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How to run Windows 3.x games on Windows 10?

Windows 3.1 was one by far the most popular version of Windows when it wasn't an operating system. That's right, Windows wasn't always a stand alone OS. Windows 3.x versions were just shells that ran on top of DOS. When Windows 3.1 became popular, a few developers started to think that it may be a good platform for games. While there wasn't any particular game that stood the test of time (well, if you don't count Minefield...), there were quite a few enjoyable games made for Windows 3.1.

The problem is: they won't run on Windows 10 at all. You need a copy of Windows 3.1 and DOSBOX. If you don't know what DOSBOX is well... to put it simply: DOSBOX it's a DOS emulator, and MS-DOS was an operating system sold by Microsoft a few decades ago.

I tought about writing an extensive guide, something like "How to run Windows 3.1 games you really love on Windows 10 without getting too stressed in the process" but since there are already quite a few ones and Windows 3.x knowledge is not in high demand, I just gave up. Instead, I'm giving you some usefule link to follow.

That's all!

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