Abandonware DOS title

Zorro manual

Zorro CD by Capstone Documentation


Type INSTALL while in the appropriate directory.
You may change your sound card choice after installing by typing SETUP,
which is in the C:\ZORRO directory.

Before You Start Playing:

Before you start playing, you must have enough memory available. If you have
DOS 5.0 or higher, make sure that a memory manager program is running. Please
do not try to run this program under Windows, through DOS icon or while using
any type of disk compression program.

After Installation:

To start the game change to Zorro directory by typing CD\ZORRO.
Type ZORRO to begin.


     Legend has it that centuries ago a large gold mine was rumored to be 
near La Refugio Sagrado Mission, California. But, no one knew exactly where
it was located. Then, one day, a well dressed man by the name of Don 
Francisco Cortez shows up at the small missionary bringing hope and promise.
Senor Cortez found a map to the long lost gold mines. The gold once found,
will be given to the missionary, where it belongs. Don Francisco Cortez
promised all of the villagers and the missionary that if they helped him find
the gold, the missionary would flourish.
     Once the gold was found, Cortez fled. The priests, worried, sent a man
to look for Cortez, he never returned. The village is out their share of the
gold. By this time next month they will be without corn and grain. Starvation
will soon follow. The town which was once dreaming of riches and fame, now
sits in despair, wondering how they will survive the winter. Their hopes are
down until the masked man shows up in town...ZORRO!

                                 GAME PLAY

     Zorro's adventure is divided into five parts. As you progress through
the game you will slowly uncover Don Cortez's ultimate goals. But your 
travels will be difficult as you visit the following locations on your search
for Senor Cortez:

                 Gold Mine
                 Iron Works
                 Spanish Fort


     The following instructions show you how to control Zorro with the use of
the keyboard. If you wish to use the joystick, read the "Joystick" section

> To make Zorro walk press the appropriate left or right arrow key.
> Zorro can Run by holding down the desired left or right arrow key.
> To take a small step press the left or right arrow key one time.
> Zorro can jump up by pressing the up arrow key one time.
> To make Zorro climb down from a ledge or plank, press the down arrow key.
> Zorro can crouch down to avoid obstacles flying at him by holding down the
  down arrow key. Make sure you are not near a ledge or you will climb down
  to the lower level.
> To make Zorro leap from a standstill press ENTER.
> Zorro can make a leaping jump, just press ENTER while running.

Note: If Zorro is not aligned properly to jump up, try pressing the up arrow
key twice from a standstill. This will move him forward just enough to grab
something on the second jump try.


In order for Zorro to attack or defend himself, he must have a sword in his
hand. However he cannot accomplish all of his tasks with his sword out.

> To pull out and use the Whip press CONTROL.
> To unsheath Zorro's Sword press ALT.
> To sheath Zorro's Sword press the down arrow key.
> To Attack with the sword press ALT.
> To defend or block an opponent's attack, press the up arrow key.
> To turn around with the sword press ENTER.

Zorro may jump down with the sword out by pressing the down arrow key. But he
will not have it ready when he lands.

                           OPTIONS AND SPECIAL KEYS
F1 - Onscreen Help Menu
F2 - Save the current game
F3 - Load a saved game
S  - Turn sound on/off
K  - Select Keyboard Controls
J  - Select Joystick Controls and Recalibrate Joystick
ESC- Quit Game to DOS 
M  - Change Music
V  - Turn Music and Sound on/off

                                JOYSTICK PLAY

The following commands are for Joystick users. Remember that Zorro cannot run
or jump while his sword is out.

Left button will unsheath the sword.
Right button will Leap and Leap while running.
Push up to Jump up.
Push up while sword is out to Defend or Block.
Push down to crouch down or climb down.
Push down with the sword out to sheath the sword.
Slightly push left or right to walk in that direction.
Hold left or right to run in that direction.
Hold left or right with sword out to attack in that direction.

In order to block or parry an opponent's attack, you must defend just as your
opponent is striking.

In order to leap across large pits, you must time your jump perfectly with
the edge of the pit or Zorro will plummet.