Abandonware DOS title

What is Abandonware DOS?

Abandonware DOS is an Abandonware database website designed with the user in mind. I was inspired by sites like IMDB or Mobygames; I wanted to give you a simple interface to browse "vintage" video games and find those old gems of computer entertainment that you used to play many years ago.

Some features of AbandonwareDOS:

  • search old games by genre, year, title, developer, publisher, etc.
  • explore the games catalog using specific keywords
  • lots of content: collector's notes, screenshots (all taken from scratch), videos, manuals, maps
  • no registration required to do anything
  • every DOS and Windows game has been tested: no malware, no viruses
  • play DOS games online: some game is available to play directly in your browser
  • an Abandonware top 30 based on user ratings
I run Abandonware DOS all by myself. I work as a web designer in northern Italy, not far from Lake Como, and I spend my time between playing old and new video games and web design (and my girlfriend...).
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