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Tuesday, 16th August 2016

Electronic Games Arcade Awards - 1982

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Electronic Games was one of the first computer magazines entirely focused on video games. Every year, Electronic Games held a Game of the Year "Arcade Awards". This is a list of the best games published in 1982.
  • 1982
  • Bosconian Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Coin-Op Game
  • Chopper Command Best Action Videogame
    Atari VCS
  • David's Midnight Magic Computer Game of the Year
    Apple II
  • Deadline Best Computer Adventure
    Apple II
  • Demon Attack Videogame of the Year
    Atari VCS
  • Donkey Kong Best Solitaire Videogame
  • Frogger Best Arcade-to-Home Videogame Translation
    Atari VCS
  • Galaxian Stand-Alone Game of the Year
    Coleco Mini-Arcade
  • K-razy Shoot-Out Best Arcade/Action Computer Game
    Atari 400/800
  • Pitfall! Best Adventure Videogame
    Atari VCS
  • Scramble Best Mini-Arcade Game Cartridge
  • Snack Attack Best Solitaire Computer Game
    Apple II
  • Tempest Most Innovative Coin-Op Game
  • Tron Coin-Op Game of the Year
  • Turbo Best Coin-Op Game Audio/Visual Effects