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What does abandonware mean?

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What is the definition of Abandonware? Abandonware is a word that describes a piece of software no longer supported by its developers or its publishers and is no longer available for sale in any form (digital or retail).

When we talk about abandonware we usually refer to old games for systems no longer available to the public such as DOS, Commodore 64, Amiga, Spectrum, etc. But there's a catch: every "abandoned" game NOT released as freeware (ie. liberated) is still subject to copyright laws. From time to time a company acquires the rights to some old game and asks to us to remove the game from the web. That's why you will find games tagged as "protected" on Abandonware DOS.

Others have tried to provide a more accurate answer to the "what is abandonware?" question by better defining the abandoned games phenomenon and sometimes trying to clarify the copyright issues: 

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