Abandonware DOS title

Zeliard manual


To learn mnore about your mission in Zeliard , watch the opening cartoon at leas
t once. To bypass the opening cartoon, press the Spacebar.
If you have previously saved a game in Zeliard, you can bypass the opening and l
oad the game directly from DOS. See "Restoring Your Game" for instructions.


1. Place your backup copy you made of Disk 1 in your drive.
2. Sing the praises of The Humble Guys, and sing it reverently. 
3. Type INSTALL and press Enter.
4. Sing "Praise be to Dave, from whom all software flows. Praise him you lamers 
here below."            
5. Answer the on screen questions using the up and down arrow keys to highlight 
your selections, then press ENTER to select. 
6. You will be asked if you wish to install the game on your hard disk. If you a
re some cheap lamefuk that doesn't have a harddrive, then what the hell are you 
doing wasting your time playing this game? Turn off that damned MTV, get your la
rdass outta that chair, and go get a job, ya deadbeat. Oh, what the hell, I'm in
 a good mood, so since you don't have a harddrive, pressing ESC will bypass this
 step. If you want to install the game on your hard drive, enter the letter desi
gnation of your drive (usually C) and follow the prompts.

NOTICE; Even if you install to a hard disk, the install procedure will write a
file named RESOURCE.CFG to Disk 1. For the installation to be completed, 
Disk 1 MUST NOT BE WRITE PROTECTED. No other files on Disk 1 are written or ch
anged by the install command.

Loading Instructions:

After completing the INSTALL procedure:

From diskettes:

1. Place Disk 1 into the A: drive.
2. Type A: and press Enter
3. TYpe ZELIARD and press ENTER.

From Hard Disk

From your root directory, type ZELIARD and press ENTER.

Moving Duke Garland

Use the arrow keys or joystick to move Duke Garland in the direction you wish hi
m to go. On the joystick, the left button is for weapon, the right button is for
 magic. On the keypad, use the left and right arrow keys to travel. Use the up a
rrow to jump, and the down arrow to kneel. 

In Town

Talk to each person you see in town, each one will have information for you. Bew
are! Some are under the spell of the Dark One and may mislead you. To talk to a 
townsperson, press the spacebar when they approach. Press the spacebar to scrol 
through  each message. Visit each location in town to get advice and supplies.
To enter a building, stop before a doorway, and use the up arrow or joystick position. Inside each place, you will be greeted by the person in charge. Use the spacebar to 
scroll through messages. Use the arrow key to select an option, and press spacebar to
execute each option.

At The Bank

At the bank you can deposit and withdraw gold, or exchange almas
for gold. If you are depositing or withdrawing gold
from your account, use the up and down arrow keys to increase
and decrease the amount by one. Using the left and right
arrows will increase and decrease these amounts by ten.

In The Caverns

Using Your Weapon

To swing your sword, press the space bar. To swing upward, press
the up arrow key while swinging the sword. To swing low, press the 
down arrow key while swinging the sword. To thrust straight downward, 
press the up arrow , then press space an d down arrow simultaneously
(this move is difficult, and may require some pratice).

About Your Armor

You can find a selection of shields at the weapons shop. Each shield begins
with a specific number of damage points, which will decrease as your 
shield takes damage. If you can reach town before the shield breaks,
 the Weapons Master will repair it for you. Watch the ARMOR window 
to determine how many damage points remain.

The Inventory Screen

Press ENTER to access this screen. The items in the SPECIAL ITEMS
area will be used automatically as you need them. Items in the 
SPELLS and MAGIC ITEMS sections can be selected and used at will.
Use the joystick or arrow keys to select an item or spell, then
press the spacebar or fire button to select. Press
ENTER to leave the screen.

Using Magic

Magic potions and items can be purchased at the magic shop, and the
Sage at ech level (after Muralla Town) will reward you with a new
spell. To use these items and spells, press ENTER to access the
inventory screen. Use the arrow keys or joystick to select
what you want, then press the spacebar to activate it. Press
ENTER to return to the game screen. The active spell will be
displayed in the SPELL window, to cast the spell, press the ALT
key. Magic potions and items will take effect automatically.

Saving Your Game

To save your game, visit the Sage's hut (usually the only unmarked
building in town) and select RECORD. Type in a name, and press ENTER.
The game will be saved to the current disk and directory, with the
file extention .USR

Restoring Your Game

Saved games can be restored from any point by pressing the F7 key. Use
the joystick or arrow keys to select a saved game from the list, press
the spacebar to activate the game, then press ENTER. From DOS, saved
games can be loaded by typing ZELIARD followed by the name of the
saved game file (example:zeliardgame1). The game will be loaded, 
bypassing the opening sequence.


F1         toggles music on/off
F2         turns sound effects on/off
F9         adjust speed ( 0 =slow, 9= fast)
F7         restore game
ALT        cast spell
ENTER      see inventory screen
CTRL-J     select joystick control
CTRL-K     select keyboard control
CTRL-Q     quit game
SPACEBAR   use weapon (in caverns only)