to middle level map
  Hand/bottle - gets/puts things down

tral forces go non-blinking ones are either your enemies or neutral forces.  Neu
l objects to those groups.erent times of the game or when you get certain magica

ing to Bree first via Bombadil's house. they get to Frodo.  You would be best go

To see what a certain place is, just click on it.  If it is important at all,
the game will tell you so.  You can play the game militarily forgetting the
books altogether, or you can play it following the book (which is probably
safest at first).

At some point in time, the protection scheme will ask you for coordinates to
heir coordinates.e.  What follows is a list of places and what I believe to be t

          Place              Coordinate
          -----              ----------

          Harad Road         G7
          Nurn               F8
          Barad-Dur          E8
          Mt. Doom           E8
          Carach Angren      E8
          Cirith Ungol       E8
          Minas Morgul       E8
          Durthang           E8
          Dagorlad           D7
          Morannon           D7
          Pelargir           F7
          Linhir             F6
          Calembel           E6
          Pinnath Gelin      E5
          Anfalas            F5
          Erech              E6
          Ethring            E6
          Lossarnach         E7
          Dol Amroth         F6
          Henneth Annun      E7
          Cair Andros        E7
          Osgiliath          E7
          Rammas Forts       E7
          Minas Tirith       E7
          South Rhun         D9
          North Rhun         C10
          East Emnet         D6
          Dunharrow          D5
          Edoras             D5
          Hornburg           D5
          Rohan              D5
          Isenford           D5
          Isengard           D5
          Derningle          D5
          Dol Guldur         C6
          Lorien             C6
          Dimrill Dale       C5
          Hollin Gate        C5
          Ost-In-Edhil       C5
          Iron Hills         A9
          Dale               B7
          Erebor             B7
          Thranduil's Palace B7
          Goblin Town        B5
          Mt. Gundabad       A5
          Rivendell          B5
          Ford of Bruinen    B5
          Mount Gram         A5
          The Last Bridge    B5
          Weathertop         B5
          Midgewater Marsh   B5
          Sarn Ford          C4
          Bree               B4
          Deadman's Dike     B4
          Stonebows Bridge   B4
          Barrow Downs       C4
          Bombadil's House   C4
          Buckland           C4
          Woodhall           C4
          Green Hills        C4
          Grey Havens        C3
          White Towers       B4
          Belegost           B3
          Forlond            C2
          Michel Delvins     B4
          Tuckborough        C4
          Waymeet            B4
          Hobbiton           B4
          Annuminas          B4