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Saturday, 12th January 2019

Flight simulations at dawn


For a game collector like me, flight simulators are something to look for. The original big boxes of flight sims published a few decades ago included all sort of items: keyboard layouts, maps, huge manuals. I own a few and I plan to buy some more.

Anyway... I have to admit... I always found flight sims controls a challenge. Taking off a carrier was a daunting task for my really bad flying skills, but I managed to learn (after a few dozen splashes and crashes). The feeling of flying alone in the simulated sky at dawn is something to remember.

vehicle simulation - 1990 Jetfighter 2: Advanced Tactical Fighter
vehicle simulation - 1989 F-16 Combat Pilot
vehicle simulation - 1995 EF 2000
vehicle simulation - 1996 F-22 Lightning 2
vehicle simulation - 1993 Tornado
vehicle simulation - 1991 Mig 29 Fulcrum