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Why does this DOS game crash at launch?

There can be several reasons for a game to crash, and the solution can differ from game to game. If you are using the D-Fend front end, the DOSbox window will probably close immediately after the crash, leaving you without any information. On Windows, follow these steps to find out more about the problem:

  1. Access the profile editor of the malfunctioning game in D-Fend.
  2. Select "DOSBOX settings."
  3. Disable the "Close DOSBOX when program closes" checkbox.

This will prevent the DOSBox window from closing automatically. The next time the game crashes, you will be able to see the error message.

However, without any technical knowledge of DOS or Windows operating systems, there's little you can do. Here are some of the most common issues:

  1. The game is corrupted. Download it again from Abandonware DOS (I personally test every game).
  2. Sound could be the problem. Access the D-Fend profile of the game and disable all sounds. Alternatively, run the game setup (if there is one) and disable sounds and music entirely.
  3. The game needs to be installed. D-Fend comes with an automatic install procedure, but it's not guaranteed to work 100%. Try running the automatic installation again.
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