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What's the meaning of old warez?

There is a subtle but important difference between abandonware games and old warez.

Abandonware refers to software, typically older video games, that is no longer sold, supported, or maintained by its original developers or publishers. These games have often been forgotten by the gaming industry and are no longer available through official channels.

On the other hand, old warez encompasses a broader category. It includes older video games that, while possibly not as popular as they once were, are still being sold and protected by their developers and publishers. These games remain under active intellectual property management and are not considered abandonware.

Abandonware DOS does not host old warez. The site is dedicated to providing access only to games that truly meet the abandonware criteria. We diligently monitor the status of each game to ensure it qualifies as abandonware. If you come across a game on Abandonware DOS that is currently being sold or supported by anyone, please contact me immediately, and I will remove it from our database.

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