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Tuesday, 30th October 2018

Free Games Utopia has been updated


It's been a while since I created and nurtured my other project: Free Games Utopia. What is it? As the name suggests, Free Game Utopia is all about free games: free-to-play, fully free and liberated games.

After a couple of years, Free Games Utopia changed, but the purpose of it is still the same: a database of free games. It's nowhere near perfection, I have many ideas and little time to add them to the site, so I try to focus on reviewing more and more games. It's incredible the amount of free games out there. Many games are low quality experiments, but there are more than a few that could stand beside big budget entertainment products.

As with all the websites in the world, Free Games Utopia needs more visbility, and gaining some is a hard job for a website run by only one person. Anyway... stop reading this right now and take a look for yourself: www.freegamesutopia.com

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